Newsletter – October 14, 2016

2 New Important Petitions | Thank you for supporting SaveKoreanDogs!

2 New Important Petitions – Sign and share! 

There are two (2) new, critically important petitions that need your signature. Mayor Kim Man-Soo and Chairman Pyo Chang-Won need international support in their brave battle and courageous effort to bring an end to the dog meat trade in their country. Please take just a moment to sign then share these petitions. We need at least 20K signatures on each and every signature counts. Please show these warriors we support and appreciate their efforts.

Thank you for your support!
SaveKoreanDogs is now a registered nonprofit in Korea

Dear Supporters,

We are very excited to announce that Nami Kim and her Team have now become a registered Non-profit Organization in South Korea! Their name on the registration is “Korean Dogs Sanctuary (코리안독스보호소KDS)”.

We are also happy to tell you that they have obtained their own internet domain name, which is: Please visit for updated information on dogs available for adoption.

As a registered Non-profit Organization, can now directly receive your kind donations through their Organization’s new Paypal Account (previously our organisation had to assist with processing these donations).

We hope that you will continue to assist Nami Kim and her dedicated Team in their efforts to save these wonderful dogs from the Korean dog-meat industry; so please do sign up for a recurring ‘life-saving’ donation on this link:

Your donations will not only facilitate the ongoing rescue and upkeep of efforts on the ground, but also enable local/governmental advocacy, and the transportation/preparation of these beautiful animals to their forever homes. Your donations also allow Nami and her Team to continue their tireless work, and contribute to the global campaign to stop the South Korean dog-meat industry.

Please visit SaveKoreanDogs’s Facebook page for the latest updates:
Together, we are very grateful for your continued compassion and support.


Giny Woo
Founder & Activist for

Geumcheon-gu – the world is watching
Take action now over the brutal dog meat trade

Sung-Soo Cha, the Mayor of Seoul’s Geumcheon-gu district describes his district as a happy city that is currently facing a time of change. Well sadly for the dogs in the dog meat trade here, there is no change, there is no tomorrow and this certainly isn’t a happy place for them.

This is a place where dogs are farmed in conditions not befitting of any sort of livestock, in dark, cramped, soiled cages with no future to look to, no one to show them kindness, only the cruelty of the butcher when they are finally taken from their cages and brutally slaughtered – so they can be served up on the restaurant table.

Let’s tell Mayor Sung-Soo Cha and people of Geumcheon-gu that this stops now, that this is not acceptable in any culture or community regardless of where it is, let’s be the voice for these amazing animals and help to end this medieval and brutal trade for good!

The tide is changing in South Korea, we need to keep the pressure on now more than ever to help bring about substantive change via your affirmative action. All our voices are going to help bring this issue to the forefront of local people, business leaders, decision makers and government officials – we need your help to keep the momentum for change going – let’s give these amazing dogs a shot at real change!

Click HERE to learn more and take action.
Click HERE to sign and share petition.

Sister City Campaign – Seoul Geumcheon District, South Korea – Bergen County, New Jersey
2 New tweet sheets to make tweeting quick and easy!

Please use our new tweet sheets to help expose Korea’s shame and put pressure on the Korean government. Our dedicated volunteers spend countless hours creating these tweet sheets to make it easy for YOU. In just one minute you can quickly and easily send tweets to everyone on the list. So please, send out those tweets TODAY!

Click HERE for our page.
Click HERE for Tweet Sheet #1.
Click HERE for Tweet Sheet #2.

Show the real face of #SouthKorea #KoreanDogsVideo
KARA publishes Legal Information Booklet for the ending of dog meat consumption! 
*Full Translation Available Now*

KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates) have published information booklets explaining the laws involving dog meat consumption. Through this booklet, they summarized the major disparities between the current law on farming dogs for the meat trade – to sale and slaughter for human consumption and what is currently practiced in S. Korea.  You can download the copy of this booklet from their website.

Click HERE for the full translation of KARA’s page and legal info summary.

KARA Publishes Legal Information Booklet for the ending of dog meat consumption

Video: KARA. This massive dog farm in Gimpo, Korea, slaughter dogs by hanging them inside their cage to save on electricity while other dogs watch in horror. [Please Sign Petition] Hotbed for animal abuse. We are reporting the dog meat trade! [서명요청] 동물학대의 온상, 개식용을 고발합니다!

“Each one of us can do a little to bring some portion of misery to an end.”
~Albert Schweitzer

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