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Jong-Deok Kim Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism

It is not enough to just boycott products made in South Korea. Until the South Korean government bans the torture and slaughter of man’s best friend, we must also boycott South Korean tourism. South Korea has a new set of cabinet members and the new Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism is Jong-Deok Kim. There is a new online petition form for foreigners on the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism website. You can complete the online form (only the items with * are required), download the Application for Civil Petitions form, fill it out and attach it to the online petition form and then submit.

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Please, give a voice today to the South Koreans dogs suffering in the dog meat trade and take action. Your 5 minutes will make a difference to millions of puppies living in utter misery and unimaginable hell. Please click to file the petition!

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism:

  1. Lucia Novakova
    Lucia NovakovaJanuary 28,15

    Dear South Korean Government,
    Please watch this video:
    I am extremely upset about the torture and consumption of companion animals in South Korea.
    With the ubiquity of social medias, every day we are seeing shocking and heartbreaking images and videos of innocent dogs being tortured and killed in your country.

    Even though Korea has established an Animal Protection Law for companion animals, dogs are still beaten, hung, electrocuted, and treated brutally by farmers and slaughters. Also, dogs and cats are still being beaten and boiled alive for so-called elixirs, which do not have medical properties except in the minds of ignorant and gullible customers.

    These practices have no place in the modern world. Other Asian countries have banned the eating of dog meat and the cruel industry that goes with it, such as Taiwan and the Philippines. Why does Korea persist in lagging behind these countries and other civilized societies?

    It’s the responsibility of the Korean government to once and for all end the cruel dog meat and cat medicine industries in Korea. It is time to dismiss the childish myths and propaganda surrounding these industries and their vile products. It is time to leave behind backward and unnecessary traditions.

    And it is time for Korea to start taking animal welfare seriously and showing that it really does have a compassionate and ethical society. That means it is time for the Korean government to start better educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering, about not abandoning pets, and about treating animals in a proper manner.

    Until these things are done, Korea’s reputation in the international community will continue to suffer. Its citizens will continue to face shame and embarrassment. And Korea will continue to be regarded as “third world,” despite its modernization and attempts at globalized thinking.

    We urge you and the people of S. Korea to learn the teachings of venerable Beopjeong Buddhist Priest: Venerable Beopjeong Buddhist Priest’s Argument Against Dog Meat Consumption 법정스님의 개식용 반대론
    Please also read this written by your own citizen: 생명의 고통이 있는 곳에…한글-정보/essay-on-dog-meat/

    From now on, I will boycott Korean products, and I will not support Korean companies or visit Korea until the abuse of cats and dogs has finally ended. Lucia Novakova

    • Tanja
      TanjaJanuary 28,15

      I do not like you. You are cruel with no heart or brain at all. The dog meat CAN NOT cure nothing. That is the fact. I have a dog and a cat at home. I cant even think to be treat like that. I hope you will pay for that. Why dont you skin yourself alive????

      • sherri marsh
        sherri marshJanuary 29,15

        I think the cruelty with killing dogs and cats for meat is horrible. .there is a humain way to kill if needing to eat and torchering an animal…i have 4 dogs at home that are apart of our family who are loyal and kind and loving who would do anything for us..even you…not knowing you’d be the one to hurt them…im sick over this and it must stop now…if you have a y ki d feeling in your soul you would know that these poor babys suffer at the hands of you…and everyone else thats apart of it or does nothing about it..For shame. ..

        • jan
          janJune 22,16

          NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE SLAUGHTER…. The killing of any sentient being on this planet is MURDER… simple and true !!!

    • margaret miranda
      margaret mirandaJanuary 28,15

      I urge you to STOP THIS UNSPEAKBLE CRUELTY NOW!!!!!I love dogs and cats, and I will defend them
      fiercely always, and I will make sure that others do the same, a country with no heat deserves NOTHING!!!!!

    • Katie Lloyd
      Katie LloydFebruary 20,15

      I say stop this horrible animal abuse on all animals or go to hell simple as God will not put up with this behaviour.

      • Susan Repp
        Susan ReppAugust 5,15

        Are you aware that the Catholic church is HEAVILY involved with the tradition…God is not doing anything so we have to be their voice

        • jan
          janJune 22,16

          No such thing as God…. it is not real, so get real!!!

