National Olympic Committees: Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog and cat meat trade!

Countdown to PyeongChang 2018

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PyeongChang, host to the 2018 Winter Olympics – the world will be watching South Korea, which is why this is the perfect time for you take action to support our campaign to end the horrific dog and cat meat trade in South Korea for good!

You can help by signing and sharing our petitions to each of the National Olympic Committees (204 in total), sending out letters and emails raising awareness of this brutal and medieval practice and calling for an end to the trade and taking to social media.
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2018년 동계올림픽이 평창에서 열립니다. 전세계가 한국을 지켜볼 것이기에 여러분이 끔찍한 개, 고양이 식용금지 운동에 적극적으로 참여하기 완벽한 시기라 생각됩니다. 참여방법으로는 204 개 국가올림픽연합회에 대한 탄원서 서명 과 공유, 개, 고양이 식용이 잔인하고 구시대적인 관습이라는 의식을 고취시키는 편지 혹은 이메일 발송, 거래 금지 촉구, 소셜미디어를 통한 홍보 등이 있습니다.

보이콧 평창 2018
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Sign Petitions, send emails and letters!

No. National Olympic Committees (NOC) Click the bold text in blue to take action! Country Continent Languages Spoken NOC Email Addresses Click to sign!
1 Comite Olympique et Sportif Algerien Algeria Africa Arabic [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
2 Comite Olimpico Angolano Angola Africa Portuguese [email protected] Click!
3 Comite National Olympique et Sportif Beninois Benin Africa French [email protected] Click!
4 Botswana National Olympic Committee Botswana Africa English [email protected] Click!
5 Comite National Olympique et des Sports Burkinabe Burkina Faso Africa French [email protected] Click!
6 Comite National Olympique du Burundi Burundi Africa English [email protected] Click!
7 Comité National Olympique et Sportif du Cameroun Cameroon Africa English [email protected] Click!
8 Comite Olimpico Cabo-Verdiano Cape Verde Africa Portuguese [email protected] Click!
9 Comite National Olympique et Sportif Centrafricain Central African Republic Africa French [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
10 Comite Olympique et Sportif Tchadien Chad Africa Arabic [email protected] Click!
11 Comite Olympique et Sportif des Iles Comores Comoros Africa Arabic [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
12 Comite National Olympique et Sportif Congolais Congo Africa French [email protected] Click!
13 Comite Olympique Congolais Congo, Democratic Republic Of The Africa French [email protected] Click!
14 Comite National Olympique et Sportif Djiboutien Djibouti Africa Arabic [email protected] Click!
15 Egyptian Olympic Committee Egypt Africa Arabic; [email protected] Click!
16 Eritrean National Olympic Committee Eritrea Africa Arabic [email protected] Click!
17 Ethiopian Olympic Committee Ethiopia Africa Amharic [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
18 Comite Olympique Gabonais Gabon Africa French [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
19 The Gambia National Olympic Committee Gambia Africa English [email protected] Click!
20 Ghana Olympic Committee Ghana Africa English [email protected] Click!
21 Comite National Olympique et Sportif Guineen Guinea Africa French [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
22 Comite Olimpico de Guinea Ecuatorial Guinea Equatorial Africa Portuguese [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
23 Comite Olimpico da Guine-Bissau Guinea-Bissau Africa [email protected] Click!
24 Comite National Olympique de Cote d’Ivoire Ivory Coast Africa French [email protected] Click!
25 National Olympic Committee Kenya Kenya Africa English [email protected] Click!
26 Lesotho National Olympic Committee Lesotho Africa English [email protected] Click!
27 Liberia National Olympic Committee Liberia Africa English [email protected] Click!
28 Libyan Olympic Committee Libya Africa Arabic [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
29 Comité Olympique Malgache Madagascar Africa French [email protected] Click!
30 Malawi Olympic Committee Malawi Africa Chichewa [email protected] Click!
31 Comite National Olympique et Sportif du Mali Mali Africa French [email protected] Click!
32 Comite National Olympique et Sportif Mauritanien Mauritania Africa Arabic [email protected] Click!
33 Mauritius Olympic Committee Mauritius Africa English [email protected] Click!
34 Comite National Olympique Marocain Morocco Africa Arabic [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
35 Comite Olimpico Nacional de Mocambique Mozambique Africa Portuguese [email protected] Click!
36 Namibia National Olympic Committee Namibia Africa English [email protected] Click!
37 Comite Olympique et Sportif National du Niger Niger Africa French [email protected] Click!
38 Nigeria Olympic Committee Inc. Nigeria Africa English [email protected] Click!
39 Comite National Olympique et Sportif du Rwanda Rwanda Africa English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
40 Comite Olimpico de Sao Tome e Principe Sao Tome and Principe Africa Portuguese [email protected] Click!
41 Comité National Olympique et Sportif Sénégalais Senegal Africa French [email protected] Click!
42 Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association Seychelles Africa English [email protected] Click!
43 National Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Africa English [email protected] Click!
44 Somali Olympic Committee Somalia Africa Arabic [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
45 South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee South Africa Africa English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
46 South Sudan National Olympic Committee South Sudan Africa English [email protected] Click!
47 Sudan Olympic Committee Sudan Africa Arabic [email protected] Click!
48 Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association Swaziland Africa English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
49 Tanzania Olympic Committee Tanzania, United Republic Of Africa Swahili [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
50 Comité National Olympique du Togo Togo Africa French [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
51 Comite National Olympique Tunisien Tunisia Africa Arabic [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
52 Uganda Olympic Committee Uganda Africa English [email protected] Click!
53 National Olympic Committee of Zambia Zambia Africa English [email protected] Click!
54 Zimbabwe Olympic Committee Zimbabwe Africa English [email protected] Click!
55 The Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Association Antigua and Barbuda America English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
56 Comité Olímpico Argentino Argentina America Spanish [email protected] Click!
57 Comite Olimpico Arubano Aruba America [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
58 Bahamas Olympic Committee Bahamas America English [email protected] Click!
59 The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. Barbados America English [email protected] Click!
60 Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association Belize America English [email protected] Click!
61 Bermuda Olympic Association Bermuda America [email protected] Click!
62 Comité Olímpico Boliviano Bolivia America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
63 Comitê Olímpico do Brasil Brazil America Portuguese [email protected] Click!
64 Canadian Olympic Committee Canada America English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
65 Cayman Islands Olympic Committee Cayman Islands America [email protected] Click!
66 Comité Olímpico de Chile Chile America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
67 Comité Olímpico Colombiano Colombia America Spanish [email protected] Click!
68 Comité Olímpico Nacional de Costa Rica Costa Rica America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
69 Comite Olimpico Cubano Cuba America Spanish [email protected] Click!
70 Dominica Olympic Committee Dominica America English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
71 Comite Olimpico Dominicano Dominican Republic America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
72 Comite Olimpico Ecuatoriano Ecuador America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
73 Comite Olimpico de El Salvador El Salvador America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
74 The Grenada Olympic Committee Grenada America English [email protected] Click!
75 Comité Olímpico Guatemalteco Guatemala America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
76 Guyana Olympic Association Guyana America English [email protected] Click!
77 Comite Olympique Haitien Haiti America French [email protected] Click!
78 Comité Olímpico Hondureño Honduras America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
79 Jamaica Olympic Association Jamaica America English [email protected] Click!
80 Comité Olímpico Mexicano Mexico America Spanish [email protected] Click!
81 Comite Olimpico Nicaraguense Nicaragua America Spanish [email protected] Click!
82 Comite Olimpico de Panama Panama America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
83 Comité Olímpico Paraguayo Paraguay America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
84 Comité Olímpico Peruano Peru America Spanish [email protected] Click!
85 Comité Olímpico de Puerto Rico Puerto Rico America Spanish [email protected] Click!
86 St. Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee Saint Kitts and Nevis America English [email protected] Click!
87 St Lucia Olympic Committee Saint Lucia America English [email protected] Click!
88 The St Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Committee St Vincent and the Grenadines America [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
89 Surinaams Olympisch Comite Suriname America Dutch [email protected] Click!
90 Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee Trinidad and Tobago America English [email protected] Click!
91 United States Olympic Committee United States of America America English [email protected] Click!
92 Comité Olímpico Uruguayo Uruguay America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
93 Comité Olímpico Venezolano Venezuela America Spanish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
94 British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee Virgin Islands, British America English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
95 Virgin Islands Olympic Committee Virgin Islands, US America English [email protected] Click!
96 National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Afghanistan Asia Pashto [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
97 Bahrain Olympic Committee Bahrain Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
98 Bangladesh Olympic Association Bangladesh Asia Bengali [email protected] Click!
99 Bhutan Olympic Committee Bhutan Asia Dzongkha [email protected] Click!
100 Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council Brunei Darussalam Asia Malay/English [email protected] Click!
101 National Olympic Committee of Cambodia Cambodia Asia Khmer [email protected] Click!
102 Chinese Olympic Committee China, People’s Republic Of Asia Chinese [email protected] Click!
103 United Arab Emirates National Olympic Committee Emirates, United Arab Asia [email protected] Click!
104 Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China Hong Kong, China Asia English/Chinese [email protected] Click!
105 Indian Olympic Association India Asia English [email protected] Click!
106 Komite Olimpiade Indonesia Indonesia Asia Indonesian [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
107 National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran Iran, Islamic Republic Of Asia Persian [email protected] Click!
108 National Olympic Committee of Iraq Iraq Asia Arabic [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
109 Japanese Olympic Committee Japan Asia Japanese [email protected] Click!
110 Jordan Olympic Committee Jordan Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
111 National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Asia Kazakh [email protected] Click!
112 Korean Olympic Committee Korea, Republic Of Asia Korean [email protected] Click!
113 National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Asia Kirghiz [email protected] Click!
114 National Olympic Committee of Lao Lao People’s Democratic Republic Asia Lao [email protected] Click!
115 Lebanese Olympic Committee Lebanon Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
116 Olympic Council of Malaysia Malaysia Asia Malaysian [email protected] Click!
117 Maldives Olympic Committee Maldives Asia Dhivehi [email protected] Click!
118 Mongolian National Olympic Committee Mongolia Asia Mongolian [email protected] Click!
119 Myanmar Olympic Committee Myanmar Asia Burmese [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
120 Nepal Olympic Committee Nepal Asia Nepali [email protected] Click!
121 Oman Olympic Committee Oman Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
122 Pakistan Olympic Association Pakistan Asia English [email protected] Click!
123 Palestine Olympic Committee Palestine Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
124 Philippine Olympic Committee Philippines Asia English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
125 Qatar Olympic Committee Qatar Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
126 Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee Saudi Arabia Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
127 Singapore National Olympic Council Singapore Asia English [email protected] Click!
128 National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Asia Sinhala [email protected] Click!
129 Syrian Olympic Committee Syrian Arab Republic Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
130 Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Taipei, Chinese Asia Chinese [email protected] Click!
131 National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Tajikistan Tajikistan Asia Tajik [email protected] Click!
132 National Olympic Committee of Thailand Thailand Asia Thai [email protected] Click!
133 Comitê Olímpico Nacional de Timor-Leste Timor-Leste, Democratic Republic Of Asia [email protected] Click!
134 National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Asia Turkmen [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
135 National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Asia Uzbek [email protected] Click!
136 Vietnam Olympic Committee Vietnam Asia Vietnamese [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
137 Yemen Olympic Committee Yemen Asia Arabic [email protected] Click!
138 Albanian National Olympic Committee Albania Europe Albanian/Greek/Italian [email protected] Click!
139 Comite Olimpic Andorra Andorra Europe Catalan/Spanish [email protected] Click!
140 National Olympic Committee of Armenia Armenia Europe Armenian [email protected] Click!
141 Österreichisches Olympisches Comité Austria Europe German [email protected] Click!
142 National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Europe Azerbaijani [email protected] Click!
143 National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus Belarus Europe Belarusian [email protected] Click!
144 Comité Olympique et Interfédéral Belge Belgium Europe Dutch [email protected] Click!
145 Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe Bosnian [email protected] Click!
146 Bulgarian Olympic Committee Bulgaria Europe Bulgarian [email protected] Click!
147 Croatian Olympic Committee Croatia Europe Croatian [email protected] Click!
148 The Cyprus National Olympic Committee Cyprus Europe Greek [email protected] Click!
149 Czech Olympic Committee Czech Republic Europe Czech [email protected] Click!
150 National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark Denmark Europe Danish [email protected] Click!
151 Estonian Olympic Committee Estonia Europe Estonian [email protected] Click!
152 Finnish Olympic Committee Finland Europe Finnish [email protected] Click!
153 Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français France Europe French [email protected] Click!
154 Georgian National Olympic Committee Georgia Europe Georgian [email protected] Click!
155 Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund Germany Europe German [email protected] Click!
156 British Olympic Association Great Britain Europe English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
157 Hellenic Olympic Committee Greece Europe Greek [email protected] Click!
158 Magyar Olimpiai Bizottság Hungary Europe Hungarian [email protected] Click!
159 The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland Iceland Europe Icelandic [email protected] Click!
160 Olympic Council of Ireland Ireland Europe English [email protected] Click!
161 The Olympic Committee of Israel Israel Europe Hebrew [email protected] Click!
162 Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano Italy Europe Italian [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
163 Kosovo Olympic Committee Kosovo Europe Albanian [email protected] Click!
164 Latvian Olympic Committee Latvia Europe Latvian [email protected]; [email protected]; Click!
165 Liechtenstein Olympic Committee Liechtenstein Europe German [email protected] Click!
166 National Olympic Committee of Lithuania Lithuania Europe Lithuanian [email protected] Click!
167 Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois Luxembourg Europe French/German [email protected] Click!
168 Olympic Committee of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Macedonia, Republic Of Europe Macedonian [email protected] Click!
169 Maltese Olympic Committee Malta Europe Maltese [email protected] Click!
170 National Olympic and Sports Committee of the Republic of Moldova Moldova, Republic Of Europe Romanian [email protected] Click!
171 COMITÉ OLYMPIQUE MONÉGASQUE Monaco Europe French [email protected] Click!
172 Montenegrin Olympic Committee Montenegro Europe Montenegrin [email protected] Click!
173 Nederlands Olympisch Comite * Nederlandse Sport Federatie Netherlands Europe Dutch [email protected] Click!
174 Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports Norway Europe Norwegian [email protected] Click!
175 Polish Olympic Committee Poland Europe Polish [email protected] Click!
176 Comité Olímpico de Portugal Portugal Europe Portuguese [email protected] Click!
177 Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee Romania Europe Romanian [email protected] Click!
178 Russian Olympic Committee Russian Federation Europe Russian [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
179 Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Sammarinese San Marino Europe Italian [email protected] Click!
180 Olympic Committee of Serbia Serbia Europe Serbian [email protected] Click!
181 Slovak Olympic Committee Slovakia Europe Slovak/Hungarian [email protected] Click!
182 Olympic Committee of Slovenia Association of Sports Federations Slovenia Europe Slovene/Hungarian [email protected] Click!
183 Comité Olímpico Español Spain Europe Spanish [email protected] Click!
184 Swedish Olympic Committee Sweden Europe Swedish [email protected] Click!
185 Swiss Olympic Association Switzerland Europe German/French [email protected] Click!
186 Turkish Olympic Committee Turkey Europe Turkish [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
187 National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Ukraine Europe Ukrainian [email protected] Click!
188 Australian Olympic Committee Australia Oceania English [email protected] Click!
189 Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee Cook Islands Oceania [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
190 Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee Fiji Oceania English [email protected] Click!
191 Guam National Olympic Committee Guam Oceania English [email protected] Click!
192 Kiribati National Olympic Committee Kiribati Oceania English [email protected] Click!
193 Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee Marshall Islands Oceania English [email protected] Click!
194 Federated States of Micronesia National Olympic Committee Micronesia, Federated States Of Oceania English [email protected] Click!
195 Nauru Olympic Committee Nauru Oceania English [email protected] Click!
196 New Zealand Olympic Committee Inc. New Zealand Oceania English [email protected] Click!
197 Palau National Olympic Committee Palau Oceania English [email protected] Click!
198 Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee Inc Papua New Guinea Oceania English [email protected] Click!
199 Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee Inc. Samoa Oceania English [email protected]; [email protected] Click!
200 American Samoa National Olympic Committee Samoa, American Oceania English [email protected] Click!
201 National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Oceania English [email protected] Click!
202 Tonga Sports Association and National Olympic Committee Tonga Oceania English [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; Click!
203 Tuvalu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee Tuvalu Oceania English [email protected] Click!
204 Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee Vanuatu Oceania English [email protected] Click!

