South Koreans: start taking responsibility for enforcing your own country’s laws: stop the illegal dog and cat meat trades.

Despite the fact that dog and cat meat consumption is an everyday occurrence and is being carried out all over South Korea, it is NOT LEGAL in that country. Their Government does nothing to stop this illegal practice and they seem happy to ignore it; many Korean citizens are just as apathetic and must also be held accountable.

This is the 21st Century, and it is high time that all South Koreans, leaders and general public alike, stand up and take responsibility to enforce their own country’s laws. South Korea and South Koreans cannot continue to ignore these brutal and unethical trades, so let us campaign to urge each of South Korea’s cities to enforce their laws and to put an immediate end to these illegal dog and cat meat trades.

Below are the most populous cities in South Korea. Please sign our petitions and send postal letters to these cities calling for an end to these illegal trades. Postal addresses for the Mayors are shown in the petition. You can use our petition as sample letter (just copy and paste) or use your own words.

Please note: We will be adding more petitions so please check back with us often. Thank you!

Video: Media Triage:”The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea” is the most in-depth investigation into South Korea’s dog meat trade. Investigations were conducted over 18 months by journalists and activists culminating in this documentary and a book.

Video: MBC News. Illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses with heartbreaking cries of dogs. The activist group, “Animal Rescue 119”, walking across Korea to expose South Korea’s horrific dog meat farms.

