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Will you help Ccso Gaon rescue these dogs?

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Ccso Gaon, a group of activists in Korea, have been working to close down dog farm/slaughterhouses for several years now. With a tip from an informant, on New Year’s Day, January 1, they went to find a dog farm located below the Highway in Dangjin.
They were able to meet with the dog farm owner and convinced him to sign an agreement to completely close down his dog farm within 3 to 6 months. They can rescue all the 40-50 dogs/puppies there right now, but they have no facilities to keep them and they do not have financial resources to take on rescues.

Click HERE to see the photos and videos.

Would you please help them rescue the dogs? At least some of them? It is freezing cold in Korea and the dogs are kept in raised wire cages with no protection from harsh weather. For now, all they could do is put plastic covers around their raised wire cages to block some of the winds. They are heartbroken that they cannot rescue any of them now.
If you would like to help them rescue, please donate.
You can donate by paypal: [email protected]
🧡Ccso Gaon is funded entirely by donations.
Every little bit helps and will save lives.
Thank you for caring and for your generosity!!!

Video: Ccso Gaon. Dog farm in Dangjin, South Korea.

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