English – Suggested message

National Olympic Committees: Take a stand in PyeongChang 2018 against the dog and cat meat trade!

National Olympic Committees:

PyeongChang, South Korea, set to play host to the world in the 2018 Winter Olympics. An international gathering of elite athletes, sports fans, governments and businesses on such a grand scale is a unique platform for taking a meaningful stand against the widely condemned, barbaric and inhumane dog and cat meat trade in South Korea.

We know you are busy preparing for this epic sporting event. However, we urge you to spare just a few minutes of your time to watch this video, as fellow people with compassion for animals, whether they are raised for our consumption or as our companions, working partners and guardians, we know you will agree that the current practice and attitude of those involved in this medieval industry is completely unacceptable and abhorrent.

No living being deserves such a torturous existence. Forced to endure the most extreme deprivation and unimaginable torment from the moment they are born until the day they are brutally slaughtered; dogs (our best friends) are battery farmed – imprisoned in cramped, rusty, raised cages all their lives with no protection from extreme elements. They have no access to water, exercise, or medical care. Their eardrums are often burst to prevent them from barking. Until, often in front of other live dogs, they are electrocuted, hanged, beaten skinned or burnt alive in the ignorant belief that such suffering will improve their taste. Could you imagine this happening to your best friend?

This industry is by no means small scale, thousands upon thousands of dogs are factory farmed in this way every day, there is no emphasis on even the most basic and cheapest humane farming methods in this operation. This trade has no basis in promoting “culture” or tradition of the Korean people, it is purely driven by greed and the profits that can be made in this severely under-regulated, tax free sector which in itself is highly unsanitary and a severe risk to both human and animal health.

Please do not look the other way, please do not see this issue as a ‘cultural difference’, we urge you to look at this issue with unbridled compassion and to use whatever means or methods you can to add your voice to the many already calling for change in south Korea. This petition is just a start, we urge you to add your voice to social media and other campaigns. Please use this unique opportunity to help change the lives of so many dogs and cats condemned to a life in the meat trade. If South Korea knows the world is watching and is asking for change, and if South Korea wants to be respected as a nation of conscience, South Koreans need to strengthen their abysmal and outdated animal welfare laws and permanently ban dog and cat consumption. Please help us to bring about this change!

[Your Name & City/Country]

Arabic – Suggested message

اللجنة الأولمبية المصرية: رجاءا اتخذوا موقفا من بيونج تشانج 2018 ضد تجارة لحوم الكلاب و القطط!

اللجنة الأولمبية المصرية،

بيونغ تشانغ، كوريا الجنوبية، المقرر أن تستضيف دورة العالم في الالعاب الاولمبية الشتوية لعام 2018. وهو سيكون تجمع دولي من نخبة الرياضيين، وعشاق الرياضة ، وكذلك الحكومات والشركات على هذا النطاق الواسع مما يجعلها منصة فريدة من نوعها لاتخاذ موتقف ذات مغزى نحو إدانة واسعة للسلوك الوحشي ، واللا انساني في تجارة لحوم الكلاب والقطط .نحن نقدر أنشغالكم بالتحضير لهذا الحدث العالمي الهام .ومع ذلك فإننا نلتمس منكم ان تمنحوا من وقتكم بضع دقائق لتشاهدوا فيها الفيديو، لانه بلا شك سيكون مصدر تعاطف شديد منكم .صناعة لحوم الكلاب لم تعد مقبوله في هذا العصر وعلينا ان نتخذ موقف تجاه المتورطين في هذا العمل المريع .

ليس هناك كائن حي يستحق هذا النوع الشاذ من الحياه . تحمل الحرمان والعذاب بشكل متطرف وعنيف، والذي لا يمكن تخيله من لحظة ولادتهم حتى اليوم الذي يتم ذبحهم فيه بطريقة وحشي . الكلاب (اعز اصدقائنا ) يتم تربيتهم في بطاريات ,والتي هي في الحقيقه سجون ضيقه صدئه طوال فترة حياتهم لا توفر لهم اي نوع من الحمايه .ليس لديهم الحق في الحصول علي ماء او طعام مناسب .وغالبا يتم تفجير طبلة اذنهم لمنعهم من النباح .يتم قتلهم صعقا بالكهرباء، او خنقا ،او ضربا، بل وحتي سلخهم احياء في ماء مغلي علي مرأي من غيرهم ، وذلك اعتقادا ان زياده معاناه الحيوان تجعل لحمه افضل .هل يمكن تخيل حدوث ذلك لاعز الاصدقاء ؟

هذه الصناعه ليست علي نطاق ضيق .لدينا الاف من مصانع الكلاب التي تمارس ذلك ،ليس هناك اي رحمه او انسانيه في تلك الصناعه . ليس لها أي أساس في تعزيز “ثقافة” أو تقليد للشعب الكوري،إنها مصدر لجلب الاموال للتجار الجشعين ن وفي غياب اي دور حكومي فإنها معفاه من الضرائب ، وهي غير صحيه علي كل من الحيوان والانسان .

نرجوكم الا تشيحوا ناظركم عنا .لا تعتبروا الامر بمثابة اختلاف ثقافي .الامر يتجاوز ذلك بكثير .نرجوكم أن تكونوا رحماء وتجعلوا صوتكم أنتصارا لقيم التسامح والرحمه والعطف .تلك الوثيقه هي مجرد بدايه ، نحن ندعوكم لإضافة صوتك إلى وسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية وغيرها من الحملات . الرجاء استخدام هذه الفرصة الفريدة للمساعدة في تغيير حياة الكثير من الكلاب والقطط المحكوم عليها بالموت في تجارة اللحوم.علي كوريا الجنوبيه ان تعرف ان العالم يراقبها ويرغب في حدوث تغيير ،إذا أرادت كوريا الجنوبية أن تحترم كدولة ذات ضمير،سيتعين على كوريا الجنوبية الغاء القوانين السحيقة والتي عفا عليها الزمن ، وتعزيز قوانين الرفق بالحيوان، وفرض حظر دائم على أستهلاك الكلاب والقطط . يرجى مساعدتنا في إحداث هذا التغيير!

وسيتم تسليم هذه العريضة إلى:
اللجنة الأولمبية المصرية

Chinese – Suggested message





沒有任何一類生物應該生存在這樣的酷刑般環境中。這些由誕生開始至最終被殘酷屠宰的狗隻,每天都被迫忍受最極端的剝奪及難以想像般的虐待; 這些狗(我們最好的朋友)是密室養殖的 – 牠們被困在極度狹窄及骯髒的層疊式獸籠之中,牠們一生中都沒有受到任何保護而且受盡極端天氣的煎熬。牠們是在没有水,沒有運動,更沒有醫療照顧的環境下生存。而且它們的耳膜被人們故意弄破以防牠們發出吠聲。 狗隻們經常是在牠們的同伴眼前活活被電擊,吊掛,毆打,切皮,或燒焦至死,而這些惡行是全因為有一群無知的人們相信這樣的受苦會使狗肉的味道更好。 你能想像這些事情發生在你最好的朋友身上嗎?

這個行業絕不是小規模的,成千上萬的狗隻每天都是以這種工廠方式養殖,並且它也沒有提供或重視使用最最基本和最微薄的人道方法來操作農場。這種貿易在沒有根據地來促進韓國人民的“文化”或傳統,它純粹是由貪婪和利潤所驅動的。 這個逃避納稅,嚴重管制不足的貿易行業,本身也是高度不衛生的,對人和動物的健康也存在嚴重風險。


Danish – Suggested message

[Olympiske komité]: Sig din mening i PyeongChang 2018 om handlen med hunde- og kattekød!

[Olympiske komité]:

PyeongChang, Sydkorea, skal være vært ved Vinter-Ol i 2018. Med en stor international forsamling af eliteatleter, sportsfans, regeringer, virksomheder og mange andre er denne begivenhed en unik platform til at tage afstand fra den over hele verden fordømte, barbariske og umenneskelige hunde og kattekøds-industri, der findes i Sydkorea.

Vi ved, du har travlt med forberedelserne til denne storslåede sportsbegivenhed. Men vi opfordrer dig alligevel til at bruge et par minutter på at se denne video. En video, som mennesker med sympati for dyr, uanset om de landbrugsdyr, kæledyr, fører- og redningshunde e.l., er enige om, at Sydkoreas nuværende praksis og holdning til det her viste er helt uacceptabel og afskyelig.

Ingen levende væsener fortjener at blive udsat for sådan en tortur. Dyrene er tvungne til at udholde ekstreme afsavn og ufattelig pine, fra det øjeblik de bliver født, indtil den dag de brutalt bliver slagtet. Hunde, (vores bedste venner) er masse opdrættede, fængslet i trange, rustne bure hele deres liv. De har ingen beskyttelse mod hverken koldt eller varmt vejr. Der er ikke adgang til vand, motion, eller dyrlægehjælp. Ofte bliver deres trommehinder ødelagt for at forhindre dem i at gø, når de hører andre hunde gø. For øjnene af deres levende kammerater, får de elektrisk stød, de bliver, hængt, slået, flået eller brændt levende i troen på, at jo mere lidelse jo bedre smag. Kunne du forestille dig, dette sker for din bedste ven?

Denne hunde- og kattekøds-industri er på ingen måde en lille industri. Tusinder og atter tusinder af hunde bliver opdrættet på denne måde hver dag. Der er absolut intet humant i disse opdræt. Intet. Denne industri har ikke noget at gøre med kultur eller tradition for det koreanske folk. Industrien er drevet af grådighed og af den fortjeneste, der kan oparbejdes i denne helt uregulerede og skattefri sektor. Industrien med hunde- og kattekød er meget uhygiejnisk og udgør en alvorlig risiko for både menneskers og dyrs sundhed. Mange af dyrene er inficerede med bakterier, vira og er syge.

Vi håber ikke, du blot ser den anden vej. Se ikke på denne industri som blot en ”anden kultur/tradition”. Vi opfordrer dig til at se på handlen med hunde- og kattekød med medfølelse og til at bruge de midler og metoder, du kan til give din stemme til de mange, der heldigvis allerede råber på forandring i Sydkorea. Denne anmodning er blot en begyndelse. Vi beder dig om at give din stemme til kende på de sociale medier og ved andre kampagner. Brug venligst denne enestående mulighed – giv din stemme som et bidrag til at ændre livet for de mange hunde og katte, der er dømt til et liv hunde- og kattekøds-industrien.

Hvis Sydkorea ser, verden kræver forandring, og hvis Sydkorea ønsker at blive respekteret som en ordentlig nation, så må de komme af med denne middelalderlige og barbariske behandling af hunde og katte og indføre og efterleve dyrevelfærds-love og permanent forbyde tortur og spisning af hunde og katte.

Hjælp os med at skabe denne ændring!

Dutch – Suggested message

[Nationaal Olympisch Comité]: Neem een standpunt in tijdens PyeongChang 2018 tegen de honden en kattenvlees handel!

[Nationaal Olympisch Comité]:

PyeongChang –Zuid Korea- is klaar om als gaststad op te treden voor alle deelnemers en bezoekers aan de Olympische Winterspelen 2018. Een internationale bijeenkomst van topsporters, sportfans, overheden en bedrijven op zo’n grote schaal is een uniek platform om een veelbetekenend standpunt in te nemen tegen de alom veroordeelde, barbaarse en onmenselijke katten en hondenvlees industrie in Zuid Korea.

Wij zijn er ons van bewust dat U het zeer druk hebt met de voorbereidingen van dit epische evenement. Wij verzoeken U echter dringend een paar minuten de tijd te nemen om naar deze video’s te kijken, als medemensen met mededogen voor dieren, of zij worden opgefokt voor onze consumptie of zij worden grootgebracht als onze gezelschapsdieren, werk partners en bewakers. Wij zijn er zeker van dat U het er met eens bent dat de huidige praktijk en de houding van diegenen die erbij betrokken zijn in deze middeleeuwse industrie onaanvaardbaar en weerzinwekkend is.

Geen enkel levend wezen verdient zo’n martelend bestaan. Gedwongen om de extreemste ontzetting en ondenkbare kwellingen te doorstaan vanaf het moment dat zij geboren worden tot de dag dat zij gruwelijk geslacht worden: in de fabrieksfokkerijen worden de honden (onze beste vrienden) gedurende hun hele leven gevangen gehouden in krappe, roestige, verhoogde kooien met geen enkele bescherming tegen extreme elementen of weersomstandigheden. Zij hebben geen toegang tot water en lichamelijke oefeningen noch tot medische zorg. Hun trommelvliezen worden dikwijls met opzet gebarsten om blaffen te voorkomen. De honden worden in het bijzijn van andere levende honden geëlektrocuteerd, opgehangen, doodgeslagen, levend gevild of verbrandt in de onwetende overtuiging dat zo’n lijden verbetering van de smaak met zich mee zal brengen. Kunt U zich voorstellen dat dit gebeurt met Uw beste vriend?

Deze industrie is in geen geval kleinschalig, duizenden en duizenden honden worden elke dag op deze wijze in de fabrieksfokkerijen mishandeld. Er is in deze operatie helemaal geen aandacht voor zelfs de meest fundamentele en goedkoopste menselijke veeteelt methoden. Deze handel heeft helemaal geen basis in het bevorderen van “cultuur” of traditie van de Koreaanse bevolking, het is puur gedreven door hebzucht en door de winsten die gemaakt kunnen worden in deze zwaar onder gereguleerde, belastingvrije sector dat op zich zeer onhygiënisch is en tevens een ernstig risico betekent voor de gezondheid van mens en dier.

