Newsletter – September 26, 2017

Update on Busan Gupo Market | Looking for a friend?

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Busan Buk-gu (Northern District) Office puts into operation
​ its first Task Force Team for Gupo Dog Meat Market.

Finally, a step forward in the campaign to shut down the notorious Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market. It’s taken numerous campaigns by many groups and individual activists for a lot of years, and countless reported cases of horrific cruelty, for the Busan government to finally take this action. The Korean government is very good at taking the heat and doing nothing to change, so we must keep up the pressure!

On August 17, at the Gupo Dog Meat Market, 34-year-old Health Food Shop employee Kim OO found a dog that had escaped, tied it with a metal pipe rope, and cruelly dragged it down the street, causing a public outrage. On September 2nd, Kim OO (54 years old) was arrested for stealing a dog that was walking alone and made him into dog elixir at the Gupo Dog Meat Market. As these related incidents continue, the voice of the citizens demanding a fundamental solution of the Gupo Dog Meat Market is growing.

In response, on September 13, 2017, reported that a Task Force (TF) team had been formed and will begin operations to resolve the problem of the Gupo Dog Meat Market.

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We had successes with Italian Cities. Let’s keep it going!
New Friendship City Campaigns

Every day, dear friends, millions of helpless animals – those we consider man’s best friend and who are part of our families – are being subjected to horrific cruelty while the Korean government and the majority of Korean citizens turn a blind eye. We can no longer stand silently by while these dogs suffer immeasurably in tortuous conditions and are brutally slaughtered. Please be their voice today. Please take action!

Friendship City Campaign – Yeongdong-gun, South Korea – Velletri, Italy

Friendship State Campaign – Gangwon-do, South Korea – Veneto Region, Italy

Friendship City Campaign – Gwangju, South Korea – Turin, Italy

Friendship City Campaign – Seoul, South Korea – Milan, Italy

Friendship City Campaign – Seoul, South Korea – Rome, Italy

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Click HERE for the Non-US Sister Cities. needs homes for the rescued dogs.

The below message is from Nami Kim with She has decided to focus her time and energy in supporting the legislation effort to end the dog meat trade permanently. Legislation against the dog meat trade will address the source of the problem and have a much greater impact on the treatment of Korean dogs. We appreciate all her tireless work and the sacrifices she has made to help save the Korean dogs, and for the countless dogs she and her team have rescued from the dog meat industry.

“For the past few months I have been making plans towards a decision that I hope my followers can support. I have many jobs in life- 1 is rescuing and caring for dogs from the dog meat trade, and the other is campaigning to educate the people and close down dog farms and eventually contribute in outlawing the shameful dog meat industry in Korea.

Looking after the dogs I rescued takes up most of my time- the daily care, trips to the vet and the airport, update the dogs with homes and liaising with potential new homes- these are just some of the many tasks that take up most of my time and days. These tasks leave me a lot less time than I need to devote to my important campaign work.

There are many exciting developments happening in the upcoming months within the Korean government regarding the DMT. I have been fortunate enough to work closely with a mayor of Bucheon city to go “Dog Meat Free” and Congressman Pyo’s office to try to change the laws. I wanted to set an example of “Dog Meat Free” so that this model case can go to China and spread all over Asia. needs home for the rescued dogs

Also there has never been a better time to work towards ending the DMT. I would like to play a role in any way I can to make it happen, these developments are too important for me not to be focusing on them but I simply cannot do this if I am spending most of my time caring for the dogs at the shelter.

For this reason, I have decided it would be best to stop taking in new rescue dogs for the time being and to, ideally, find homes for the remaining dogs as soon as possible so that I can devote myself to campaigning full-time. I hope you can help me with my plans. We are left with not adoptable dogs at out shelter who have still not been adopted. I would love you to help me find homes for them by sharing my posts, or even by taking one of them into your family. Soi Dog paid for three vet bills and all the dogs at our shelter up to date tests and health checks.

I will be very sad not to have dogs in my life on a day to day basis but I know in my heart this is the best way forward to hopefully save all the dogs once for all from suffering for the meat trade in Korea. Thank you!”

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[News] Farmers, animal rights groups clash
​at pro-dog meat trade rally

The Korea Herald reported on September 22, 2017 that “At least 400 dog meat farmers staged a protest in Gwanghwamun Square in central Seoul on Friday, calling on the government to legalize the dog meat trade and classify dogs used as pets separately from those raised for human consumption. In one of the largest pro-dog meat rallies ever held in South Korea, an association of Korean dog meat farmers marched toward the presidential office Cheong Wa Dae, carrying nine live dogs in cages on three separate trucks, which had placards that read, “These are dogs for human consumption, not pets.””

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Thunderclap Campaign is Twice a Month!
Please continue to join and speak out against cruelty!

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