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Boycott Pyeongchang_1440x2160_oThe Countdown has begun!! South Korea is now firmly in the spotlight with the run to the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, being held from 9th-25th February 2018 … and then the light will be on full beam.

And, while part of the journey for many international tourists visiting South Korea for these Winter Olympics will be to experience South Korea’s promoted ‘international cuisine’, we want to be sure that they also know about the ‘hidden cuisine’: products of the cruel and sadistic dog meat trade … that, once again, this country will be keen to keep from foreign eyes.

Out of sight is definitely not out of mind: the barbaric dog meat trade will still be going on. So let’s make sure this trade does not get hidden, and let’s make sure that South Korea knows they will be held accountable.

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Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!

[URGENT ACTION REQUESTED] PyeongChang 2018 Athletes, Please speak out against animal cruelty! Please click HERE to take action!


Below are translation petitions for “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!”


  1. young yun
    young yunSeptember 14,16

    We have to end this for these poor dogs.

    • Karen Bartley
      Karen BartleySeptember 15,16

      With the Winter Olympics in Korea we have a good chance of success.

      • Catherine Staffy
        Catherine StaffyMarch 25,17

        Karen, I do SO hope it will end. It is an ongoing battle. The South Koreans don’t like foreign intervention.

        • Merlynn
          MerlynnDecember 14,17

          Then they don’t need our money. This is soul corrupting and heart crushing to all that see this brutal and barbaric killing of companion animals. They need to feel the wrath of God or Karma. I am more suprised that more Christians are not speaking out about this rapid and evil trade, as their beliefs should be strong enough to stand up against this cruelty but it seems that they are much more inclined to bury their heads in the sand, I was taught if you believed in God you stood up for the wrongs and help with change for the good, but it seems that lesson has been lost on humans.

      • Dave and Rita Cross
        Dave and Rita CrossApril 21,17

        What they will do is to hide all evidence of the dog and cat meat trade during the 2018 “Winter Olympics”! So wish we all had the guts to pull out of this event and hold the games elsewhere! This sends a message that S. Korea is supported by all countries involved! Disgusting and tragic!!

        • Lynda Hartmann
          Lynda HartmannJanuary 14,18

          VERY good post!! It’s WAY beyond disgusting!!!

        • Anne Solkan
          Anne SolkanJanuary 23,18

          Hört auf die Engel auf Erden zu foltern ihr Bestien

      • Hermine Willey
        Hermine WilleyJanuary 12,18

        We need to tell the civilized people who are visiting South Korea the American “hot dog” may be labeled as claimed 100% pet dog and cat meat.

    • Jennifer Murray
      Jennifer MurraySeptember 17,16

      This needs to stop!

    • Kayann Ramos
      Kayann RamosMarch 30,17

      yes i’m trying to sign to help

    • Angela OverackerHorsley
      Angela OverackerHorsleyNovember 24,17

      Someone needs to also start a petition to not give even a TV rating for the Olympics while in countries who participate in this cruel behavior. I know I won’t support them in any way including buying mechandise, travel nothing. But hurt TV ratings and it will get attention.

    • Michelle Morgan
      Michelle MorganDecember 13,17

      These people are animals .. I can’t even imagine doing this to a poor defenseless animal. The devil is in them that can be the only answer to this barbaric behavior. They shouldn’t have the privilege to host the games ..

      • v l
        v lJanuary 7,18

        Or these cowards who murder the dogs, and cats should not have the privilege to live.

    • Adair Leonard
      Adair LeonardJanuary 14,18

      Eating dogs is sickening, disgusting and heartbreaking. It needs to stop! Dogs are wonderful, loyal companions and protectors of there humans. South Korea is missing out on one of the best experiences in life — owning and caring for a dog.

      • Renee Cariglia
        Renee CarigliaJanuary 29,18


    • Renee Cariglia
      Renee CarigliaJanuary 29,18


    • Jacqueline S. Frye
      Jacqueline S. FryeJanuary 31,18

      I agree 100%!!! this horrific act needs to end…PERMANENTLY!!!

    • Denise Cruickshank
      Denise CruickshankFebruary 2,18

      Yes we do? Tell everyone you know about this to end it now they just go further into the woods and hidden areas Fin Them and please stop this barbaric ❤️actions. ❤️❤️

    • AI
      AIFebruary 4,18

      “As an animal lover, and part of a high-profile animal rights group, which has supporters across the globe, I wish to register my deep concern about the unregulated, cruel and abusive dog and cat meat trades with your country, South Korea.

      I sincerely ask that your government immediately begins policing and enforcing your animal protection laws; and until it brings about a permanent end to both the dog and cat meat trades, I will boycott all forms of tourism, all products, and all services from South Korea; and I will urge others to do the same.”

    • Jacqueline Frye
      Jacqueline FryeFebruary 8,18

      I agree 100%!!! We must keep taking a stand. These precious furbabies need us to be their voice!!

  2. Bill Carley
    Bill CarleySeptember 15,16

    This sickness must stop!