Kijk alstublieft niet de andere kant op en zie deze kwestie niet als een “cultuur verschil”. Wij verzoeken U dringend naar deze kwestie met ongebreidelde medeleven te kijken en hoe dan ook alle middelen of methoden te gebruiken om Uw stem toe te voegen aan de zovele andere stemmen die hardop roepen voor de noodzakelijke verandering in Zuid Korea. Deze petitie is slechts het begin en wij verzoeken U dringend om Uw stem ook op sociale media en andere kampanjes te laten horen. Grijp alstublieft deze unieke kans aan om te helpen de levens te veranderen van zoveel honden en katten veroordeeld tot een leven in de vleeshandel. Als Zuid Korea weet dat de wereld hen gadeslaat en hen vraagt onmiddellijk veranderingen aan te brengen en als Zuid Korea wil worden gerespecteerd als een natie van het geweten dan moeten de Zuid Koreanen hun bodemloze en verouderde dierenwelzijn wetten versterken en permanent katten en hondenvlees consumptie verbieden. Help ons alstublieft deze verandering tot stand te brengen!

Finnish – Suggested message

Kansainvälinen Olympiakomitea: Kannanotto koiran- ja kissanlihantuotantoa vastaan Pyeongchangissa 2018

[Kansainvälinen Olympiakomitea]:

Pyeongchang, Etelä-Korea, järjestää vuoden 2018 Talviolympialaiset. Tällainen eliittiurheilijoiden, suuren yleisön, hallituksien ja yrityksien kansainvälinen suurtapahtuma on oivallinen alusta kannanotolle koiran- ja kissanlihantuotantoa vastaan. Kyseessä on laajasti tuomittu, barbaarinen ja epäinhimillinen eläimen lihan tuotanto.

Tiedämme, että olette kiireisiä valmistuessanne tähän urheilun suurtapahtumaan. Pyydämme silti, että tutustuisitte tähän muutaman minuutin mittaiseen videoon. Koska meillä on myötätuntoa eläimiä kohtaan (olivat ne sitten kasvatettu ihmisten ravinnoksi tai seuraksi, työskentelijöiksi tai suojelijoiksi), olemme varmasti samaa mieltä, että tämä nykyinen keskiaikainen kasvatustapa ja asenne eläimiä kohtaan on mahdotonta hyväksyä.

Mikään elävä olento ei ansaitse tällaista kidutuksen täyteistä olemassaoloa. Koirat ovat pakotettuja kestämään sietämätöntä deprivaatiota ja kärsimystä koko elämänsä ajan syntymästä brutaaliin kuolemaan. Ne kasvavat pienissä ja ahtaissa metallihäkeissä, missä niille ei ole suojaa luonnonoloja vastaan. Niillä ei ole juotavaa, liikkumismahdollisuutta tai hoitoa. Usein niiden korvakalvot puhkotaan haukkumisen vähentämiseksi. Lopuksi, usein muiden koirien nähden, niille annetaan sähköiskuja tai ne hirtetään, hakataan, nyljetään tai poltetaan elävältä, sillä uskomuksen mukaan liha maistuu sitä paremmalta mitä enemmän elain on kärsinyt. Voitko kuvitella tämän tapahtuvan parhaalle ystävällesi?

Tämä ei ole pienimuotoista tuotantoa. Monet tuhannet koirat ovat tässä tilanteessa joka päivä. Lihantuottajat eivät koe minkäänlaista painoarvoa sille, että edes aivan perustarpeet tai humaanit metodit tulisivat käyttöön. Tällä tuotantotavalla ei ole minkäänlaista kulttuurista tai traditioon perustuvaa lähtökohtaa, vaan kyseessä on puhtaasti ahneus ja mahdolliset rahalliset voitot. Tuotannossa ei ole mitään valvontaa tai verotusta ja se sisältää suuria epähygieenisiä vaaroja sekä ihmisten että eläinten terveydelle.

Pyydämme, että ette katso tätä ongelmaa läpi sormien ja näe sitä “kulttuurisena” erona. Toivomme, että eläimet saisivat myötätuntonne ja tekisitte minkä tahansa asian voisitte, jotta tähän tuotantoon saataisiin muutos Etelä-Koreassa. Toivomme, että toisitte kantaanne julki sosiaalisessa mediassa tai muissa kampanjoissa. Käyttäkää tämä mahdollisuus, jotta lihantuotannossa tällä hetkellä elävien ja siihen syntyvien elämään saataisiin muutos aikaiseksi. Jos Etelä-Korea huomaa, että maailma seuraa tilannetta ja pyytää siihen muutosta, sen tulee päivittää vanhentuneita tai olemattomia eläinsuojelulakejaan tullakseen huomioiduksi kehittyneenä ja sivistyneenä maana. Sen tulee myös pitää huolta, että lakeja noudatetaan ja koiran- ja kissanlihantuotanto lopetetaan pysyvästi. Pyydämme, että autatte tässä muutoksessa.

French – Suggested message

Comités Nationaux Olympiques : Prenez position contre le commerce de la viande de chien et chat pendant PyeongChang 2018 !

Comités Nationaux Olympiques :

Pyeongchang, Corée du Sud, se prépare à accueillir les Jeux Olympiques d’Hiver 2018. Un rassemblement international d’athlètes d’élite, d’amateurs de sports, d’industries et de représentants gouvernementaux sur une telle échelle que cet évènement constitue une opportunité unique pour prendre une position significative contre le commerce de la viande de chien et de chat qui est largement condamné et reconnue comme une pratique barbare.

Nous savons que vous êtes maintenant très occupés à la préparation de cet évènement sportif d’un intérêt mondial. Nous vous demandons, cependant, de bien vouloir partager quelques minutes de votre temps afin de regarder cette vidéo. En tant que personnes ayant de la compassion pour les animaux, qu’ils soient élevés pour la consommation humaine, ou bien comme compagnons, partenaires de travail ou gardiens, nous sommes certains que vous êtes d’accord sur le fait que les pratiques courantes et les attitudes de ceux engagés dans une industrie médiévale sont totalement inacceptables et odieuses.

Aucun être vivant ne mérite une existence de torture. Forcés de subir un extrême privation et un tourment inimaginable, du jour de leur naissance jusqu’au jour où ils sont brutalement tués ; ces chiens, fidèles amis de l’homme, sont élevés en batteries – emprisonnés dans des cages surpeuplées, rouillées, ouvertes aux intempéries et aux températures extrêmes sans aucune protection. Ils n’ont pas d’eau, n’ont aucun exercice et ne reçoivent aucune aide médicale. Leurs tympans sont souvent percés pour les empêcher d’aboyer. Jusqu’au moment où, souvent devant les autres chiens, ils sont électrocutés, pendus, battus, dépecés ou brûlés vivants. Et tout cela au nom d’une croyance non-fondée que cette souffrance améliore le goût de la viande. Pouvez-vous, pour un instant, imaginez cette torture infligée à votre meilleur ami ?

Cette industrie n’est en aucun cas une petite industrie ; des milliers et des milliers de chiens sont élevés en batteries chaque jour. Il n’y a aucun accent sur des méthodes d’élevage même les plus humainement élémentaires et non coûteuses. Ce commerce n’a de base ni ‘culturel’ ni de ‘tradition’ coréenne ; il est purement et simplement poussé par l’avidité et les profits générés par ce secteur sérieusement sous-réglementé, échappant aux impôts, extrêmement insalubre et posant un risque très sérieux à la santé humaine et animale.

S’il vous plaît, ne tournez pas la tête de l’autre côté ; s’il vous plaît ne voyez pas ce problème comme une ‘différence culturelle’. Nous vous implorons de regarder ce problème avec une compassion sans limite et d’utiliser tous les moyens et toutes les méthodes que vous jugerez nécéssaires pour ajouter votre voix à celles déjà nombreuses demandant des changements en Corée du Sud. Cette pétition est seulement le début et nous vous demandons d’ajouter votre voix sur les médias sociaux et de joindre les campagnes d’action contre ce commerce. S’il vous plaît, utilisez cette opportunité unique pour aider à changer les vies de tant de chiens et de chats condamnés à vivre dans ce cruel commerce. Si la Corée du Sud se sait regardée par le monde qui demande des changements, et si la Corée du Sud veut être respectée en tant que nation ayant une conscience, il lui faut renforcer ses lois sur la protection des animaux, pour le moment épouvantables et arriérées, et bannir de façon permanente la consommation de viande de chien et de chat. Merci de nous aider à provoquer ce changement.

[Votre nom, Ville & Pays]

German – Suggested message

Nationale Olympische Ausschüsse: Setzen Sie Sich im PyeongChang 2018 gegen den Hund- und Katzenfleischhandel ein!

Nationale Olympische Ausschüsse:

PyeongChang, Südkorea, sind Gastgeber der Olympischen Winterspielen 2018. Ein internationales Zusammenkommen von Ausleseathleten, Sportanhänger, Regierungen und Geschäftsleuten. Eine solch großartige Skala ist eine einzigartige Plattform, für einen bedeutungsvollen Aufstand gegen den weit verurteilten, barbarischen und unmenschlichen Hund- und Katzenfleischhandel in Südkorea zu erheben.

Wir wissen, dass Sie beschäftigt sind, sich auf diese epische Sportveranstaltung vorzubereiten. Jedoch benötigen wir nur ein paar Minuten Ihrer Zeit. Bitte schauen Sie sich dieses Video an. Fühlen Sie mit den Tieren mit. Sie müssen zugeben dass die aktuelle Praxis und Einstellung von denjenigen, die an dieser mittelalterlichen Industrie beteiligt sind, völlig unannehmbar und abscheulich sind!

Kein Wesen verdient solch eine gewaltvolles dasein vom Moment seiner Geburt an. Qualvoll werden sie geschlachtet; Hunde (unsere besten Freunde) sind eingesperrt in kleinen, rostigen, Käfigen ohne Schutz vor Wärme oder Kälte. Sie haben keinen Zugang zu Wasser, Essen oder ärztlicher Behandlung. Ihre Trommelfelle werden häufig gesprengt, um sie davon abzuhalten, zu bellen. Sie werden häufig vor anderen lebenden Hunden gekocht, gehängt, geprügelte, enthäutet oder lebendig verbrannt im Glauben, dass der Geschmack Ihres Fleisches sich dadurch verbessern wird. Können Sie sich dieses Ereignis bei Ihrem besten Freund vorstellen?

Diese Industrie ist keineswegs ein kleines Geschäft, Tausende über Tausende von Hunden sind in den Fabriken in Käfigen gestapelt, es gibt keine grundlegendsten und preiswertesten humane Landwirtschaftsmethoden in diesem Handle. Dieser Handel hat keine Basis in der Förderung “der Kultur” oder Tradition der koreanischen Leute, es wird durch Habgier und die Gewinne gesteuert.

Bitte schauen Sie nicht in die andere Richtung, bitte sehen Sie dieses Thema nicht als “kulturellen Unterschied”,wir machen Sie auf dieses Thema aufmerksam und appellieren an ihr Mitgefühl. Es gibt viele Wege Ihre Stimme für diese Tiere einzusetzen. Für einen Wechsel in Südkorea. Diese Petition ist nur ein Anfang, wir fordern Sie auf, Ihre Stimme zu Sozialen Netzwerken und anderen Kampagnen hinzuzufügen. Nutzen Sie diese einmalige Gelegenheit, das Leben so vieler Hunde und Katzen, die zu einem Leben im Fleischhandel verdammt sind, zu verändern. Wenn Südkorea weiß, dass die Welt zusieht und nach Veränderung verlangt, und wenn Südkorea als eine Nation des Gewissens respektiert werden will, müssen die Südkoreaner ihre abgründigen und veralteten Tierschutzgesetze ändern und den Hunde- und Katzenkonsum dauerhaft verbieten. Bitte helfen Sie uns, diese Änderung zu bewirken!

Greek – Suggested message

Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή:Στο PyeongChang 2018 αποδοκιμάστε το εμπόριο κρέατος σκύλων & γατών!

Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή:

Οι χειμερινοί Ολυμπιακοί αγώνες του 2018 θα διεξαχθούν στην πόλη PyeongChang στη Νότια Κορέα. Μία διεθνής συγκέντρωση κορυφαίων αθλητών, φίλαθλων, κυβερνήσεων και επιχειρήσεων μεγάλης κλίμακας είναι εξαιρετική πλατφόρμα για σοβαρή αποδοκιμασία του πολύ απαράδεκτου, βάρβαρου και απάνθρωπου εμπορίου κρέατος σκύλων και γατών στη Νότια Κορέα.

Γνωρίζουμε ότι είστε απασχολημένοι με την οργάνωση αυτού του επικού αθλητικού γεγονότος. Ωστόσο, σας καλούμε να διαθέσετε λίγα μόνο λεπτά από το χρόνο σας για να παρακολουθήσετε αυτό το βίντεο, ως συνάνθρωποι με συμπόνια για τα ζώα, είτε αυτά έχουν εκτραφεί για βρώση είτε για κατοικίδια συντροφιάς, συνεργάτες και προστάτες, πιστεύουμε ότι θα συμφωνήσετε ότι η τρέχουσα πρακτική και συμπεριφορά όσων εμπλέκονται σε αυτήν τη μεσαιωνική βιομηχανία είναι εντελώς απαράδεκτη και αποτρόπαια.

Κανένα ζωντανό πλάσμα δεν αξίζει τέτοια βασανιστική ύπαρξη. Αναγκασμένα να βιώσουν εξαντλητικές στερήσεις και αδιανόητα μαρτύρια από τη στιγμή που γεννιούνται μέχρι την ημέρα που σφάζονται κτηνωδώς, οι σκύλοι (οι καλύτεροι φίλοι μας) εκτρέφονται μαζικά – φυλακισμένοι σε στενόχωρα, σκουριασμένα, εγερθέντα κλουβιά ισόβια χωρίς προστασία από ακραία καιρικά φαινόμενα. Χωρίς πρόσβαση σε νερό, άσκηση ή ιατρική φροντίδα. Τα τύμπανα των αυτιών τους συχνά είναι σπασμένα για να τα αποτρέψουν από το να γαβγίζουν. Έως ότου, συχνά μπροστά σε άλλους ζωντανούς σκύλους, υποβάλλονται σε ηλεκτροπληξία, απαγχονισμό, ξυλοκόπημα, γδάρσιμο ή βράζονται ζωντανοί με την ανόητη πεποίθηση ότι το μαρτύριο θα βελτιώσει τη γεύση τους. Φαντάζεστε να έχει την ίδια μοίρα ο καλύτερος φίλος σας; Αυτή η βιομηχανία δεν είναι καθόλου μικρής κλίμακας, χιλιάδες και χιλιάδες σκύλοι εκτρέφονται μαζικά με αυτόν τον τρόπο κάθε μέρα, δεν δίνεται έμφαση ούτε και στις πιο στοιχειώδεις και ολιγοέξοδες μεθόδους εκτροφής σε αυτήν την επιχείρηση. Αυτό το εμπόριο δεν βασίζεται σε προώθηση «κουλτούρας» ή παράδοση των ανθρώπων της Κορέας, είναι εντελώς κερδοσκοπική δραστηριότητα, άναρχη και αφορολόγητη, εξαιρετικά ανθυγιεινή που αποτελεί μεγάλο κίνδυνο για την υγεία ανθρώπων και ζώων.

