Newsletter – November 27, 2018

[Breaking News] Taepyeong Dog Slaughterhouse (the largest in Korea) Finally Gone

[Breaking News] Taepyeong Dog Slaughterhouse (the largest in Korea) Finally Gone

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[Breaking News]
Taepyeong Dog Slaughterhouse
(the largest in Korea) Finally Gone

Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) reported on November 22, “Taepyeong Slaughterhouse in Seongnam City, which started in the 1990s, was the largest dog slaughterhouse in South Korea. At least 80,000 dogs every year were brutally slaughtered there, the meat being distributed throughout the country.

The slaughterhouse had been criticized for years by activists and citizens for its inhumane slaughter methods, its hygiene issues, and its illegal operations. The neighbors had also long complained about the bad smell and the screaming of dogs being tortured to death.

Last summer, we descended upon the slaughterhouse three times to expose the horrible reality of the place, which included the discovery of Canine Influenza rampant inside the cages and the dangers of its consequences for food hygiene. We filed suits against five dog meat vendors in Moran Market under the food sanitation law for selling infected meat from the nearby slaughterhouse.

Today, though, the slaughterhouse is finally gone. It is a significant milestone for the animal rights movement in South Korea, made possible by hard work and persistence, and the solidarity of ordinary citizens who wished to see the blight of this horrible place removed.”

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New Calls for Action! South Koreans:
Stop the illegal dog and cat meat trades.


The weather has already dropped to
freezing in South Korea!
All across South Korea, millions of ‘meat dogs’ (including newborn puppies) which are destined for human consumption, are kept outdoors in meat farms and slaughterhouses, imprisoned in cages that are crudely constructed of wire and raised off the ground, and which afford no protection from the snow or freezing winds that are part of a normal winter in that country. These poor creatures – from the second they are born, to their final breath at the uncaring hands of a brutal butcher – have to endure endless misery and agony. South Korea is truly a “Hell on Earth” for countless innocent dogs and cats. So, please, don’t let the Koreans continue their vile and cruel practice: click the links below to take action today to help fight the South Korean dog and cat meat trades.

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