  3. Melissa Renninger
    Melissa RenningerSeptember 16,16

    How can any committee seriously consider allowing these barbaric cold blooded dog murderers to host the 2018 Winter Olympics? Theses people have to be stopped before anyone participates in any Games with these idiots!!

    • Rebecca
      RebeccaSeptember 16,16

      Could not agree with you more!

    • Salvatore
      SalvatoreSeptember 17,16

      I agree with you 100%

    • Dona Readinger
      Dona ReadingerSeptember 17,16

      So true !

    • Patricia Stanley
      Patricia StanleyFebruary 2,18

      I totally agree. I can understand why they were chosen to host these games. I am boycotting them and will not be watching. these people are sickening savages

  4. ewa perczak
    ewa perczakSeptember 16,16

    at past, when I heard the name “”South Korea”” immediately I was thinking about “”Samsung”” now when I hear this word, I think immediately ” torture, cruelty'”” this is what I think now !!!!

    • Dave and Rita Cross
      Dave and Rita CrossApril 21,17

      Don’t forget to boycott all Samsung, LG, Daewoo, etc. products. To purchase a Hyundai or KIA is in direct support of the S. Korean barbarism and cruelty to dogs and cats! There are many choices of cars beside those made by this 3rd world country!

      • v l
        v lJanuary 7,18

        1000% agreement It is one backwards and savage country.You are being kind when you say that this is a 3rd world country.

  5. Rebecca
    RebeccaSeptember 16,16

    Please let this horrible practice stop!

  6. christina pafitis
    christina pafitisSeptember 16,16

    Please stop this barbaric torture on these innocent animals everyone go vegan

  7. Rui Almeida
    Rui AlmeidaSeptember 16,16

    I sign petitions everyday…
    My heart is with them…
    i cant eat correctly…
    i can sleep normally…
    We must do something….

    • Maude S Haworth
      Maude S HaworthNovember 6,16

      A group of mercenary types must get in there and stop these murderers. Our govts are too greedy and too busy kissing Dog Torturers asses. WE must get a hardcore group in there it’s the ONLY SOLUTION!

      • Sasha Patrick
        Sasha PatrickJanuary 2,18

        I’m starting to think that that is the only way we will ever get this to stop,no one is listening or too busy sticking their heads in the sand,nothing has changed in the nearly 40 years that I’ve been fighting to stop it. IT HAS GOT TO STOP!

      • Dallas E.
        Dallas E.January 13,18

        I wish the same and have the means and resources to do so, I would wish to get together with like minded people.

    • Colleen Kelly
      Colleen KellyDecember 5,16


    • Vincent
      VincentJanuary 7,17

      Please this stop barbaric Dog ?

  8. Radek Jancik
    Radek JancikSeptember 16,16

    zastavte take krute a nesmyslne zabijeni psu to je proti prirode zadam okamzite zastaveni takeho sverstva jinak se proti vam postavi cely svet sdilim

  9. Brenda
    BrendaSeptember 16,16

    This evil, disgusting sick practice must stop. I will boycott your country and everything made there. Totally and utterly inhumane.

  10. Wendy Cunningham
    Wendy CunninghamSeptember 16,16

    All the sponsors must refuse to sponsor this Einter Olympice on a country that eats. Unfortunately all they care about is MONEY!!

  11. Carol Lynn Reins
    Carol Lynn ReinsSeptember 16,16

    They will try to hide the slaughterhouses of cats and dogs and prevent tourists from seeing the torture and slaughter. Before you go, remember the animals and demand it stop.

    LISA LAMMONSeptember 17,16


  13. christina pafitis
    christina pafitisSeptember 17,16

    This is the most saddest thing breaks my heart

  14. Rod O
    Rod OSeptember 17,16

    End the barbaric torture and murder of the voiceless. Never EVER stop fighting this until it stops! Sign the petitions, contact law makers, give financially to the many organizations out there fighting this. Share with everyone you know, shed light on this vile, dark secret. Shame on you South Korea!!!

    MARIANNE SCHÖNEBECKSeptember 17,16

    Boykottiert die Olympischen Winterspiele 2018 und kämpft so um das Leben der Tiere. Beendet dieses grausame Treiben. Ich habe dazu nur eine Meinung Todesstrafe für Tiermörder und Tierquälerei