Παρακαλούμε να μην αδιαφορήσετε, να μην παραβλέψετε αυτό το θέμα ως «πολιτιστική διαφορά», σας καλούμε να εξετάσετε το ζήτημα με ανεπιφύλακτη συμπόνια και να αξιοποιήσετε οποιαδήποτε μέσα ή μεθόδους μπορείτε για να ενισχύσετε τη φωνή όλων των ανθρώπων που ζητούν αλλαγές στη Νότια Κορέα. Αυτή η συλλογή υπογραφών είναι απλώς η αρχή, σας ζητούμε να μας υποστηρίξετε στα κοινωνικά μέσα και άλλες εκστρατείες. Παρακαλούμε να αξιοποιήσετε αυτήν τη μοναδική ευκαιρία για να καλυτερεύσετε τις ζωές των πολλών σκύλων και γατών που είναι εγκλωβισμένοι στο εμπόριο κρέατος. Αν η Νότια Κορέα έχει υπόψη ότι ο κόσμος παρακολουθεί και ζητά αλλαγή, και αν η Νότια Κορέα θέλει να γίνει σεβαστή ως έθνος με συνείδηση, τότε πρέπει οι Νοτιοκορεάτες να ισχυροποιήσουν την ανεκδιήγητη και αναχρονιστική νομοθεσία για την προστασία ζώων και να απαγορεύσουν τη βρώση σκύλων και γατών. Παρακαλούμε να μας βοηθήσετε να επιτύχουμε αυτήν την αλλαγή!

Hungarian – Suggested message

[Nemzeti Olimpiai Bizottság]: Lépjenek fel 2018-ban Pjongcsangban a kutya- és macskahúsipar ellen!

[Nemzeti Olimpiai Bizottság]:

Pjongcsang (Dél-Korea), a 2018-as Téli Olimpia házigazdájaként hozzálátott a Játékok előkészületeihez. A világ minden részéről érkeznek majd sportolók, szurkolók, kormányok és vállalatok az eseményre, mely egyedülálló lehetőséget kínál arra, hogy jelentős lépést tegyünk a széles körben elítélt barbár és embertelen dél-koreai kutyahúsipar ellen.

Tudjuk, hogy erre a nagyszabású sporteseményre való felkészülés lefoglalja Önöket. Azonban kérjük, szánjanak pár percet arra, hogy megnézik ezt a videót. Mint állatbarát emberek, tudjuk, hogy Önök is egyetértenek abban, hogy az ebben a középkort idéző iparban folyó gyakorlat és hozzáállás teljes mértékben elfogadhatatlan és iszonyatos, függetlenül attól, hogy emberi fogyasztásra, házi állatnak, munkakutyának vagy őrzőkutyának szánt állatról van-e szó.

Semmilyen élőlény nem érdemel ilyen kínokkal teli életet. A születésüktől a lemészárlásuk napjáig nélkülözésnek és elképzelhetetlen kínoknak kitett kutyákat (legjobb barátainkat) ketreces tartási mód szerint szaporítják – egész életüket szűk, mocskos, a föld szintje felett elhelyezett ketrecekben töltik, melyek nem védik őket az időjárás viszontagságaitól. Nem jutnak vízhez, mozgási lehetőséghez, társasághoz vagy orvosi ellátáshoz. Az ugatás megakadályozása érdekében a dobhártyájukat sokszor berepesztik. Fényes nappal, gyakran a többi kutya szeme láttára árammal agyonütik, felakasztják, agyonverik, átvágják a torkukat, illetve élve megfőzik vagy megsütik őket, mindezt amiatt az ostoba tévhit miatt teszik, mi szerint az ilyen szenvedést javítja a hús ízét. El tudják képzelni, hogy ez történjen a legjobb barátukkal?

Ez az ipar egyáltalán nem kisméretű: naponta kutyák ezreit szaporítják ezen a módon, még a legalapvetőbb és legolcsóbb humánus tenyésztési módszerekre sem fektetnek hangsúlyt a működtetés során. Semmilyen módon nem kapcsolódik a koreai emberek kultúrájához vagy hagyományaihoz; ez pusztán egy profitorientált, adóval nem terhelt, mindenféle szabályozást nélkülöző ipar, mely szegényes higiéniai körülményei következtében komoly veszélyt jelent az emberi és állati egészségre egyaránt.

Kérjük, ne fordítsák el tekintetüket, ne tekintsenek “kulturális különbségként” erre a problémára; kérjük, tekintsenek rá teljes együttérzéssel, és minden lehetséges módszerrel csatlakozzanak ahhoz a tömeghez, amely Dél-Koreában változást akar elérni. Ez a petíció csak a kezdet, arra kérjük Önöket, hogy emeljék fel hangjukat a közösségi médiában és más kampányokban is. Kérjük, használják ki ezt az egyedi lehetőséget, hogy megannyi, a húsipar rabjaként tengődő kutya és macska életét megváltoztassák. Ha Dél-Korea rájön, hogy a világ figyeli őket és változást vár tőlük, és amennyiben Dél-Korea lelkiismeretes nemzet képében akar mutatkozni a világ szemében, szigorítania kell rendkívül rossz és elavult állatvédelmi törvényén, és egyszer s mindenkorra be kell tiltania a kutya- és macskafogyasztást. Kérjük, segítsenek nekünk, hogy előidézhessük a változást!

Hebrew – Suggested message

הוועד האולימפי של ישראל: נקטו עמדה במשחקי Pyeongchang 2018 נגד הסחר בבשר כלבים חתול!

הוועד האולימפי של ישראל:
PyeongChang, דרום קוריאה, מארחת את המשחקים באולימפיאדת החורף 2018. התכנסות בינלאומית של ספורטאים מובילים, אוהדי ספורט, ממשלות ועסקים בקנה מידה כה גדול, היא הזדמנות ייחודית לצאת בצורה משמעותית כנגד הסחר הנרחב, הברברי והבלתי אנושי של בשר כלבים וחתולים בדרום קוריאה.

אנו יודעים שאתם עסוקים בהכנות לקראת האירוע הספורטיבי ולמרות זאת, אנו מפצירים בך להקדיש רק מספר דקות מזמנך ולצפות בסרטון זה. כאנשים רבים אחרים בעולם בעלי חמלה לבעלי חיים, אנו מאמינים שתסכים לכך שההתנהגות והיחס כלפי הכלבים והחתולים בסחר מתאים לימי הביניים, מתועב ולא מקובל לחלוטין.

אף יצור חי אינו ראוי לקיום מעוות כזה הכולל סבל, קיפוח קיצוני וייסורים שאין להעלות על הדעת, מרגע הלידה של ועד יום השחיטה האכזרית.
הכלבים הנחשבים ל”ידידו הטוב ביותר של האדם” חיים כל חייהם בכלובי סוללות חלודים, כלואים בצפיפות, חשופים לתנאי מזג אויר קיצוניים, ללא פעילות גופנית, טיפול רפואי ולעיתים קרובות גם ללא גישה למים, וכדי למנוע מהם לנבוח מבקעים את עור התוף שלהם, כמובן ללא הרדמה.

וברגעי ההמתה, המתבצעים לעיתים קרובות מול כלבים חיים אחרים, מחשמלים, תולים, מכים או אף שורפים אותם בעודם בחיים, וכל זה בשל האמונה התפלה שבשרם יהיה טעים ובריא יותר ככל שיעברו יותר עינויים.
האם אתה יכול לדמיין את זה קורה לחבר הכי טוב שלך?

תעשייה זו היא לא בקנה מידה קטן. עשרות אלפי כלבים סובלים בכל יום ומהווים מפעל תעשייתי לכל דבר, בכל יום אלפים של כלבים הם מפעל מעובדים בדרך זו כל יום, אין דגש על הזכויות הבסיסיות של בעלי החיים ובעלי “חוות הכלבים” משתמשים בשיטות הזולות ביותר כדי לחסוך כסף ולהוויח יותר.
לסחר זה אין כל בסיס בקידום “תרבות” או במסורת של העם הקוריאני. הוא מונע אך ורק על ידי חמדנות, הרווחים הינם ללא מיסים, התנאים אינם סניטריים והם מהווים סיכון חמור גם לבריאות האדם.

אנו, “הפעילים בדרום קוריאה לזכויות בעלי החיים” מבקשים להבהיר לך שזהו אינו שוני תרבותי.
אנו מחפשים חמלה לבעלי החיים ומבקשים ממך לעזור ולמצות את ההזדמנות הייחודית הזו.
דרום קוריאה מודעת לכך שהעולם מתבונן בזוועות ומרוצה שינוי. דרום קוריאה מבינה שכדי להיחשב לאומה מכובדת עם מצפון, עליה לחזק את חוקי הרווחה של בעלי החיים ולאסור לצמיתות את צריכת בשר הכלבים והחתולים.
אנא עזור לנו להביא לשינוי זה!

בבקשה חתמו על העצומה לסיום תעשיית בשר הכלבים והחתולים.

תודה רבה מראש

Italian – Suggested message

Comitato Olimpico Nazionale: In occasione di Pyeongchang 2018, Prendano Posizione contro il Commercio di Carne di Cane e Gatto!

Al Comitato Olimpico Nazionale:

Pyeongchang, Corea del Sud, si prepara ad accogliere i Giochi Olimpici Invernali nel 2018. Un raduno internazionale d’ atleti d’ elite, fan sportivi, membri del governo e persone d’ affari a grande scala rappresenta una piattaforma unica per prendere significante posizione contro l’ ampiamente condannato, barbaro e inumano commercio di carne di cane e gatto in Corea del Sud.
Sappiamo bene che siete occupatissimi preparandovi per quet’ epico evento sportivo.

Ciononostante, Vi preghiamo di riservare solo pochi minuti del vostro tempo per guardare questi video sul commercio di carne di cane, perché sappiamo che Voi, come persone compassionevoli per gli animali, sia che siano allevati per il nostro consumo, sia come animali da compagnia, o come compagni da lavoro o come guardiani, sarete d’ accordo che la pratica attuale e l’ atteggiamento delle persone implicate in quest’ industria primitiva è completamente inaccettabile e ripugnante. ;

Nessun essere vivente merita una vita così orribile. Obbligati a sopportare le deprivazioni più estreme e tormenti inimmaginabili dal momento in cui nascono fino al giorno in cui sono brutalmente massacrati, i cani, i nostri migliori amici, sono allevati in batteria in allevamenti industriali precari, imprigionati in gabbie sollevate da terra, ristrette e arrugginite, senza protezione dalle condizioni meteorologiche estreme. Non hanno nessun accesso ad acqua fresca, esercizio e attenzione veterinaria. I loro timpani vengono spesso fatti esplodere per evitare che abbaino, fino al giorno in cui, spesso, di fronte ad altri cani vivi, vengono folgorati, impiccati, bastonati, scuoiati o bruciati vivi, per l’ infondata credenza che il dolore e tormento estremi migliorino il sapore e le proprietà della carne. Potreste immaginare che ciò accada al vostro migliore amico ?

Quest’ industria è tutt’altro che limitata, infatti, innumerevoli migliaia di cani sono allevati ogni giorno in queste fabbriche, che non compiono nemmeno con le norme basiche e più economiche degli allevamenti industriali. Questo commercio non ha nessuna ragione per promuovere queste pratiche come “cultura” o “tradizione” del popolo coreano. È un commercio spinto unicamente dall’ avarizia e dagli alti profitti che derivano da questo settore senza regole, libero da tasse ed altamente insalubre che presenta un serio rischio per la salute tanto umana come animale.

Per favore, Vi preghiamo di non girarvi dall’ altra parte, considerando questa questione come semplice “differenza culturale”, Vi chiediamo di contemplare questo problema con genuina compassione e di usare qualsiasi mezzo o metodo in vostro possesso per aggiungere la Vostra voce alle molte che stanno già esercitando pressione per un cambio in Corea del Sud. Questa petizione è solo l’ inizio, Vi preghiamo di aggiungere la Vostra voce ai social media ed altre campagne. Per favore, usate quest’ opportunità unica per aiutare a cambiare la vita di milioni di cani e migliaia di gatti condannati all’ inferno di quest’ industria crudele. Se la Corea del Sud si rende conto che il mondo la sta osservando, spingendola a cambiare e se vuole essere rispettata come una nazione cosciente, i Sudcoreani devono irrigidire le loro medioevali e arretrate leggi di protezione animale e proibire permanentemente il consumo di cani e gatti. Per favore, aiutateci a realizzare questo cambio.

Japanese – Suggested message

[オリンピック委員会殿]:ピョンチャン 2018を開催するにあたり犬猫の肉取引に反対する明確な態度を打ち出してください!



貴殿がこの壮大なスポーツの祭典の準備に忙しい事は承知しておりますが、私達と同じように動物への同情心のある人として、数分のお時間をさいていただきこのビデオをご覧頂くことをお願いいたします。 これらの動物が人間の食用のために飼育されていても、またはコンパニオンとして、共に働く仲間や護衛として飼育されているとしても、この時代遅れな産業における動物に対する日常的な行いや扱いは断固として受け入れ難く憎むべきものだという事をご理解いただけると思います。

苦しめられながら生きる事を望む生き物はいません。 彼らは生まれた瞬間から情け容赦なく屠殺される日まで、極度の餓えと渇きそして、想像も及ばない苦悩に耐えることを強いられます。 犬(我々の親友)は、 自然の猛威から護られることも無く窮屈な錆びた高脚のオリに生涯閉じ込められバタリー飼育されています。 水も与えられず、運動もさせてもらえず、治療も受けさせてもらえません。 吠えないように鼓膜を切り裂かれる事もあります。 仲間の目の前で感電死、首吊り、撲殺、生きたまま皮を剥がれる、生きたまま焼かれる事もあります。 苦しみが肉の味を増すと無知な信念をもっているからです。 これがもし貴殿の親友であったらと想像してみて下さい。

この産業は決して小規模なものではありません、何千も何万もの犬が毎日このような扱い方をされています。 この産業においては、最も基本的で且つ最もお金のかからない人道的な方法での飼育の欠片さえありません。 この産業は韓国の人々の伝統や文化を促進する礎にはなりません。 過小管理と税金逃れから生み出されるものへの欲と利益に触発された非常に不衛生で人と動物のどちらの健康をもおびやかす産業です。

どうか目を背けないでください。 この問題を 『文化的な違い』 と捉えずに貴殿の奔放な思いやりを持ち、そして韓国に変わるようにとすでに声を上げている多くの人々と共に何らかの行動を起こすようお願いいたします。
この署名運動は始まりにすぎません。 ソーシャルメディアや他のキャンペーンでも声を上げていただきたいと思います。 この肉産業で犠牲になっている数知れない犬や猫の生き方を変えるために
この素晴らしい機会を是非活用して下さい。 世界の人々が韓国の変化を求め注目している事を韓国が承知しており、良心のある国として世界から認められる事を望むのであれば、韓国は時代遅れな動物福祉に関する法律の強化と犬や猫の肉を人間の食用にする事を永久にやめる必要があります。

Korean – Suggested message

2018년 평창동계 올림픽-개, 고양이 식용금지


한국의 평창이2018 동계올림픽 개최지역으로 선정되었습니다. 이처럼 전세계 선수들과 스포츠 팬, 각국정부, 기업이 대규모로 모이는 올림픽은 전세계적으로 비난 받고 있는 야만적이고 잔혹한개, 고양이 식용에 대한 반대 입장을 표명하기에 좋은 기회라 생각됩니다.

물론 동계올림픽 준비에 바쁘신 줄 압니다만, 동물을 사랑하는 한 사람으로서 여러분께 몇 분만 시간 내셔서 다음 동영상을 청취해주시길 부탁드립니다. 식용이든 반려 목적이든, 현장 투입 용이든 후견 용이든, 그들이 길러지는 목적이야 어떠하든 현존하는 관행과, 이 같이 잔인한 산업에 종사하는 이들의 태도는 용납할 수 없으며 혐오스럽다는 것에는 공감할 것입니다.

