Newsletter – August 1, 2018

Help keep Nami and save dogs from hellish South Korean dog meat industry.

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Help keep Nami and save dogs
from hellish South Korean dog meat industry.

Dear supporters,

As much as we love watching Nami Kim and her team rescue these poor puppies from hellish conditions, it’s important to remember that her hard work costs a great deal of money. Nami has dedicated her life to rescuing, fostering, and finding forever homes for these puppies, and has funded this cause by asking her mother for financial support every month. We don’t feel that she should have to do this; we feel the financial burden should be shared by all of us who support the effort to save the puppies. Nami receives a multitude of requests for help daily but unfortunately has to turn most of them down because of a lack of funding. Take a look at the financial statement; they are in the red.

Please help Nami continue her work to save these poor puppies who have known only cruelty and misery throughout their short lives. Help her continue her work to end this horrific industry in Korea. Please consider making monthly donations; click HERE to make your donation now.

Your donations support all expenses related to the rescue of the dogs including: care of rescued dogs while in the shelter; vet bills for medical treatments, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering; shelter maintenance/repairs; staff wages; dog transportation; heat control during the winter months; and dog food and treats. Monthly distribution of donations are posted each month by their accountant.

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Please donate to team so that they can continue to rescue these angels and continue their fight to end the horrific dog meat trade.  Thank you!!

Video: Massive dog farm with 390 dogs in Gimpo, South Korea. Follow on Facebook for the updates.

URGENT Petitions need your signatures!

Nami Kim ( will be meeting with the Ansan mayor’s assistant next week and she needs our petition signatures to hand deliver at the meeting to urge Ansan to close down their dog meat industry.
Click HERE to sign and share this and other urgent petitions today!  Also please send postal letters to the mayors.  Mailing addresses and sample letters are in the petition.  

Video: Nami Kim, her volunteers, couple of reporters, visited a massive dog farm with 390 dogs in Gimpo, South Korea yesterday and found this gravely ill puppy. This poor puppy was taken to a veterinarian but she is so sick that humane euthanasia is recommended by the vet and the volunteers to put her out of terrible misery. Click HERE to learn more.
Thank you, The Animals’ Battalion, Holman Family
and All the Activists!

We are grateful to the Animals’ Battalion, Holman family and all the activists who came to the demonstrations and spoke out for the voiceless.  They demonstrated outside the South Korean Consulates in New York and Seattle for Day 1 and 2 to make the Korean government aware of how strongly we abhor their indifference to the mass cruelty and suffering inflicted on sentient animals, within the dog and cat meat trades; and also of the failure of their government to bring about an end to this evil trade which makes profits from the suffering of animals. 

Folks, Day 3 demonstrations are coming up on August 16 again in New York and Seattle. Please join them at the Consulates in New York and Seattle or from your home by joining our phone blitz.

Click below to learn more and see the photos and videos from their demonstrations:

Photo: The Animals’ Battalion.

Adopt dogs rescued from dog meat industry by

Dogs rescued from dog meat industry in South Korea by Nami Kim and her team are waiting for their loving and caring forever homes. Thank you for opening your heart and your home to these angels!

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Photo: Darwin, before being rescued.

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