        • jan
          janJune 22,16

          The reason why, as you say… “the catholic church is heavily involved with the tradition”… is that there is no god.

    • Anne-Marie Andersson
      Anne-Marie AnderssonNovember 9,15

      This heinous act against man’s best friend is not human. I buy no items from your country and I am boycotting all and uppmananr everyone else to do it. Do you not understand that animals have feelings and dog meat is not even useful! Stop this.

    • Theodora Dirks Quraeshi
      Theodora Dirks QuraeshiJune 21,16

      Please stop this barbaric tradition of eating and TORTURING these beautiful dogs and cats. We live in the 20th century, please EDUCATE your people. Eating dog and cat meat is not an aphrodisiac. It is animal abuse on a terrible scale and this has to stop now.

    • di inscoe
      di inscoeJune 21,16

      If only I had enough money and power I’d come to Korea and kill everyone who messes with any dogs!

    • Jacqueline Clare
      Jacqueline ClareJuly 30,16

      Korean people shame on you. Godless abusers, torturers, zoosadists, satanic, heartless, soulless, evil people. Your country should not be visited; your products will not be bought. To the beautiful animal activists in your country we stand by you.

  2. Christinetallents
    ChristinetallentsJanuary 28,15

    Animal abuse such as this should NEVER happen. The eyes of the world are watching and judging you.

  3. Juli
    JuliJanuary 28,15

    I contact you today to beg you to take action against the South Korean dog and cat meat industry, which is responsible for the deaths of approximately two and a half million dogs a year for meat or gaesoju, a dog wine or broth, and thousands of cats for so-called “health” tonics or goyangyeesoju, and soup, operating in a sordid and illicit world where farmers and butchers kill with frightening impunity in the most brutal fashion.
    Dogs are killed with high-voltage electrocution, which takes anywhere from thirty seconds to three minutes, hanged, and even beaten to death at the request of customers who believe the meat more tender and tastier the greater the suffering (one of the most pernicious of myths), and that the so-called medicinal properties are enhanced. They are most often killed within sight of their cage mates. They are then thrown into a tub of boiling water, often still alive, and then into a rotating drum for the removal of their fur, and finally blow torched. At Moran Market, South Korea’s largest open air-market for dog meat, dog carcasses are on display next to the cages of live dogs. Cats are often bludgeoned and thrown into boiling water while still alive. At the farms, dogs are fed germ-infested, rotting, and fermented human leftovers, a health risk to both the dogs and those who eat them.
    According to the Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA)’s comprehensive study on S. Korean dog meat industry;
    “Using electric rods did not instantly kill the dog. First contact to electric rod did paralyze the dog but dogs were still conscious. In most cases, two to three contacts with electric rod will finally make the dog motionless. Duration of electrocution differed by slaughter houses. First contact is within two seconds, and follow-on contact required longer contacts. At some slaughterhouses with poor electricity system, the dog did not lose consciousness after using electric shock. Rather it tried to bite off the electric rod. It is one cruel episode that proved electrocution does not instantly kill the animal. According to our research, electric shock is followed by plucking, where whole process took two to five minutes. Dogs can hardly be dead in such a short period of time. In such cases, dogs are paralyzed but still conscious to suffer from the pain of plucking and die.”
    Here the plucking or removal of fur is done by throwing the dog often paralyzed and unable to move but still conscious into the boiling water and then into the rotating drum that removes the fur. This is a terrifying and excruciating experience beyond imagination.
    Sometimes unconscious but still alive dogs are blow torched to remove fur.
    You can see an evidence of this cruelty from this video of raid by a Korean TV broadcast company and an animal rights group in Korea called Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE):
    Please view this video that shows the dogs being transported to Seongnam Moran market (the largest dog meat market in the country) during the pitch darkness of the night, taken one by one out of the cages where they were packed unable to move for many hours, electrocuted and thrown into boiling water. Some of these dogs thrown into the boiling water could be still alive and able to feel the excruciating pain and terror of being boiled alive. (At 6:17 this scene starts).
    According to the CARE’s report from their year long undercover investigation last October (visiting total of 82 locations of dog meat farms, markets, slaughterhouses,..) of dog meat industry, FAQ #7, “Electric shock brings extreme pain, and dogs often remain conscious throughout repeated applications. It is known that in some cases, dogs stay perfectly conscious even when they are put in boiling water or hair removal machines.”
    Cruelty happens at all stages at S. Korean dog meat industry. Here are few videos showing the cruelty during the transport and at the market:
    In addition to the unspeakable cruelty perpetrated dog meat trade is also a serious threat to human health. Dog farms are hotbed for infectious diseases. Since there is no disease control these dogs suffer from diseases from highly infectious and transmittable bacteria, virus, ectoparasites, endoparasites, and fungi. Out of 165 dogs bred at a dog farm in Seoul area, 83 dogs(50.3%) were infected with endoparasites and 23 dogs(20.2%) were infected with heart worm.
    Locked in cages for months, dogs are bored and stressed from being packed with other dogs and constant stench. Stress hormone weakens their immune system and they become susceptible to hormonal diseases such as hyperadrenocorticism.
    Large dose of heavy metal that accumulated in the organs and caused internal body malfunction is detected in dog meat. Heavy metal is assumed to have been accumulated from eating leftover food waste and low-end feed (remains from slaughter houses). Many serious and often life threatening diseases can be attributable to this unsanitary and inhumane dog meat industry and they include animal bites and scratches, Bubonic Plague, Camphylobacter, Cutaneous larval migrans, Giardiasis, Lyme Disease, Psittacosis, Rabies, Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, Visceral Larva Migrans, Anthrax, Bebesiosis, Brucellosis, Colibacilosis,… Read the extensive research report by KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates)
    S Korea’s Dangerous Health Food – Inconvenient Truth About Dog Meat 1 of 2 with English Caption:
    S Korea’s Dangerous Health Food – Inconvenient Truth About Dog Meat 2 of 2 with English Caption:
    See more undercover videos from S. Korean dog market, slaughterhouses here:
    There is no appropriate animal-protection legislation to prevent the animal cruelty currently taking place in S. Korea. As someone who believes strongly that animals should not be treated in this way, I request that UN organizations investigate and address this issue immediately. Please sanction S. Korean government until they strengthen the Animal Protection Law to prevent animal cruelty and to introduce basic animal-protection regulations. It must also provide penalties for violations and ensure that mistreated animals can be legally seized from abusers and given immediate refuge. I request that UN organizations insist S. Korean Government to create an enforceable law to ban the torture, killing, sale, and consumption of dogs and cats. Please don’t let the S. Korean government get away with this outrageous cruelty to companion animals.
    The favor of your reply is requested.
    For the love of all that is decent and sacred, *please* do something now !
    Thank you,
    Juli Kring
    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
    ~St. Francis of Assisi

