1. Ani Tsultrim Wangmo
    Ani Tsultrim WangmoAugust 16,14

    Please stop the brutal slaugthering of dogs and cats in Korea.

  2. Carême Yasmina
    Carême YasminaOctober 17,14

    STOP this or Koreans will for ever be known as a cruel sick nation from Europe.
    I am an adopted Korean woman and the only thing people say to me when I tell people my origins ,is:” oh! Koreans are sick dog eaters! ” Yes sadly this is the thing you are known for in Europe, and this shows how mot people are stocker and disgusted bye our Korean practices! Korea’s image certainly need to change. We have so many other positiv things in our culture to be known for.
    The autorities could easily change that and be thé first to abolish dog eating,which would show the rest of the world that we are a role model to follow in Asia! Koreans deserve à better image thanks this !!!!!

      HANSOTTESeptember 21,15

      I agree with you. Do you remember me?

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