Newsletter – April 21, 2019

It’s “business as usual” for the Seongnam’s massive dog meat industry. New calls for action!
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New Calls for Action
Campaigns to urge District Governments
to end the dog and cat meat cruelty!

Despite the highly publicized closure of several dog slaughterhouses in Taepyeong-dong recently, it is “business as usual” at the Moran Market in Seongnam, notorious as the largest dog meat market in South Korea. Seongnam and cities all around South Korea has a massive dog and cat meat industry and we must take action to speak out against this horrific industry, profiting from the suffering and slaughter of companion animals.
Click each of the city/district to take actions now.  Thank you!

South Koreans:
Stop the illegal dog and cat meat trades.

File your petition on e-people
South Korea’s Official Government Petition Page!
All across South Korea, millions of ‘meat dogs’ (including newborn puppies) which are destined for human consumption, are kept outdoors in meat farms and slaughterhouses, imprisoned in cages that are crudely constructed of wire and raised off the ground, and which afford no protection from the snow or freezing winds that are part of a normal winter in that country. These poor creatures – from the second they are born, to their final breath at the uncaring hands of a brutal butcher – have to endure endless misery and agony. South Korea is truly a “Hell on Earth” for countless innocent dogs and cats. So, please, don’t let the Koreans continue their vile and cruel practice.
A simple but very effective way is to file a petition directly with the Korean government using the e-People online petition page. This is different than other petitions because the Korean government is responsible for responding to you! If they have to address and respond to hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of petitions on this issue; then perhaps they will finally be put under enough pressure to take action to bring this horrific animal cruelty to an end. 
Click HERE for the Korean translation of our petition.  Please include them in your letters and e-People petitions.  
Click the below counties to take action today!

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