The Police Have Distributed an Animal Cruelty investigation instruction Manual

Seoul Gyeongdong dog meat market

* Violations of the Animal Protection Law have doubled in the past 3 years. *
* The Animal Cruelty Investigation Instruction Manual stipulates the adherence to certain safety measures and prompt investigations for violations. *

Korean newspaper, Herald Economy, reported on November 11 that according to congresswoman Sun-Mi Jin of the Minjoo Party of Korea, to help in the fight against the increasing cases of animal protection law violations, the National Police Agency has distributed to police stations an Animal Cruelty Investigation Instruction Manual for the first time in history.

The manual highlights the procedure by which on-site policemen can thoroughly investigate crimes against the Animal Protection Law and protect the rights of the animals, summarizing in detail all of the penalties for animal cruelty. Perhaps more importantly, the manual focuses on the safety and protection of the affected animals as well as addressing the attitude of the inspectors/investigators towards the protection of these animals.

According to the manual, the police investigating these cases should avoid any speech or action that minimizes the illegality of animal cruelty and should actively crack down on any such organized and malicious acts in strict adherence to the proper judicial process. Also, in order to protect the safety of the victimized animals, investigations must be granted a high priority and conducted in a speedy manner.

The manual was created by the police as a result of the rising numbers of animal cruelty cases. Arrests increased from 138 in 2012 to 264 in 2015, nearly doubling in just 3 years. As of the end of August 2016, the number of arrests was 210, up 31.2% from the same period in the previous year. This can be attributed to the shifting social consciousness of today’s society in which, while the concept of animal protection is relatively new, there is a growing awareness that animal cruelty itself is a crime and, therefore, more people are reporting these incidents.

Congresswoman Jin recommended during the administrative parliamentary session that, “as cruelty cases are continuously increasing, we need an investigation manual to handle animal cruelty cases.” She stated that she hopes that with the publishing of this Animal Cruelty Investigation Instruction Manual, there will be an increased awareness that animal cruelty is a serious crime and there will be a subsequent decrease in these cases.

Seoul Gyeongdong dog meat market

Seoul Gyeongdong dog meat market

Seoul Gyeongdong dog meat market

Photos: Seoul Gyeongdong dog meat market. SaveKoreanDogs.

  1. hanneli rademeyer
    hanneli rademeyerNovember 18,16

    Is it possible to get a list of actions that is seen as animal abuse? As public we should be the police’s ears and eyes. But in order for that to happen, we need to know what counts as animal abuse? I SINCERELY HOPE YOU WILL ANSWER THIS REQUEST……?!

  2. Janet Rathenow
    Janet RathenowNovember 19,16

    Dieses perverse und bestialische Abschlachten und Quälen muss aufhören!!!!

  3. Sylvia Groves
    Sylvia GrovesNovember 19,16

    Yes I also would be interested in knowing if there is a list and what is on it, Hanneli.

  4. Jacky Zalopski
    Jacky ZalopskiNovember 21,16

    I, too, would like to see the actual Manual, if that’s possible.

  5. Judith Arisman
    Judith ArismanNovember 21,16

    This is a step, but I hope SOON there will be stricter punishment! and yes I would like to hear also about what constitutes abuse.

  6. Pia
    PiaNovember 21,16

    Mais, tant qu’il y aura de la demande pour emplir son ventre avec la chair d’autrui, il y aura de la cruauté pour se la procurer.

  7. BARB
    BARBNovember 22,16

    I also would be interested in knowing if there is a list and what is on it…………

  8. Paul troalic
    Paul troalicNovember 22,16

    Torture and slaughter of dogs (and cats) is animal abuse. What could be simpler than that.
    It must be stopped. There is no proven evidence of the benefit of eating dog meat.
    It is a hideous barbaric business.

      SHIREEN MCKEENovember 22,16


  9. Tania Goodyer
    Tania GoodyerNovember 22,16

    This evil act must stop!!! The pain these dogs and cats must feel makes my heart break.

  10. Tanya
    TanyaNovember 22,16

    Stop this!

  11. Amanda Hammond
    Amanda HammondNovember 22,16

    Hate this evil barbaric sick trade . why they have to be so cruel is just beyond words.Shame on you Korea. But thank you to the kind people.xx

  12. Wendy
    WendyNovember 22,16

    Please post the manual to the web for the world to see. The Korean Gov should be proud of it.

  13. Irmina Zalewska
    Irmina ZalewskaNovember 22,16

    these people must be punished and government should stop such a cruelty

  14. Donna
    DonnaNovember 22,16


  15. Mary R Windhorst
    Mary R WindhorstNovember 22,16

    Evil, barbaric, unspeakable cruelty. Punishment could not be harsh enough. Shame on Korea for not addressing this in a more forceful way. More than this needs to be done if Korea wants the respect of other nations. They are now thought of as a BACKWARD country.

  16. lisa miller
    lisa millerNovember 22,16

    It’s about time Korea took these dreadful crimes against helpless animals seriously thankyou police for the Manuel please stand by it and be someone we can all be proud of.

  17. Patricia Frederick
    Patricia FrederickNovember 24,16

    I want the Dog Meat Trade stopped completely. It is good the police are going to enforcr humane care for these dogs and cats, but this slone will not suffice. Only when dogs and cats are not butchered for their meat and skins, will my Boycotting and others who feel the same way stop.

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