이 세상에 잔혹한 삶을 살아도 되는 생명은 없습니다. 수많은 개가 태어난 순간부터 사람들에 의해 잔인하게 도살될 때까지 기본적인 것도 제공받지 못한 채 상상도 못할 잔인한 고통에 시달립니다. 우리에겐 가족과도 같은 개가 대량 사육되고 있습니다. 녹슬고 비좁은 케이지에 갇혀 극심한 환경에서 보호도 받지 못한 채 사육당하고 있습니다. 식수나 치료 제공은 물론 운동도 하지 못하고 있습니다. 뿐만 아니라 개의 고막을 터뜨려 짖지 못하게 하는 경우도 있습니다. 그리고 여전히 개에게 고통을 가하여 죽이면 맛이 더 좋아진다는 것을 믿고 있는 무지한 이들이 있어 다른 개 앞에서 개를 감전사 시키거나 목을 메달아 죽이고, 산채로 패고, 피부를 벗기고, 태우는 행위가 자행되고 있습니다. 여러분의 친구에게 이런 일이 생긴다고 상상해 보십시오.

개고기 산업은 결코 소규모 산업이 아닙니다. 수 천마리의 개가 매일 이런 식으로 대량 사육되고 있으나 가장 기본적인, 인간적인 사육 방식에 대해서는 전혀 논의가 이뤄지지 않고 있습니다. 또한 개, 고양이 식용은 절대로 우리 “문화” 혹은 한국의 전통을 홍보하기 위한 기반이 아닙니다. 단지 그들의 욕심 때문에, 그들의 이익을 위해 비과세에 규제는 제대로 이루어 지지 않고, 동물과 사람 모두에게 심각한 위험을 초래할 수 있는 비 위생적인 산업이 형성된 것입니다.

모른 척 하지 말아주십시오. 단순한 ‘문화 차이’로 받아들이지 말아주십시오. 부디 동정 어린 시선으로 바라봐 주시고 한국에 변화를 요구하는 움직임에 모든 방법을 동원하여 여러분의 목소리를 더해주십시오. 이 청원서는 시작일 뿐입니다. 소셜미디어와 다른 캠페인에도 참여해주시길 바랍니다. 개, 고양이 식용산업에 팔려 나갈 운명에 처한 수많은 개와 고양이의 삶을 바꿀 수 있도록 이와 같은 기회를 잘 활용해 주십시오. 세계가 우리를 지켜보고 있고 변화를 요구하고 있다는 것을 인지한다면, 한국이 양심의 국가로 존중 받고 싶다면, 한국 정부는 세계 최저의 그리고 구식의 동물 복지 법을 더 강화 하고 개, 고양이 식용를 영구히 금지해야 할 것입니다.
부디 이러한 변화를 가져올 수 있도록 저희를 도와주십시오!

Portuguese – Suggested message

Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno Pyeongchang 2018

[Apelo ao Comité Olímpico Nacional]: pelo fim da indústria de carne de cão e de gato

Os jogos olímpicos são um evento que envolve atletas, entusiastas do desporto, governos e empresários em larga escala. A dimensão do evento, pelo impacto que pode provocar, torna-o propício para fazer levantar mais vozes contra a indústria sul-coreana de carne de cão e de gato.

Apelamos a que os atletas nacionais e os membros do comité vejam o vídeo que se segue, que se informem e se envolvam na contestação daquela que é uma indústria ilegal e abominável.

Independentemente do tipo de relação que temos com os animais, é inegável que todos eles merecem viver do modo mais condigno possível. Os animais da indústria de carne de cão e gato vivem com carências extremas e sofrem tormentos indescritíveis. São removidos os tímpanos aos cães para que sejam impedidos de latir ou ladrar. É-lhes negado o acesso a água ou a qualquer tipo de cuidado médico. São electrocutados, enforcados, esfolados e queimados vivos – os sul-coreanos acreditam que quanto maior for a brutalidade da morte do animal melhor saberá e mais propriedades terá, quando preparado como refeição.

Não falamos de uma indústria insignificante ou marginal. São milhares os animais sujeitos à tortura. É uma indústria ilegal, que apenas se mantém por causa dos lobbies que pressionam os órgãos políticos.

O apelo internacional certamente terá impacto. Quando a comunidade internacional se fizer ouvir, os políticos sul-coreanos serão obrigados a ouvir os apelos nacionais e internacionais para acabar com a barbárie. Os atletas e todo o comité olímpico, sentindo-se afectado pelas imagens que vê, não deve ignorar a importância que a sua acção pode ter. O contributo de cada um dará força ao conjunto daqueles que querem impreterivelmente proibir o consumo de carne de cão e de gato, na Coreia do Sul.

Russian – Suggested message

Национальный олимпийский комитет]: Встаньте на сторону защиты животных в Пхенчхане в 2018 году, выступите против продажи мяса собак и кошек!

[Национальный олимпийский комитет]:

Город Пхенчхан, Южная Корея, был выбран для проведения зимних Олимпийских игр в 2018 году. Международный сбор известных спортсменов, любителей спорта, правительства и коммерции в таком большом масштабе является уникальной платформой для того, что бы развернуть громкую акцию по борьбе против варварской и бесчеловечной индустрии продажи мяса собак и кошек в Южной Корее.

Мы понимаем, что вы очень заняты подготовкой к этому масштабному и мировому спортивному событию. Тем не менее, мы настоятельно просим уделить несколько минут вашего времени, как это делают другие люди, сострадающие животным. Были ли животные созданы для того, что бы мы их употребляли в пищу или ради того, что бы стать нашими спутниками, которых мы сделали нашими компаньонами и опекунами, в любом случае мы надеемся, вы согласитесь, что существующая практика и действия тех, кто участвует в этой средневековой промышленности является совершенно неприемлемыми и отвратительными.

Ни одно живое существо не заслуживает такого мучительного существования. Животные находятся в ужасных условиях, терпят невообразимые муки с момента их рождения до того дня, когда они будут зверски убиты. Собаки (наши лучшие друзья) являются главными узниками на фермах, они заключены в тесные, ржавые, подвешенные клетки всю свою жизнь в антисанитарных условиях. Им не дают воды, они не имеют возможности двигаться и им не оказывают никакую медицинскую помощь. Их ушные барабанные перепонки часто умышленно разрывают, что бы у них не было возможности лаять. Все это испытывают животные до тех пор, пока в присутствии других живых собак, их убивают электрическим током, вешают, забивают до смерти или сжигают заживо в варварской вере, что такие страдания улучшат вкус их мяса. Вы можете представить, что это произошло бы с вашим лучшим другом?

Эта отрасль отнюдь не имеет малый масштаб. Тысячи собак находятся на этих фермах в таких условиях и не предпринимается никаких действий, что бы данная индустрия была более гуманной. Данная индустрия не имеет никакого потенциала в продвижении «культуры» страны или традиции корейского народа, это просто движется алчностью и прибылью, которая может быть сделана в этой нерегулируемой, безналоговой торговли, которая несет опасный и очень серьезный риск для здоровья людей и животных.

Пожалуйста, не отворачивайтесь, пожалуйста, не рассматривайте эту проблему как «культурные различия», мы очень просим обратить внимание на эту проблему с большим состраданием и предпринять любые действия, которые в ваших силах, чтобы сделать свой вклад в борьбу с индустрией продажи мяса собак и кошек в Корее. Эта петиция является только первым шагом, мы призываем вас добавить свой голос к социальным сетям и другим кампаниям по борьбе с данной проблемой. Пожалуйста, используйте эту уникальную возможность, чтобы помочь изменить жизнь многих животных, которые обречены на гибель ради процветания этой зверской индустрии. Если Южная Корея поймет, что мир следит и ждет перемен, и если Южная Корея захочет, что бы ее воспринимали как уважаемую, цивилизованную нацию, Южная Корея должна будет изменить свои варварские и устаревшие законы по защите животных и навсегда запретить употреблять мясо собак и кошек в пищу. Пожалуйста, помогите нам добиться этих изменений!

Slovenian – Suggested message

Nacionalni olimpijski komiteji: v PyeongChangu leta 2018 nasprotujte trgovini s pasjim in z mačjim mesom!

Nacionalni olimpijski komiteji:

PyeongChang v Južni Koreji bo gostil svet na Zimskih olimpijskih igrah 2018. Tako veliko mednarodno srečanje športnikov, športnih navdušencev, vlad in podjetij je enkratna platforma, na kateri se lahko izrečeta proti široko obsojani, barbarski in nehumani trgovini s pasjim in z mačjim mesom v Južni Koreji.

Vemo, da ste zaposleni s pripravami na ta epski športni dogodek. Vseeno vas pozivamo, da prihranite samo nekaj minut svojega časa za ogled tega videa. Vemo, da se boste kot soljudje s sočutjem do živali, naj jih redijo za našo hrano ali kot naše družabnike, delovne partnerje in varuhe, strinjali, da so trenutna praksa in stališča vpletenih v to srednjeveško industrijo povsem nesprejemljivi in odvratni.

Nobeno živo bitje si ne zasluži tako mučnega obstoja. Pse (naše najboljše prijatelje), ki morajo od rojstva do dne, ko jih kruto zakoljejo, prenašati najskrajnejšo prikrajšanost in nepredstavljivo mučenje, redijo baterijsko – vse življenje zaprte v natrpanih, rjavečih, dvignjenih kletkah brez zaščite pred vremenskimi skrajnostmi. Nimajo dostopa do vode, možnosti za gibanje ali zdravstvene oskrbe. Pogosto jim predrejo bobniče, da ne bi lajali. Na koncu jih, pogosto pred drugimi še živimi psi, ubijejo z elektriko, obesijo, pretepejo, odrejo ali žive zažgejo v zmotnem prepričanju, da bo tako trpljenje izboljšalo njihov okus. Si lahko predstavljate, da bi se to zgodilo vašemu najboljšemu prijatelju?

Ta industrija nikakor ni majhna, tisoče in tisoče psov vsak dan redijo na industrijskih farmah in pri tem ne poudarjajo niti najosnovnejših in najcenejših humanih metod reje. Trgovina nima podlage v spodbujanju »kulture« ali tradicije korejskega ljudstva, poganjata jo samo pohlep in dobiček, ki ga lahko prinese ta veliko premalo regulirani, neobdavčeni sektor, ki je zelo nehigieničen in predstavlja resno tveganje tako za človeško kot za živalsko zdravje.

Prosimo, ne glejte stran in ne glejte na ta problem kot na »kulturno razliko«; glejte na to s sočutjem in na kakršen koli način dodajte svoj glas k mnogim, ki že kličejo po spremembi v Južni Koreji. Ta peticija je šele začetek in vabimo vas, da dodate svoj glas v družabnih omrežjih in drugih kampanjah. Prosimo, izkoristite to enkratno priložnost in pomagajte spremeniti življenje številnih psov in mačk, obsojenih na življenje v trgovini z mesom. Če bo Južna Koreja vedela, da svet gleda in prosi za spremembo, in če hoče, da jo spoštujejo kot ljudstvo vesti, bodo morali Južni Korejci izboljšati svoje šibke in zastarele zakone o dobrobiti živali ter za vedno prepovedati uživanje psov in mačk. Prosimo, pomagajte nam doseči to spremembo!

(Vaše ime in mesto/država)

Spanish – Suggested message

[Comité Olímpico Nacional]:¡Adopte una postura en PyeongChang 2018 contra el comercio de carne de perro y gato!

Al Comité Olímpico Nacional:

PyeongChang, Corea del Sur, se prepara para ser el anfitrión mundial de los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno de 2018. Un encuentro internacional que reúne atletas de élite, fans del deporte, gobiernos y empresas, en tan gran escala, que ofrece una oportunidad única de que se adopten decisiones significativas contra el bárbaro e inhumano comercio de carne de perro y gato en Corea del Sur, ampliamente condenado.

Sabemos que usted está ocupado preparándose para este épico evento deportivo. Sin embargo, lo instamos a dedicar sólo unos minutos, como simpatizante compasivo de los animales, para ver este video y constatar si estos animales deben criarse para el consumo o como compañeros nuestros de trabajo y guardianes. Sabemos que usted estará de acuerdo en que la actual práctica de consumirlos y la actitud de los involucrados en esta atrasada industria es inaceptable y aborrecible.

Ningún ser vivo merece una existencia tan torturada. Son obligados a soportar los tormentos y privaciones más extremos imaginables desde el momento en que nacen hasta el día en que son brutalmente sacrificados. Los perros, nuestros mejores amigos, se crían hacinados en barracas, apretados dentro de jaulas de alambre suspendidas, oxidadas. Pasan toda la vida a la intemperie bajo climas extremos, sin acceso al agua, sin ejercicio ni atención veterinaria. Con frecuencia les revientan los tímpanos para evitar que ladren, hasta que, a menudo delante de otros perros vivos, son electrocutados, ahorcados, golpeados o quemados vivos por la irracional creencia en que tal sufrimiento mejora el sabor de la carne. ¿Puede imaginar si esto le hicieran a su mejor amigo?

De ninguna manera se trata de una industria en pequeña escala. Miles y miles de perros se crían en estas fábricas de animales todos los días, sin que le interese a esta industria aplicar siquiera los métodos de crianza humanizada más sencillos y baratos. Semejante comercio carece de toda base para promover la “cultura” o la tradición del pueblo coreano, pues se trata de algo puramente impulsado por la codicia y las ganancias que pueden lograrse en un sector que continúa peligrosamente sub-regulado y libre de impuestos, altamente insalubre en sí mismo al poner en riesgo la salud humana tanto como la de los animales.

Por favor, no mire hacia otro lado. Le rogamos que no tome este tema como una simple “diferencia cultural”: lo instamos a contemplarlo con viva compasión, y a que use cualquier medio o método capaz de agregar su voz a la de muchos otros que ya piden un cambio en Corea del Sur. Esta petición es apenas un comienzo. Lo invitamos a que sume su voz a las redes sociales y a otras campañas. Por favor, utilice esta oportunidad única para ayudar a cambiar la vida de tantos perros y gatos condenados de por vida al comercio de su carne. Si Corea del Sur entiende que el mundo la está observando y pidiendo que cambie, y si desea ser respetada como una nación con conciencia, los surcoreanos deben mejorar sus pésimas y anticuadas leyes de bienestar animal, prohibiendo en forma permanente el consumo de perros y gatos. ¡Por favor ayúdenos a lograr este cambio!

Swedish – Suggested message

Svenska Olympiska Kommittén: Ta ställning emot handlen med hund- och katt-kött i Pyeonchang 2018!

Svenska Olympiska Kommittén,

Pyeongchang i Sydkorea är värd för de olympiska vinterspelen 2018. En internationell samling av elitidrottare, fans, politiker och företag i en sådan omfattning är en unik plattform för ett viktigt ställningstagande mot den allmänt fördömda, barbariska och inhumana handeln med hund- och katt-kött i Sydkorea.