    “All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life.”

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    ~Mahatma Gandhi

    12400 Brookglade Cr 42
    Houston Texas
    [email protected]

  4. Kristina Renshaw
    Kristina RenshawJanuary 28,15

    I’ve signed many of these petitions, they need to also sort out their human rights law and stop killing children and families in prisons.

    • Maire Roche
      Maire RocheJanuary 29,15

      Please stop this cruel trade in dog meat.

  5. Ann Gould Massoubre
    Ann Gould MassoubreJanuary 28,15

    Stop killing dogs for food !

  6. andrea
    andreaJanuary 28,15

    This must stop now!

  7. Miriam schiro
    Miriam schiroJanuary 28,15

    It is so horrific how gruesome abuse n killing of these gentle innocent companion animals is still going on. I’m shock that this is even allowed. This needs to stop!

  8. Kim Venturo
    Kim VenturoJanuary 28,15

    Dear Korean Government Officials:

    As an American citizen, I am angry and appalled over the torture and consumption of companion animals in South Korea. Every day on social media we are hearing of horrific abuse and seeing shocking images and videos of innocent dogs being tortured and killed in your country. (for example see: ). I POST THEM REGULARLY TO CREATE AWARENESS AND ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE.

    Even though Korea has an Animal Protection Law for companion animals, it is meaningless as the Korean government does not enforce it. As a consequence dogs are still beaten, hung, electrocuted, and brutally treated by farmers and slaughterers. In addition, both dogs and cats are still being boiled alive for so-called elixirs having no medical properties except in the minds of gullible

    These practices have no place in the modern world. Yet, all this goes on in the open and the Korean government does nothing to stop it. Why? Other Asian countries have banned the eating of dog meat and the cruel industry that promotes it. Why not Korea?

