Puppies rescued from being boiled alive in Cheonan!

Yes, puppies and kittens are still being boiled alive in South Korea – the nation of global brands such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, SK,…

Below is a story shared by Nami Kim and the Korean activists on their Facebook page about a rescue of two puppies from being boiled alive. One is severely burned and currently being treated.

June 4, 2015

A little reunion, Milky’s brother Snowy visited his brother this afternoon. Milky was licking his brother. It is 8 pm now (Korea time) Milky is undergoing eye surgery right now. According to the eye specialist, nothing is certain at this moment as the cornea is badly damaged. The infection on the right foot seems under control, no amputation.
Had the vet checked on Snowy, very healthy, he is with me and will visit his brother often to cheer him up.

Will update on the two pups on weekly, thank you all for your concern.

Milky at the vet_video_060315

June 3, 2015

Milky is hospitalized in good hands, his brother Snowy will be with me this morning. The five months-old pups were inseparable, missing each other a lot. I am bringing him to the hospital to have them together for a while.

Dr.Kwon reports to me on Milky’s condition, eating and sleeping well, lots of pain killers, burns dressing twice a day. The hind right foot may have to be amputated. An eye specialist vet will examine the left eye this week to see if the eye should be removed.

Thank you all for the concern, this little angel will get well soon.
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June 1, 2015

Milky was shivering all the way but remained quiet. This little good boy is taking the pain in silence.
As usual, such experiences make me look at dogs as enlightened beings and not as simply animals.
I have a fundraiser for the on-going campaign but the funds must be shared to make Milky live again too. Please help me pay for his medical bills. Click to donate:
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Milky at the vet_video

Please sign petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

Shortlink for Petition:

May 29, 2015

We named the pups Milly and Milky
Milky is the one who jumped out of boiling pot and his brother Milly is so caring about his brother that he has been licking the burns. Can anyone adopt the two together? It seems they are inseparable. It is going to take a minimum of one month for Milky to be treated with what is necessary.

We found a kind volunteer driver that will take Milky to the vet, Dr.Kwon, in Seoul today. The last photo is Ms.Lee, who rescued them both from the boiling hot pot. Applaud her for saving two lives for she is definitely the rescue hero of the month.
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We named the boy Milky, who arrived in Seoul in the late afternoon. He was carefully being checked at the vet and will be hospitalized for a month. His hind right foot is infected, and may have to be amputated. Also, he may lose sight in his right eye, as it was damaged by the boiling water.

Milky will have to undergo many tests to see what can be done. Dr.Kwon, the vet in charge, Ms Lee who rescued Milky, the volunteer who drove Milky 160 km to the vet, and the nurses, all made a little miracle today.
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May 28, 2015

A Narrow Rescue From Being Boiled Alive
This is about a puppy just pulled out of a boiling pot by this lady yesterday. She is definitely the rescue hero of the month. She lives in Cheonan, 80 km down south of Seoul. She called 911 for help when she saw this puppy jumped out of the boiling pot. No name has been given to him yet but we are taking over the care of him and moving him to a vet in Seoul for special treatment for the burns on Thursday. Will update you on Friday.
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  1. Michele Vernet
    Michele VernetJune 2,15

    Brave Korean women! You are special! May God protect you and bless you! May your children’s children never harm sentient beings!

    • S. Wagner
      S. WagnerNovember 18,15

      I am with you! Keep going, new Korea!

    • mrs marguerite j white
      mrs marguerite j whiteDecember 19,16

      If it was not for this brave woman these two pups would of had gone through painful torture and just as well the pup jumped out of boiling water,I feel so sad that anyone could boil alive any animal,it must be the most painful death I could imagine,why would anyone want to torture animals,with the delusion that it makes these poor animals taste better,I could not even think of eating any animal I saw alive or even think of picking an animal to be slaughtered in front of me at all even when I did eat meat,thankfully me and my family are vegan and have been for a long time now.

  2. cornelis brigitte
    cornelis brigitteJune 2,15

    Heureusement qu’il y a des gens d’honneur et de sympathisantes pour la cause animale mais c’est si peu contre toutes les atrocités commises .. pourquoi ne pas leur enseigner les choses à ne pas faire avec des animaux ou alors boycottons toutes ces technologies dont ils sont si fiers !!

