Newsletter – November 18, 2019
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New Calls for Action: 
Shut down the illegal dog farms!
10 New Cities Are Added!

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) has a dog farm archive map which lists the dog farms throughout South Korea. Click HERE to learn more.
The list contains 2,861 dog farms. We will file e-People petitions for each of these dog farms, urging the Korean government to inspect and take immediate actions to shut them down. Click HERE for the status of our e-People petition filing.
We have added 10 more cities and will continue to add more.  Please click HERE or the city links below to do your part by taking quick and simple actions. Thank you!

The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea
👉 2. Andong
👉 3. Gumi
👉 5. Sangju
👉 8. Gunwi

Photo: South Korea’s horrific dog farm/slaughterhouses.  The Korea Observer.

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