Proposal to end the dog and cat meat trade introduced in South Korea

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On December 30 of last year, congresswoman Han Jung-ae and congressman Park Hong-geun proposed a revision to the Animal Protection Act, calling for a legal ban on the slaughtering dogs and cats and the sale of the meat.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore have defined dogs as pets. Last year, China, too, banned the eating of dog meat by removing them from the list of livestock animals and designating them as pets. South Korea is now one of the few countries left that treat dogs as livestock.

There are so many animal rights issues that urgently need attention. We do our best as a private organization, but we cannot save all the animals in desperate need of help. To create a world where animals are respected as living beings, the legal system must be the leaders of change.

For those of us who are witness every day to the suffering of animals, the legal system and changes to national policies are too slow. But we will not and we must not stop trying to bring about that change. We must never give up our dream of a world where we co-exist with animals.

We also promise that KARA activists will actively support and cooperate with the citizens in the private sector. Please support us so that we can bring about the necessary change.

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  1. Patricia kumar
    Patricia kumarJanuary 17,21

    Please stop eating cats and dogs. Your treatment of animals that can feel far more than you realise , is extremely cruel and results in much suffering. Please stop!

  2. Emily Truman
    Emily TrumanJanuary 17,21

    What can we do to help rescue all the cats and dogs? More needs to be done to make these people who do these horrific crimes understand it’s wrong and make sure they are accountable, we need too make sure these people are punished so they can never do it again, including killing them and everyone involved. Petitions are great but action needs to be done NOW.

    MIOARA PUICAJanuary 17,21

    I believe that dogs shouldn’t suffer and die for the trade in their meat. I support an end to the dog meat trade throughout Asia, and urge the governments of all countries where the trade in dog meat exists to work diligently and quickly towards eradicating this cruel and unnecessary practice.
    We cannot watch torture happen to the innocent and defenseless and do nothing!
    We were never given hearts and minds to think about the cat and dog meat trade, well they are not hurting me so I will look away and let it go on! We are better than this. It is our duty to do everything we can to stop this atrocity and genocides ASAP!!!

  4. Natsuha Koyama
    Natsuha KoyamaJanuary 17,21

    May we be an animal-friendly world

  5. Laurie Hein
    Laurie HeinJanuary 17,21

    PLEASE <PLEASE, Do EVERYTHING in your power to end the sale of Dog and Cat meat. This untold torturing and Cruelty simply has got to stop now. The legal system must be changed to end this all. The world is watching, I am praying for you to change this, WE NEED YOUR HELP DESPERATELY!!! These innocent, poor animals, need YOU. PLEASE HELP, PLEASE HELP END THIS ENTIRE INDUSTRY~~~~~

  6. Penny Heydt
    Penny HeydtJanuary 17,21

    This is just plain wrong this should stop

  7. Adela Estudillo
    Adela EstudilloJanuary 17,21


  8. Renee Leach
    Renee LeachJanuary 17,21

    Please stop this disgusting practice. You people are barbaric! Leave these innocent animals alone!

  9. Tina
    TinaJanuary 17,21

    Please STOP THIS BARBARIC EVIL HEARTLESS KILLING NOW. Animals have feelings and our mans Best Friend. This beyond heartbreaking, disturbing and wrong on every level. Our creatures deserve our respect and care not barbaric cruelty

  10. Klaudia Arthofer
    Klaudia ArthoferJanuary 17,21


  11. Maria
    MariaJanuary 17,21

    China may pass any laws, but didn’t stop eating them. But that’s a totalitarian regime that constantly lies and violates each and every of human and non-human rights. Korea must prove it is a nation of law and civilized enough.
    But great news, however. Is any date set when it will be discussed in Parliament?
    I’m waiting with my money ready to be spent on Korean goods. But not before they ban dog meat.

  12. Maria
    MariaJanuary 17,21

    And since there already is a precedent of a court ruling that killing a dog for meat is not a justified reason to kill a dog, they will look very strange if they don’t pass the law. It would be an obvious sign of corruption.

  13. Caroline Godin
    Caroline GodinJanuary 17,21

    This barbaric act has to stop now. poor dogs and cats, they don’t deserve those treatment, its so mad and people doing that are monsters.