  16. Trish
    TrishSeptember 17,16

    It makes me soooo sad that humans are torturing such sweet animals in this world . Sometimes throughout my dreams at night I see the images and hear the screams and feel the torture of these innocent beings . It’s just an idea , it is JUST AN IDEA that one can recieve a certain amount of power/benefit from eating the meat of a tortured dog so we need to replace those IDEAS , those STORIES humans tell themselves , with a new IDEA , a new STORY !
    The New Story is that ALL beings matter . Because through our intergenerational education we have been taught exclusion , that certain groups don’t matter as much as others , Jews,Blacks , Muslims , Women , LGTBQ’s, , Animals , Insects … then our humans brain compartmentalizes and allows us to do hideous ,cruel things to the excluded group and yet at the same time be a fairly decent person in other aspects of our lives . Ask yourself ” Who do I exclude from my circle of caring ?” To whomever you exclude , you also have the potential of being cruel ! I have come to a point in my Life where I can see that the way forward for us Human Beings is to evolve into Empathic , Compassionate , Wise Humans that have the core Value from which we operate at all times of Compassion 4 ALL . Even though I will do everything in my power to STOP animal torture and ALL TORTURE , I do choose to LOVE the animal torturer , pedophile , 1% … because that is the way forward , to create a peaceful , loving world for ALL . We are all wounded souls . Especially someone who can torture another !!! They are so much a wounded soul AND I wish so much they would be reading this ! But also we all are . I know lots of people who in their boyhoods did cruel things to animals or insects . I teach and care for young children and teach them Compassion for THEMSELVES and for ALL others . Lots of dear sweet children in this world have NEVER been taught Compassion 4 themselves and as a matter of fact LOTS of innocent children are tortured and abuse !! Want to guess which children grow up capable of cruelty and have numbed over so much that they can now hardly FEEL anything and certainly not empathy for that sweet animal if front of them . We are complex beings us humans , and when that sweet animal is before the abuser , he/she is actually seeing their own sweet innocence as they were , as you were as a child ! We are actually All So Beautiful !!! Even YOU the torturers . You don’t have to do this anymore . You can be a Loving Being and forgive yourself . Torturing and abusing comes from an IDEA in a persons head , just an idea . WE CAN CHANGE OUR IDEA TO A WORLD OF COMPASSION 4 ALL . Namaste

  17. Pilar Buchan
    Pilar BuchanSeptember 19,16

    They deserve too much love and a happy life, not to live in that hell .. Would love to do something too so they can stop it, and we can save them :´(

  18. Peta Feral
    Peta FeralSeptember 20,16


    I have been blocked on Gmail from doing any more of these email actions with threats to permanently block my account; do you know of a email service provider who is more reasonable?

    • marguerite white
      marguerite whiteOctober 29,16

      Facebook But do not know why6 you been blocked I was on Gmail and have never been blocked from doing petitions.

      • Tina Haigh
        Tina HaighFebruary 5,18

        possibly because of the country, all political I suppose.. I cant even get on here so ill put my thoughts here. ITS ALL SO CRUEL, THOSE POOR POOR CREATURES. IT MUST STOP!!!!

    • Sasha Patrick
      Sasha PatrickJanuary 2,18

      I’m on Outlook,its not too bad.I have been blocked from sending to the Government,but I think its the Government who have blocked me,not Outlook.

  19. Linda Larson
    Linda LarsonSeptember 20,16

    These poor animals suffer endlessly for human consumption. Maybe they should feel the pain the way they make these defenseless dogs and cats suffer needlessly. They are not human, they’re sick , barbaric pieces of garbage who should pay for what they do. Anyone who can torture and kill an animal doesn’t deserve to be in our world. Take them all out.

  20. Michelle P.
    Michelle P.September 22,16

    Thank you for what you do, for caring. I do what I can (calling and emailing embassies, legislators and others and donating), but we still have along way to go to change attitudes!

  21. Kelly Ohri
    Kelly OhriOctober 8,16

    Please saving all of innocent dogs and I would like to taking care of them in safe homes who loves dogs.

  22. Ad Lenders
    Ad LendersOctober 15,16

    I made an account on their website, but see no possibility to login and post a comment??

  23. MS
    MSOctober 23,16

    SHUT DOWN ALL DOG / CAT MEAT FARMS IN S.KOREA & the rest of Asia — they are beyond horrific, cruel, sadistic & immoral — THE WORLD IS WATCHING!

  24. Diana Hanley
    Diana HanleyOctober 28,16

    Heart breaking to see such cruelty to thousands of animals. Surely we can change this horrific trade in dog & cat meat!

  25. Julia Chisley
    Julia ChisleyOctober 30,16

    Can you try , pls try to put forth some
    effort to help the tiered hurt scared
    dogs –
    Please say you will help. Say you will try
    to do something that will make a
    change a difference. Help end
    this unspeakable cruelty. Companions
    they love us , they trust us . It is
    unspeakable betrayal of trust of
    custodianship , stewardship care of
    animal life here on this planet in the
    world that mankind shares with
    the domestic animal kind .
    Mankind is blessed with these living
    souls . Please lets not squander
    our inheritance of flora and fauna
    and our wonderful domestic
    companion friends, beautiful
    dogs. They are beautiful beings.
    Help. Please, lets help them –

  26. Mariella bellorofonte
    Mariella bellorofonteNovember 2,16

    I support the boycott..its horrendous what these people are doing to thee poor animals…

    • Trudi
      TrudiJanuary 12,18

      i suppoort the boycott and so do many many more people

  27. Shelia
    SheliaNovember 10,16

    I support the boycott. This evil, inhuman and cruel act must stop!!!!

