Phone Blitz in solidarity with the Animals’ Battalion’s Boknal Demonstration in New York (In Japanese)


Thank you, The Animals's Battalion for giving a voice to the animals of South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trade!!! Day 2 Demonstration: July 23, 2015. Photo: The Animals' Battalion.

The Animals’ Battalion 韓国の犬肉猫肉産業から動物を救うための活動に心より感謝します!
写真は2015年7月23日のデモの様子です Photo:The Animals’ Battalion

人々に忠誠を尽くし最愛の友であるはずの犬や猫、私達と共に暮らし生きる喜びを分かち合うべき友である犬や猫が苦しめられ続けています。恐ろしく野蛮な犬肉猫肉産業を容認し続ける韓国政府に対して共に抗議の声をあげましょう! このデモはニューヨークの韓国領事館前で3回行われますが。このデモをさらにインパクトのあるものにし、韓国政府が無視できない程のプレッシャーを与えるために、皆さまにも抗議の声をあげていただきたく電話・FAX・メール大作戦を展開します!

1回目: 2016年7月15日㈮~16日㈯. Click HERE to join.

2回目: 2016年7月27日㈬~28日㈭. Click HERE to join.

3回目: 2016年8月16日㈫~17日㈬. Click HERE to join.





South Korean Embassy in Washington DC
2450 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
Washington DC
District of Columbia 20008

  • Website:
  • 電話: 1-202-939-5600
    US Telephone New York Consulate General: 1-646-674-6000
  • US Fax: 1-202-797-0595
  • Eメール:以下のアドレス(世界各地)を宛先に貼りつけて下さい。駐日韓国大使館・領事館のアドレスは上記の、韓国大使館・領事館の連絡先をご参照ください。
    Click HERE for email addresses!
  • この参考文をコピーしてFAXやEメールを送って下さい
    Subject: Dog meat trade in Korea

    Dear Sir/Madam

    We are writing to you to give a voice to those that are voiceless from around the world. We urge you to put an end to the senseless slaughter of thousands of dogs for the Korean meat trade immediately. These intelligent, loving and loyal companions are not ours to abuse, neglect or slaughter. They entrust us to care for, and to love them unconditionally, as they love and serve us unconditionally. It is with good reason that they are known as ‘man’s best friend’. They are our companions, our guardians, our family members and for those dogs in working service, they can be our guides when we cannot see, our valuable colleagues and partners in a multitude of roles and our protectors and saviors in an array of life threatening situations.

    The government has the power and the ability to put an end to this highly controversial and shameful practice. We ask you to consider this, do you want the world to think of South Korea as a nation of companion animal abusers, out of touch with the shared compassion, beliefs and latest scientific thinking of other leading counties? An uncivilized, backwards-looking country whose people are often discriminated against because of the illegal and unregulated practices of dog meat traders and those who consume dog meat? Until this horrific practice is actually stopped for good by those in power, we pledge to boycott all South Korean products, services and tourism, and we will to continue our fight to save these amazing animals.

    Please remember that the world is watching South Korea…





    韓国は他の主要先進国における最新の科学的な考え方や信条、共有感情からかけ離れ、愛護動物を虐待する国だと思われたいのでしょうか? 犬肉取引と犬肉を食べる人々の違法で無秩序な行為のために野蛮で進歩の無い人々だと差別される事を望んでいるのでしょうか?


  • Please note the following when calling the South Korean Embassy:


    I am a member of a high profile animal rights initiative with global reach and support, our members and supporters are deeply concerned and repulsed at the continuing trade in dog meat for human consumption in South Korea. I strongly urge the South Korean government to take immediate and meaningful action against this barbaric trade through any and all means. Until meaningful action is taken by the South Korean Government and fundamental changes made to end this incredibly cruel trade, I pledge to boycott all South Korean made products and services (including all forms of tourism).



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