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Sharing from Nami Kim and her team.

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This has been my daily pain in the neck for the last two months. We now received a third notice to “vacate” the house we are using as a temporary shelter. We were trying to negotiate to rent an old empty church but they now want double the rent. It’s getting warm now so we are afraid the house may fall anytime when everything starts melting.

I have been traveling far and wide looking for a piece of land. Then we also have to add in the cost to build a small sanctuary. The price of land in Korea is as expensive as Hong Kong now. Half of the peninsular, only South Korea 99,720㎢ with the population of 50 million so land is at a premium. We are looking for a small house in a village in Incheon to purchase. We need more funds to do that.

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We have no idea when this old abandoned house will fall. We turned this place into a temporary shelter to put a roof over the dogs during the harsh winter. A large dangerous crack has been found in the building and the neighbors complain about the dogs barking. We have no idea when we will be kicked out.

We have been looking for a tiny piece of land to build a sanctuary but so far no luck. Village heads do not like dogs coming into their village. We have the funds saved to buy one. We raised US$9,500 in 2014 November that I still keep in my Citi bank I share with

My 90 year-old mom donated huge funds (part of the inheritance), I donated my retirement plan, and Giny Woo of has personally made donations to make this happen. This is one of our plans for 2016 before we register as a non-profit.

Nami and her team need your financial support to make this dream come true. Please donate whatever you can afford. Every penny helps! Thank you!

Incheon Temporary Shelter (9)

Incheon Temporary Shelter
Incheon Temporary Shelter
Incheon Temporary Shelter
Incheon Temporary Shelter

Incheon Temporary Shelter

Incheon Temporary Shelter

Incheon Temporary Shelter

Incheon Temporary Shelter

Incheon Temporary Shelter

  1. Bilpin horserescue
    Bilpin horserescueMarch 15,16

    Nami Kim I bless you You are a wonderful woman and I support you wholeheartedly. Never give up The dogs and cats you save are so lucky and my heart bleeds for those that are not saved May their little souls stay with God in peace and happiness.

    • Julia Richardson
      Julia RichardsonMarch 15,16

      They look so happy and peaceful there Nami…. I support you too and will hope to donate to you a little more soon.

  2. Laila Farah Quraishi
    Laila Farah QuraishiMarch 15,16

    great!!! just donated $50 now….. Keep it up dear 🙂

  3. Andrés Aguilera
    Andrés AguileraMarch 16,16

    Right now I have no money, but will spread and will pray to the creator although I am not religious, the creator someday end up with unscrupulous people.

  4. Inge Ferdusch
    Inge FerduschMarch 16,16

    I’mvery pleased about this

  5. marga terstal
    marga terstalMarch 17,16

    It is greatfull I bless you

  6. Michelle A.
    Michelle A.April 11,16

    Hi, I’d like to donate but not on PayPal. Can you please post a Korean bank account on here so I may send a wire transfer?

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