  28. Amy Prangley
    Amy PrangleyNovember 11,16

    God please send Angels to help everyone of these innocent animals. Destroy anyone and everyone who harms them in anyway. In Jesus name I pray, Amen ??❤️??

  29. Wade swafford
    Wade swaffordNovember 11,16

    Maybe are new president can help us stop this horrible event !!!

    • Debra Broach
      Debra BroachNovember 17,17

      I think not. He is for lifting the ban to kill elephants and bringing them back to the united states as trophies. He’s an idiot like the rest of the cat and dog killers.

    • June Renshaw
      June RenshawJanuary 2,18

      I think not Wade, I hate to be the one to tell you this but did you know that it is legal to kill and eat dogs and cats in several states across your country. If your president won’t make it illegal in his own country he isn’t gonna try making it illegal in someone else’s.

  30. Mary Stacy
    Mary StacyDecember 7,16

    So sick of this BULL SHIT

  31. Alan Linn
    Alan LinnDecember 18,16

    It is hard to believe that in the 21st Century, with all the farming advances and technology that is available to any country, there are still people that are killing and consuming dog and cat meat on a daily basis.
    Gandhi once said: “The greatness and moral progress of a nation is judged by the way the people treat their animals.”

  32. MS
    MSDecember 19,16

    And it is time for Korea to start taking animal welfare seriously and show that it really is a compassionate and ethical society. It is time for the Korean government to educate the people about the importance of spaying and neutering, about NOT abandoning pets, and about treating animals with love and respect. REMEMBER, animals are innocent, vulnerable beings ALWAYS at the mercy of humans. If we are truly better than these animals, then let’s show it through our respect, our care and our kindness to them. We MUST ensure that our animals are happy, healthy and comfortable. — Until these issues are dealt with properly, Korea’s reputation in the international community will continue to suffer. Its citizens will continue to face shame and embarrassment. And Korea will continue to be regarded as “third world,” despite its modernization and attempts at globalized thinking.

    • Debra Broach
      Debra BroachNovember 17,17

      We are not better than them, we are just more fortunate. I would choose to be with an animal any day over a human.

  33. Alice Lee
    Alice LeeDecember 27,16

    I am Korean. It makes the rest of us sick to our stomach that the cruel and inhumane Koreans eat dogs. We wish you the most upset stomach and hopefully you will get some unknown viruses from tge dog meat transmitted to your body giving back to you the same pain you have sponsored.

  34. birgitte christesen
    birgitte christesenDecember 28,16

    Disqusting is the word the way these animals are treated.

  35. anna poggesi
    anna poggesiJanuary 28,17

    E’ vero quello che dice Peta Feral.Bloccano le petizioni.! E’ un nuovo lavoro a pagamento??????

  36. Katharina K.
    Katharina K.February 24,17

    Hört endlich auf unsere Treue Freunde zu essen!!!

  37. Joe Jones
    Joe JonesFebruary 28,17

    Praying for them

  38. Onishea Aguilera
    Onishea AguileraMarch 2,17

    I will keep signing petitions everyday till it stops.

  39. faithy
    faithyMarch 5,17

    hi i just wanted to let u know that the suggested e-mail for the olympic committee is too long according to what they accept. they only accept 100 characters, and i didnt want to shorten it because everything that is written is so essential. can u make it a little shorter?

  40. Kidlet
    KidletMarch 5,17

    Your just a bunch of liars and we seen right through you! There are otter meat out there that should be consume for human, dog and cat are not on that list. You people make me sick to my stomach the horrendous and unbelievable cruelity to these poor dogs and cats. Your nothing but a bunch of thriefs and liars. You think you fooled the world you are sadly mistaking! We will continue to fight this fight and be these animals voices. You ca not get rid of use that fast and on top of it you lied to the world. I see you can be trusted! NOT!

  41. Lesley Whitfield
    Lesley WhitfieldMarch 6,17

    Apalled of the treatment of cats and dogs. Have you compassion? Boiling animals alive, set on fire. Shame on you. Stop this awful cruelty NOW.

    • Debra Broach
      Debra BroachNovember 17,17

      I don’t think them idiots are going to stop. If anything, knowing that it infuriates us americans, is going to cause them to do it even more. It would be wonderful for Peta and all animal activists and anyone concerned to be able to go over there and just take all their animals away and leave them with nothing.

  42. Patrizia Böcher
    Patrizia BöcherMarch 7,17

    This is the most saddest thing breaks my heart

  43. Isabel Savage
    Isabel SavageMarch 17,17


  44. Denise Leblanc
    Denise LeblancMarch 26,17

    THIS IS SCARY. All these little … will be pushing live boiled dog and cat meat on street corners and to restaurants under the name of “international cuisine”. South Korea has earned its DOG AND CAT EATING NATION.
    Since “President” Park Geun-hye has been fired as South Korea on March 10, 2017, don’t count on her replacement, HWANG KYO-AHN, acting President of South Korea because he’ll probably be sitting in the first row to watch these BLOODY olympics.