Vi förstår att ni är upptagna med att förbereda detta storslagna sportevenemang. Likafullt uppmanar vi er att ta några minuter av er värdefulla tid och titta på denna video. Som medmänniskor med medkänsla för djur, oavsett om de föds upp för att konsumeras eller som våra kompanjoner, arbetakamrater eller skydd, kommer ni att instämma i att nuvarande praxis och attityder hos de involverade i denna medeltidsindustri är fullständigt oacceptabla och avskyvärda.

Ingen levande varelse förtjänar en tillvaro av tortyr. Tvingade att uthärda extrem misär och ofattbara plågor från den stund de föds till den stund de brutalt slaktas. Hundarna (våra bästa vänner) hålls i trånga, rostiga burar, ovanför marken så att de alltid står på burgolvet, aldrig på marken. De har inget skydd från väder och vind, ingen tillgång till vatten, får inte komma ut och röra på sig, får ingen medicinsk vård. Hundarnas trumhinnor är ofta spräckta för at på så sätt hindra dem från att skälla. På detta sätt lever de sina dagar till dess att de, ofta inför sina levande kamrater, får dödande elektriska stötar, hängs, blir slagna, skinnflådda eller bränns levande; allt detta i tron att ju mer lidande hunden eller katten utsätts för, desto bättre smakar köttet. Kan du föreställa dig detta hända din bästa vän?

Det här är ingen småskalig industri, tusentals och åter tusentals hundar (och katter) hålls på detta vis varje dag. Det läggs ingen tonvikt på någon form av humanitet i denna industri som inte heller har sin bas i att stödja eller marknadsföra ”kultur” eller koreansk tradition. Denna industri drivs av girighet och av de vinster som görs i denna oreglerade och skattebefriade sektor som i sig själv är mycket ohygienisk och utgör en allvarlig risk för både human och animal hälsa.

Vi ber er att inte titta åt ett annat håll, att inte se detta som ”kulturella olikheter”. Vi uppmanar er att undersöka detta med ohämmad medkänsla och att använda de metoder och medel ni kan, och finner lämpliga, för att addera er röst till de som kräver förändring i Sydkorea. Denna petition är en start, vi uppmanar er att lägga till er röst på sociala medier och i andra kampanjer. Snälla, använd denna unika möjlighet att hjälpa till att förändra livet för alla dessa hundar och katter, fördömda till ett liv i kötthandeln. Om Sydkorea vet att världen ser på och ber om en förändring och om Sydkorea vill bli respekterat som en nation med samvete, måste Sydkorea stärka sin urusla och förlegade djurskyddslagstiftning och permanent förbjuda hund och katt-konsumtion. Snälla, hjälp oss att genomföra detta!

Turkish – Suggested message

Ulusal Olimpiyat Komiteleri: PyeongChang 2018’de köpek ve kedi eti ticaretine karşı duruşunuzu gösterin!

Ulusal Olimpiyat Komiteleri:

PyeongChang, Güney Kore, 2018 Dünya Kış Olimpiyatları’nda ev sahipliği yapacak. Dünyanın her yerinden elit sporcuların, spor fanatiklerinin, hükumetlerin ve şirketlerin böylesine büyük bir ölçekte bir araya geldiği bu olay, Güney Kore’deki, geniş kitlelerce lanetlenen, barbarca ve insanlık dışı köpek ve kedi eti ticaretine karşı anlamlı bir duruş sergilemek için eşsiz bir platformdur.

Bu önemli spor olayına hazırlanmakla meşgul olduğunuzu biliyoruz. Bununla birlikte, ister bizim tüketimimiz için, ister bize yol arkadaşı, iş arkadaşı veya koruyucu olmak üzere yetiştirilmiş olsunlar, hayvanları seven duyarlı kişiler olarak sizden bu videoyu izlemek için birkaç dakikanızı ayırmanızı rica ediyoruz. Bu karanlık çağ ticaretine katılanların şu andaki uygulama ve davranışlarının kesinlikle iğrenç ve kabul edilemez olduğu konusunda bizimle aynı fikirde olacağınızı biliyoruz.

Hiçbir canlı varlık böylesine acı dolu bir varoluşu hak etmiyor. Doğdukları andan vahşice katledildikleri güne kadar en aşırı şekilde her şeyden mahrum bırakılan ve hayal bile edilemeyecek işkencelere maruz kalan bu köpekler (bizim sadık yoldaşlarımız), kısacık yaşamları boyunca, onları aşırı hava şartlarından korumayan pis ve tıkış tıkış dolu, havaya asılı kafeslerde tutsak tutulurlar. Su, egzersiz ve tıbbi bakımdan mahrum bırakılırlar. Havlamalarını önlemek için genellikle kulak zarları patlatılır. Acı çekmelerinin etlerinin tadını arttıracağına olan cahilce inanç nedeniyle, genellikle diğer canlı köpeklerin gözleri önünde elektroşoka maruz kalır, asılır, dövülür, canlı canlı derileri yüzülür veya canlı canlı yakılır. Bunun en iyi arkadaşınıza yapıldığını hayal edebiliyor musunuz?

Bu endüstri kesinlikle küçük ölçekli değildir; her gün binlerce köpek fabrikalaşmış köpek çiftliklerinde bu şekilde üretilmektedir, bu işlemlerde en temel ve en ucuz insancıl yetiştiricilik yöntemleri bile uygulanmaz. Bu ticaret Kore halkının “kültürü” veya geleneğini yansıtmaz; nedeni tamamen hırs ve bu denetimsiz, vergisiz, kendi içinde sağlıksız ve hem insan hem de hayvan sağlığına ciddi anlamda risk teşkil eden sektörden kazanılan paralardır.

Lütfen bu durumu görmezden gelmeyin ve lütfen konuyu ‘kültürel farklılık’ olarak görmeyin. Sizden bu konuya vicdanınızla yaklaşmanızı ve Güney Kore’de değişim isteyen çok sayıdaki sese katılmak için elinizden gelen her türlü araç ve yöntemi kullanmanızı rica ediyoruz. Bu dilekçe sadece bir başlangıç, lütfen sosyal medya ve diğer kampanyalar vasıtasıyla da sesini duyurun. Köpek ve kedi eti ticaretine mahkum edilen çok sayıdaki köpek ve kedinin hayatını değiştirmek için lütfen bu eşsiz fırsatı kullanın. Eğer Güney Kore dünyanın kendisini izlediğini ve değişim istediğini bilirse ve eğer Güney Kore vicdanlı bir ülke olarak saygı görmek istiyorsa, Güney Koreliler eski ve işe yaramayan hayvan hakları yasalarını güçlendirmeli ve köpek ve kedi tüketimini kalıcı olarak yasaklamalıdır. Bu değişikliği sağlamak için lütfen bize yardım edin!

Petition is written by Sarah Collinge.

  1. ginger neimo
    ginger neimoJanuary 21,17

    I feel for all these animals. This is what you call hell on earth.

    • Herbert Staniek
      Herbert StaniekJanuary 23,17

      Is South Korea a civilized country?
      Without the help of dogs and cats civilization as we know it clearly would not exist.
      Without the help of dogs it would not have been possible for our far ancestors to change
      their nomadic way of life against a settled one. No dogs – no domesticated animal herds the dogs helped to defend against predators; no dogs – nobody to keep watch against enemies; no dogs – no aid in hunting.
      No cats – no one to defend crops against the onslaught of noxious rodents.
      We OWE dogs and cats a lot. It is about time we repay them a little bit of this debt in form of kindness or at least – mercy.

      • Dave and Rita Cross
        Dave and Rita CrossMarch 17,17

        Sadly, Herbert, many of the S. Koreans haven’t an ounce of compassion or respect for animals! They are foreign to many! The government should be ashamed for not following its own animal welfare laws! I’m sure there are many citizens that abhor this tragic treatment to domestic animals but have little say about it. I am ashamed that the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in such an archaic and barbaric country! At least, we can boycott them, all travel and purchase of cars, TVs, appliances, phones, etc. We have been opposing this vile practice for a long time, and yet, they insist on cruelty to animals!!! We can have an effect on their economy, though, so please continue the boycott, signing petitions, writing letters, and simply spreading the word near and far!

        • Beth
          BethJanuary 21,18

          Dear Herbert, Dave and Rita,
          It does my heart good to know that there are people out there who feel the very same way I do. I spent my gray and cold Sunday here sending emails to international Olympic Committees — again! But we have to keep going on behalf of these innocents. Many Thanks again to all those who are fighting the good fight too.

    • Carolyn
      CarolynMarch 8,17


      • Nancy Parsons
        Nancy ParsonsJanuary 21,18

        This is an outrage ,it must be stoped,God is in control now!

    • fran gilbey
      fran gilbeyJune 21,17

      watch for the skys for it is time that this planet will turn

    • Beth
      BethJanuary 21,18

      Thank you for this opportunity to do battle against this evil industry and its sadistic perpetrators and perpetuators. I’m boycotting all things Korean incl. their precious Olympics (& their profiteering international SPONSORS) until this cruel industry is no more.

      By the way — I’m not a German native-speaker, but am a translator who has lived in Austria for decades. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve taken the opportunity to re-write your German letter for content and grammar (pasted below), knowing it will be more effective if it’s properly worded. Feel free to use it instead (and native speakers: to continue to improve it!
      Thanks again for all you do for these suffering animals.

      An die Nationale Olympische Ausschüsse:

      Wie Sie wissen, PyeongChang Südkorea ist Gastgeber der Olympischen Winterspielen 2018.

      Ein internationales Zusammenkommen von der Sportler Elite und ihren Anhänger, von Regierungen und Geschäftsleuten. Solch ein riesiges Event ist auch eine einmalige Plattform für einen ernsthaften Aufstand gegen den weltweit verurteilten, barbarischen und unmenschlichen Hund- und Katzenfleischhandel in Südkorea.

      Wir wissen, dass Sie damit beschäftigt sind sich auf diese riesige Sportveranstaltung vorzubereiten. Jedoch benötigen wir nur ein paar Minuten Ihrer Zeit. Bitte schauen Sie sich dieses Video an. Fühlen Sie mit den Tieren mit. Sie müssen zugeben, dass die aktuelle Praxis und Einstellung von denjenigen, die an dieser sadistischen Industrie beteiligt sind, völlig unannehmbar und abscheulich sind!

      Kein Wesen verdient solch eine gewaltvolles, qualvolles Dasein vom Moment seiner Geburt an. Diese arme Tiere werden unter fürchterlichen Umständen gehalten, dann so qualvoll wie möglich geschlachtet.

      Hunde (unsere besten Freunde) sind eingesperrt in kleinen, rostigen Käfigen ohne Schutz vor Hitze und Kälte. Sie haben keinen Zugang zu Wasser, Essen oder tierärztlicher Behandlung. Ihre Trommelfelle werden häufig zerstört, um sie von bellen abzuhalten. Sie werden meistens vor anderen verängstigten Hunden bestialisch geschlachtet —sie werden lebendig gekocht, gehängt, verprügelt, enthäutet oder lebendig verbrannt — alles im Irrglauben, dass diese Torturen ihr Fleisch schmackhafter und “gesunder” machen.

      Wie würden Sie sich fühlen, wenn jemand Ihrem besten Freund zum Tode foltern würde?

      Diese Profit-gierige Industrie ist keineswegs ein kleines Geschäft. Millionen Hunden und Katzen leiden diesen Höllenqualen JEDES JAHR in Asien. Tausende über Tausende von Hunden und Katzen leiden in koreanischen Fabriken, in Käfigen gesperrt und gestapelt … es gibt nicht mal die einfachsten und billigsten humane Landwirtschaftsmethoden in diesem grausamen Geschäft. Dieser Handel hat NULL zu tun mit der koreanischen Kultur oder Traditionen, es wird durch pure Habgier und Gewinne gesteuert.

      Bitte schauen Sie nicht weg! Bitte betrachten Sie dieses Thema nicht als “kulturellen Unterschied”. Wir machen Sie auf dieses maßloses Leid aufmerksam und appellieren an ihr Mitgefühl. Es gibt viele Wege Ihre Stimme für diese arme Tiere zu erheben und einzusetzen. Für einen Wechsel in Südkorea… und in ganz Asien und auf der ganzen Welt — weg von der Einstellung daß Tiere Gegenstände sind die keine Gefühle haben und kein Mitleid verdienen.

      Diese Petition ist nur der Anfang. Wir fordern Sie auf sich umzuschauen und einzusehen, das nicht nur “Games” wichtig sind. Erheben Sie auch Ihre Stimme in sozialen Netzwerken und anderen Kampagnen. Nutzen Sie diese einmalige Gelegenheit, das Leben von Millionen unschuldigen Hunde und Katzen zu verändern und verbessern. Sie verdienen es nicht, zu einem grausames Leben und Tod im diesem barbarischen Fleischhandel verdammt zu sein.

      Südkorea weiß, dass die Welt jetzt zusieht. Südkorea soll auch merken, dass die Welt nach Veränderung und Verbesserung verlangt — und zwar jetzt! Daß die Welt solche sadistische Geschäfte nicht mehr höflich geduldet wird! Wenn Südkorea als eine zivilisierte, moderne Nation respektiert werden will, müssen die Südkoreaner ihre abgründigen und veralteten Tierschutzgesetze ändern und den Hunde- und Katzenkonsum für immer verbieten.

      BITTE HELFEN SIE uns, diese zivilisierte Änderung zu bewirken!

      • Beth
        BethJanuary 21,18

        Sorry — I forgot to insert the corrections for the last paragraph:

        Südkorea weiß, dass die Welt jetzt zusieht. Südkorea soll auch merken, dass die Welt nach Veränderung und Verbesserung verlangt — und zwar jetzt! Daß die Welt solche sadistische Geschäfte nicht mehr höflich dulden wird! Wenn Südkorea als eine zivilisierte, moderne Nation respektiert werden möchte, müssen die Südkoreaner ihre abgründigen und veralteten Tierschutzgesetze ändern und den Hunde- und Katzenkonsum für immer verbieten.

        BITTE HELFEN SIE uns, diese zivilisierte Änderung zu bewirken!

    GABRIELA VARGASJanuary 21,17


    GABRIELA VARGASJanuary 21,17


  4. cynthia stewart
    cynthia stewartJanuary 21,17

    May Dod have mercy on all the dogs and cats and may he save them all! They are his creations and they are sufferind gteat atrocites. It breajs my heart. I pray for theirdeliverace!GOD help them! May thosw wgo eat them suffer greatlyif they corinue !!

    • Janice Giampaoli
      Janice GiampaoliJuly 22,17

      I promise you they will RIP with God for all eternity. However, I hope the people who commit these atrocities towards these innocent, defenseless animals rot in hell for all eternity!!! This type of cruelty/torture is inexcusable in any country anywhere in the world!!!!! No Excuses, just Bullshit!

  5. Jane Ciarlone
    Jane CiarloneJanuary 21,17

    This is shameful, cruel, and heartless! This madness and greed must stop and we will never quit until these savages stop the murder of these angels. The world will see the disgrace! Don’t be a part of this horror.

