Newsletter – January 28, 2017

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Thunderclap – “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Campaign”! ​

​Please join us to speak out against the South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty. Join our Thunderclap campaigns to say “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in South Korea”!

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 Thunderclap – “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Campaign”!
Rebuild ‘trust’ by removing the ‘obstacles’ of the dog meat trades.
Make this a priority Agenda Item for the upcoming
​World Congress for Korean Politics and Society.

The World Congress for Korean Politics and Society is being held on June 22-24, in Seoul, South Korea. The main aim of this conference is to discuss the rebuilding of trust across South Korea, and the international community, as the Conference objective notes that there are rampant “signs of mistrust in peace and democracy” in political and civic life and that this poses “serious obstacles to political stability, economic justice, and social integration”.

Surely, then, the issue of the dog and cat meat trades, its inherent cruelty and abuse of the animals involved, the growing discontent of South Korean nationals – in addition to the strong movement of campaigners across the globe – to put a permanent end to these aberrant trades, must be foremost in the Conference’s considered aim “of addressing their stated concerns” and finding “innovative ways” of overcoming “problems of trust in Korea”.

We must use the opportunity of this biennially-held Conference to urge attendees to consider, discuss and find their way to supporting the abolition of the dog and cat meat trades, for the good of the democracy and the enhancement of peace within South Korea.

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Make Dog Meat Trades Priority Agenda for 2017 World Congress for Korean Politics & Society
Video: Seongnam Moran Dog Meat Market, South Korea.
We Are Winning!
New Sister/Friendship City Campaigns – Take Actions TODAY!

​Our sister city campaign has been successful but we need more of you to help by taking action. Changing a person is hard and changing a nation is much harder. But it is possible. Please click below to take action on our new Sister/Friendship City Campaigns TODAY!

Friendship City Campaign – Incheon Bupyeong District, South Korea – Jackson County, Oregon

Friendship City Campaign – Incheon Namdong District, South Korea – Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Friendship City Campaign – Incheon Ganghwa District, South Korea – Whatcom County, Washington

Friendship City Campaign – Incheon Nam-gu District, South Korea – Milpitas, California

Sister City Campaign – Jeju, South Korea – Santa Rosa, California

Friendship City Campaign – Seoul, South Korea – Los Angeles, California

National Olympic Committees:
Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog and cat meat trade!

PyeongChang, host to 2018 Winter Olympics – the world will be watching South Korea, which is why this is perfect time you take action to support our campaign to end the horrific dog and cat meat trade in South Korea for good!

You can help by signing and sharing our petitions to each of the National Olympic Committees (204 in total), sending out letters and emails raising awareness of this brutal and medieval practice and calling for an end to the trade and taking to social media.

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National Olympic Committees: Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog and cat meat trade!
Update: Illegal puppy mill/dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri.
Korean Government will take action.

The Korean government is taking actions to enforce the various laws currently in violation by this dog farm. A big thank you goes out to the SaveKoreanDogs activists who investigated and filed civil complaints to the authorities as well as bring this case to our attention. According to the SaveKoreanDogs, one more violation had been added to this case: Violation of law on disposal of animal carcasses. We would also like to thank everyone who had taken action and filed the petition through e-people.

Click HERE to learn more.

Photo: Puppy mill/dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri. SaveKoreanDogs
Adopting a dog is a life time commitment.
Please think 10 times before contacting SaveKoreanDogs.
Read the complete adoption info before sending inquiries.  Thank you!
“To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men.”
― Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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