Newsletter – March 26, 2018

New Sister City – Adelanto & Hadong-gun | Call for Action for Korea’s Constitution Amendment

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Sister City Campaign
Hadong-gun, South Korea – Adelanto, California

New Sister City agreement opens a new opportunity for our campaign. Adelanto, California just signed a Sister City relationship with Hadong-gun, Korea. It’s time to urge Adelanto Mayor and the City Council members to help end their new Sister City’s illegal and appalling trade.

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Video: The Korea Observer’s documentary “The Dog Meat Professional: South Korea”

President Moon Jae-in’s proposed amendment
for a new Constitution –
​“Establishing National Policy on Animal Protection”

Korean news Hankyoreh reported on March 20, 2018, that if the new Constitution to be proposed by President Moon Jaein passes, provisions for a national policy on animal protection will be established.

On March 20th, Cheongwadae (Blue House, the presidential residence) announced part of the bill for a Constitutional amendment, stating that they have created provisions to establish a national policy on animal protection as well as stipulating a right to life to animals. The details were not disclosed, but according to Cheongwadae officials it is absolutely certain that provisions for animal protection are included. If the Constitution stipulates animal protection as the nation’s responsibility, changes in lower level legislation can also be expected.v Under the current civil law, humans and objects are defined; animals are considered objects, a possession by humans. However, the proposed constitution will specify humans, animals, and objects separately.

Mr. Ha Seung-Soo, Attorney and Vice Chairman of the Special Advisory Committee on National Constitution stated, “Under the current civil laws, animals are considered objects, but if the Constitution is amended, animal protection becomes the responsibility of the nation (government) and specific laws and regulations will be established.”

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