South Korean Cities Petition Campaign Status
No. City/County/Province 🔽 Click for Petition! Province Date Petition Created 🔽 Click for Call to Action!
1 Seoul N/A 1/9/2013 Click! Response 1/4/2019
2 Busan Gyeongsangnam-do 11/12/2012 Click!
3 Incheon Gyeonggi-do 7/8/2018 Click!
4 Daegu Gyeongsangbuk-do 11/13/2012 Click!
5 Daejeon Chungcheonnam-do 7/9/2018 Click!
6 Gwangju Jeollanam-do 7/9/2018 Click!
7 Sejong N/A 7/17/2018 Click!
8 Ansan Gyeonggi-do 7/1/2018 Click!
9 Anseong Gyeonggi-do 7/31/2018 Click!
10 Anyang Gyeonggi-do 7/31/2018 Click!
11 Bucheon – Future “Dog Meat Free City”! Gyeonggi-do Not applicable.
12 Dongducheon Gyeonggi-do 8/1/2018 Click!
13 Uijeongbu Gyeonggi-do 8/24/2018 Click!
14 Uiwang Gyeonggi-do 8/25/2018 Click!
15 Gimpo Gyeonggi-do 6/18/2018 Click!
16 Goyang Gyeonggi-do 7/14/2012 Click!
17 Gunpo Gyeonggi-do 8/25/2018 Click!
18 Guri Gyeonggi-do 8/26/2018 Click!
19 Gwacheon Gyeonggi-do
20 Gwangju Gyeonggi-do 8/29/2018 Click!
21 Gwangmyeong Gyeonggi-do 8/29/2018 Click!
22 Hanam Gyeonggi-do 8/31/2018 Click!
23 Hwaseong Gyeonggi-do 9/2/2018 Click!
24 Icheon Gyeonggi-do 9/2/2018 Click!
25 Namyangju Gyeonggi-do 2011 Click!
26 Osan Gyeonggi-do 9/3/2018 Click!
27 Paju Gyeonggi-do 9/6/2018 Click!
28 Pocheon Gyeonggi-do 9/7/2018 Click!
29 Pyeongtaek Gyeonggi-do 7/2/2018 Click!
30 Seongnam Gyeonggi-do 11/1/2012 Click!
31 Siheung Gyeonggi-do 6/30/2018 Click!
32 Suwon Gyeonggi-do 7/18/2018 Click!
33 Yangju Gyeonggi-do 9/6/2018 Click!
34 Yeoju Gyeonggi-do 9/7/2018 Click!
35 Yongin Gyeonggi-do 9/3/2018 Click!
36 Cheongju Chungcheongbuk-do 9/12/2018 Click! Response 10/30/2018
37 Chungju Chungcheongbuk-do 9/12/2018 Click!
38 Jecheon Chungcheongbuk-do 9/16/2018 Click!
39 Asan Chungcheongnam-do 9/16/2018 Click!
40 Boryeong Chungcheongnam-do 9/17/2018 Click!
41 Cheonan Chungcheongnam-do 9/18/2018 Click!
42 Dangjin Chungcheongnam-do 9/20/2018 Click!
43 Gongju Chungcheongnam-do 9/21/2018 Click!
44 Gyeryong Chungcheongnam-do 9/21/2018 Click!
45 Nonsan Chungcheongnam-do 9/24/2018 Click!
46 Seosan Chungcheongnam-do 9/24/2018 Click!
47 Chuncheon Gangwon-do 9/24/2018 Click!
48 Donghae Gangwon-do 9/24/2018 Click!
49 Gangneung Gangwon-do 9/27/2018 Click!
50 Samcheok Gangwon-do 9/28/2018 Click!
51 Sokcho Gangwon-do 10/1/2018 Click!
52 Taebaek Gangwon-do 10/3/2018 Click!
53 Wonju Gangwon-do 10/4/2018 Click!
54 Andong Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/4/2018 Click!
55 Gimcheon Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/4/2018 Click!
56 Gumi Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/4/2018 Click!
57 Gyeongju Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/5/2018 Click!
58 Gyeongsan Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/7/2018 Click!
59 Mungyeong Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/8/2018 Click!
60 Pohang Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/8/2018 Click!
61 Sangju Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/13/2018 Click!
62 Yeongcheon Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/13/2018 Click!
63 Yeongju Gyeongsangbuk-do 10/13/2018 Click!
64 Changwon Gyeongsangnam-do 10/16/2018 Click!
65 Geoje Gyeongsangnam-do 10/20/2018 Click! Response 11/20/2018
66 Gimhae Gyeongsangnam-do 10/22/2018 Click!
67 Jinju Gyeongsangnam-do 10/22/2018 Click!
68 Miryang Gyeongsangnam-do 10/24/2018 Click!
69 Sacheon Gyeongsangnam-do 10/24/2018 Click!
70 Tongyeong Gyeongsangnam-do 10/25/2018 Click!
71 Ulsan Gyeongsangnam-do 10/25/2018 Click!
72 Yangsan Gyeongsangnam-do 10/26/2018 Click!
73 Jeju Jeju-do 8/9/2018 Click!
74 Seogwipo Jeju-do 8/7/2018 Click!
75 Gimje Jeollabuk-do 10/26/2018 Click! Response 1/9/2019
76 Gunsan Jeollabuk-do 9/13/2018 Click!
77 Iksan Jeollabuk-do 7/16/2018 Click!
78 Jeongeup Jeollabuk-do 10/29/2018 Click! Response 11/21/2018
79 Jeonju – Future “Dog Meat Free City”! Jeollabuk-do Not applicable. Response 1/8/2019
80 Namwon Jeollabuk-do 10/30/2018 Click!
81 Gwangyang Jeollanam-do 11/2/2018 Click!
82 Mokpo Jeollanam-do 11/5/2018 Click!
83 Naju Jeollanam-do 11/5/2018 Click!
84 Suncheon Jeollanam-do 11/8/2018 Click!
85 Yeosu Jeollanam-do 11/9/2018 Click!
86 Yeoncheon County Gyeonggi-do 11/9/2018 Click!
87 Gapyeong County Gyeonggi-do 11/10/2018 Click!
88 Yangpyeong County Gyeonggi-do 11/10/2018 Click!
89 Hongcheon County Gangwon-do 11/10/2018 Click!
90 Hoengseong County Gangwon-do 11/11/2018 Click!
91 Yeongwol County Gangwon-do 11/11/2018 Click!
92 Pyeongchang County Gangwon-do 11/12/2018 Click!
93 Jeongseon County Gangwon-do 11/12/2018 Click!
94 Cheorwon County Gangwon-do 11/13/2018 Click!
95 Hwacheon County Gangwon-do 11/13/2018 Click!
96 Yanggu County Gangwon-do 11/14/2018 Click!
97 Inje County Gangwon-do 11/15/2018 Click!
98 Goseong County Gangwon-do 11/16/2018 Click!
99 Yangyang County Gangwon-do 11/17/2018 Click!
100 Boeun County Chungcheongbuk-do 11/18/2018 Click!
101 Okcheon County Chungcheongbuk-do 11/18/2018 Click!
102 Yeongdong County Chungcheongbuk-do 11/18/2018 Click!
103 Jeungpyeong County Chungcheongbuk-do 11/20/2018 Click!
104 Goesan County Chungcheongbuk-do 11/20/2018 Click!
105 Jincheon County Chungcheongbuk-do 11/20/2018 Click!
106 Eumseong County Chungcheongbuk-do 11/20/2018 Click!
107 Danyang County Chungcheongbuk-do 11/20/2018 Click!
108 Geumsan County Chungcheongnam-do 11/20/2018 Click!
109 Buyeo County Chungcheongnam-do 11/22/2018 Click!
110 Seocheon County Chungcheongnam-do 11/22/2018 Click!
