Pope Francis, please tell the South Korean Catholic Priests to stop eating dogs!

This is a partial summary of OhMyNews reported on August 18, 2014: “Pope, please tell the Catholic Priests to stop eating dog meat” Animal Activists raise objection to the Korean Catholics “교황님, 신부님들에게 개고기 그만 드시라고 해주세요” [주장] 동물보호활동가들, 한국 가톨릭에 이의제기하다

In South Korea, not only are many Catholic priests fans of dog meat, they often encourage their congregation to go out and eat dog meat and even sell dog meat at their church bazaars. Fed up with their hypocrisy, members of several animal rights groups in South Korea protested when Pope Francis came to visit Korea. These are some of the photos from their August 16th protest along the Pope’s parade route in Seoul. Their banner, written in Spanish, the Pope’s native language, says “El Papa, los sacerdotes y los creyentes, por favor, pogan un fin a la matanza y consumo de perros.” The English translation reads, “Pope, priests and followers, please put an end to the slaughter and consumption of dogs.”

This group also plans to send an official letter to the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Korea urging them to stop eating dog meat.

The Pope, priests and believers, please put an end to the slaughter and consumption of dogs. 교황님 퍼레이드 때 펼쳐든 플래카드. 교황님의 모국어 스페인어로 쓰였다. 교황님 신부님들에게 개고기 그만 드시라고 말씀 좀 전해주세요. ⓒ전채은

Peace to all living beings. 모든 살아있는 생명에게 평화를. ⓒ전채은

Police came and asked protesters to stand up. 경찰이 와서 시민들에게 일어나라고 말하고 있다. ⓒ전채은

Sung-Hyo Lee Catholic Bishop.  "My favorite food is dog meat.  My hobby is forcing dog meat on foreign priests." Source: Kyeonggin Ilbo.

Sung-Hyo Lee Catholic Bishop. “My favorite food is dog meat. My hobby is forcing dog meat on foreign priests.” Source: Kyeonggin Ilbo, 5/15/2011

– 그럼 보양식은.
“개고기를 잘 먹습니다. 제 취미가 외국인 신부들 개고기 먹이기죠. 특히 프랑스 신부들요. 불어에 신앙(foi)이라는 단어가 간이란 뜻의 푸아(fois)와 발음이 비슷해요. 음식 잘 먹느냐 물어보면 내 신앙이 가톨릭 아니냐? 푸아(간) 옆에 있는 위도 마찬가지로 가톨릭이어야지라고 조크를 던지죠. 하하 좀 썰렁하네요. 프랑스에선 통했는데(웃음).”
  1. Joanne Carole Gontar
    Joanne Carole GontarAugust 26,14

    This is simply atrocious that priests have BLINDERS ON, or WHAT???

  2. Hasty
    HastyAugust 26,14

    Dogs are not for human consumption ! There is science behind this stop this disgusting act

  3. Marion Bennett
    Marion BennettMarch 9,15

    You are a disgusting man, man of God??? I don’t think so, dogs were put on this earth as companion animals not food!!!!, You should be shot!!!

  4. Eileen Jay
    Eileen JayMarch 9,15

    Dogs are a gift from God..They are The Lords Children..It is very obvious you people are not the Lords Children and you are the Devil’s Children !! Hoping when you time is up on this earth that the Devil treats you as you should be taught and you are burned !! The best thing that could happen to mankind is have your country wiped off the map..You are not human’s..How is it possible for one entire country be so evil ?

  5. bernd timmerman
    bernd timmermanMarch 10,15

    God is love and compassion
    For all creatures.
    This is evil.

  6. Wilma Lagrand
    Wilma LagrandMarch 11,15

    stop Animal cruelty they are with us on Earth not for us!!!

  7. silvia b
    silvia bMarch 12,15

    Dogs are not for human consumption

  8. Mark
    MarkMarch 14,15

    He’s not a real Christian. The consumption of any animal with a paw is forbidden in Leviticus. He cannot fool God. He will burn in hell for eternity for this.

