Newsletter – October 25, 2016

Let’s keep going! 60 Sister City Campaigns and counting.

Gwangmyeong, a city of education?
Education is nothing without compassion:
end the dog and cat-meat trades now.


Gwangmyeong prizes itself as being one of the most promising cities in Korea, and sees itself as an important central point for transportation and distribution out to other parts of the country. It states that the “great toil” made by its citizens is now becoming “a driving force for opening up a bright future”.

A ‘bright future’, however, that is currently marred by the disturbingly cruel dog and cat-meat trades. A trade in which, every day, these defenseless and helpless creatures are intentionally terrorized, before being served up as food.  This cruelty carries on unchecked by government officials and flies in the face of the city’s desired reputation of being one of education and innovation, as well as its perceived standing of being ‘the best city’ in Korea, with regards to culture, tourism and economy.

Let’s tell Gwangmyeong that their city cannot hope to be ‘the best’ or to enjoy ‘a bright future’ while it continues to harbour the dark and indifferent dog and cat-meat trades. Let’s tell Gwangmyeong that education is nothing without compassion. And, let’s tell Gwangmyeong that we want their citizens to prove they live in a promising city by becoming the driving force to end these trades.

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Sister City Campaign – Gwangmyeong, South Korea – Austin, Texas
Anyang, South Korea – “Cozy Utopia” or “Nightmarish Hell?

Anyang City: Quoted directly from the city’s homepage, “The word “Anyang“ itself means, in Buddhism, a cozy utopia where there is no pain and only joy, and where pain has been overcome. It is in Buddhism that there is a paradise where the body can rest and the mind is at ease.”

The helpless and defenseless population of this city however, know nothing but pain and suffering. Joy is unknown as at the hands of their abusers, dogs and cats are ruthlessly tortured. Anyang, a place that should be a utopia free of needless suffering and pain is still a place where dogs and cats are routinely treated cruelly, before being brutally slaughtered – so they can be served up as food and drinks for their many (so-called) ‘health food’ centers and restaurants.

Let’s tell Anyang that the true meaning of a land of ‘no pain, only joy’ is one where the dog and cat-meat trades no longer exist. Let’s encourage the citizens on Anyang to show the world the true meaning of overcoming pain with acts of compassion by standing up and ending the dog and cat meat trade.

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Sister City Campaign – Anyang, South Korea – Hampton, Virginia
Pyeongtaek and Mobile:
​Are these cities that tolerate animal cruelty?

The city of Pyeongtaek in South Korea is the sister city of Mobile, Alabama. This sister city relationship was established to bring “excellent cultural learning experiences”. The press release found on Mobile’s official website proudly declares that both cities have “bustling international ports” and are “homes to major economic hubs with various industries”, and that they both “offer many cultural activities”. However, while this relationship is in place, do Mobile’s city government officials also know that their sister city is ignoring the unspeakable cruelty and brutal slaughter of tens of thousands of dogs and cats for human consumption? Dog farms are thriving in this city and every day, these dogs and cats are ruthlessly killed for food.

Let us ask the city of Mobile to put pressure on its sister city to banish this archaic practice and to remind them that there’s no place for animal cruelty in a progressive city like Pyeongtaek. It’s time for those in position in Mobile to speak up against its sister city’s abuse of companion animals and to demonstrate that this sister city relationship is not just guided by economic benefits but by moral responsibility as well.

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 Sister City Campaign – Pyeongtaek, South Korea – Mobile, Alabama
Goyang- A “world class city” to be admired worldwide?

The city of Goyang is one of the “capitals” of the dog meat industry in South Korea. Mayor Choi Sung’s goal is to “develop Goyang into a world class city that attracts favorable international attention.” How can this be accomplished for as long as the illegal and barbaric dog and cat meat trade is rampant in his city? This cruel trade brings misery not only to its helpless and defenseless victims, but for those watching from around the world. The horrendous cruelty of the dog and cat meat trade will continue to dishonor and sully the reputation of the city through international scrutiny and opinion. The Mayor also committed “to further developing Goyang into one of the most prestigious future cities that will be admired by many around the world.” The best way for the Mayor to successfully realize his goals, is to end the dog and cat meat trades in Goyang.

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Sister City Campaign – Goyang, South Korea – Loudoun County, Virginia

Photo: SaveKoreanDogs. Dog farm in Goyang.

“Vibrant Daejeon Happy People”
– happy to do nothing to end the dog and cat-meat trades.

Daejeon “the New Hub City for Korea states on its website that it “has a high standard of living for foreigners”. Daejeon, with the slogan ‘Vibrant Daejeon Happy People’ boasts that the City Government “rolled its sleeves and worked very hard to … revitalize its local economy through promotion of tourism”.

But ‘vibrant’, ‘happy’ and ‘high standard of living’ are not words anyone can use to describe the way in which the dog-meat trade inhumanely raises and brutally slaughters its millions of animals each year. Daejeon is one of the largest dog meat consumption areas in South Korea; it has countless dog slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants where these pitiful dogs are subjected to the final brutality of being electrocuted, hanged, or beaten – then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while still alive. In many places these dogs (some stolen or abandoned pets) are killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs.

And this takes place in public and in broad daylight. So, what foreign resident or tourist could feel really comfortable being in a city whose ‘happy people’ do nothing to stop this aberrant meat trade?

The Mayor of Daejeon states that he feels “it is an honor and profound responsibility to serve the people of Daejeon”. But the best way for the Mayor to live up to this claim, and to really prove a Vibrant Daejeon with Happy People would be for him to end the dog and cat meat trades in his city.

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Video: CARE . Cruelty while dogs transported from Jeju to mainland Korea.

Dogs transported from Jeju to mainland Korea
We have many Sister/Friendship City Campaigns going on now.  
Please add your voice TODAY to help the Korean dogs.
“A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission,
can alter the course of history.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

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