111 Cheongyang County Chungcheongnam-do 11/25/2018 Click!
112 Hongseong County Chungcheongnam-do 11/26/2018 Click!
113 Yesan County Chungcheongnam-do 11/26/2018 Click!
114 Taean County Chungcheongnam-do 11/26/2018 Click!
115 Wanju County Jeollabuk-do 11/27/2018 Click!
116 Jinan County Jeollabuk-do 11/28/2018 Click!
117 Muju County Jeollabuk-do 11/28/2018 Click! Response 1/8/2019
118 Jangsu County Jeollabuk-do 11/29/2018 Click!
119 Imsil County Jeollabuk-do 11/29/2018 Click!
120 Sunchang County Jeollabuk-do 11/29/2018 Click!
121 Gochang County Jeollabuk-do 11/30/2018 Click!
122 Buan County Jeollabuk-do 11/30/2018 Click! Response 1/11/2019
123 Damyang County Jeollanam-do 12/3/2018 Click!
124 Gokseong County Jeollanam-do 12/3/2018 Click!
125 Gurye County Jeollanam-do
126 Goheung County Jeollanam-do 12/3/2018 Click!
127 Boseong County Jeollanam-do 12/3/2018 Click!
128 Hwasun County Jeollanam-do 12/16/2018 Click!
129 Jangheung County Jeollanam-do 12/3/2018 Click!
130 Gangjin County Jeollanam-do 12/4/2018 Click!
131 Haenam County Jeollanam-do 12/16/2018 Click!
132 Yeoungam County Jeollanam-do 12/7/2018 Click!
133 Muan County Jeollanam-do 12/8/2018 Click!
134 Hampyeong County Jeollanam-do 12/9/2018 Click!
135 Yeonggwang County Jeollanam-do 12/10/2018 Click!
136 Jangseong County Jeollanam-do 12/10/2018 Click!
137 Wando County Jeollanam-do 12/19/2018 Click!
138 Jindo County Jeollanam-do 12/19/2018 Click!
139 Shinan County Jeollanam-do 12/11/2018 Click!
140 Gunwi County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/11/2018 Click!
141 Uiseong County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/11/2018 Click!
142 Cheongsong County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/13/2018 Click!
143 Yeongyang County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/14/2018 Click!
144 Yeongdeok County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/14/2018 Click!
145 Cheongdo County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/14/2018 Click!
146 Goryeong County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/14/2018 Click!
147 Seongju County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/14/2018 Click!
148 Chilgok County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/16/2018 Click!
149 Yecheon County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/16/2018 Click!
150 Bonghwa County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/16/2018 Click!
151 Uljin County Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/17/2018 Click!
152 Ulleung County Gyeongsangbuk-do
153 Uiryeong County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/18/2018 Click!
154 Haman County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/18/2018 Click! Response 1/9/2019
155 Changnyeong County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/18/2018 Click!
156 Goseong County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/20/2018 Click!
157 Namhae County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/20/2018 Click!
158 Hadong County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/20/2018 Click!
159 Sancheong County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/21/2018 Click!
160 Hamyang County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/21/2018 Click!
161 Geochang County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/22/2018 Click! Response 1/14/19
162 Hapcheon County Gyeongsangnam-do 12/23/2018 Click!
163 Chungcheongbuk-do Province Chungcheongbuk-do 12/23/2018 Click!
164 Chungcheongnam-do Province Chungcheongnam-do 12/23/2018 Click!
165 Gangwon-do Province Gangwon-do 12/23/2018 Click! Response 1/12/2019
166 Gyeonggi-do Province Gyeonggi-do 12/23/2018 Click! Response 1/11/2019
167 Gyeongsangbuk-do Province Gyeongsangbuk-do 12/23/2018 Click!
168 Gyeongsangnam-do Province Gyeongsangnam-do 12/24/2018 Click!
169 Jeju-do Province Jeju-do 12/24/2018 Click!
170 Jeollabuk-do Province Jeollabuk-do 12/24/2018 Click!
171 Jeollanam-do Province Jeollanam-do 12/24/2018 Click!
172 Seoul Jongno-gu N/A 2/7/2019 Click!
173 Seoul Jung-gu N/A 2/11/2019 Click!
174 Seoul Yongsan-gu N/A 2/12/2019 Click!
175 Seoul Seongdong-gu N/A 2/12/2019 Click!
176 Seoul Gwangjin-gu N/A 2/14/2019 Click!
177 Seoul Dongdaemun-gu N/A 2/16/2019 Click!
178 Seoul Jungnang-gu N/A 2/17/2019 Click!
179 Seoul Seongbuk-gu N/A 2/18/2019 Click!
180 Seoul Gangbuk-gu N/A 2/21/2019 Click!
181 Seoul Dobong-gu N/A 2/21/2019 Click!
182 Seoul Nowon-gu N/A 2/23/2019 Click!
183 Seoul Eunpyeong-gu N/A 2/23/2019 Click!
184 Seoul Seodaemun-gu N/A 2/24/2019 Click!
185 Seoul Mapo-gu N/A 2/24/2019 Click!
186 Seoul Yangcheon-gu N/A 2/25/2019 Click!
187 Seoul Gangseo-gu N/A 2/27/2019 Click!
188 Seoul Guro-gu N/A 2/28/2019 Click!
189 Seoul Geumcheon-gu N/A 3/2/2019 Click!
190 Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu N/A 3/3/2019 Click!
191 Seoul Dongjak-gu N/A 3/4/2019 Click!
192 Seoul Gwanak-gu N/A 3/4/2019 Click!
193 Seoul Seocho-gu N/A 3/5/2019 Click!
194 Seoul Gangnam-gu N/A 3/6/2019 Click!
195 Seoul Songpa-gu N/A 3/7/2019 Click!
196 Seoul Gangdong-gu N/A 3/8/2019 Click!
197 Busan Jung-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/9/2019 Click!
198 Busan Seo-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/11/2019 Click!
199 Busan Dong-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/12/2019 Click!
200 Busan Yeongdo-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/16/2019 Click!
