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New Petition
Animal rights groups call for ouster of professor for alleged animal abuse

The Korea Times reported on April 24, Animal rights groups have urged Seoul National University (SNU to dismiss a renowned veterinary professor, who is accused of abusing a retired working dog in animal tests.
The Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA), the Korean Welfare Animal Association and the Beagle Rescue Network (BRN) co-organized the event on the World Day for Laboratory Animals. “As the Animal Protection Law stipulates that working dogs are banned from being used in animal experimentation, how could Lee conduct experiments on this dog. His animal experiments with a retired working dog, which is unprecedented in the world, have become an object of derision and show the reality of animal rights in Korea,” they added.
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Sign KARA’s petition calling for end of animal cruelty at SNU (Korean Government Petition) >>

Will the Korean celebrities play their part?
We added BLACKPINK and BTS to our campaign.

In South Korea, celebrities are worshiped and admired by so many people, from all age groups. Their fans are keen to know all about them, they listen to all their messages, watch everything they do and take in what they say – and this special place in the hearts of their admirers means that the celebrities have a real opportunity to make a difference for their country. We are now asking the celebrities to make this difference for the animals in their country by publicly opposing the horrendous dog-meat trade and helping to bring about its permanent end.  
We have added BLACKPINK and BTS, hugely popular even in the US and around the world. They can prove that their country is one to be proud, they can speak out about these wrongdoing, their fans will listen – and they will make a difference.

New Calls for Action
Campaigns to urge Township Governments
to end the dog and cat meat cruelty!

The Korean internet searches resulted in 137 Health Food Shops and 121 dog meat restaurants in the vicinity of Gimpo and 220 Health Food Shops and 88 dog meat restaurants in the vicinity of Suwon. Gimpo and Suwon have massive dog meat industry and we must take actions to speak out against this horrific industry, profiting from the suffering and slaughter of companion animals. Click each of the towns to take actions now. Thank you!

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