    It is the responsibility of the Korean government to end the abhorrently cruel dog meat and cat medicine industries in Korea and start taking animal welfare seriously. This means educating its citizens about the importance of spaying and neutering, about not abandoning pets, and about treating animals humanely. Until these things are done Korea’s reputation in the international community will deservedly suffer.

    I urge you and the people of Korea to hearken to the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi who said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    Americans love their companion animals, dogs and cats alike. But it is not only for that reason we feel a special obligation to speak out on this issue. It is also that we remember well our many loved ones whose lives were sacrificed in your country insuring your freedom, and are mindful of the considerable treasure our country continues to spend for that same purpose. We can only pray that so much sacrifice has been worth the cost.

    Two and a half million South Korean dogs are electrocuted, hanged, or beaten to death each year. They are killed in the cruelest ways imaginable, because many South Koreans believe the insidious myth that the more an animal suffers, the tastier the meat and that the medical properties will be enhanced. Thousands of cats are also slaughtered for soups and so-called “health” tonics. They are thrown into boiling water while still alive.

    The practice of eating dogs is not widely accepted in South Korea. It gained popularity after the South Korean War. The practice continues to thrive with the aid of greedy restaurateurs, meat dealers, and butchers.

    Over the last decade, many in South Korea have embraced the notion of dogs and cats as animal companions. But we must take action to persuade the South Korean government to legalize a ban on dog and cat meat and forever stop this technically illegal, corrupt, and sordid industry.

    It is appalling that dogs and cats should be kept in filthy crates, forced to watch their cage mates being tortured and slaughtered. Eyewitnesses have reported dogs being literally torn apart while still alive, their tormentors saying that the more prolonged the torment of death, the better the taste. This attitude toward any living being is at best unforgivable

    Until the illegal dog meat and cat medicine industries have been finally abolished in Korea, I will boycott all Korean products and companies as well as the 2018 Olympics. I also intend to urge everyone I know to urge everyone they know, etc. to do the same. In addition I will unceasingly lobby our own government to do whatever is within its power to persuade Korea to join the civilized nations of the world with respect to its treatment of companion animals.

    Thank you for your time. The favor of your reply is requested.


    Kim Venturo

  9. Catherine Akram
    Catherine AkramJanuary 28,15


  10. Ana C. Rowling
    Ana C. RowlingJanuary 28,15

    DOGS are NOT FOOD! Boycott South Korean tourism! and ALL boycott South Korean products.

  11. Kathleen Nguyen
    Kathleen NguyenJanuary 28,15

    Please end this heartbreaking meat trade of dogs.

  12. Anne Grice
    Anne GriceJanuary 28,15

    Please pass legislation to ban eating of dogs and cats in Korea. Cats and dogs are for human companions and are not here for human food. The unspeakable torturing of dogs and cats is not acceptable in todays modern advanced civilisations like your country!

    GABRIELA BLANQUETJanuary 28,15


  14. Henry Horwitz
    Henry HorwitzJanuary 28,15


  15. Andrea Giolli
    Andrea GiolliJanuary 28,15

    Please end the horribly cruel dog meat trade!!! Dogs are very intelligent companion animals who need to experience love and compassion from humans!

  16. Ana Carolina Ferguson
    Ana Carolina FergusonJanuary 28,15

    stop this PLEASE !! Is really stupid !! We need them and they are very important to people who need therapy dogs !!

  17. Rebecca Stevens
    Rebecca StevensJanuary 28,15

    South Korea must stop killing and torturing innocent dogs for food. Not only is this barbaric and cruel, it is a practice that belongs in the dark ages. Dogs have lived with and served mankind for thousands of years and are are living, feeling entities which feel fear, pain and sadness. Until South Korea ends this evil practice forever, I will not be purchasing any goods nor will I visit your country as a tourist. Please enact strong animal protection laws and stricktly enforce them immediately.

  18. nina clausen
    nina clausenJanuary 28,15

    Stop th dogmeat, dogs and cats are our pets, we don´t eat them and we do not Wear their fur. Animals feel pain like you and me and are created by God.
    Dogs help people WHO are blinde, handicap and mental not in balance. they help Police to find drugs and bombs and missing people by earth creak.
    Cats help farmers to catch rats or mouse and sick and weak birds and help people if they are mental not in balance. Dogs and cats are healthy for people with ilness in their Heart.