201 Busan Busanjin-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/17/2019 Click!
202 Busan Dongnae-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/18/2019 Click!
203 Busan Nam-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/18/2019 Click!
204 Busan Buk-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/9/2019 Click!
205 Busan Haeundae-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/11/2019 Click!
206 Busan Saha-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/18/2019 Click!
207 Busan Geumjeong-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/19/2019 Click!
208 Busan Gangseo-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/23/2019 Click!
209 Busan Yeonje-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/23/2019 Click!
210 Busan Suyeong-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/23/2019 Click!
211 Busan Sasang-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 3/23/2019 Click!
212 Busan Gijang-gun Gyeongsangnam-do 3/23/2019 Click!
213 Daegu Jung-gu Gyeongsangbuk-do 3/24/2019 Click!
214 Daegu Dong-gu Gyeongsangbuk-do 3/25/2019 Click!
215 Daegu Seo-gu Gyeongsangbuk-do 3/25/2019 Click!
216 Daegu Nam-gu Gyeongsangbuk-do 3/25/2019 Click!
217 Daegu Buk-gu Gyeongsangbuk-do 3/24/2019 Click!
218 Daegu Suseong-gu Gyeongsangbuk-do 3/25/2019 Click!
219 Daegu Dalseo-gu Gyeongsangbuk-do 3/25/2019 Click!
220 Daegu Dalseong-gun Gyeongsangbuk-do 3/25/2019 Click!
221 Incheon Jung-gu Gyeonggi-do 3/29/2019 Click!
222 Incheon Dong-gu Gyeonggi-do 3/29/2019 Click!
223 Incheon Michuhol-gu Gyeonggi-do 3/29/2019 Click!
224 Incheon Yeonsu-gu Gyeonggi-do 3/30/2019 Click!
225 Incheon Namdong-gu Gyeonggi-do 3/30/2019 Click!
226 Incheon Bupyeong-gu Gyeonggi-do 3/31/2019 Click!
227 Incheon Gyeyang-gu Gyeonggi-do 3/31/2019 Click!
228 Incheon Seo-gu Gyeonggi-do 3/31/2019 Click!
229 Incheon Ganghwa-gun Gyeonggi-do 3/31/2019 Click!
230 Incheon Onjin-gun Gyeonggi-do 3/31/2019 Click!
231 Gwangju Dong-gu Jeollanam-do 4/1/2019 Click!
232 Gwangju Seo-gu Jeollanam-do 4/2/2019 Click!
233 Gwangju Nam-gu Jeollanam-do 4/4/2019 Click!
234 Gwangju Buk-gu Jeollanam-do 4/4/2019 Click!
235 Gwangju Gwangsan-gu Jeollanam-do 4/4/2019 Click!
236 Daejeon Dong-gu Chungcheongnam-do 4/6/2019 Click!
237 Daejeon Jung-gu Chungcheongnam-do 4/5/2019 Click!
238 Daejeon Seo-gu Chungcheongnam-do 4/6/2019 Click!
239 Daejeon Yuseong-gu Chungcheongnam-do 4/6/2019 Click!
240 Daejeon Daedeok-gu Chungcheongnam-do 4/6/2019 Click!
241 Ulsan Jung-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 4/8/2019 Click!
242 Ulsan Dong-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 4/8/2019 Click!
243 Ulsan Nam-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 4/8/2019 Click!
244 Ulsan Buk-gu Gyeongsangnam-do 4/9/2019 Click!
245 Ulsan Ulju-gun Gyeongsangnam-do 4/9/2019 Click!
246 Ansan Sangnok-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/11/2019 Click!
247 Ansan Danwon-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/13/2019 Click!
248 Anyang Manan-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/13/2019 Click!
249 Anyang Dongan-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/14/2019 Click!
250 Seongnam Sujeong-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/18/2019 Click!
251 Seongnam Jungwon-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/18/2019 Click!
252 Seongnam Bundang-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/19/2019 Click!
253 Goyang Deokyang-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/20/2019 Click!
254 Goyang Ilsandong-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/20/2019 Click!
255 Goyang Ilsanseo-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/20/2019 Click!
256 Namyangju Wabu-eup, Joan-myeon Gyeonggi-do 4/21/2019 Click!
257 Namyangju Jinjeop-eup, Onam-eup Gyeonggi-do 4/22/2019 Click!
258 Namyangju Hwado-eup, Sudong-myeon Gyeonggi-do 4/22/2019 Click!
259 Namyangju Jingeon-eup, Toegaewon-myeon Gyeonggi-do 4/23/2019 Click!
260 Namyangju Hopyeong-dong, Pyeongnae-dong Gyeonggi-do 4/25/2019 Click!
261 Yongin Cheoin-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/26/2019 Click!
262 Yongin Giheung-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/27/2019 Click!
263 Yongin Suji-gu Gyeonggi-do 4/27/2019 Click!
264 Gimpo Tongjin-eup Gyeonggi-do 4/28/2019 Click!
265 Gimpo Yangchon-eup Gyeonggi-do 4/29/2019 Click!
266 Gimpo Gimpobon-dong Gyeonggi-do 5/4/2019 Click!
267 Gimpo Wolgot-myeon Gyeonggi-do 5/4/2019 Click!
268 Gimpo Sau-dong Gyeonggi-do 5/6/2019 Click!
269 Gimpo Janggi-dong Gyeonggi-do
270 Gimpo Unyang-dong Gyeonggi-do
271 Gimpo Gochon-eup Gyeonggi-do
272 Gimpo Daegot-myeon Gyeonggi-do
273 Gimpo Haseong-myeon Gyeonggi-do
274 Gimpo Janggibon-dong Gyeonggi-do
275 Gimpo Pungmu-dong Gyeonggi-do
276 Gimpo Gurae-dong Gyeonggi-do
277 Suwon Yeongtong-gu Gyeonggi-do 5/6/2019 Click!
278 Suwon Jangan-gu Gyeonggi-do 5/12/2019 Click!
279 Suwon Gwonseon-gu Gyeonggi-do 5/17/2019 Click!
280 Suwon Paldal-gu Gyeonggi-do 5/19/2019 Click!
281 Gwangju Opo-eup Gyeonggi-do 6/16/2019 Click!
282 Gwangju Chowol-eup Gyeonggi-do 6/18/2019 Click!
283 Gwangju Gonjiam-eup Gyeonggi-do 6/18/2019 Click!
284 Gwangju Docheok-myeon Gyeonggi-do 6/18/2019 Click!
285 Gwangju Tuaechon-myeon Gyeonggi-do
286 Gwangju Namjong-myeon Gyeonggi-do
287 Gwangju Namhansanseong-myeon Gyeonggi-do
288 Gwangju Kyeongan-dong Gyeonggi-do
289 Gwangju Songjeong-dong Gyeonggi-do
290 Gwangju Gwangnam-dong Gyeonggi-do

