Newsletter – December 18, 2016

Andong, Gokseong, Naju

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Let’s show Sister Cities the truth about
the dog and cat meat trades – and ask them to take action.

Sister City Agreements are formed between two cities with the aim of being mutually beneficial (for trade, cultural exchanges, business links etc., and to foster friendship), and many cities throughout the United States have such ‘twin cities’ all over South Korea. But, however beneficial these links are, it cannot simply be all about “taking the good, and ignoring the bad” – there must surely be some social responsibility for the representatives of one city to take a stand against any wrongdoing being sanctioned or ignored by their Sister City: in this case the illegal and aberrant dog and cat meat trades in South Korea.

Therefore, we wish to bring the unacceptable practices of these trades to the attention of the relevant US City Mayors and their Offices, and to urge them, in the spirit of friendship and for the good of the Korean people, to reach out to their counterparts in South Korea, asking them to enforce their laws and to put an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trades.

Please click on each campaigns below to take action. Thank you for caring!

Andong, South Korea – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Gokseong, South Korea – Hawaii County, Hawaii

Naju, South Korea – Wenatchee, Washington
​Photo: Andong, South Korea: Dog for meat dragged behind motorcycle .

We have many Sister/Friendship City Campaigns going on now.
Please add your voice TODAY to help the Korean dogs.
“Jaebol”, Korean companies, have the power
to speak out for change: call Hyundai/Kia Auto dealers near you ​and ask them to do just that.

South Korea has now become a prosperous country and sales of products like Hyundai/Kia are ever increasing in countries across the world. These companies are called “Jaebol” in Korean which means conglomerates and they hold considerable power, money and influence. If they want to help end the dog meat trade in Korea they are in a position to do so: when the leaders of these companies speak, their President and the Government listen. However, so far we have seen no effort from these companies to end this cruelty in their country. These companies are representatives of their country and should be actively helping to rid South Korea of the evil, inhumane and damaging (to Korean society) dog and cat-meat trades. Buying products, or using services that support the Korean economy, will be tantamount to condoning these aberrant trades – so we won’t: tell Hyundai/Kia that we will boycott their products until the dog and cat-meat trades are permanently ended in South Korea.

Click HERE to take action.

Thunderclap – “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Campaign”!

Please join us to speak out against the South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty. Join our Thunderclap campaigns to say “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in South Korea”! We will launch the Thunderclap twice a month until February 2018, when the Olympics will be taking place. We must not let this rare opportunity pass by for saving millions of Korean dogs each year from horrendous cruelty.

Click HERE to take action.

Adopt Dogs Rescued from Meat Trade by SaveKoreanDogs

We,, do not rescue dogs from Korea or anywhere else. We are a volunteer group that focuses our effort on campaigning to end the dog meat trade in Korea.  However, rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade is not only an incredibly effective way to raise awareness about this issue, but also gives these poor dogs a chance at a peaceful, happy and loved life they deserve.

SaveKoreanDogs (Korean Dogs Sanctuary, Nami Kim and her team) is a registered nonprofit charity in South Korea that works to close down and rescue survivors from the dog farms/slaughterhouses. This organization is always looking for caring, loving homes in the US, Canada, UK and EU who will welcome these precious angels into their family. If you would like to inquire about adoption, find more information about the adoption process and see the dogs available for adoption, please click below buttons. Thank you for caring! – Help Support Busan KAPCA
​(Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Wear one of our shirts! Help fight the South Korean dog and cat-meat cruelty and bring awareness to our campaign. 100% of the funds raised from the sale of these shirts will be donated to the Busan KAPCA(Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty).

Click HERE to order yours.

Please note that estimated delivery is Wednesday, January 18
(12 working days after the campaign close date). - Help Support Busan KAPCA (Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
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it were ‘reading, writing, arithmetic, empathy.’ “
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