  3. johanna janssen
    johanna janssenJune 2,15

    It is hard to understand that a high technical developed country has such a low
    mucky mental level. so once more it is clear that no matter how much technical
    education you have reached, it says nothing about your ethical upbringing . For me
    therefore this country is shit.

    • Jayson Matthews
      Jayson MatthewsJune 2,15

      It’s a matter of cultural norms. Go visit a slaughterhouse in the US and ask me how technical we are over here?

      • Debbie
        DebbieJune 4,15

        We don’t boil dogs, there is no comparison, we don’t keep cows, etc. for pets hello, dogs and cats are pets, therefor your both idiots. Don’t even reply to me because I will not respond back and waste anymore of my valuable time on two idiots that don’t know what the hell they are saying and likes to defend people who boils dogs and cats……DO me a favor, GET THE HELL OFF THIS POST.

        • Megan
          MeganJune 5,15

          Debbie you are being kind of harsh. Jayson is not saying it’s OK to boil cats and dogs – obviously that is beyond horrible – he is just saying that the US should improve its own treatment of animals as well. Seeing how cows, pigs and chickens are treated here it is really hard to disagree with him. Additionally, some people do keep pigs as pets.

          • Dan.
            Dan.August 18,15

            Debbie is not being harsh what Korea is doing is a discrase if it were human being being boiled Alice someone would step in but because it’s animals we step back well if you have such opinions maybe someone should step up!! Much like our low life government allowing these innocent animals to be boiled alive and skinned alive! But if you agree with this It’s on you! I personally don’t!

        • Durdana Khan
          Durdana KhanJune 30,15

          What is a ‘pet’ and what is not is a cultural thing – pigs make wonderful pets; they’re just as intelligent as dogs, very affectionate, very playful and very loyal… just like dogs – torturing the animal however, is just profanity. Just because an animal is considered ‘food’ does not give anyone the right to inflict untold pain upon it. That is wrong regardless of what animal it happens to be.

          • Dan.
            Dan.August 18,15

            What is a pet and what is not is not a cultural thing it is down to the individual keeping the animal however the way a person treats the animal is soon becoming a cultural thing down to the way certain countries are treating innocent animals and boiling them alive/skinning them alive. I have dogs and parrots etc and live in Scotland nothing to do with culture. It’s down to individuals and personalities the way you treat each other and animals is all one.

      • Michele Vernet
        Michele VernetJune 4,15

        I agree and it is difficult to be self righteous when you see what goes on in the US slaughterhouses! We think of farm animals no differently than many dog meat farmers do. The only exception, and I’m sure some would differ vehemently, would be that we don’t allow their slaughter in such violent and cruel ways! In other words, we don’t think they should suffer! But, I know that many factory farm animals are violently tranpoirted and that too many employees find cruel “pleasure” by their slaughter! We’re all aware of it in the USA! WHAT IS BEING DONE TO STOP IT? IM VEGAN FOR 30 YEARS NOW! THAT IS ALL I DO!

        • Dan.
          Dan.August 18,15

          Don’t agree! I do not agree with any slaughter house being allowed whether it’s for farm animals or otherwise but to compare it to a torture field or dogs and puppies/kittens being boiled alive and skinned even hung on fish hooks is no comparison! These people have no empathy or feelings towards animals and it’s greed and money they have in mind not making sure these animals don’t suffer because it’s an unimaginable torture and death!!! It does not compare to our farm animals in this country anyway! I am vegan and have been since I was 13yrs old.. But to compare a dog farm and a slaughter house dogs kept in crates with their mouths taped and paws taped no good water it’s torture..:(

    • Evelyn Ball
      Evelyn BallJune 3,15

      I agree with you Johanna.

    • Gail Calhoun
      Gail CalhounDecember 20,15

      I agree with your assessment of this Korea also–how advanced they must think they appear–for their exports.That is all about money. The truth of course, is they are as appearances show to us in these videos. It is a shame, really a horrific deal. They are capable of committing crimes that to see it on film does damage to your human spirit–imagine!

  4. alessandro Druda
    alessandro DrudaJune 2,15

    È un’indecenza

    • David Roney
      David RoneyJune 2,15

      we don’t boil or animals alive you idiot

      • Michele Eng
        Michele EngJune 11,15

        yes, we do…check out how chickens are slaughtered

  5. tanja
    tanjaJune 2,15

    Thank youvery mutch my heart is crying for your help

  6. Barb
    BarbJune 2,15

    WILL BE NICE FOR YOU TO FIND OUT HAW DANGER IS CONSUMING DOG & CATS TO HUMANS !!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE NOT FOOD THEY ARE LOYAL COMPANION TO HYMENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN South Korea stop the horrific cruelty of boiling live animals immediately and ban the puppy and kitten consumption.