Photos: Dog farms and slaughterhouses in South Korea,

  1. Anna Ferrero
    Anna FerreroJuly 11,18

    no comment

    • Herbert Staniek
      Herbert StaniekJuly 15,18

      Is South Korea a civilized country?
      Without the help of dogs and cats civilization as we know it clearly would not exist.
      Without the help of dogs it would not have been possible for our far ancestors to change
      their nomadic way of life against a settled one. No dogs – no domesticated animal herds the dogs helped to defend against predators; no dogs – nobody to keep watch against enemies; no dogs – no aid in hunting.
      No cats – no one to defend crops against the onslaught of noxious rodents.
      Dogs and cats have been mankinds LOYAL servants for thousands of years. We OWE dogs and cats a lot. It is about time we repay them a little bit of this debt in form of kindness or at least – mercy.
      So … IS South Korea a civilized country?

      • Julie Bexon
        Julie BexonJuly 27,18

        So well said and this is a timely reminder. Human Beings where ever we settle upon this globe has to be kind and considerate to All Animals. Our Animal Kingdom a rightly named. We have the Power to STOP this animal cruelty as a command in the name of our Animals Rights. There ARE more Good people than the ones would are not of a higher consciousness level aswell. Justice shall prevail as we bring it into action

      • George M.Deprelle
        George M.DeprelleJuly 30,18


      • Joanne Perrett
        Joanne PerrettAugust 4,18

        so well articulated Herbert! South Korea is ignorant and shameful!

      • Ann Long
        Ann LongAugust 22,18

        No, South Koreans are clearly not a civilized people and I object to my country giving any aid to them.

      • Donna Carey
        Donna CareyAugust 23,18

        No, absolutely not!

    • Martha Green
      Martha GreenJuly 17,18

      The bible also has states that you should not eat animals with paws. This is a sick practice to slaughter these loyal animals. It reveals a disturbing aspect of one’s character who would slaughter a thinking, loving loyal animal. IT’s SICK.

      • Libuše Frankovå
        Libuše FrankovåJuly 20,18

        Korejský národ je bezcitný a nemá soucit se zvířaty. Nerespektují zákony pro ochranu zvířat a jejich dobré podmínky. Zastavte toto sadistické mučení. Celý svět se spojuje a podepisuje petice proti sadismu.

    • Cindycox
      CindycoxJuly 18,18

      Evil people

    • e zuniga
      e zunigaJuly 19,18

      Please do not buy or consume any china products, this is so sad, my heart breaks everyday, the horrifying way to die for these family member, it is so sick.

  2. Giovanna
    GiovannaJuly 12,18

    No comment

  3. Basabi Banerjee
    Basabi BanerjeeJuly 15,18

    In India burning a woman on her husband’s pyre had been a custom for thousands of years. But it had been banned 200 years ago. Grow up S Korea. Barbarism can’t be accepted under the mask of tradition or culture

    • Bernadette Barrie
      Bernadette BarrieJuly 26,18


  4. Fabienne BERRYER
    Fabienne BERRYERJuly 15,18

    It’s says DOG IS THE BEST HUMAIN’S FRIEND….how is it possible to eat its best friend?