  14. Vicky Slay
    Vicky SlayJanuary 17,21

    Dogs are intelligent and people in the United States have dogs being an companion pet. We don’t eat them as we love them and they return love and protect us. They are also trained for people who have disabilities, plus some visit homes in a Hospital to visit and cheer them up. Dogs are so much more, but not to eat as they help people.

  15. Tina Stewart
    Tina StewartJanuary 17,21

    Please end the brutal suffering of the innocent

  16. Monique Mozziconacci
    Monique MozziconacciJanuary 17,21

    please stop eating these poor animals
    stop such cruel, inhumane and barbaric killing

  17. nigel johnson
    nigel johnsonJanuary 17,21

    Western civilizations are now actively BOYCOTTING both Korea and China for all products!

  18. Capel
    CapelJanuary 17,21

    Please, become HUMAN, compassionnate, open your hearts and eyes and head. Be civilisated.

  19. Robert Wilson
    Robert WilsonJanuary 17,21

    Please end the barbaric treatment of these loving companion animals. You are a minority country with your compassionless actions. The Asian continent is becoming aware of world opinion toward these practices so please follow suite and move with the times

  20. rachelle
    rachelleJanuary 17,21

    As long as humans in this case SUB-HUMANS kill.torture animals, there will be no peace ever. Dogs and cats are truly wonderful beings they must NOT BE EATEN , SO STOP THIS massacre NOW

  21. Danuta
    DanutaJanuary 17,21

    Stop z jedzeniem mięsa psów i kotów.

  22. Marianela Ramos Vega
    Marianela Ramos VegaJanuary 17,21

    Los perros son uno de los animales más inteligentes qué existen.Son lo mejores amigos del hombre .Matar a éstoanimales es un acto cobarde ,vil.Basta yaa !!!

  23. Glenna
    GlennaJanuary 17,21

    Stop the torture and murder of dogs!

  24. Dean Grice
    Dean GriceJanuary 17,21

    All dogs deserve love, not to be treated like this, it is criminal and it needs to STOP NOW

  25. Roux Josette
    Roux JosetteJanuary 17,21

    Please stop these horrors . Dogs feel happiness and fear .

  26. ELizabeth Mooney
    ELizabeth MooneyJanuary 17,21

    I can’t believe that you people would stoop this low in killing cats and dogs and eat them, that is really sick it was a few years ago that you people got hit was some kind of disease all because you were eating dogs that were infected and yet you are still eating them. What will it take for you to stop eating them and let those animals leave a full happy and healthy life and to have a home and a family that will love them as pets not to become a dinner on your table. Are you wise people or idiots? You should know better that cats and dogs are companion animals and NOT Livestock!

  27. Gareth A Rickards
    Gareth A RickardsJanuary 17,21

    This is more than shocking, it is heinous. Can you image eating someone’s child, or relative, or loved one? Of course not, and defenceless animals ae just as save worthy. This terrible practice MUST stopped.

  28. Ruland kathy
    Ruland kathyJanuary 17,21

    Please stop it.

  29. M.kincer
    M.kincerJanuary 17,21

    Humans are Stewards of this planet which means we are to take care of it and it’s inhabitants,which includes Animals. They are to be Loved and never-ever abused. We want a softer and kinder Earth !! Many blessings to all

  30. cyril DURDUX
    cyril DURDUXJanuary 17,21

    Personnellement je n achète aucun produit provenant d’un pays qui consomme des chiens ou des chats… c est ma façon de boycotter ces pratiques

  31. Lisa Kotch
    Lisa KotchJanuary 18,21

    Please stop this cruelty. There is plenty to eat without torturing these innocent animals. STOP NOW! 😡😤😭

  32. Naomi Semeniuk
    Naomi SemeniukJanuary 18,21

    This barbarism is such a universal abomination that it’s obliteration is long overdue! When will China & South Korea have the humanity to END these horrors?!!!

  33. jan cuyvers
    jan cuyversJanuary 18,21

    Evil humans…

  34. Sonia Ballotrini
    Sonia BallotriniJanuary 18,21


  35. Patrycja
    PatrycjaJanuary 18,21

    Stop kill innocent dogs!

