Merry Christmas to the South Korean embassies around the world!

12/17/2013. Second batch of Christmas cards are going out today. We found perfect cards with puppy in Santa suit.

The first batch of Christmas greeting cards to the South Korean President and the embassies around the world is going out today.
The lovely greeting cards include photos of South Korean dog meat industry, a copy of Venerable Beopjeong Buddhist Priest’s Argument Against Dog Meat Consumption in Korean and message asking them to please watch this video – Shocking Cruelty of South Korean Dog Meat Industry (

You can do it too! Please send greeting cards to the South Korean embassies in your country! Click for the list of South Korean Embassies around the world!
If you would like a copy of Microsoft Word document for South Korean Embassies address labels, contact us!

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  1. Heather M. Blanck
    Heather M. BlanckDecember 22,13


  2. susan repp
    susan reppDecember 30,13

    이 비디오를 꼭 봐주십시요. 우리 세계인들은 한국인들의 이처럼 잔혹한 반려동물 학대를 지금 곧 멈추기를 촉구합니다. 개식용은 문화가 아닙니다. 아주 잔인한 동물학대입니다. 개식용이 한국에서 불법화되어 완전히 사라질때까지 우리는 한국상품 불매운동을 계속할것이며 한국을 절대로 방문하지 않을것입니다.

    법정스님께서 말씀하셨습니다. “개고기 식습관은 현대에는 걸맞지 않는 폐풍이오, 국민들의 정신 건강에 아주 좋지 않은 영향을 끼치는 악습이다. 우리 사회가 고래로 정치, 경제, 종교 등의 각계각층에서 사분 오열되는 내분에 국력을 낭비하는 것은 정을 들여 키운 개를 하루 아침에 도살하여 잡아먹는 데서 오는 인간신뢰에 대한 상실로 인한 배반의 악습이 인간 상호간에도 의식적으로 무의식적으로 적용되기 때문에 파생된 당연한 결과라고 필자는 본다. 또 이 개도살에 따른 공해가 심각하다. 개를 집단으로 사육하는 과정에서 엄청난 소음이 발생하여 공중적 폐단이 매우 심각하다. 소음을 줄인다고 강제로 개의 고막을 파열시키는 잔인함까지 저지르니 개고기를 먹기 위하여 못하는 짓이 없다. 또 부분적으로는 고기의 맛을 내기 위하여 목을 매달아 놓고 개의 전신을 몽둥이로 사정없이 가격하여 내장이 파열되게 하여 잔인 무도하게 죽이는 경우까지 있으니 참으로 인간말종적 행위라고 할 수있다.”

    In S. Korea, 2.5 million dogs and thousands of cats are tortured and slaughtered each year to fuel the $2 billion illegal dog and cat meat industry, a trade that has neither been officially recognized nor accepted by the Korean Government nor the EU.

    Bishop Desmond Tutu said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

    Today, we urge you to choose the side of the oppressed and take your position to help ban the barbaric and inhumane dog torture and consumption in S. Korea!

    If you want to export your products and services to the rest of the world, and showcase the best of Korea, then please respect our wishes and do your part to end this madness that is going on in your country. Make it your company’s policy to ban employees from eating dog meat that fuel the pockets of these criminals. Lobby your government to enact an enforceable animal protection law that abolishes this abomination once and for all. In doing so you will gain the respect of the youth and the understanding of your customers, currently horrified by these atrocities.

    It’s 2013! If it was North Korea one could try to understand, realizing that people are dying of starvation in that backward society. However, South Korea is flourishing and consumers have food and choices. South Korea has a wide variety of cuisine and the world can not understand why you continue to choose not just to eat but to torture companion animals who have served us so faithfully over thousands of years. Just recently the United Kingdom welcomed South Korea in London and your Paralympians had their faithful guide dogs by their side. The world showed you acceptance and respect, only now to finally discover the very country they are trading with is a nation devoid of any compassion. To know that you are eating not just “farmed animals” but even former pets is incomprehensible to us your customers. To know you turn a blind eye to markets where slaughter takes place in full view of mothers and children fills us with horror. To know you boil and burn dogs alive fills our children with fear. This is the message you are giving to your current and future trading partners. If you can not show compassion, think about the economics, think about the tourism and think about future World Events. There will be boycotts. There will be major outcry. There will be sanctions.

    We urge you and the people of S. Korea to learn the teachings of venerable Beopjeong Buddhist Priest (법정스님) on why S. Korea should immediately end the dog meat consumption: Venerable Beopjeong Buddhist Priest’s Argument Against Dog Meat Consumption 법정스님의 개식용 반대론

    Also, we ask you to please watch this video:

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