Leo and his 197 friends, who escaped from slaughter, calling for desperate help from all over the world

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Video: Leo and his 197 friends, who escaped from slaughter, calling for desperate help from all over the world

In South Korea, over 1 million dogs are slaughtered for food each year. It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 dog farms nationwide. We have been helping over 250 dogs who were born and raised from the dog farms. Civil solidarity consisting of 150 volunteers has been fighting the local government for four months, providing care for dogs, and now we are reaching our capacity, so we call for urgent help from around the world. We desperately ask for help from animal lovers, who stand against dog-eating and like-minded friends around the world.

In the city of Incheon, there is a large mountain named Gyeyang. Like any other region in Korea, this mountain also has a hidden dog farm. It has been there for over 10 years, and at least 5,000 dogs are born here and live a short life less than 10 months before they are being sold to slaughterhouses.

The pain of dogs isn’t just about being slaughtered in a short life. It is also about how they are being treated. They are kept in wired mesh cages and living in such conditions for months can make their feet sore and accompany painful inflammation. This doesn’t stop here. A more serious problem is that dogs on a dog farm would never be able to drink water since they are being born until they are hanged on their neck or electrified for human consumption. The food that is given to dogs is leftover food scraps that are rotten and mold. Dog farmers think that the red broth from food waste is enough to replace water. Can we humans imagine the pain of thirst that these dogs will feel in thin wired cages?

We will never be able to forget the moment when our activists arrived and gave water to the dogs for the very first time. They looked frightened to see the water flowing from the hose for the first time. When they finally started to drink, the taste of the water was so good that they kept circling around in a narrow iron fence as if they are dancing. It was the only gestures they know to express how thankful they are.

These dogs are extremely gentle unlike the ones in other dog farms. They love people very much. So kind that they have never bitten many unfamiliar volunteers for over four months. Many dogs have a mix of retriever pedigree. Dogs named Leo prefer to be held in the arms of volunteers than to eat. Hence, even more, we cannot give up. Over 20 activists and 150 volunteers gathered together, and we, CARE, are standing strong to claim back animal rights. We are doing everything we can to save these dogs. We forced the dog farmers to give up ownership of more than 250 dogs who are being sold daily to slaughterhouses. For the past 4 months, 80 of the 280 dogs, including newly born, were moved to a safe place to prepare for departure to the US for adoptions.

However, there are still 198 left. Most of these dogs may not be asked for adoption forever. We have been providing food and water, treating their health for four months. Large dogs eat as much as 4 tons of feed per month, and we have been paying for onsite manager. Despite these efforts, local governments are pressing us to demolish the safe place. They are saying that the dogs cannot be kept on land designated as ‘green belts’. In Korea, dog farms and shelters are regulated by the same laws. There are also penalties. Our volunteers have faced several fines. We are holding on, but we cannot keep this forever. If we persist, we will also face criminal penalties.

We can’t give up on Leo and Leo’s 197 good friends. We can’t put these dogs in danger, who are starting to depend on people and waiting for new homes. We are doing everything we can with all of our resources to ensure that these dogs are not taken away and not driven out. In order to remember each and every one of them, and to raise more awareness of people, we’re preparing a final fight by giving Leo’s friends a cool name like Leo, so that these dogs can be moved to a safe place and ready for adoption. We are looking for your voices, support, donations from animal lovers around the world so that they can be well protected until they find their new family.

The <‘Lotte Ranch’ dog saving civil group>
Paypal: [email protected]

🙏 Will you donate whatever you can

to help with the care of these dogs?

You can donate by Paypal to the Animal Rights Korea Shelter (ARK Shelter) (Formerly, Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm, 롯데목장개살리기시민모임):
👉 [email protected]

Donate by bank transfer:

Beneficiary Bank : KOOKMIN BANK
Bank Address : 115, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA
Account No : 660401-01-874746
Beneficiary : Animal Rights Korea Shelter
Beneficiary Phone Number : 010-6230-7964

Thank you for caring and your generosity!🧡🌺

Photo: The majority of the raised wire cages are demolished and the dogs had been moved to the fenced area on the ground. It’s very cold in Korea already and they need straws, vinyl coverings, food, medical care, transportation to their forever homes, etc. Would you please donate whatever you can afford today? We need your help and appreciate it very much.

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News: 10/30/2020, Hello! Seoul-Gyeongin (LG HelloVision), Raised wire dog cages are being demolished but the dogs still need homes. (계양산 개농장 뜬장 철거…′해결은 아직′)

Volunteers are now working to set up temporary fences to keep the dogs until they build a more proper fence with posts and gates. This new fenced area will be on the other side of the farm where the raised wire cages were once kept before being torn down last week.

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  1. Annie PASCOTTO
    Annie PASCOTTONovember 2,20

    Just sent some money for the doggies ! Thanks for saving them ! Annie from Paris, France

  2. Allison
    AllisonNovember 2,20

    Thank you for all that you are doing and continue to do on behalf of these dog angels to rescue them from such barbarism.

  3. Roxy
    RoxyNovember 2,20

    Heartfelt gratitude to all the people who are working tirelessly to help save these innocent dogs from horrific fates.
    Thank you for defending man’s best friend!

  4. Vanessa Gray
    Vanessa GrayNovember 2,20

    Have donated. Thank you for all you are doing XX

    • team teamNovember 2,20

      Thank you, Vanessa!!