    So stop the cruety holocaust of dogs and cats in South Korea

  19. Hermann Kastner
    Hermann KastnerJanuary 28,15

    Imagine, that you would be one of these poor dogs or cats… please stop this cruel practice…..

  20. Robin Goldansky
    Robin GoldanskyJanuary 28,15

    Please stop this horrific practice effective immediately. I cannot express how horribly inhumane and awful this is. In this day and age, it is unnecessary and inexcusable. As you live longer you realize that when you know better, you do better and we are far too civilized to allow this to continue. I will never travel to your country or any other country until this is stopped. I also pledge to you that I will share what goes on with everyone that I know. In this world of FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter, bad news travels very fast and the world becomes a very small place indeed. You have the ability and the power to make this change. Please do.

  21. Ana Isabel Vázquez Santos
    Ana Isabel Vázquez SantosJanuary 28,15

    Las leyes deben proteger a los más débiles y a los indefensos, como es este caso. Es una cuestión de justicia. Si te interesa defender a los animales y evitar estos abusos, debes ser consciente de que la acción política y legislativa, es la más eficaz. . . se deben establecer unos derechos que los amparen. . .

  22. laila
    lailaJanuary 28,15

    Le popolazioni di tutto il mondo vi stanno giudicando !!!!! Cio che state facendo e’ una cosa indegna, aberrante,disumana. Non esiste cultura o tradizione che giustifichi tutto questo. La sofferenza che viene inflitta a queste povere creature denota solo sadismo e cattiveria. Non verrò mai a visitare il vostro paese perchè privo di qualsiasi senso di civilta’ e sconsiglierò chiunque volesse farlo. Farò di tutto perchè il vostro paese venga boicottato.

  23. Marilyn Long
    Marilyn LongJanuary 28,15

    Please end this cruel and needless suffering. Dogs and cats are companion animals and need to be treated as such.

  24. Lisa Estupinan
    Lisa EstupinanJanuary 29,15

    Dear Minister, please have mercy on these loyal, intelligent and highly sensitive animals. They are innocents and are helpless to the torture and savage abuse to which they are subjected. I will not travel to or support any products made by any Asian country that practices this vile and terrible form of animal abuse to dogs and cats. Please consider those that wish to visit your country and ban the dog meat trade.

  25. julie watson
    julie watsonJanuary 29,15

    please help stop the cruel and barbarrick dog and cat meat trade ,its so cruel ,they are not for human consumption the are domestic pets please stop this now ,they are gods creatures and they suffer horrific deaths , thankyou

  26. Nicola Stewart
    Nicola StewartJanuary 29,15

    Do you really not know how appalled and sickened everyone is with this horrific, prehistoric practice? Ending it will only bring good things for you.

  27. Bradley Rae
    Bradley RaeJanuary 29,15

    Dear Korean leaders,

    This barbaric and torturous handling of animals has to end. it needs to be outlawed and heavy fines/imprisonment needs to handed down to those that do.
    The barbaric nature in which these animals are living until their final moments cannot go unpunished to those who do this.

    Please take action and end this

  28. T Duf
    T DufJanuary 29,15

    Please put an end to this, Ban the dog meat trade. It is cruel and barbaric and I am ashamed that in this day and age people are condoning this vile horrific practice. End it now, no ifs or buts

  29. toni harrison-kahn
    toni harrison-kahnJanuary 29,15

    I am sickened to my stomach that such actions are condoned by by the KOREAN GOVERNMENT, which only shows the backwardness of the KOREAN PEOPLE in this the 21st Century. It is shameful to think that such ignorance still prevails by a people from a country that is part of the modern world. It is time your people were brought into the light. Animals have rights and are on this earth NOT to serve, but to share this wonderful world….NO ANIMAL HAS EVER DESTROYED THE WORLD, but MAN to his shame has killed, desecrated, maimed and caused war, through both greed and ignorance…MAN is the scourge of this beautiful planet. SOUTH KOREA COULD LEAD THE WAY, EDUCATE YOUR PEOPLES….if not they will be the losers in the end…they will be left behind,

  30. Roxana Cazares
    Roxana CazaresJanuary 29,15

    We would not visit a country that inflicts so much abuse and suffering to defenseless animals. Dogs and cats are family members too.We will boys Korea until they ban dog/cat meat and fur cruel and vile business. It’s time for Korea to evolve!