  45. Carina
    CarinaMarch 26,17

    How cruel do you people want to be, dogs and cats are there to be you friend not for your sick thoughts. Shame on you bad people. Korea stop this please

  46. Janet
    JanetMarch 31,17

    Shame on you how can you let leases poor dogs and cat’s suffer like this it is evil you make me sick to the stomach.

  47. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaApril 16,17

    Terrible people in this country, they have no feelings for living beings

  48. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaMay 3,17

    ” the day will come when the people, as you and me, will consider the murder of an animal, in the same way as they consider the murder of a man today” Leonard de Vinci !! I hope that this day will be soon !!! I hope that South Korea will realize how terrible thing is this dog and cat meat trade !! I hope that at last they will understand that no living being deserves this kind of treatment !!! I hope that Mr Moon will be a president and the hell will become the paradise for the dogs and cats in South Korea !!!

  49. Carlos Quesada Monge
    Carlos Quesada MongeMay 5,17

    Hello people from South Korea because if you are a very modern and technological country and educated people with high indece of preparation. Why do these poor little animals that you Korean people want to look like adolfo hitler killing these animals you Koreans do not have the The least compacion by these creatures you are the most stupid people along with the Chinese are brutes they do not have brains because they do not learn that the animals are ceres noble and the most beautiful that God put in this earth.

    • Helen
      HelenJanuary 12,18

      Actually Carlos, there are many Koreans that oppose the dog meat trade and are trying to end it. I am getting sick and tired of being judged the same as these animal abusers just because I am Korean, even though I think torturing and eating dogs is horrible and cruel. That is like saying every single person from Costa Rica is corrupt and is part of a drug gang – it’s just not true. Maybe you should think about that before you paint two entire nations with the same brush.

  50. Kyle
    KyleMay 29,17

    Everyone should boycott the Olymics this year, even the athletes, and hurt there businesses big time with no money coming in from the tourists! There culture doesn’t interest me in any way whatsoever.

  51. Kathy Tenda
    Kathy TendaJune 6,17

    Who would want to spend their money in a place of such cruelty to cats and dogs? Time to boycott and make your voices be heard!

  52. Cornelia Herschel
    Cornelia HerschelJune 9,17

    PLEASE!! This outrageous, inconceivable, horrendous cruelty MUST!! stop!

  53. Jeri
    JeriJune 21,17

    They need to find different jobs. They have no heart.People don’t leave your life in their hands. They ,in a disaster won’t help you?But they will push you out of the way to save their own skin.How can anyone eat a beautiful loving dog, Indians have, but not torture.

  54. elena golubeva
    elena golubevaJuly 12,17

    PLEASE!! This outrageous, inconceivable, horrendous cruelty MUST!! stop!

  55. alessandra
    alessandraJuly 25,17

    LA PARTE più orribile di questa orribile situazione è che queste creature innocenti, prima di diventare cibo devono subire delle orribili torture e mutilazioni, E’ UNA COSA ABERRANTE

  56. Raegin Stacha
    Raegin StachaJuly 31,17

    If our voices are not enough to change the hearts of the Korean people & government, I pray that sponsor after sponsor would begin withdrawing their sponsorship, resulting in South Korea being forced to end the trade. I pray for Heaven on earth, like heavy rain in a storm. Amen.

    Anyone agree? Say amen with me.

    • Debra Broach
      Debra BroachNovember 17,17

      Amen. I feel, However, one problem might be, some of the sponsers may be too greedy to withdraw their sponsorships and not care what those people do as long as they get their money.

  57. Maisie
    MaisieAugust 1,17

    Its sick inhumane and acrime on an animal that would save a human being in a crisis of earthquake etc It is the 21st Century I hope and pray KARMA repays in some form to show its so barbaric evil and sadistic

  58. JoAnn Visaretis
    JoAnn VisaretisAugust 1,17

    Amen….from your lips to Gods ears!
    These people are too ignorant & disrespectful to care what the voices say or think.
    We need to never give up trying to stop this horrific abuse to our pets!
    If these sponsor don’t support to end the Dog & Cat meat trade, then lets boycott them as well!
    We need to do the RIGHT thing!

  59. G. Cramer
    G. CramerSeptember 1,17

    We all have to sign every petition, write letters to everyone on the lists, make as many calls as we each can and pass it on!! The more noise, the more impact!! We have to make this a global plead for help!!!! Be loud, be constant and persist!!!

  60. Sari Kansanaho
    Sari KansanahoSeptember 20,17

    I hope those people who torture innocent animals burn in hell!!!

  61. H.Rittscher
    H.RittscherSeptember 21,17

    Ich Hoffe das Präsident Tramp Bomben auf dieses Korea wirft und dieses Elende Volk oder sogar noch mehr ausrottet. Erst dann hat das ein Ende. Es hört sich schlimm an aber schlimmer ist was die Tiere Durchmachen.

  62. Sheri Williams
    Sheri WilliamsOctober 9,17

    Disgusting country boycott these heathens!