    STATIUS WALTERJanuary 21,17

    To the ambassador of south Korea
    Dear Sir,
    Can I have your attention please ?
    Dogs are wonderful animals, and we humans must be grateful for al the help they give us.
    They are used for helping disabled people, blind humans ,as companions for elderly people .There are drug detecting dogs , rescue dogs, they can even detect cancer in humans. But apart from being so useful, they are man’s best friend !
    And what are the South Korean people doing with these lovely animals ,dogs and cats also ? They are eating them !
    But before being eaten, they have to suffer atrociously .
    They have to live in extremely small cages . And at the end of their miserable lives, they are tortured , skinned alive, cooked alive and/or their fur is burned off t alive. It makes me cry.
    I can feel that you must be ashamed that your people are committing such barbaric acts against animals.
    Do not ignore it. Ignoring is even worse than doing it.
    Someone very famous once said you can measure the rate of civilisation of someone by his attitude towards animals .

    Sincerly, with a lot of respect,
    Doctor Walter Statius Belgium

    • Andjo Vissen
      Andjo VissenApril 9,17

      Stop eating dog meat and abuse,they don’t deserve that,this is horrible what you doing

      • Hannah Becker
        Hannah BeckerJune 23,17

        Destroying, torturing, eating our brothers smaller, they inflict a mortal blow on each separate civilized person!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anna Crochet
    Anna CrochetJanuary 21,17

    What Part of Evil, Macabre Cruel and Utterly INSANE DON’T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND??? Your Nation Prides itself on MURDER OF THE INNOCENT FOR YOUR OWN GLUTTONOUS GREED??? These Precious Animals are Created by the Same Creator of YOUR OWN PEOPLE!! Would YOU SKIN AND COOK THEM ALIVE?? And hold A FESTIVAL While Someone BOILED YOUR CHILDREN??? “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”!!!!

    • Janice Giampaoli
      Janice GiampaoliMay 26,17

      Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s unimaginable, sadistic insane cruelty. Been fighting against this for along time. These people are nothing short of barbaric!

  8. Caroline Lea
    Caroline LeaJanuary 21,17

    This unbelievably horrific cruelty to our best animal friends show the mentality of the Korean people to the rest of the word. It’s like you really don’t understand that animals are no different to humans in their ability to feel pain, fear, horror, depression at what you inflict on them. There must be something missing in your heads or you would hang them in shame at what you are allowing to be done.

    • jacqui fitzmaurice
      jacqui fitzmauriceApril 9,17

      Ur country is evil barbaric..twisted and sick..may u all rot in hell..

      • HB
        HBSeptember 26,17

        Then the same goes for your country as well, Jacqui! You’re no better than we are. The US isn’t doing this to dogs. What is your problem??

  9. Carole Sperdini
    Carole SperdiniJanuary 22,17

    What horror!I am utterly disgusted with Korea.The whole nation should be taken over and dissolved because of their barbarous act against dogs and cats.
    I will never buy a Korean product ever again and have not now for a year bought any.

  10. Gail Calhoun
    Gail CalhounJanuary 22,17

    The way to get their attention is with public shaming. I see this as an opportunity to do that. We all do know there is an effect being felt. World wide attention will be a reality. Once they realize the result of this will gain them a certain perception in the world view–they will wake up if they want to be thought of as a people of culture. I believe they would Media over results of a boycott, but would still have to deal with the effects of. Boycott all their products and share all of the “stop the dog meat” petitions you see. This campaign is working.

  11. matet
    matetJanuary 22,17


  12. Patricia Rochard-Buyse
    Patricia Rochard-BuyseJanuary 22,17


  13. Andra
    AndraJanuary 22,17

    Shame on you Korea!! You disgrace the world with your tortuous acts of cruelty!!

  14. Lou MacNaughton
    Lou MacNaughtonJanuary 22,17

    Cruelty to domesticated dogs and cats has no legacy, no tradition worth defending. I denounce using dogs and cats as food worldwide. Boycott barbarity, boycott South Korean Olympics in 2018.

  15. mimi topi
    mimi topiJanuary 22,17

    I am vegan. Cruelty to all creatures is unbearable and not humane. But these demons are beyond any limit

  16. Maria
    MariaJanuary 23,17

    Where’s Ukraine? Their OC can be found here: e-mail: [email protected]

    • admin
      adminJanuary 23,17

      Hi Maria, this is work in progress. We will add all soon. Thank you!!

  17. Cinzia
    CinziaJanuary 23,17

    I signed every petition, I hope to help! thank you everyone

  18. Bonnie Welch
    Bonnie WelchJanuary 23,17


  19. lana daglar
    lana daglarJanuary 24,17

    stop kiling for fun

  20. Mauconduit
    MauconduitJanuary 24,17

    Just unbelievable !

  21. Hae yean Kim
    Hae yean KimJanuary 26,17

    STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Karin
    KarinJanuary 26,17

    Why do they do these horrors while the animal is alive

    • Tom
      TomJanuary 2,18

      Cause they have no souls, they are possessed by Satan, pure and simple !

  23. lauren
    laurenJanuary 26,17

    Stop this evil throughout Asia

    DELPHA MARTINEZJanuary 27,17


    LEONELA SALINASJanuary 29,17

    Por favor consideren el gobierno coreano la importancia que tienen estos animales en las vidas de las personas , estamos en una instancia del mundo en donde estos animalitos forman gran parte del desarrollo de las psiquis del hombre, tal importancia tienen que hay numerosas normas protegiendo su bienestar y mas bien es por la sensibilidad de las personas dada la gran importancia que tienen los animales en la vida diaria compartiendo con las personas y ayudándolas a ser mejores. TENGAMOS EN CUENTA EL GRAN AMOR QUE EL SER HUMANO LE DEBERÍA DE RENDIR A LOS ANIMALES QUE TAMBIÉN SON CREACIONES DE DIOS QUE HACEN EL EQUILIBRIO EN EL MUNDO, Y DEBERÍAN RESPETAR LA SENSIBILIDAD DE LAS PERSONAS Y RESPETAR LO QUE LA MAYORÍA RESPETA QUE ES LA VIDA.

  26. Patrick Clauzade
    Patrick ClauzadeJanuary 29,17

    Arrêtez ce massacre en Asie, de ces pauvres animaux, ils sont innocents et doivent rester en vie, ils sont le meilleur amie de l’homme!!!!

  27. Hae yean Kim
    Hae yean KimJanuary 30,17

    STOP IT!!!????

  28. Karina
    KarinaJanuary 31,17

    The danish name of the National Olympic Commitee and Sports Confederation of Denmark is: Danmarks Idrætsforbund

  29. Helene malmsio
    Helene malmsioFebruary 3,17

    Millions of people around the world will be watching you at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

    Many will be asking “why does this country attend the Games there, when they must know what South Korea does to torture its dog and cat meat Livestock to ‘tenderize’ it? How can they support this atrocity by participating in this Olympic Games… why didn’t they boycott like the rest of us did?”

    And many of your own countrymen and women who know the truth about the torture of dogs and cats in Asia and Korea will be asking you the same thing!

    You have the opportunity today to speak up and raise your concerns with the South Korean officials, and the International Olympic Committee – to voice your protest about this cruel trade… and to put some pressure on the government to take cats and dogs off the “Livestock” register… ask them to close the disgusting and barbaric slaughterhouses and dog farms.

    The world is looking to you to be part of the solution toward creating a better and kinder world. We have faith in you to take ethical action.

    • Barb
      BarbNovember 24,17

      Well said. Thank you

  30. nancy peterson
    nancy petersonFebruary 6,17

    This is horrible cruelty! Dogs and cats are companion animals. Please take a stand against having the olympics in Korea. No public money making event is more important than protecting the lives of innocent animals.

  31. Baron Baron
    Baron BaronFebruary 6,17

  32. Katy Khoshfahm
    Katy KhoshfahmFebruary 7,17

    The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth and they have just as much a right to be here as we do. The barbaric dog and cat meat trade in South Korea is a crime against the Earth itself. Please stop this brutality and let these dogs and cats live the lives they were intended to live. I can’t believe South Korea is being given the opportunity to host the olympics. Truly unbelievable. The people of South Korea are murderers…

  33. Bob Oort
    Bob OortFebruary 7,17

    It is time to end the barbaric age

  34. Carole Sperdini
    Carole SperdiniFebruary 8,17

    I cannot conceive of a nation and a people who perpetrate & condone this horror!The animals are not just eaten they are tortured.Korean must be put to shame and must be stopped.I will not buy any Korean products ever again and I will tell all my friends not to buy Korean products until this cruel practice is stopped completely.My God! There are no words !!! I am horrified.

  35. Lisa Kim
    Lisa KimFebruary 13,17

    What horror am utterly disgusted my people come on people how can you eat knowing the hortor,barbarous act has been done against dogs and cats. Know this people poor innocent animals suffer watching and day by day then the pull out torture began . People know this they might not tell you how scare they are day by day but they can sure feel this. He’ll on earth is right in my country. Please please please just stop.
    Oh my lord God help us with all your power to stop this pain and suffering

  36. Tanja Lyresäter
    Tanja LyresäterFebruary 17,17

    THIS CRUELTY HAVE TO STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Girardot
    GirardotFebruary 26,17

    Cessez ces atrocités faites sur vos animaux arrêtez une fois pour toute de manger de la viande chats chien c est un acte de cruauté innommable. .vous avez d autres animaux pour vous nourrir et toutes coutumes ancestrales s arrêtent un jour stopper de manger du chien et chat

  38. Sylvia Gremm
    Sylvia GremmFebruary 28,17

    Please stop eating dogs and cats!!! Please!!!

  39. Sonja Flemming
    Sonja FlemmingMarch 1,17

    We can’t stand by and watch what’s going on in your country!!! It is so in humane and cruel…Do you Koreans have hearts??

  40. Ruta
    RutaMarch 4,17

    This is not a food shortage, this is expression of aggression. Countries where this is going, should think about the reasons…

  41. Patricia Baldwin
    Patricia BaldwinMarch 4,17

    This is a CRIME and these criminals must be severely prosecuted and sentenced by courts of law…why is the Korean government and courts condoning these CRIMES? Why?

  42. perla ferrer
    perla ferrerMarch 6,17

    This is inhuman!
    Please stop it! A barbaric act! These animals are our friends, intelligent creatures that have been domesticated for companionship and help, stop it!

  43. Nanette Damian
    Nanette DamianMarch 8,17

    These sadistic people must be punished so that they stop. This is so barbaric!

  44. Paolo Cuccione
    Paolo CuccioneMarch 8,17

    è una pratica da trogloditi ! FERMATE QUEST’ORRORE !!!!!!

  45. Johanne Ouellette
    Johanne OuelletteMarch 8,17

    These animals are part of a family. Would you do these barbaric acts to a member of your family?

  46. Silvia R
    Silvia RMarch 11,17

    Please stop this cruelty they are men best friends, how could you do this to dogs and cats ! Please STOP NOW !I always sign and share all petitions about these abuses in all animals , they deserve to live in this world as we do ! Speak for the voiceless.

  47. Fred Calderon
    Fred CalderonMarch 17,17

    Please stop this cruelty they are men best friends, how could you do this to dogs and cats ! Please STOP NOW !I always sign and share all petitions about these abuses in all animals , they deserve to live in this world as we do ! Speak for the voiceless.

  48. Tiziana Cacciatore
    Tiziana CacciatoreMarch 17,17


      VERA LUCIA OSUNADecember 15,17


  49. Jacquignon sophie
    Jacquignon sophieMarch 17,17

    Arrêtez cette pratique barbare et inacceptable ??????

  50. Stephen M O'Connor
    Stephen M O'ConnorMarch 28,17

    A pure hell on earth, this barbarism must be brought to an end. South Korea must be shamed for this pure evil throughout the world. I hate the cruelty of animals, literally hate it. How would these torturers and murderers of innocent dogs and cats like to be burned with blow torches, skinned alive, boiled alive etc. Boycott LG, Samsung, KIA, Hyundai and any other South Korean brand, their economy needs to be brought to its knees. This is not a civilised nation, it is a nation of evil and insane subhuman filth. I will support any measures to stop this, for as long as it takes.

  51. ruth
    ruthMarch 30,17

    These barbaric acts must stop now!

  52. Anne-Charlotte Bergström
    Anne-Charlotte BergströmMarch 30,17

    Shame on you Korea among all other people that are treating animals with cruelty! Dogs and cats, every animal DO feel pain, fear, anxiety. It´s sickening how some people totally lack of empathy for other living beings… :´(

    RICHERE DEZIELMarch 30,17

    Stop the cruelty, stop the torture ! Save dogs and cats from meat trade in ASIA !

  54. Calvin
    CalvinApril 2,17

    भैषज्यगुरु ??

  55. Christina Reekers
    Christina ReekersApril 2,17

    Thank you Sarah Collinge for doing this!!

  56. Bonnie Ramon
    Bonnie RamonApril 3,17

    Korean nation and culture need to embrace the modern world and abandon these barbaric, primitive activities if they wish to be part of the global community.

  57. yo pere
    yo pereApril 3,17

    Thank you so much for all your work and sharings ;0)

  58. Finnigan Tate
    Finnigan TateApril 3,17

    Animal cruelty on any level is barbaric and inhumane. We want peace on this planet. How can we feel peace when there are cruel and painful practices still exist? This must stop …we cannot support organizations that refuse to join in this fight.

  59. Erika Czelenk
    Erika CzelenkApril 5,17

    Thank you dear Sarah Collinge for your devotion in spreading awareness and the activism in stopping the cruelty of such sad markets that was not even known by many as the majority of us do not travel a lot. Signed and shared all. Best regards, Erika

  60. val wolf
    val wolfApril 6,17

    Thank you for all your efforts on bringing awareness about this unspeakable atrocity. May the dogs be spared this torture.

  61. bazin maryse
    bazin maryseApril 7,17

    Le Daïla-Lama a dit que l’on voyait la valeur d’un peuple en regardant comment ce dernier considérait les animaux …..
    Au regard de ce que vous nous montrez, vous n’êtes qu’un peuple sans respect, sans foi ni loi … pire que des sauvages.
    Regagnez votre honneur : Arrêtez vos massacres.

  62. Marianne
    MarianneApril 9,17

    i have to say i am beginning to hate Koreans

    CRIZ LAZZ CORTZApril 10,17


    CRIZ LAZZ CORTZApril 10,17


  65. Alex de Ravin
    Alex de RavinApril 11,17

    just breaks my heart seeing how innocent creatures are so very badly treated – really, life is a once off and to make a creature’s life hell is wicked beyond belief.

  66. lapoux Gene
    lapoux GeneApril 11,17

    assez de souffrances, assez d’animaux martyrisés en 2017, vous êtes civilisés oui ou non?

  67. elizabeth
    elizabethApril 12,17

    I can only hope if these dogs and cats don’t get justice while on this earth that those killers get what is coming to them in the next. This goes beyond evil.

  68. Suzanne Flanegan
    Suzanne FlaneganApril 29,17

    Please stop torturing these sentient beings, ???

  69. Meliz
    MelizMay 4,17

    Stop the cruelty

  70. Manduela Prüfer
    Manduela PrüferMay 5,17

    Das darf überhaupt nicht geduldet werden!!!

  71. Sonia Ngai
    Sonia NgaiMay 17,17

    請立即停止宰殺貓狗販賣貓狗肉! Stop killing and eating dogs and cats !