  31. Marie Turk
    Marie TurkJanuary 29,15

    Dear Minister,

    How many people does it take to CONDEMN North and South Korea for their appalling ABUSE of innocent animals. These HELL HOLES of animal killing markets should be closed down IMMEDIATELY! I have NO wish to visit countries who carry out these atrocities on animals and rate of disease must be HIGH! I hope the individuals who take part in these poor animals’ killings and those that eat them will die of some HORRIBLE DISEASE themselves!

  32. elisa kleven
    elisa klevenJanuary 29,15

    Dear Minister, It is beyond appalling that a “civilized” country such as South Korea should show such barbaric treatment to our companion animals, animals whose very purpose in life is to love and protect us. Shame on the insane and despicable dog and cat meat industry and all who support it. My friends, community and I are boycotting all travel to and products from your country until meaningful steps are taken to destroy this cruel practice.

  33. Tamara Korotych
    Tamara KorotychJanuary 29,15

    Dear Sir,

    If God gave you the place of influence – change your country for better! Change it to become a part of civilized world – stop torturing and eating animals God gave people as friends!

    You can make a difference. This is YOUR time in history to make a history of your country!

    Tamara Korotych

  34. Dave and Rita Cross
    Dave and Rita CrossJanuary 29,15

    If S. Korea does not make BIG changes soon and end all the dog and cat meat markets, it is time to boycott travel to this country and their products, such as KIA, Hyundai, Samsung, LG and others!!! The world is ashamed of this barbaric cruelty inflicted on animals 24/7! S. Korea should be ashamed as well for their total lack of civility and compassion!!! Boycott them, NOW!

  35. Teresa K
    Teresa KJanuary 30,15

    This is barbaric and murder. Korea should be ashamed of the cruelty to animals. They have emotions and understanding of toddlers. I will boycott and encourage other people around the world to boycott all products from Korea. It is these kinds of things that turns the world against your country and people. It makes Koreans look like ignorant cruel evil people. BOYCOTT KOREA! Contact our leaders and demand they stop trade with Korea too!

  36. Moanne Chow
    Moanne ChowJanuary 30,15

    No more torturing dogs and cats. South Korea needs to change!

    • julie watson
      julie watsonJanuary 31,15

      Please stop the cruel dog and cat meat trade ,Korea, China and other countries need to be educated into realizeing they are not for human consumption.Its a cruel and horrific trade the suffering of these poor defencless animals MUST STOP NOW,please have it in youre heart to stop it now they are gods creatures they are domestic animals not for the dinner plate,i will never visit these places or buy any thing from these countries along with many others until this barbarrick trade stops.It makes all Chinese and Koreans look the same and im sure they are not ,so let us know youre not one of these evil people and have a good heart to stop this.

  37. markgil
    markgilJanuary 31,15

    “We send one species to the butcher and give our love and kindness to another apparently for no reason other than because it’s the way things are. When our attitudes and behaviors towards animals are so inconsistent, and this inconsistency is so unexamined, we can safely say we have been fed absurdities.”-Dr. Melanie Joy

  38. Rose Seifried
    Rose SeifriedJanuary 31,15

    Please, all government officials and people of South Korea, please stop the merciless torture and killing of innocent dogs and cats. There is no acceptable or moral reason for this kind of cruelty. No living creature, human or non-human, ever deserves to be tortured, to live their lives in misery until they are tortured and killed. No matter what God you believe in, or whomever or whatever you believe makes this world go round, that God or other being or the universe itself, would not condone it. To slaughter any living being with total lack of compassion or conscience, is abominable behavior and speaks to the decay of the nation that allows, or even condones it. Please, please, for the sake of all living creatures in this world, stop this horrific behavior. Thank you.

  39. Murry Caetano
    Murry CaetanoJanuary 31,15

    You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals. -Mahatma Gandhi.

  40. Elisabete Sales
    Elisabete SalesJanuary 31,15

    I don’t know what to think about a country and people that kill man’s best friend!!!
    I’m devastated. Please stop this NOW!!!

