The journey of Molpu, a puppy mill breed dog.  

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Molpu, a tiny 3.8 kg (approximately 8.5 lbs) poodle with light brown fur, is a dog with a breed and size that people “prefer.” At the puppy mill in Ilpae-dong, Namyangju, she was caged in a small compartment with another poodle. When we rescued them, Molpu didn’t resist once.

Molpu is estimated to be six years old. She is a mother dog that “produced” babies. Molpu was also born from a parent dog from a puppy mill. Molpu would have been posted to the auction house before she was 2-3 months old and displayed at the pet shop window. They would have returned to the puppy mill if they were not sold. Or, because it is a small-sized dog, it may have been left at the puppy mill to produce smaller offspring.

These days, the market price of baby poodles starts at about 300,000 won. (about $250 USD) The more “pretty/rare” and smaller, the higher the price. If a two-month-old brown poodle costs 300,000 won, the cream-colored poodle would cost 400,000 won, and the cream toy poodle is 800,000 won.

We call people “slaves” who were called ‘possessions’ of others, bought and sold like goods. The lives of Molpu and other rescue dogs are no different. From mother to daughter, back to the daughter… The life of slaves in small puppy mills is becoming more disastrous, especially among females. Fortunately for Molpu, KARA was there to rescue her.

Now, for Molpu, there are people who wish Molpu happiness. Molpu is no longer a means of making money. Molpu still doesn’t come close to people, although she wags her tail, we believe that she will be willing to jump into the arms of her beloved family and share warmth with people one day.

There is a mountain that Molpu must pass with fellow rescues for that day. They need treatment for diseases. Molpu had a dislocation of the patella, which was on the verge of rotting due to a wound on the stomach. We also need to do neuter surgery. We ask you to join us in a miracle so that the dogs can overcome the last crisis and find their beloved family.🙏

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Pet shop baby animals on display until dawn.
  1. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisApril 4,22

    Siete una associazione coraggiosa e gentile siete degli angeli che aiutano queste creature indifese grazie per il vostro lavoro

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