  72. Sanaa Bejjani
    Sanaa BejjaniMay 21,17

    Please Stop hurting and slaughtering Dogs’Cats’Horses’ be Humane Enough Suffering

  73. Sanaa Bejjani
    Sanaa BejjaniMay 21,17

    Please STOP Slughtering Dogs’Cats’Horses be Humane,you must protect them not eating them what a SHAME

  74. Vanacker
    VanackerMay 23,17

    Stop the cruelty against dogs

  75. Barbara P. Turner
    Barbara P. TurnerMay 26,17


  76. Gabriela Jörg
    Gabriela JörgJune 1,17

    Alles nur herzlos und grausam.Bitte Rettet die Tiere vor diesen ?

  77. Sophia Coumans
    Sophia CoumansJune 6,17

    If you claim to be a civilized nation you have to stop these cruelties NOW.

  78. Janine Pürstinger
    Janine PürstingerJune 20,17

    As long as these countries don´t stop this cruelty against dogs, cats and all animals they don´t have rights to be part of the world! As long as they don´t stop this I will boycott these countries all around, I don´t buy or sell anything of them!!

  79. kamila wójcicka
    kamila wójcickaJune 21,17


  80. poojapatole
    poojapatoleJune 22,17

    HOW WILL THIS EVER STOP??????????????????????????????????????????

  81. poojapatole
    poojapatoleJune 22,17


  82. David Faust
    David FaustJune 22,17

    It is time for the sanctions that have been imposed upon the north, to be imposed upon the south. In addition, it is past time to boycot any products from this nation on a wide scale until these barbaric & evil practices are ended, full stop. The reason these inhumane, brutal & disgusting things can take place, is ignorance of what these beautiful BEINGS FEEL while they are being TORTURED!!! This is ignorance of LIFE in the extreme. Hopefully with enough economic pain INFLICTED will this madness come to a stop. The Olymics pale in comparison to this insanity

    • Faye Harbottle
      Faye HarbottleDecember 19,17

      Extremely well put – sanctions must be the only way.

  83. Terri
    TerriJune 22,17

    why would you kill innocent animals that haven’t done anything to you. you are sick people to do that. God will get you all in the end.

  84. fabio almeida
    fabio almeidaJune 23,17

    animals are sons of god

    • fabio almeida
      fabio almeidaJune 23,17

      let them alive

  85. Yvonne Kram
    Yvonne KramJune 23,17

    Wir müssen den vielen Hunden einfach helfen und die Monster stoppen

    • caterina roseo
      caterina roseoNovember 21,17

      I agree..feeling compassion is not enough

  86. pat
    patJune 23,17

    quit murdering our companions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they were not put here to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stop it

      VERA LUCIA OSUNADecember 15,17


  87. Cherie
    CherieJune 23,17

    It is absolutely DISGUSTING and heinous what those pieces of shit humans do to those poor defenceles animals and it needs to be stopped now.

  88. Lyn
    LynJune 29,17

    Sarah Collinge thankyou! You’ve done a fantastic job here ensuring there’s a guide to help many people with different languages. Love it! You’re awesome ?❤️ I’m sending my today ✌️

  89. Eva
    EvaJune 29,17


  90. Milla
    MillaJune 30,17

    Evil nation

  91. Michela Petricca
    Michela PetriccaJuly 11,17

    Tutti gli esseri viventi hanno diritto a vivere e come esseri umani non possiamo ammettere simili atrocità che nulla hanno a che vedere con usanze e costumi culturali. Sono soltanto azioni ripugnanti che ci squaliicano come genere e quindi squaliicano la Corea dai Giochi

  92. Luana
    LuanaJuly 11,17

    Fermate tutto questo



  94. Silvano
    SilvanoJuly 14,17


  95. Ingrid Cortez
    Ingrid CortezJuly 17,17

    Stop this massacre!!! Have pity on these poor helpless animals! They are gods creatures! How would you like to be treated in this horrible way!!! Have a heart, have pity and Stop This Horrible tradition!!!!! This is not right and eventually you will pay for your horrible deeds!!! STOP

  96. Pamela Babcock
    Pamela BabcockJuly 21,17


    • Pamela Babcock
      Pamela BabcockJuly 21,17


  97. Sylvie GENARD
    Sylvie GENARDJuly 21,17

    RIEN ne peut justifier ces ACTES D’UNE CRUAUTE ( dont je ne trouve pas de qualificatif , tant c’est ignoble ) ( INDIGNE DE L’ ETRE HUMAIN ) . CE SONT DES MONSTRES , des LACHES qui s’en prennent a de pauvres victimes innocentes . DE TOUTE MON AME , DE TOUT MON ETRE , JE VOUS HAIS ! ( VOUS QUI AGISSEZ , QUI CAUTIONNEZ , ET CEUX QUI N’ INTERDISENT PAS CES CRIMES ….VOUS ETES DES ETRES ABJECTES ! QUE LE MEME SORT VOUS SOIT RESERVE !!!!!!!

  98. diane murphy
    diane murphyJuly 29,17

    The killing of hundreds of thousands of dogs is an absolute barbaric practice. Dogs have been integrated in society for thousands of years and only wish to please and love their owners, they are part of the family.
    Dogs have been our companions/work dogs, for thousands of years i.e: search & rescue; animal therapy for seniors, the young, mentally ill in nursing homes/hospitals; seeing eye dogs, bomb sniffing dogs among many other duties.

    Please protect these wonderful sentient beings from such merciless and cruel deaths.

    • Dawn
      DawnJanuary 11,18

      It’s not only the killing, but the ABSOLUTE torture of these beings! Eating dog meat is believed to boost the verility of men! That’s what this is all about! These are sick, perverted, backwards people that could believe that eating anything could help this. You people are sick bastards!

  99. Lynn Kilfoil
    Lynn KilfoilSeptember 7,17

    I cannot stand the slaughter of such beautiful hearted caring loyal sentients. People we must put an end to this because it’s not what God intended.

  100. Chris Lam
    Chris LamSeptember 14,17

    the worst things is eating DOGS and CATS. They all trust People but what we do “Eating them”

  101. alessandra
    alessandraSeptember 27,17


  102. Sherry Handjani
    Sherry HandjaniOctober 9,17

    Dogs or cats are considered family members for their owners. They are not meant to be a meal. Stop behaving like savages.

    PETRA HAGERNovember 2,17


  104. Debbie Sides
    Debbie SidesNovember 10,17

    Stop the torture & murder of beautiful beings.

  105. caterina roseo
    caterina roseoNovember 21,17

    Feeling compassion is not enough. we MUST STOP THEM.

  106. Catharina Pilch
    Catharina PilchNovember 21,17

    I’ve signed the first 100 petitions yet. The other 104 will follow tomorrow!!

  107. Michy
    MichyNovember 24,17

    Who is the beast?

  108. Anne Hayton
    Anne HaytonDecember 1,17

    Why do u pp, hav to b so barbaric no animal shud b treated so inhumainly u hav no right all living breathing feeling just like us u will pay 1 day for all u hav dun to gods creation

  109. cerise carr
    cerise carrDecember 10,17

    Stop ignoring laws and protect these dogs and cats from any further abuse. This is wrong and the scum doing these horrible acts to the dogs and cats are criminals and should be placed where they never hsve the chance to kill another dog or cat not to mention these are dangerous people anyway and have probly commited crimes against other people. This must be stopped. Save dogs and cats. They save human lives daily and are such a great helpbto our police our military they search and rescue they help the blind they help people with medical needs they help the elderly they are loyal and loving animals that we should be protecting. SAVE SAVE SAVE THEM AND ENFORCE LAWS OF PROTECTION FOR THEM

  110. Faye Clements
    Faye ClementsDecember 11,17

    I can’t click all these emails separately, would be better for one click to put my name on all. Does anyone ever get through all of them or did I just miss the “one click for all button?”

  111. Brenda Roy
    Brenda RoyDecember 11,17

    This kind of cruelty and abuse is so disturbing and makes me sick!! No animal should ever be abused in any way!! All animals deserve respect, kindness, and LOVE!! Please God HELP all animals! I signed all 204 petitions. I will sign all petitions to help all animals!

  112. Kirsten Sundeen
    Kirsten SundeenDecember 12,17

    I fully support efforts to stop this horrendous animal abuse. I agree with writer that I’m unable to click on all emails. Please combine so we can add our names to all emails working towards this goal. Thanks you.

    MIOARA PUICADecember 12,17

    I believe that dogs shouldn’t suffer and die for the trade in their meat. I support an end to the dog meat trade throughout Asia, and urge the governments of all countries where the trade in dog meat exists to work diligently and quickly towards eradicating this cruel and unnecessary practice.
    I know that is very disturbing but we cannot watch torture happen to the innocent and defenseless and do nothing!
    We were never given hearts and minds to think about the cat and dog meat trade, well they are not hurting me so I will look away and let it go on!We are better than this. It is our duty to do everything we can to stop this atrocity and genocides ASAP!!!

    VERA LUCIA OSUNADecember 15,17


  115. Jackie
    JackieDecember 19,17

    Please stop killing and eatting dogs and cats please please

  116. Vipin Kumar
    Vipin KumarDecember 19,17

    End this horrible act immediately why torture these beautiful and lovable animals.

  117. Martha Winsten
    Martha WinstenDecember 20,17

    Pythagoras said that we’d never know peace and love as long as we brutally kill other species. I think that that is true.

  118. Arjun L. Sen
    Arjun L. SenDecember 23,17

    We are still living in moral darkness. All the technology we have has not producedenough wisdom nor compassion.

  119. naomi Oliver
    naomi OliverDecember 23,17

    I really want to sign this but its very unclear how

  120. Brian Pike
    Brian PikeDecember 24,17

    I have signed all petitions, and sent emails in the country’s native language with the translated letters posted above, the rest sent in English. I believe ending the emails in their language has a greater impact. (Be sure to replace the lines at the end which are just placeholders with your name, city and country. Also expect many of the email addresses they list to bounce back.. they should quality check them)

    • Brian Pike
      Brian PikeDecember 24,17

      Note that Belgium’s languages are French and German, not Dutch.

  121. Bonny jean Austin
    Bonny jean AustinDecember 27,17

    It is time to end the cruelty and suffering.

  122. Simon
    SimonDecember 27,17

    Stop all these cruelties . So inhuman

  123. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaDecember 27,17

    Stop killing and eatting dogs and cats..So terrible, what are these for people..who can and dare to make God’s creations bad ..

  124. Hester Bartels
    Hester BartelsDecember 27,17

    Thank you @SarahCollinge for all your hard work creating these petitions!

  125. Lisa Dickson
    Lisa DicksonDecember 29,17

    Let’s keep signing petitions people! Olympics should be cancelled and really show the South Koreans that the rest of the world means business!

  126. Olynn Saleh
    Olynn SalehJanuary 2,18

    This must stop!! Everything about this going against nature & cruel!!!

  127. Sharan laird
    Sharan lairdJanuary 2,18

    It’s terrifying that man is capable of these atrocities against dog/cats and be allowed to celebrate the Olympics. Signed many petitions in the hope that it will be cancelled

  128. Tom
    TomJanuary 2,18

    Cause they have no souls, they are possessed by Satan, pure and simple ! Where’s my first comment then you Korean scum ?

  129. Cindy Manse
    Cindy ManseJanuary 2,18

    I agree with Tom, they’re souless and Satanic humans !

  130. mike strazzolini
    mike strazzoliniJanuary 3,18

    I stopped eating Chinese Vietnam and Korean foods. These Koreans are truly disgusting people and our President needs to decry this type of cruelty to our fur babies

  131. Paralee Gray
    Paralee GrayJanuary 3,18

    I will never buy anything from these countrys

  132. Annemarie Philipp
    Annemarie PhilippJanuary 5,18

    Stop such a cruelty that is middle age stop it we love cats and dogs and other animals stop it at once!!!!

  133. William G. Floodman
    William G. FloodmanJanuary 10,18

    Wouldn’t it be great if when we die, God turns out to be Dog?? That would be so sweet.. I hate you Korea..

    • eric brabant
      eric brabantJanuary 12,18

      qu’il sont monstrueux envers les animaux j’espère qu’il subiront les memes horreurs

      • eric brabant
        eric brabantJanuary 12,18

        j’espère que tout sa va s’arreter par respect des animaux

  134. Janeth Daniels Lazo
    Janeth Daniels LazoJanuary 13,18

    Dogs and cats deserve our love, protection and respect

  135. Juliya
    JuliyaJanuary 13,18

    Stop this!!!! Better eat each other, u, soulless Bastards!!! Hate u with all my heart!!!

  136. Chris Cristobal
    Chris CristobalJanuary 15,18

    Please STOP this insane animal cruelty!!! ?

  137. Ross
    RossJanuary 15,18

    Dogs have a symbiotic relationship with people. What the Koreans do to them; eating them, and even worse the cruelty; makes me feel ashamed to be human.

  138. Evelyn Skidmore
    Evelyn SkidmoreJanuary 19,18

    This makes me sad and ashamed. In Canada we would be facing charges of the highest degree to be cruel to an animal. I can’t believe that high ranking officials of these countries are allowing such brutality to go on. Fir the love of God open your eyes, show compassion and work toward stopping this.

  139. Debbie Nemtean
    Debbie NemteanJanuary 19,18

    Oympics Should be boycotted in South Korea, demonstrations should go on all throughout the area!!

  140. Flo van Gteunen
    Flo van GteunenJanuary 20,18

    Stop the cruel behaviour

  141. Cathy harrell
    Cathy harrellJanuary 20,18

    I won’t even watch it on tv because of this cruelty.

  142. Hui-Jen Chang
    Hui-Jen ChangJanuary 20,18

    stop the cruelty..Dogs are our best family

  143. Christine Harris
    Christine HarrisJanuary 20,18

    Please stop the cruelty and slaughter of animals. I am not watching or going to these events

  144. Michele Vernet
    Michele VernetJanuary 21,18

    If one stops long enough to look into the eyes of any suffering animal, one would know instantly that harming a dog, a cat, any sentient being, is NOT ONLY SADISTIC, INHUMANE ALSO, BUT HIGHLY IMMORAL! NOT ALL SOUTH KOREANS EAT DOGS, OR CATS, OR BELIEVE IT TO BE RIGHT! Some Korean people LOVE THEIR PETS! BUT a minority of their people are REPRENTATIVE OF THEIR COUNTRY! SUCH a SAD SHAME! A BAS LES JEUX OLYMPIQUES EN COREE!

  145. Susan M Janke
    Susan M JankeJanuary 21,18

    Cruelty is a choice, being a cannibal is a choice. It is as simple as that, it is a choice…

  146. Ingrid
    IngridJanuary 21,18

    Arrête ce massacre car c’est horrible ses pauvre chiens ne mérite pas de telle souffrance comment pouvez vous encore laisse ces monstre faire tout sa

  147. Sun
    SunJanuary 21,18

    We say here again and again.. stop dog eat .. korean.. but some korean yet eat dog beef day by day.. they dont take care our says.. though they blame us .. it is our culture, then do not take care us.. they are saying and today they eat and eat dogs.. even children are eating.. it is really cruelity .. may be strong nation about them.. like U.S or Europe Union … must say them.. because korean culture alway stronger winner culture .. they blame poor people or pet .. it is korean culture.. really, korea has odd culture.. specially nation, it is surely thing..

  148. Cathleen Hothersall
    Cathleen HothersallJanuary 22,18

    Animals are sentient creatures. They feel pain and fear. Can you really live with yourself knowing that you are causing them to suffer? And if so, what kind of a person are you?

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