  63. Minkook
    MinkookOctober 12,17

    really brutal society.. that is south korea !! and.. this country banned.. adult animation .. japanese J-POP culture .. romantic things is banned.. with no reason.. and rogue and strong man eat and eat many dogs with blood.. and attack poor people, specially attack and abuse other asian people (ex… japanese tourist, south eastern asian people.. may be nationalism.. dog eat culture is nationalism too, i think) because this nation is like community society!!

  64. Sharon Guest
    Sharon GuestNovember 18,17

    As someone who lives in Vietnam where the dog meat is also happening, I see frequently the horrors of it. So many tourists that come to Asia have no idea of the appalling visciousness of it. Torturing the dogs for hours will make the meat more tender – so the thought is. Pets are stolen ona daily basis and submitted to unimaginable horror. Wake up tourists and foreign visitors – voice your objection.

  65. cerise carr
    cerise carrDecember 10,17

    To support sto]ing this horrible torture to millions of dogs and cats. Please please do not watch the olympics on tv and dont take part in anything pertaining to it. People need to ban together and stop the games feom even being held there. This cruelty which is a mild word has to stop all over the world. This is wrong. Dogs and cats save human lives everyday and help in many ways. The butchers who work the slaughter houses and farm houses are criminals and enjoy the torture they inflict on our friends and they must be held accountable. Laws need to be upheld to protect dogs and cats and people must be punished for the crimes they commit against them. Act now and stop this.

  66. Biana Ninno
    Biana NinnoDecember 13,17

    Stop this barbaric act. Dogs and cats are companion animals, not animals you eat. HAVE A HEART AND SOUL. STOP this inhumane, brutal practice,

  67. Dustin Yohner
    Dustin YohnerDecember 13,17

    While I do think eating dog meat is gross, there are some people that would say what I eat is gross. I need to understand something; for example: I eat and enjoy meat from wild game as well as domesticated animals like cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits and turkey. Isn’t it barbaric for Americans to enjoy meat from cattle raised in a “factory farm?” The US slaughters cattle by the millions to feed the consumers at fast food facilities. Culturally, in the USA dogs are pets, not food, NOT the case outside of our “so called” borders. America needs to pull the plank from our own eye and then go after a foreign cultures food source. IMO whatever you enjoy as food, it should be raised, cultivated and cared for, enjoyed with a sense of respect then replaced (cultivated) responsibly. As a consumer society we have forgotten what it takes to raise food and have lost the reverence for our food sources so the society hits the buffet and becomes obese to the point they need electric carts to shop at the grocery store. DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING. Just as disgusting…in some cultures & organizations, a human fetus is not considered a living human being until it is actually born; does that mean a woman with her “right to choose” can have the fetus removed and use it for food, etc., after all, its “not a living being!” A “cannibal culture” may believe that its acceptable…and that’s where we are headed. Enjoy your Soylent Green you freaky foodies, at least it’s not dog meat.

  68. jim tucker
    jim tuckerDecember 13,17

    this is 2017 for heaven sakes, stop this now.

  69. Jeannette de Agnolo
    Jeannette de AgnoloDecember 15,17

    Diese Monsterkreaturen,welche 0,0 Menschlichkeit besitzen,da sie selbst nicht davor zurückschrecken,die eigenen Kinder feilzubieten zu knechten und zu verkaufen,werden unsere Mitgeschöpfe,wie Hunde-und Katzen,oder auch Kleintiere,welche bei uns in Deutschland Haus-Kuschel-und Familienmitglieder sind,niemals in Ruhe lassen!!! Es gibt leider nur die eine Gerechtigkeit,dass diese Biesster auch das zeitliche segnen! Und noch eines mehr! In Asien,die Missgeburten weitläufig sind!!! Nicht umsonst ,haben Länder,wie Indien ,Asien siamesische-Zwillinge,missgebildete Kinder!!!!Sie werden die gerechten Strafe,für dass was sie unseren Mitgeschöpfen antun noch erhalten!!! Denn der Tod,oder für diese Spezies qualvolle Tod,kommt mit leisen Schritten!!!

  70. Jeannette de Agnolo
    Jeannette de AgnoloDecember 15,17

    Alle nur profitgeile Arschlöcher sind!!!!Nur eine Gerechtigkeit gibt es!Jeder ,muss irgendeinmal abtreten!!!Ob Reich ,oder arm der Sensemann holt “Alle”,ob kalt oder warm!”

  71. Dominic C
    Dominic CDecember 19,17

    I personally don’t believe we should stop the olympics in a country for this type of reason. Another reply pointed out that here dogs are seen as pets, but that’s not the case everywhere. If this goes through then why would the United States be able to hold the olympics. We eat cows which are praised in India to a much higher status than we see dogs. India has a population of over 1 billion and I bet if they made a petition such as this when the olympics are in the U.S. the sign rate would be much higher. If you want to stop they olympics in South Korea then make a petition stopping them in the U.S. which will probably not happen. All I’m saying is out of the world events this would might back peddle certain plans. I’m not well versed here on forward so I may be wrong, but the olympics brings money into a country and with escalations in North Korea than South Korea might be looking for a way to get funds into the country which this would hinder. You don’t have to agree with me just think about it.

