UPDATE: The remaining dogs at the “50 Dogs” Dog Farm are finally released.

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Update – Final Release of Remaining Dogs

We returned to the dog farm to get the remaining twenty dogs, and released them all. Two of the dogs, a pointer mix and a black mastiff, found homes in the village. We moved eighteen of them. The first round, we rescued the Miracle family – mom and her four pups. The second round there were only twenty dogs because five were sold after our first visit. All together, 43 dogs are safe in our hands. I was so afraid he would sell more dogs after we had left. One by one, each dog will be vet-checked and vaccinated. We will update daily on this. Click HERE to watch.

Now they are all in our hands. The dog farmer will keep his vow to stop dog farming, as he had signed the legally-binding document.
He wanted to take the dogs out of the barred cages with his hands and to the truck. We let him to do that, but it’s so heartbreaking to see how he handles the dogs. It’s a good thing that he is no longer a dog meat supplier, but a businessman selling acorns.
For this third round rescue, we needed a truck to transport them to a boarding facility. We will update daily. Meanwhile, Duane had flown in to pick up a dog and fly home together. Please help us find homes for these dogs.

Thank you for your donations towards this rescue. I won’t be able to name you all, but from the 7th of September until today, from $2 to large amounts, the donations totaled US$ 1,286 and £180. Thank you so much. The donations will go toward paying the vet bills and the boarding. We will get back to you with receipts at the end of the year. Click HERE to watch.

This is how the meat supplier takes the dogs out – a stick with a rope fixed onto it. He used to slaughter behind the metal cages. He also sells live dogs to the dog meat market.
The three Jindos in this video are safe with us, together with other dogs. We moved all of them to a boarding facility immediately, giving them some time to recover from the trauma. Click HERE to watch.

50 Dogs farm rescue_Video1

The remaining eighteen dogs are safe in our custody, now at one of two boarding facilities. We put two or three in one crate, making them feel comfortable. But, after the four hour drive in the truck, they all looked nervous, having been through the rope when being taken out of the metal cages by the hands of the meat supplier. Each of them must be wondering “what’s happening to my life?”
Click HERE to watch.

Nami and her dedicated team are working around the clock to save the dogs and puppies from the South Korean dog meat industry. They need your financial support to make these rescues possible. These dogs need medical care, food, boarding, and need to be prepared for adoption and transported to their new homes. Please donate whatever you can afford to help them save these dogs.
You can donate by sending Western Union transfer to Nam Hee Kim in Seoul, South Korea. Then email Nami to let her know that you have sent the fund: [email protected]

You can also donate to us today and we will send 100% of all donations received (we will even pay for the paypal fees) to the SaveKoreanDogs. So please donate today and help save the lives of Korean dogs!

Thank you for your compassion and your generosity for the Korean dogs!!!

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