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KARA: Protest to Shut Down
Daegu Chilseong Dog Meat Market

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) went to Daegu to fight to shut down the Chilseong market. We walked through the market along with other activists, and spoke up for the dogs.
“Is there still a ‘dog meat market’?” asked a citizen who was in front of the market. Is there a place where a dog that is still alive is locked up in a yard, displayed, brutally slaughtered, and sold its meat?
We wish we could say no. Unfortunately, it was all at the site of Saturday’s rally to call for the shutdown of the Chilseong ‘dog meat’ market. Even though it’s a market in the middle of the city, it was still full of dogs. In the slaughterhouses, dogs were constantly howling.
The Chilseong Market is one of the notorious three ‘dog meat’ markets. The other market, Moran, signed a business agreement with Seongnam City in December 2016 and voluntarily removed the exhibition and slaughter facilities from the public. The merchants of Gupo market agreed to completely close down its operations in July last year. Currently, Chilseong Market is the only one among the three major ‘dog meat’ markets. (There still are big and small farms, markets and slaughterhouses all over the country, unfortunately.)
Mayor of Daegu City, Young-jin Kwon also ordered last year to find a way to close Chilseong market – since ‘dog meat’ is a custom that doesn’t meat the morals of the times. KARA will speak up and fight to shut down the Chilseong market this year. To save the dogs crying in pain, please support the activities to close the market!
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KARA Rescued Dogs from Frigid Slaughterhouse

At the end of last year, KARA rescued dogs and chickens at a dog slaughterhouse. Even on a freezing winter day, puppies were living in cold, messy and dirty cages. There was a pile of filth, and the six puppies relied on each other to stay warm.  Click HERE to see the photos from the slaughterhouse.
The puppies were taken to an animal hospital shortly after the rescue. The puppies got new names, too: basil, mint, camo, mile, ginger, and sugar. Tests showed that most of the puppies were found to have anemia, probably because they had to eat food waste.
Fortunately, after careful treatment, they are back in shape now. They are eating healthy dog feed very well.
The are now staying at a shelter – it is not a bad environment, but what they need is a warm hand and a loving family.
Please support the future of the puppies. 💫
🧡 KARA is funded entirely by donations.
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KARA and PNR submitted a petition
to the Constitutional Court

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) and PNR (Animal Rights Research Association of Lawyers) submitted a petition to the Constitutional Court at 18 December.
Bad tradition of dog meat industry has been there all along. We have been preparing to get a confirmation from the Constitutional Court that people’s basic rights such as the right to seek happiness are violated. By early December, a total of 1,018 individuals and organizations had participated on the petition. Thank you for the support!

Many victims of the dog meat industry participated. The family of Osun (Osun was kidnapped and got slaughtered by dog meat merchants) came with us, and also there were a lot of citizens living nearby dog slaughterhouses and suffered of depression because they were constantly exposed to dog’s painful howling. Nevertheless, a number of citizens who think it is necessary to resolve social conflicts and set up a system to end dog meat industry have been listed as claimants.

Although dogs are not ‘livestock’ under the Animal Health Management Act and are not ‘food ingredients’ under the Food Hygiene Act, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety did not take action to dog meat industry’s violation of law, and thus violated the basic rights of the people. It is certainly unconstitutional.

KARA will continue to raise problems in each and every illegal process – of slaughtering, processing and distributing dog meat – and step by step, walk towards an end to dog meat indsutry. Thank you again for being with us on the way.
🧡 KARA is funded entirely by donations.
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