    • June Renshaw
      June RenshawJanuary 2,18

      Hi Dominic, I have thought about it long and hard and I for one find these big events the BEST time to raise awareness to the unbelievably evil dog and cat meat trade. I have been trying to get people’s attention as to what goes on in South Korea in regards to the Dog and Cat meat trade because the more people we can reach the more noise we can make, the more noise we make, the louder we are heard. You really do need to look up Marc Ching on the Internet to see and hear for yourself what really does happen to these poor dogs and cats in South Korea, I think YOU might change YOUR opinion about it. This is not about cultural differences, I am a vegetarian and an animal lover and I believe that NO animal should be abused by mankind. My brother was a slaughterman for many years and I know of the abuse the farm animals endure. The bigger the production line the more the animals suffer. Animals are living beings that have emotions, they feel stress and pain. No animal wants to die given the choice but because they can’t speak our language they are exploited by greedy humans. If slaughterhouses were made of glass there would be many more vegetarians and vegans in this world. India should not be put on a pedestal they also eat dogs and if you look up animal aid India on utube you can see for yourself how they treat their animals. I am assuming that you didn’t know that it is legal in many states in your country to kill and eat Dog. The people that carry out the brutal torture and slaughter of Dogs and Cats in these Asian countries are desensitised demons I know I’ve seen countless photos and videos, i’ve cried so very many tears, spent very many sleepless nights and had to take time away from Facebook and my iPad because of the mental stress the DCM trade causes compassionate people like myself. Please Dominic, educate yourself as to what really goes on in South Korea. Kind regards, June.

      • Helenclark
        HelenclarkJanuary 3,18

        Then why don’t you offer up to be mutilated
        beaten starved or boiled to death!! With your shallow. concern
        for their appalling inhumane treatment; you may as well join the
        beaters or the glutton eaters! Ordering… ordering.. will that be
        lightly braised or do you prefer your cats flambeyed? Get a grip!

      • Dawn
        DawnJanuary 4,18


        I feel your your pain too. I can’t stop crying every time I think of the horror going on. I’m driving my family up a wall. My feed on Facebook is all terrible pain, and I, like you, have to take a break from it. I am haunted by the things taking place. My soul is ruined, for I now have hatred in my heart for these people. I just can’t understand how anyone can torture something to death. It sickens me to the point of being unbearable.

    • Dawn
      DawnJanuary 4,18

      Dominic, have you SEEN the videos of what happens to these dogs? Can you truly watch it? This is a truly barbaric and sadistic method of killing an animal. Really??!! Do you really condone torturing an animal (skinned alive, boiled alive, burned alive, hung and beaten, et. cetera) as okay in the name of cultural differences??!! If so, you need to be treated the same way. This is what a murderer does in the US. They torture and maim just like these people. You truly have no compassion either if you can watch this, whether human or animal.

      This practice disgusts me. These people disgust me. This is worse than the violest of scary videos that have ever surfaced in the US. Educate yourself, Dominic, before you endorse in any way the extreme torture of any living thing on this planet!!

      • Dawn
        DawnJanuary 4,18

        And Dominic, just so you know, India has dog meat farms too.

      • Helen
        HelenJanuary 12,18

        This practice horrifies and disgusts me, too, and I’m Korean 🙁 I just wish everyone wouldn’t automatically assume I eat dog meat and support this practice just because of my race. I love animals just as much as you do.

        • Rimzhim
          RimzhimMay 26,18

          Hey what ! Did u say that …I’m an Indian but I had no knowledge about this….I’m soon upset after hearing this…god someone please save the dogs ….

  72. Marcy conaway
    Marcy conawayDecember 20,17

    This is barbaric and cruel. These animals are domestic animals, not wild. Not hurting anyone. Leave them alone!!! Your bullies and freaks for torturing then, killing them so painfully and them eating them. Plenty if other meat to eat such as chickens or how about fish!!? What’s next humans? Just because a mammal gas meat doesn’t make it ok to do this to them. You will burn in hell for this. SicK, sick, sick!!!

  73. Mark Donner
    Mark DonnerDecember 30,17

    Amazing that South Koreans would rather see their own country destroyed and their reputations in the sewer to protect their vicious sadism. South Korea, Vietnam and China are the worst countries on Earth, bar none. I hope they all die.

    • Helen
      HelenJanuary 12,18

      I hope the international outcry raises enough awareness and shame to end this practice one and for all.

      But saying you hope all Koreans, Vietnamese, and Chinese people die is really ignorant and does nothing to further this cause.

  74. Cindy Manse
    Cindy ManseJanuary 2,18

    Let North Korea have these useless son’s of Bitches, why should we fight for the south Koreans ?