  41. may gries
    may griesFebruary 1,15

    Please stop abuse the animals.
    Hope you give more education people how to treat animals and stop eating dog and cat meats.

  42. J.E Oswald
    J.E OswaldFebruary 1,15

    A nation is judged by the way it treats its animals no nation treats its animals as should be but the torture used by China and Asia is inhumane and evil.I am NOT surprised at China who are heartless, cruel, empty and evil as this is a nation who are barbaric and behind the time,that the rest of Asia are as bad as China shows how suppressed you all are from this cruel powerful nation.Join the 21 st century move on and respect all life animals feel pain and fear.

  43. Larisa
    LarisaFebruary 1,15

    I hate you!

  44. jill
    jillFebruary 3,15

    You a sick nation, who have no compassion for the innocent animals you torture. EVIL HUMAN SCUM.

  45. Teresa
    TeresaFebruary 4,15

    Please stop the cruelty! The world is watching! God is watching too!

  46. Dianora Niccolini
    Dianora NiccoliniFebruary 11,15


  47. Jill Farley
    Jill FarleyFebruary 14,15

    This is horrible. What kind of mother raised you?
    A man will be judged by the way he treats his

  48. Veronique Ciesielski
    Veronique CiesielskiFebruary 14,15

    Jamais je ne pourrais faire du tourisme dans votre pays.

    Comment peut-on se détendre , être heureux , passer de bons moments dans un pays où je serais malade de voir toute cette cruauté envers les chiens.

    Je ne peux comprendre de telles pratiques, c’ est incompréhensible, innaceptable pour de nombreuses personnes sur cette planête et vous ne faites rien pour que cela cesse.

    Vous n’ avez aucune pitié envers ces chiens, alors que nous , nous les protégeons.

    Ces actes me rendent malade et je ne voudrais jamais en être témoin car j’ aurais toujours ces images en tête.

  49. emilia
    emiliaFebruary 15,15

    Stop a questi aberranti maltrattamenti, lo sapete che vi viene il tumore? Spero che vi possa sopraggiungere al piu presto così la smetterete di compiere questi atti satanici e privi di ogni rispetto per la vita e soprattutto per voi stessi schifosi orchi!!!!!!

  50. Hannelore Kisker
    Hannelore KiskerFebruary 17,15

    It´s complete out of questions, how inhumane this is….

  51. Pam turner
    Pam turnerFebruary 17,15

    The world is watching you Korea as to how you are letting this WIcked Cruel trade of poor defenceless cats and dogs suffer for the meat trade.maybe you think you are an isolated country that can not be touched by other countires but things change , time will tell.Would not it be nice to be a loved country instead of a wicked nation towards animals.Please help these god, s creations.

  52. Terry W
    Terry WFebruary 20,15

    Korea you disgust us, you should hang your heads in shame. I only wish that all of you involved in this industry and those who buy from you would be crushed into a cage without mercy and tortured and then you might stop and think how it feels to these terrified animals that are in unbelievable pain. If only it would happen to you, just try to comprehend it. STOP. Shame on you. You have no respect, you get no respect.

  53. Harald Bilek
    Harald BilekFebruary 25,15


  54. jacqueline cruz
    jacqueline cruzMarch 25,15

    Ya es que hora de cambiemos la forma de tratar a los animales, de causarles tanto dolor y sufrimiento.

  55. Korea Sucks
    Korea SucksMarch 28,15

    I have a great idea! Why don’t you and your families come here to America so I stuff you all in a small wire cage with no food or water for hours before I torture and butcher you! All you people look well fed and I’m sure you will provide enough meet for me to eat for at least a few weeks! So, please, come on down and I’ll fire up the BBQ!

  56. Rose Miras
    Rose MirasApril 8,15

    Disgusting !! Evil evil evil !!!!
    We are in the 21st century !!

  57. soraya ghisleni
    soraya ghisleniApril 26,15

    Please help dogs and cats ! Don’t permet people eat them!
    Many thanks.

  58. Michelle Taylor
    Michelle TaylorApril 26,15

    I advocate that the same be done to you uncivilised filthbags.Dog and cat murdering filthbags most definitely must be exterminated.
    An eye for an eye is in order!

  59. alla
    allaJune 5,15

    stop it!