  5. Mehrnaz
    MehrnazJuly 15,18

    Stop this cruelty to man’s best friend

  6. Lola Schiefelbein
    Lola SchiefelbeinJuly 15,18

    I’m not sure, anymore, that any animal protein is safe–or, kind–to eat. I DO know that eating companion animals is just wrong, to the soul. JUST SAY NO! Ban this practice: BAN IT, BAN IT, BAN IT!

  7. pierre chantelauze
    pierre chantelauzeJuly 15,18

    Is it so difficult to DO what is GOOD ?
    To unerstand wuat is CHARITY?MERCY ?

  8. Dagmar Stache
    Dagmar StacheJuly 15,18

    Stopp it immediately

  9. Alba Morillo
    Alba MorilloJuly 15,18


  10. Orly Paz
    Orly PazJuly 15,18

    The dark age, primitive government…
    How can people eat animals all together, they have a heart, a soul, feelings…
    Come on wake up and stop this torture!!!

  11. Shirl Linda
    Shirl LindaJuly 15,18

    Please END the DOG and CAT meat industry… and put an end to animal cruelty and useless and inhumane killings of animals.


    This is so barbaric. It’s beyond cruel. Animals have feelings and emotions just like humans do. They feel pain like we do. This needs to stop. Ban this barbaric trade now.


    Uncivilized brutality. IT IS BARBARIC!!!

  14. Onishea Aguilera
    Onishea AguileraJuly 16,18


  15. Kalliope M.
    Kalliope M.July 16,18

    And these countries with its people claim to be civilized… They are disgusting and this is reason enough for me NEVER to travel in there and boycott people and products out of these countries whereever and whenever I can!!! I really hope, that the bad Karma, which they create for themselves will catch up to them an punish them. Any Amoeba has more brain than these people!

  16. stefania
    stefaniaJuly 16,18

    stop to this

    JOHN HUSSAINJuly 16,18


  18. Francisco Camargo
    Francisco CamargoJuly 16,18


  19. Angie Sieb
    Angie SiebJuly 16,18

    These beautiful dogs and cats don’t deserve this torture. Stop now. All you are doing is making the world look at asians in a very bad way..

  20. Karen Benish
    Karen BenishJuly 17,18

    All of those dogs are wagging their tails, friendly ready to give the love to people like only dogs do. This practice is so inhumane. It must be put to an end. Please stop the torture and mistreatment of these dogs and cats. It is simply CRUEL.

  21. Juan
    JuanJuly 17,18

    Qué locura y sadismo. Una barbaridad!

  22. T|itus Rivas
    T|itus RivasJuly 17,18

    Stop this cruelty against dogs.

  23. Titus Rivas
    Titus RivasJuly 17,18

    Stop cruelty to all animals.

  24. Marion Dennis
    Marion DennisJuly 17,18

    Please end the inhumane treatment of cats and dogs.

  25. Jen D'intinosanto
    Jen D'intinosantoJuly 17,18

    How about someone cuts a member of your family in half? Dogs are family members not food. Get with reality you sick freaks!

  26. Dave and Rita Cross
    Dave and Rita CrossJuly 17,18

    S. Korea is a barbaric, heartless country! They have an opportunity to set a huge example everywhere but choose to continue to allow the brutality, torture, death and consumption of domestic animals!! We can make an impact if we boycott the KIA, Hyundai, Samsung, Daewoo, LG, etc. It is shameful if we support the S. Korean imports into this country!

  27. Jacek Piechowski
    Jacek PiechowskiJuly 17,18


    • marie-dominique chabot
      marie-dominique chabotJuly 17,18


  28. Lona Hansen
    Lona HansenJuly 17,18

    Vil aldrig nogensinde besøg Syd Korea, vil aldrig købe deres produkter saa længe hundekøds- og kattekødsmarkeder eksisterer. Det er grusomme forhold, man tilbyder de stakkels dyr, det er frygtelige pinsler, de er udsat for, hvordan kan mennesker behandle levende væsener saadan. Har dem, der bestemmer i Syd Korea, ikke hjerte og følelser for levende væsener, hvordan kan man være saa ond, I skulle skamme jer, I skulle have samme medicin selv. Stop det og vis verdenen, at I ønsker at være en nation der beskytter jeres dyr mod lidelser og straffer dem, der begaar grusomheder mod dyr.

  29. Margherita Remotti
    Margherita RemottiJuly 17,18


  30. Nicole B Wilbur
    Nicole B WilburJuly 19,18

    This is disgusting! Not only do they kill sensitive wonderful animals that feel pain, depression, anxiety and fear, these people do it in the most brutal, horrific and inhumane ways. This is disgusting that people can find entertainment, laughter and fun in brutally torturing a dog or cat to its end of life. This needs to stop. Laws against killing dogs and cats to eat need to take place and anyone who breaks those laws needs to go to prison and suffer themselves. Disgusting people!