  75. Paula Colvin
    Paula ColvinJanuary 2,18

    I was sickened to hear that the Winter Olympics was chosen for this area. This EVIL has to end now and hosting this event just forces the focus on the sport events and not what’s truly detrimental for the animals that so desperately need our assistance. Get your priorities straight. First things first. End the horror permanently on the innocent, then give this country a chance to prove their worth to the rest of the world. Thankyou???

  76. Diane Plante
    Diane PlanteJanuary 2,18

    I don’t believe Koreans will stop this barbaric torture of dogs and cats. I don’t understand how anyone can be this cruel. It is beyond words. Dogs are loving companions that we care for and cherish. How can anyone look in their eyes and then torture them? I hope these people rot in hell for an eternity.

  77. Ed
    EdJanuary 2,18

    It is very barbaric.If I had my way I would fill a barrel of boiling water and slowly hoist them barbaric idiots down just the feet and slowly let the hoist go lower and lower. Or another solution could be that N. Korea gets bombed and stop this bully spoiled child ruler, his armament are mere toys compared to the big boys, the USA for one… and while there might as well give S. Korea a taste of there medicine too. Food for thought Love and Peace, yeah that has worked so well in the past (ha ha) that is why there is more and more violence .

  78. cerise carr
    cerise carrJanuary 3,18

    I will have nothing to do with any part of the olympics that are held in a country that do such heinous crimes against the animals that millions and millions love so much. This country along with China slaughter milliins of cats and dogs and for the most stupid reasons. They are tortured in the most unimagionable ways. It is so horrifying and angering that these humans can get away with such brutal crimes and murder of so many dogs and cats. This country has allowed this crime to go on without a care in thr world and I will never buy any item or goods made from any of the koreas or china ever. The ones that could stop this are every bit as bad as the ones who commit the crimes against the animals. Dogs and cats are forever our loving companions and friends. They are loyal and understanding. They are forever in my thoughts and prayers. I pray God would take them out of the hell they live every day at the hands of the butchers and place them in Heaven where they will be free from the pain and horror they have lived in their entire life. These murderers and animal abusers will answer for their crimes. If you care anything for these poor animals please boycott the winter olympics and never buy any goods products vehicles or anything from these countries that slaughter dogs and cats.


    I abhor eating any kind of flesh and have refrained from it for 20 plus years. Having said that I find it so hard to fathom how any sane individual can eat cat/dog flesh which is similar to eating ones pet. Disgusting and so sickening !!!

  80. Angie
    AngieJanuary 14,18

    must to stop this cruelty.

  81. Shari Baker
    Shari BakerJanuary 15,18

    Stop this torture !!!!!!! Stop the killing !!!!!!

  82. Alice Savage
    Alice SavageJanuary 16,18

    Your Culture is disturbing that you can take a life with no problem. God did not put Dogs and Cat here for you to abuse, neglect and mistreat.
    Stop abusing dogs and cats. You do not have a right to take their life to satisfy your stomach. It is sick and wrong. You need to stop this immediately or you will pay

  83. Nancy Paris
    Nancy ParisFebruary 2,18

    Stop the cruelty now!?

  84. Elke
    ElkeFebruary 7,18

    I hope a lot of people will not watch the TV broadcasts of the Olympic Games. After the 2 weeks you will notice how the ratings look like! And hopefully they are very low! At the Eurovision contest 2017 in Ukraine, the odds were also very bad, because we boycotted the same!

  85. Elke
    ElkeFebruary 7,18

    sorry! I meant: “After the 2 weeks the organizers will notice how the ratings look like!”

  86. Sonia coleman
    Sonia colemanFebruary 28,18

    I will never buy anything made in Korea or China again. They are doing their countries no favours by ill treating trusting creatures in such despicable ways. I will also make sure all my friends and family know of th we barbaric acts and get them to join me and spread the word themselves to everyone they know. Hopefully we can hit them where it hurts most, in the pocket and reputation of their countries.

  87. Mickey
    MickeyMarch 30,18

    Sono d’accordo e vorrei aggiungere che durante queste manifestazioni, così importanti ed internazionali come i giochi Olimpici, dovrebbero trasmettere in TV, in mondo visione, una carrellata dei fatti vergognosi del quale noi siamo a conoscenza e alla quale siamo indignati, prima, e dopo ogni manifestazione,così che si possa far conoscere al resto del mondo l’altra faccia della medaglia.

  88. Carol Rafferty
    Carol RaffertyApril 7,18

    It didn’t take very long for me to spring into tears. I can not watch such horrific inhumane videos, so please don’t ask me to. Any one this horribly inhumane doesn’t deserve to be called a human being. I’m feeling so sick. Heartless, to say the least!!

  89. justice for animals
    justice for animalsApril 20,18

    Stop all the heinous, horrific crimes. You use your excess population to eat meat. Put death penalty to many crimes and eat them after torture and kill. Anyway most of asian nations as well as africa have excess population so, there is a true need of immediately do an effcetive birth control.

  90. Jay jacobs
    Jay jacobsJuly 28,18

    Indeed we do, yung yun. I’m just hoping all South Korean athletes suffer RABIES in time for the Olympics….

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