  60. Cheryl
    CherylJune 30,15

    So cruel & sadistic. People that could torture animals could easily do the same to a human.

  61. Andrea Drault
    Andrea DraultJuly 11,15

    Please stop it

  62. Saurabh Deo
    Saurabh DeoJuly 17,15

    Please stop all the dog meat trading and markets. They are our companions, stop this demon activity in your country. Is there anything call mercy or humanity in your country. I will never buy any Korean product and educate others on doing the same until this barbaric activity is stopped completely.

  63. Asya Thashokova
    Asya ThashokovaJuly 18,15

    We all know that getting in other counties affars is impolite. But the South Korea is one of the modernest counties in the whole world. Why don’t you simpathy to these creatures? They are innoncent angels who love their owners more than themselves. If you don’t want to stop this sadistic, cruel tradition. PLEASE try make for them better condition and deaths not in such cruel way. THey are alive and feel everything – pain, fear, starving. All creatures on the Earth deserve painfulless death. Stop cruely! Cruelty creates cruely, nothing kind at all! Let’s be PEOPLE

  64. Amy Glogowski
    Amy GlogowskiJuly 18,15

    This is pure murder, these people are killing family members (pets) from all over the world & they need to be held accountable for the theft & murder of animals! No hearts, just cold blooded murders who need to abolish this barbaric practice now! Poor animals who suffer so bad for their sick practices.

  65. Eleni Duplessis
    Eleni DuplessisAugust 9,15

    “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
    “Animals suffer, they have emotions and feelings”. – Former education minister Luc Ferry

    “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    “One is not called noble who harms living beings. By not harming living beings one is called noble.”
    – The Buddha

  66. JerriLyn Miller
    JerriLyn MillerJanuary 30,16


    PATTI MORGANJune 20,16


  68. hans-herwig häfele
    hans-herwig häfeleJune 21,16

    This is pure murder, these people are killing family members (pets) from all over the world & they need to be held accountable for the theft & murder of animals! No hearts, just cold blooded murders who need to abolish this barbaric practice now! Poor animals who suffer so bad for their sick practices. Please stop it

  69. Karen Johnson
    Karen JohnsonJune 21,16

    The only Korea which I wish to imagine is the one in which the evil torture and murder of dogs and cats has been eradicated. Until then, no amount of glossy media hype can disguise what a truly cruel, barbaric and disgusting nation Korea really is.

  70. Vera elcham
    Vera elchamJune 22,16

    This evil that you call culture is nothing more then pure evil. It must be stopped. Torturing animals this way makes me think what human of this kind would do such a thing. I will keep fighting this evilness that you continue to do. Never be silent.

  71. Salome
    SalomeJune 22,16

    Blasted demons, that’s what they are. They’re not people – the saints and the ancient scriptures say so too. We’re being overrun by bloody demons! We must stop this utter insanity. This is overwhelmingly horrible!!!

  72. JOANNA
    JOANNAJuly 7,16


  73. naomi cohen
    naomi cohenJuly 16,16

    this practice that never should have started, is disgraceful and stomach-turning.
    you people make me sick.

  74. Marek Gorski
    Marek GorskiJuly 26,16

    We all must respect all live , and dogs , and cats , are our best companion , and friends . Dont eat friends .


    Es kann nicht sein das unsere intelligenten Mitgeschöpfe auf diese grausame Art und Weise zusammen gefercht werden und bestialisch ermordet werden. Stoppen sie das. . Sofort Bitte

  76. anna myrha
    anna myrhaSeptember 7,16

    Please stop this horrific trade. Why is this still happening? Shame on everyone involved and everyone who does nothing to stop this. Thousands of animals are being tortured and horrifically murdered for what? The world is screaming out and this is so shameful. Please please help

  77. Maria
    MariaDecember 18,16

    Filed about a month ago. ZERO reaction. Looks like that site exists just to fool people.

  78. ely mens
    ely mensJanuary 19,17

    the only way to tell these outdated, backwards & historically barbaric countries is to boycott. These parasitic barbarians only understand greed & money. BOYCOTT all products from these countries!

  79. Dog Advocate
    Dog AdvocateFebruary 22,17

    You could not pay me to visit a country who treats Dogs and cats like that. These are not Godly people. They are the evil and wicked as described in the Bible.

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