  31. Fabrizia Campagna
    Fabrizia CampagnaJuly 25,18

    Stop cruelty

  32. Antonina
    AntoninaJuly 25,18


  33. Ale
    AleJuly 26,18


  34. Jan Barnes
    Jan BarnesJuly 26,18

    The world is WATCHING! It makes your country look ignorant, classless and JUST PLAIN SAVAGE!

    • Chiara
      ChiaraJuly 27,18

      Basta con questi massacri compiuti ingiustamente? Cosa insegna torturare????

  35. Lori Melching
    Lori MelchingJuly 27,18

    How does one look into the eyes of these defenseless loving animals and are able to torture them? They are not human beings! Wouldn’t it be something if one day they were put thru what they have done to these animals? One day ….

  36. Silvia Calcatelli
    Silvia CalcatelliJuly 27,18

    Stop it!!!

  37. Bettina Ulloth
    Bettina UllothJuly 27,18

    Das muss sofort verboten werden und hart und teuer bestraft werden. Tiere sind Lebewesen mit einem Herz und mit Gefühlen wie der Mensch und sie haben das gleiche Recht auf Leben und Unversehrtheit und Gesundheit wie der Mensch und sie haben den gleichen Wert wie der Mensch

    • Elke Isolde
      Elke IsoldeJuly 29,18

      ja Bettina, das muss wirklich endlich sehr sehr hart bestraft werden, und die Tiere müssen in Freiheit und ohne Angst leben können!

  38. Dana
    DanaJuly 29,18

    End this cruel barbaric backward ways- the wotlrld must become meatless. Save these sweet animals

  39. Monique Aerdts
    Monique AerdtsJuly 29,18

    Stop It!!!!!!!

  40. Yvonne Lohoff
    Yvonne LohoffJuly 29,18

    This is so cruel! Asia: animals feel pain! Stop it! Be human!

  41. Diana
    DianaJuly 29,18

    Please stop the slaughter of dogs, man’s best friend. Dogs are smart and have only love in their hearts for us, unless we teach them that they can’t trust us anymore, because we are cruel beyond what is fathomable.

  42. Coene
    CoeneJuly 30,18

    Please stop!!

  43. Lisa Delabre
    Lisa DelabreJuly 31,18

    Knowing of all the brutal suffering,, I would give my life in place of any of these poor creatures…if they are not worthy of kindness & love, how am i, I am not worth more than an innocent soul, it’s hard to live happy life knowing all the suffering humans cause animals every second of every day. Sometimes I wish humans would go extinct.

  44. Richard Dames
    Richard DamesJuly 31,18

    It has been proven over and over again, a DOG is Man’s BEST FRIEND. By killing your BEST FRIEND your are stating that you ARE EVIL, DEMONIC and CRUEL and are of NO USE TO ANYBODY on Planet EARTH! You WILL pay for your SINS, if not NOW. Most definitely in BURNING HELL DEMONS!!!!

    • Barbara Skokowski
      Barbara SkokowskiAugust 5,18

      An I wish the same!

  45. Richard Dames
    Richard DamesJuly 31,18

    Dogs are MANS BEST Friends. You DEMONS have NO right to Torture, Kill and Eat ANY Animals let alone Dogs. Your are EVIL, CRUEL, DEMONIC, POS, SCUM. We WILL Boycott your country and YOU WILL ALL BURN IN HELL FOREVER!!!!

  46. Sophie Campisi
    Sophie CampisiJuly 31,18

    C’est ignoble ce que vous faîtes. Un animal est un être vivant et il a aussi le droit de vivre.

    GINA DELEONAugust 1,18


  48. Gitte - Sophie Ringkøbing jensen
    Gitte - Sophie Ringkøbing jensenAugust 1,18

    Stop the Cruelty against innocent dogs and cats. It’s unbelievably what you are capable of, you must be heart and soulless because it’s so sick what you are doing. This is without any doubt Hell on earth.

  49. Lynn
    LynnAugust 1,18

    These people don’t know any better!! They are living in the past. Dogs & cats shouldn’t ever, ever be tortured, they need a voice & that”s humans who really have compassion. US!!!!

  50. Carmelina Leonardi
    Carmelina LeonardiAugust 1,18

    Stop a questo barbaro massacro!

  51. Alison Rogerson
    Alison RogersonAugust 1,18

    I will never get used to witnessing these traumatic scenes of animal torture by a truly immoral collection of humans. Please South Koreans, become a beacon of light and ditch this barbarity!

  52. Ilaria Angelozzi
    Ilaria AngelozziAugust 1,18

    Please stop to this cruelty. Poor animals!!!!

  53. Ursula Cole
    Ursula ColeAugust 2,18

    🇩🇪🇺🇸 Please have Mercy

  54. Ellen iskes
    Ellen iskesAugust 3,18

    Stop torturing defensless animale nu boiling them alive..!!!!!!!!!!