  36. Angela Kinsey-Foden
    Angela Kinsey-FodenJanuary 18,21

    The abhorrent trade is callous wicked and cruel.
    There is no need for this.
    It needs to be banned and all areas dealing with this closed down.
    There is no compassion towards any of these animals.
    Some of these animals were pets snatched away from their homes.
    The animals are slaughtered in the most cruel and vile ways.
    It needs to stop!

  37. tera nethu
    tera nethuJanuary 19,21


  38. Martin P
    Martin PJanuary 19,21

    Evil country will never go there and will not be buying there goods like cars, and S Korea you not welcome to uk we love dogs and cats and all animals
    in uk stop eating dogs and cats.

  39. Irene Leggett
    Irene LeggettJanuary 19,21

    Absolutely disgusting and sickening that innocent dogs and cats are horrifically abused, tortured and killed just to satisfy the perverted tastes of brain-dead, heartless, soul-less masses. Cats and dogs are NOT livestock, they are pets and should be regarded as such. Shame, shame, shame on South Korea and its brutal masses that treat these animals so brutally,

  40. Tam cat
    Tam catJanuary 21,21

    Please stop it 🙇🏻‍♀️

  41. Winnie
    WinnieJanuary 22,21

    Please stop it

  42. Johanna Schwarzer
    Johanna SchwarzerJanuary 22,21

    Es ist unfassbar, dass ein aufstrebendes Land wie Süd Korea noch an grausamen, brutalen und unmenschlichen Katzen und Hunde Handel, sowie an dem unvorstellbar grausamen Handel und noch brutaleren Methoden des Tötens fest halten. Hunde sind äußerst soziale und intelligente Tiere, die dem Menschen großen Nutzen bringen. Sie werden als Suchhunde bei Erdbeben oder Überschwemmung sowie als Lawinensuchhunde und nicht zuletzt als Hilfe für Gehbehinderte, als auch als Blindenhunde eingesetzt und leisten dem Menschen Dienste, damit er mehr Lebensqualität bekommt. Hunde und Katzen sind Haus Tiere und empfinden genauso wie der Mensch Freude, Zuneigung, Liebe, Stress, Ängste, Schmerzen und Leiden. Süd Korea scheint im 21.Jahrhundert noch lange nicht angekommen zu sein. Die Süd Koreanische Regierung scheint immer noch nicht gewillt oder in der Lage zu sein, endlich diese unfassbaren Grausamkeiten und Brutalität an hilflosen Mitgeschöpfen gesetzlich zu verbieten. Ein human und ethisch denkender Mensch fragt sich, wie ein Land im 21.Jahrhundert immer noch an einem Brauchtum fest hält, welches aus den vergangenen Jahrhunderten stammt. Die Industrie des Landes entwickelt sich immer weiter, die Menschen des Landes jedoch quälen in unvorstellbarer Weise hilflose Mitgeschöpfe und besitzen die Ignoranz, das Fleisch dieser Tiere zu essen – und bevorzugen Fleisch von besonders brutal und grausam getöteten Tieren!!!! Da kann ich nur sagen, es sind Barbaren und deshalb hat das Land in der übrigen Welt auch ein äußerst negatives Image und verantwortungsbewusste Menschen werden aus diesem Land nicht ein einziges Erzeugnis erwerben – weil an JEDEM ERZEUGNIS BLUT KLEBT – BLUT VON BRUTAL GETÖTETEN MITLEBEWESEN!!!! Eine Schande, wie sie nicht größer sein kann – und – ein Land mit grausamen und brutalen Menschen – ist kein gutes Land!°

  43. Lena Bodin
    Lena BodinFebruary 12,21

    This evil and needless cruelty is but a reflection of the poor rotten quality of human who is complicit. Whether it is a cat or dog or cow or sheep , no one should be tortured!!!

  44. John Farnan
    John FarnanJuly 29,21

    A morally corrupt nation that is apathetic to suffering companion animals. Shame on you Korea and your self-serving politicians who allow this illegal cruelty of the dog meat trade to continue.

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