Newsletter – September 26, 2016

The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know | Mayor of Seongnam’s defensive back-lash

The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

This is a preview of the EBS’s documentary to be broadcast on Friday, September 30, 2016, at 8:50 pm in Korea. *Warning: graphic content

Maggot-infested garbage is fed to the dogs. They are given drugs lethal enough to kill them, drugs that are then ingested by the consumer.  Dogs are hanged to death in front of other living, caged dogs who can see the fate that awaits them.  The bodies of disease-ridden dogs are thrown onto the excrement pile and then fed to chickens.

As they dug up the ground, they found countless mysterious bones and pieces of leather.  All of this is happening at just one dog farm.

In this expose of the shocking reality of a factory dog farm with 2,000 dogs, EBS’s “Our Sole Earth” examines the pitiful life of ‘meat dogs,’ imprisoned their entire lives in small wire cages raised up off the ground. From birth to cruel brutal death, these dogs never feel the ground beneath their feet.

Are these meat dogs any different than our companion dogs? Why is it that even after so many decades of the horrendous cruelty of the dog meat farms, they cannot be stopped?

Click HERE to watch the video from our page.
​Video: EBS. The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know. 당신이 몰랐던 식용개 농장의 참혹한 현장

The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know. 당신이 몰랐던 식용개 농장의 참혹한 현장
Mayor Lee overreacts to Ban Ki-Moon’s statement
with defensive back-lash on Social Media

While visiting Korea last May, UN Secretary General Ban Ki‐Moon stated: “The world’s perception about Korea is of a ‘much lower level’ than our perception of ourselves. In that respect, in order to ‘raise this level’, it is very important that the media plays its role to guide (awaken or enlighten) our citizens.”

As a response to this statement by Mr. Ban, Mayor Lee Jae-Myung of Seongam posted a typically defensive reply on his Facebook page saying that “Ban Ki‐Moon is calling Koreans ‘dogs/pigs’” and asked for opinions from his Facebook followers. Is the Mayor just being defensive because he has failed to take any action to close down its own infamous Moran Dog-meat Market (the largest in Korea)?

This ‘head-in-the-sand’ and misplaced defensive attitude from Mayor Lee is exactly what is preventing Korea from moving towards the change that Mr Ban is calling for. Mr Ban seems to understand that the world will not raise its perception of a country that continues to carry out (and defend) the inhumane dog-meat trades, and we believe he is asking Koreans to wake up, do something about their uncaring and apathetic attitudes, and put an end to the abhorrent practice of eating dogs.

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Mayor Lee overreacts to Ban Ki-Moon’s statement with defensive back-lash on Social Media
Gangnam: A Consumer’s Delight, or a Consumer’s Shame? 

Gangnam. A district of Seoul that likes to be top of the charts: it has fabulous shops, fashionable restaurants and rich, rich, rich inhabitants.

But, while the glitterati are busy doing it ‘Gangnam Style’, the butchers are busy doing it their own barbaric way. Dogs are commodities; they end up in restaurants and ‘health food shops’.

But unlike the care and attention that, no doubt, is lavished on the pretty and expensive items displayed in Gangnam’s shiny shops (after all, the products must reach their customers in top condition), the only ‘attention’ that the meat-dogs get is neglect, abuse, terror and torture: eardrums are burst to deter barking, barren cages are used to lessen costs, living creatures are bludgeoned to ‘improve flavour’; and the dogs are often blow-torched or boiled alive – for reasons unfathomable and – most assuredly – unjustifiable.

And to put into perspective the scale of this aberrance, a simple search on the most popular Korean search engine, called Naver, will bring up: health food centers: 163 listings; dog-meat restaurants: 69 listing in the vicinity of Gangnam District alone.

Gangnam: a number one chart-topper; or merely a sorry excuse for hellish abuse? You decide.

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