  7. marilena zubani
    marilena zubaniJune 2,15

    Fermiamo tutti insieme questi orrori!!!!

  8. tomislav krantic
    tomislav kranticJune 2,15

    This country is shit, sick people there !

  9. Dale
    DaleJune 2,15

    I’m sick and tired of seeing this when are these ppl going to be evolved ??? What is wrong with this monsters ??? They cannot belong to human kind that I m belong to … well definitely not looks says it all smile no greeting not helping any one….what are they good at ??
    Well I will say Brutality cannibalism

    Pls for GOD SAKE EVOLVE !!!

    • Dan.
      Dan.August 18,15

      agree Dale!!

  10. Eva Karlsson
    Eva KarlssonJune 2,15

    You are a country which I hope ,will have Tsunami, bildflue and moore. You are a sick evil people and I hope you will rutt in hell!

  11. Debbie W
    Debbie WJune 3,15

    PLZ consult with a homeopathic vet or practitioner. We’ve experienced amazing results from using this proven, safe and super fast natural medicine in both our family and our animals. It has no side effects like antibiotics, vaccines, drugs, etc. You can do a consult over the phone or internet; it isn’t necessary for the practitioner to see the patient in person. God bless you for helping these sweet pups and I pray all this type of cruelty stops forever. It comes from hearts filled with evil, anger and hate.

  12. karen black
    karen blackJune 3,15

    Speechless! Who does this?? Sick sick b—–!

  13. Asfa
    AsfaJune 3,15

    Thank you for being kind and helping these animals, the country may seem backwards but not everyone in there is evil, as proven by these people pictured. Let’s try to stop all of this together and not be blaming around, it doesn’t help anyone, much less the animals. Every country has it’s sick practice, some more so than others. We need to put more pressure to stop this practice, and every little action counts. If we could all just help to spread this news, more petitions and perhaps assist with funding. I just think awareness is key.. and some people are just ignorant therefore, with ignorance, there is no power in you to do anything. But thank you for your kindness! God bless you!

  14. EYG
    EYGJune 3,15

    It boggles the mind how any human being can this evil. Even if they want to eat the animal, which is barbaric enough…but to boil a living creature alive takes a special kind of sadist to be able to do this. Boiling lobsters alive is bad enough…but a sweet pet?!?! What flawed genetics to be so callous.

    • Gail Calhoun
      Gail CalhounDecember 20,15

      Your comment touches on the nerve that should be obvious to all. There is nothing stopping these sadistic people involved from killing the dog or puppy before the torture starts. Cooking with blow torches, boiling alive–even a picture of a dog struggling to escape a cook pot. Horrific-terrible. Words do not describe this at all . Nothing comes close. The scenes shown to happen in Korea really do harm the human spirit to even see it. If it all effects normal people this way, doesn’t it makes you wonder how the people involved continue and accomplish these sadistic acts and seem unfaized?I think they have reached a level mentally or been bent mentally to start with, but I sure wouldn’t want them living in my neighborhood.

  15. Yuka Kuroiwa
    Yuka KuroiwaJune 3,15

    Stop it now

    • anita willemse
      anita willemseAugust 19,15

      Yuka can you please try to stop the slaugher in Taiji? Those dolphins suffer as much as these dogs by killing mothers children and totall families by putting a stick in the blowhole and break the spine. They hear their children cry for their mothers while the babies are throwing in the ocean to die alone.

  16. Fyona
    FyonaJune 3,15

    Actually No animals should be eaten. Not only our canine friends

  17. gavin
    gavinJune 3,15

    I am from Asia and I disagree with eating dogs but I try to understand this. Every culture is different and eating cats and dog is Korean culture like American eating bison etc. Why no one complain China eating coach roach ?
    Coz simply the west love dogs more And have more animal rights but then American is the world biggest bully. often creating war and solving one too. That should get bigger attention than the dogs. Just my 2 cents

    • Michelle Compton
      Michelle ComptonJune 4,15

      What else is happening does not make this any better for the animals. Cats and dogs have highly developed emotions and nerves. Insects do not.

