1. Patricia Macaulay
    Patricia MacaulayApril 13,17

    Stop eating dogs and cats. It is barbaric behaviour.

  2. Patricia Macaulay
    Patricia MacaulayApril 13,17

    Please don’t eat dogs and cats as it is barbaric behaviour

  3. Mark
    MarkApril 13,17

    Barbaric no empathy towards animals skining animals alive and boil alive is unexceptable

  4. Tracey loisz
    Tracey loiszApril 22,17

    Shocking disturbing how these people can treat these defenceless creatures this way … we must stop this

  5. Maggie
    MaggieMay 15,17

    Stop the consumption of dogs and cats! These animals are tortured and it needs to stop!

  6. Iva Turato
    Iva TuratoMay 21,17

    Stop torturing animals

  7. Ramanujsharma
    RamanujsharmaJune 3,17

    Stop this cruelty!they are humans best friend!

  8. Tulin
    TulinJune 3,17

    Enough enough cruelty and torture poor helpless dogs and cats other things to eat but you purple love torture then torture each other!!!????

  9. Ilise levitt
    Ilise levittJune 6,17

    stop the torture, don’t support countries that allow this brutality!

  10. Lindsey
    LindseyDecember 5,17

    Please stop supporting the dog/cat meat trade!!! This is antiquated practice!

  11. Annelie Kullander
    Annelie KullanderDecember 11,17

    Stop the torture of dogs/cats.

  12. john macwhinnie
    john macwhinnieDecember 14,17

    what is wrong with you? No heart, no brain.

  13. Namcy
    NamcyDecember 20,17

    Do not support the Korean dog meat trade

  14. Frances Jacobs
    Frances JacobsDecember 20,17

    End this torturous horrific barbaric Behavior now it does nothing for people and definitely nothing for dogs and cats the torturing of thesr innocents is just mean leave him alone

  15. Dr. M. K. Russell
    Dr. M. K. RussellDecember 25,17

    This barbaric practice needs to end IMMEDIATELY.

  16. Sherry
    SherryJanuary 9,18

    You depraved, sadistic people need to stop. You are a disgrace.

  17. Martin Fenwick
    Martin FenwickJanuary 12,18

    Please boycott the Olympics to stop this cruelty

  18. Martin Fenwick
    Martin FenwickJanuary 12,18

    Stop this cruelty to dogs and cats please boycott the Olympics

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