  9. Antje Göttert
    Antje GöttertMarch 14,15

    He is a catholic bishop? What says the Pope to him?

  10. Agnès
    AgnèsMarch 14,15

    C’est le diable !! Il ne sait pas que le chien est le meilleur ami de l’homme!!! Enculé. Crève en enfer.

  11. Rachel Tong
    Rachel TongMarch 14,15

    can I cut sung hyo let’s meat and cook a soup ?

  12. gina wright
    gina wrightAugust 20,15

    Please save cats and dogs from extreme cruelty and death.
    Please use your persuasive manner to help ban this cruel act on our animals.

  13. Elisabeth Nyhagen
    Elisabeth NyhagenDecember 17,15

    Stop eating dog’s. Shame on you. And you call yourselfe å christian man…NO you are not!!

    STELLA MARIS ARGENTODecember 17,15


  15. valerie gicquel
    valerie gicquelDecember 19,15

    Dogs are not for human consumption

  16. debbie mckenzie
    debbie mckenzieDecember 20,15


  17. debbie mckenzie
    debbie mckenzieDecember 21,15


  18. Francisco Cazares
    Francisco CazaresDecember 25,15

    El Mundo ENTERO estamos en contra del consumo de la carne de perro y gato,le solicitamos de la manera más atenta al Papa Francisco, que ponga fin a estas atrocidades para bien de la imagen de la iglesia católica!!!!

  19. Jacqueline Deeks
    Jacqueline DeeksDecember 27,15

    Do priests think that Jesus wanted them to be inhumane?

  20. Aline Corry
    Aline CorryMarch 23,16

    This is not funny or entertaining to torture and consume companion animals ever.

  21. Robyne Zuendel
    Robyne ZuendelMarch 25,16

    Good Lord this horrific slaughtering of innocent dogs must end God did not put them here to be abused.

  22. Marni
    MarniJune 14,16

    To think this priest supports torture of animals through while still alive are being burned, skinned, boiled and cut up to death. What kind of man of God supports this? One who is an imposter. He is a hypocrite, because God Himself tells us to care for animals and in Proverbs 12:10New International Version (NIV)

    10 The righteous care for the needs of their animals,
    but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. in other words, we are commissioned to take care of animals and that even the perverted kindness is cruel such as the dog meat trade.

  23. Jenn
    JennAugust 19,16

    You are not a man of God you are not even a man! You and your people who torture and brutalize dogs are sick evil Devils!!!!! Do you believe in Devils and HELL well that’s where you are going you bastard. Burn in HELL!!! You will get yours.

  24. Jackie main
    Jackie mainAugust 28,16

    Dear poor Francis I don’t Our Lord will be happy with your comments and lack of compassion for the cruel barbarc torture these poor animals are subjected to my God is a living compassionate God who loves us all including animals after all he made us all you most likely won’t read this plea to you to end this vile act I do hope someone does that is able to whisper in your wee how much suffering is being afflicted on these poor animals and you please act quickly to STOP it God Bless and Thankyou Jackie Main

  25. Diane Smith
    Diane SmithAugust 5,18

    Pope Francis – Today is 8-4-18. This controversy is not going away. You MUST address it! What people fail to mention is the demonic treatment, the torture of each dog victim. Everyone knows it but they forget to mention that the dogs are tortured before their brutal slaughter. They are butchered ALIVE. skinned ALIVE, disembowled ALIVE, cooked, boiled, torched, electrocuted, BBQ’d on a spit , ALIVE. Thousands of dogs are brutally treated in depraved, sadistic ways which must emanate from Hell. This is the work of Satan. All the grotesque ways of causing agony are thought up by these spawns of hell. And, yet, we have not heard you raise YOUR voice against these evils. It is estimated that each year, in So. Korea, some 15,000 or more innocent dogs are used in these ways and that Catholics are the biggest consumers! It is known that you were publicly made aware of this. I myself have written you, sending it to [email protected]. many times with no acknowledgement. When are you to ACT

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