  5. Ewa Stein
    Ewa SteinNovember 2,20

    I donated to Care Korean dogs with the notice about Lotte Dogs Rescue. Thanks for your work.

  6. Carina Rizell
    Carina RizellNovember 3,20

    Please treat mans best friend with love and respect ✊

  7. Rosana Trevisan
    Rosana TrevisanNovember 3,20

    salve os caes

  8. esther gomis
    esther gomisNovember 3,20

    Thank you for caring those precious souls . I donate . Kisses and cuddles from France . We love you .

  9. FISCHER Béatrice
    FISCHER BéatriceNovember 3,20

    Voilà mon don est fait pour cette noble cause !!!Merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour sauver ces pauvres chiens de ces bourreaux immondes…C’est eux que l’on devrait pendre,electrocutés et ébouillantés vivants !!!!ainsi que tous ces dirigeants complices de ces atrocités….DE TOUT COEUR AVEC VOUS !!!

  10. Simone Schwaneke
    Simone SchwanekeNovember 5,20

    Tausend mal Danke für die Rettung der kleinen Fellnasen. ❤

  11. Silvia Allenspach
    Silvia AllenspachNovember 5,20

    Thank you for saving dogs! I could make a small donation.

    • team teamNovember 5,20

      Thank you!!

  12. Marie-Jo
    Marie-JoNovember 5,20

    Thank you all for your great job saving the poor dogs.
    I just donate to help you.

    • team teamNovember 5,20

      Dear Marie-Jo, thank you for your donation. You can follow the activities of the rescue group and how they are helping the dogs from their Facebook page: Thank you!!

  13. linda weir
    linda weirNovember 5,20

    have sent you some money but how can i be sure that you ae genuine. HSI also collect for dogs in this situation why can’t you get together, -strength in numbers.

    • team teamNovember 5,20

      Dear Linda, thank you for your donation. You can follow the activities of the rescue group and how they are helping the dogs from their Facebook page: Thank you!!

  14. Rosana Trevisan
    Rosana TrevisanNovember 5,20


  15. carolina
    carolinaNovember 5,20

    I’m confused are they staying there, is that place the slaughter place? those cages are horrible

    • team teamNovember 5,20

      A: Dear Carolina, those raised wire cages were the homes to 250 dogs who were rescued. While some of the puppies and dogs were sent to kennels and foster homes, the majority of them stayed in those cages because they didn’t have a place to go, but the volunteers provide food, water and medical care.
      Now, most of the raised wire cages had been demolished and the remaining wire cages will also be destroyed.
      The remaining dogs are now in a temporary fenced area on the ground. A more permanent fenced area with proper posts and gates needs to be constructed, but the volunteer group and CARE need funding to construct it. This is why they are appealing to the people all over the world to help out by donating. I hope this answers your question. Thank you so much for caring!!

  16. Martina Patterson
    Martina PattersonNovember 6,20

    I share your email widely and hope enough people all over the world help you saving these poor souls. And of course, I sent money too.
    Thank you for all you doing!!! Best wishes from Germany.

    • team teamNovember 6,20

      Thank you, Martina!!

  17. John Ward
    John WardNovember 14,20

    Donated. Thanks for all you do. Would be interested in giving a forever home
    to one of your rescues here in UK.

  18. Galina Khromova
    Galina KhromovaNovember 18,20

    I sent some money for Leo and his friends

    • team teamNovember 18,20

      Thank you, Galina!!

  19. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisNovember 27,20


  20. Lou
    LouJanuary 16,21

    Merci à tous les aidants. Mon coeur est meurtri pour toujours par cette tragédie, je participe comme je peux pour y mettre fin. Plus jamais je n’achèterais du Samsung, LG, Royal Canin, Kia et Hyundai. Restons tous solidaires pour ce combat.

  21. Monique Audenaert
    Monique AudenaertJanuary 17,21

    Stop with killing them for food , those animals doesn’t do anything wrong, they have so mutch love in them , they are needed to save People their lives for other puposes like earthquakes, in housefire to alarm thé People that there is a fire , to get out time out the house, to find People , for People to assist if they are blind or sitting in a wheelchair , they help them , they even find missing children , they can do great things, they give so mutch pleasure, usefull in hospitals to be around for little children , they can release their pain by giving them attention animals makes People more happier and open their heart to kindness and love , you have so mutch great herbs and plants that only grows in your country , that are great for health , for cancer treatments, to make millions off people better all over thé world . Stop this behaviour by killing them , it’s wrong , one day you gonna to need them if something terrible shall happen and then you shall be happy if those animals shall saves your lives , that they can find you if nature takes his revenge back with hurricanes, floodstreams and others. Eating dogs, cats and bats , is not mention for food for people to are creating with sutch doing new diseases and destroying your own health,

  22. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisJanuary 27,21

    Grazie per quello che fate

  23. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisMay 15,21


  24. Dagmar Obdržalová
    Dagmar ObdržalováJune 12,21

    Taky pomůžu finančním darem. Není mi lhostejný osud těchto pejsků….

  25. Ruth Steinberger
    Ruth SteinbergerMarch 27,22

    Thank you for the hard work you do in the face of such depraved evil. There are no words.

  26. rui almeida
    rui almeidaApril 11,22

    I will donate to my all best friends.
    We all must donate to help.

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