Meat Dog Farmers Association “Allow registration of meat dog breeding as livestock farming”

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As meat dog farmers hold a rally demanding legalization of dog breeding and government support, the controversy over the dog meat is expected once again.

About 500 meat dog farmers held a rally at the Gwacheon Government Complex sports ground on September 24, 10am and demanded that meat dog breeding be included in the livestock farming and for the government to support the dog farms.

In this ‘Nationwide rally to fight for the meat dog farmers’ right to livelihood’ organized by the Korean Meat Dog Farmers Association, they argued that “the meat dog farmers’ livelihood is being threatened by the government’s lukewarm attitude and the animal protection group’s malicious slanders”.

The association recited a resolution with this content, shaved the heads of about 4-8 officers and conducted a performance symbolizing the obliteration of meat dog farms to express their complaint to the government.

Dogs are classified as a livestock in the ‘Livestock Industry Act’ and the ‘Livestock Prevention of Contagious Diseases Act’ but excluded in the ‘Livestock Farming’ designation and the ‘Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act’.

For this reason, breeding farmers has been criticizing and complaining that the government is not consistent in their support of livestock farmers.

Association Secretary-General, Youngin Choi stated, “If our difference with the government cannot be mediated today, we will return our dogs to the government and continue our demonstration for the next 3 days sleeping in the government complex sports ground.

Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries responded, “It is difficult to accept the demand of the meat dog farmers because public opinion about the dog meat is at a fierce standoff”.

Animal protection organizations have been claiming that “There are controversies around the animal cruelty during the slaughter process and the dog meat consumption which is a threat to the public health and the breeding of dogs for this purpose must be stopped”.

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  1. shauna albert
    shauna albertSeptember 25,12

    Instead of shaving their heads, they need to be beaten and skinned alive like the poor dogs are. If they were to be beaten, skinned, and boiled alive they would not want this horrific, sadistic, practice to be legalized. How they could do that to an innocent creature means they have no soul.

  2. myra
    myraSeptember 25,12

    Have the Meat Dog Farmers Association never heard of the ‘right to life’ Not only is it disgusting and unethical to use one of the most intelligent animals on earth for their food supply, their methods are beyond cruel they are barbaric. Only Barbarians could see any creature crammed in a cage, beaten, limbs broken, and then skinned and cooked alive. How repulsive and without morals, ethics, and humanity are these INhumans. If all you have to do is shave your head to get what you want, their intelligence must be nil. I am equally horrified and disgusted at the people who wait in restaurants for their dog meal. Can they hear the screams in the background? Do they go and prod and pick one? God provided food for man, and it certainly wasn’t mans best friend! Any government that allows inhuman means of providing food should be boycotted by the civilized world. I will certainly do so.

  3. myra
    myraSeptember 25,12

    Send these off will you. What is the point in signing if they are just stuck here!

    • admin
      adminSeptember 25,12

      Myra, the petitions in are being sent real time when someone signs them. Email addresses for the petition targets are set up with the petitions so that when someone signs it all the petition targets will receive an email with their signatures right away. Hope this helps and thank you for your support.

  4. SB
    SBSeptember 26,12

    it is wrong, wrong, wrong to perpetuate such cruel profiteering.

  5. Michelle
    MichelleSeptember 28,12

    They gave up to be human beings. I hate them all. I know in my heart that they will get purnished the worst possible way by God. South Korea is hell to animals! I live here and I cry everyday for the helpless animals…
    I can do only so much, please help to stop killing dogs!!! Please sign a petition at

  6. naomi cohen
    naomi cohenOctober 6,12

    dogs are not food. cats are not food. no animals are food to fill your stupid faces. you have no heart, no soul. stop the murder.

    • joao carlos
      joao carlosFebruary 1,13

      You Dog and Cat are and will always be my best friends and I do enjoy yours company not you such a horrible creator of satain (mental disordered) human being ( Dog eaters )

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