  55. MS
    MSAugust 3,18

    Beyond depraved, unconscionable, sadistic, merciless cruelty to living beings, to animals — this is beyond immoral and horrific. — SHAME ON THOSE PARTICIPATING AND THOSE WHO TURN A BLIND EYE — these brutal criminal enterprises are ruled by COWARDS.

  56. Julie Toland
    Julie TolandAugust 4,18

    Outdated, unecessary, these animals are extremely intelligent, kind, caring, loving, sociable, dedicated,,STOP TORTURING THEM!!!

  57. soheila
    soheilaAugust 4,18


  58. Kathy Tenda
    Kathy TendaAugust 5,18

    Your culture is barbaric! Stop this evil.

  59. Giu Lia Pioli
    Giu Lia PioliAugust 7,18

    CHE SCHIFO l’uomo si sente superiore a queste creature, eppure al loro confronto non è altro che un essere miserabile che ha tutto da imparare.

  60. Caty
    CatyAugust 7,18

    Siete dei barbari senza cuore nn meritate di esistere

  61. PBJ
    PBJAugust 8,18

    How vile!! I am so sick of these countries eating dog an cats like potato chips and salsa. It’s nothing to them. These countries have hearts of stone. My goodness. How do you go look yourself in the mirror after a day of torture, killing, etc like this? How do you just go to bed like nothing ever happened? I WILL NEVER GO TO THESE COUNTRIES. I am going to try my best to avoid giving one dang red cent to these countries until they stop this madness.

  62. Patricia Stanley
    Patricia StanleyAugust 8,18

    these people in Korea have no morals, no hearts or souls they are a bunch of disgusting abusive savages who don’t care anything about these poor cats and dogs that we love as or pets. the whole world is against them and hates them more every passing day.

  63. Katherine Salassi
    Katherine SalassiAugust 8,18

    Please stop this cruel and tortuous treatment of these innocent animals. What you are doing is horrific, barbaric and extremely unnecessary. Consider the severe pain and suffering your actions are causing to these animals, who feel just as much and intensely as any human does.

  64. Mary Ann Arndt
    Mary Ann ArndtAugust 8,18

    Everybody who just commented about this evil torture trade against our companion animals, can you please write a letter to the President of South Korea- President Moon Jae-In and express your horrors. That will be pro-active against stopping the dog and cat torture trade.

  65. Lena Bethouart
    Lena BethouartAugust 12,18

    Help The dogs! Ar
    e you not feeling some things for living creatures?
    It’s so sick!

  66. Diana
    DianaAugust 16,18

    Gana zudyti ir valgyti sunis ir kates! Gėda!!!!!

  67. Mikael Kofod-Hansen
    Mikael Kofod-HansenAugust 16,18

    All living beings want to live and experience pain and fear. They have lives with their own purposes, which most certainly not are to be eaten by humans. Acknowledge the value of life and stop thinking that man is God with right to kill each other and all other creatures. It’s heartbreaking practice that is seen on how cats and dogs are tormented and killed. Find compassion – stop the cruel practise

  68. Maureen Richards
    Maureen RichardsAugust 16,18


  69. Susan watt
    Susan wattAugust 16,18

    You have to stop this, it is barbaric, I don’t think the governments care about this at all, if you do show you care and put a stop now to dog and cat consumption. These dogs and cats are living, feeling, loving, loyal,trusting, creatures,South Korea and China, you are a disgrace to humanity in millions of people’s eyes.

  70. Mojgan
    MojganAugust 16,18

    This barbaric and vicious act on those innocent and defenceless animals must stop!

  71. Joël MAHY
    Joël MAHYAugust 17,18

    Shame on that bloody nation!!!

  72. bertaux
    bertauxAugust 17,18

    stop this horror!!!!!

  73. Kasia
    KasiaAugust 17,18

    STOP!!!! STOP!!!! Stop tortured and killed dog’s and cat’s!!!!! It’s horrible und unhumans

  74. Enrico Magnani
    Enrico MagnaniAugust 17,18

    Stop this cruel nonsense

  75. Julie
    JulieAugust 17,18

    This practice must end!! HORRIFIC and certainly gives the world a new view of how these countries! I can’t support this
    Practice and certainly will be praying for change. It makes me sick.

  76. Mike wilson
    Mike wilsonAugust 17,18

    Practice most and now

  77. Latonya
    LatonyaAugust 17,18

    This hurt my heart do these people have any feelings or think bout what they do

  78. marlou wevers
    marlou weversAugust 20,18

    Please stop this cruelty now, this is so horrible and cruel. It makes me so sick and angry. Dogs and Cats are our best friends, how could you eat them, so disgusting. Please stop eating dog and cats, I beg you stop this horrible cruelty now !!!!

  79. Carmelina Leonardi
    Carmelina LeonardiAugust 21,18

    Stop eat dog meat!

  80. Karin Bleeker
    Karin BleekerAugust 23,18

    President Moon you adopted 2 dogs. WHERE ARE YOU NOW!!!! SHAMEFULL BEHAVIOYR AFTER PROMISSES

  81. Rose Brooks
    Rose BrooksAugust 23,18

    If animals could speak, mankind would weep.


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