      • Kaye Perrier
        Kaye PerrierMay 31,18

        The dogs were not eaten to this degree until after the war when food was so scarce!

    • Michele Vernet
      Michele VernetJune 4,15

      China’s Yulin dog meat festival each year, India festival huge violent slaughters, Vietnam, all Asian kill cats and dogs VIOLENTLY becausebthey believe that their meat is healthier when they suffer! They are uneducated MORONS! SOME OF US HERE IN THE STATES SND EUROPE ARE JUST AS STUPID AND GUILTY!

    • Mad about this!
      Mad about this!June 5,15

      Gavin you are an idiot and that’s being kind! Let’s boil and skin you alive, try to understand that!

    • heidi miller
      heidi millerJuly 16,15

      Groups of Americans do not stand around and take pictures while a bison, chicken, cow, pig or whatever else is being tortured! Almost every picture I’ve seen posted of the dog cat meat trade has large groups of locals standing around smiling, taking pictures, like they are disgusting perverts at an elementary school!!! The difference is that u don’t see restaurants slowly killing eating and selling shit from corner to corner that illegal…. And if you’re going to eat these pets, at least have some emotional despair for something in your lives… Such coldhearted sob`s… Yes people over here break the law, and then they get punished…. Should b that way in Asia, China ,Korea, everywhere…. If u don’t follow the law, then what use are they?! Just my 3 cents!!

      • Dawn
        DawnMarch 11,17

        Fully agree.

    • susan malloy
      susan malloyJuly 23,15

      I hate these evil people – how can they boil puppies and kittens alive. And yes cruelty does go on in the slaughterhouses of the US and Europe but only because the vile creatures who work there do not obey the rules. Our countries try to implement rules and regulations but you are always going to get vile human beings who do not abide by the rules. To be honest whoever works in these places can’t be normal. Who would want to go to work everyday to kill animals. They are sadistic people and that is why they work in slaughterhouses. The difference is in these Asian backward countries there are no regulations whatsoever and the people in those countries and disgusting, sadistic, creatures. I hate them and hope that they have a big earthquake and it wipes them all out. They carry out some of the most barbaric practices on this earth, bear bile farming for instance. They disgust me to the core.

      • Dawn
        DawnMarch 11,17

        Full agreement.

    • Dan.
      Dan.August 18,15

      Having you don’t get the point! And it’s not Korean vulture that’s a cop out!! If you agree with torturing innocent animals this way your just as discraseful as the people that commit the crime themselves!2say other things should get more attention that dogs and kittens/puppies getting boiled and skinned alive you must have no heart! It’s a shocking treatment towards animals and bringing up bison and cockroaches have nothing to do with anything! The point is you are using your culture to justify the slaughter and torture of innocent animals and in a cruel malicious way!!! Shocking!!

    • Gail Calhoun
      Gail CalhounDecember 20,15

      Gavin, per your two cents. Dogs possess abilities that make them valuable to mankind. They serve the blind, detect bombs, and drugs and even detect cancer before medical equipment designed for the task can. They area miracles on 4 legs. Their abilities are wasted when they are butchered for a food source–and the point is ! SO DAMN CRUELLY. This barbaric cooking alive is the point of it for many people. there is no reason on earth to torture a animal to eat it. Not to mention your culture completely ignores the full value and possible contribution of the dog to your society. The people who do this are proving how stupid they are by wasting the resource of this animal.Some dogs are smarter than people

  18. Marisol
    MarisolJune 3,15


  19. adriana
    adrianaJune 3,15

    it’s terribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stop it immediately!!!!!!!

  20. Michelle Compton
    Michelle ComptonJune 4,15

    Yes one brave woman reacted, and saved two lives, hundreds if she stopped one person from continuing. If you don’t react, you are letting it happen. Bad people can’t rot the world unless bystanders allow them to !

    • Lena Foka
      Lena FokaJune 5,15

      I totally agree. Bystanders are also guilty in my opinion. This is horrifying. I get nightmares when I see such things. This is evil. What kind of human being can do this? Heartless beasts…

  21. Madisen
    MadisenJune 5,15

    Who would this sort of thing to a living animal this is just so disrespectful to the living animal

  22. Lynda
    LyndaJune 6,15

    There is evil in this world and in comes in the form of energy it pervades the weak minded and vunerable and once it takes over that individual it has control, over their thoughts and minds, this is what evil feeds off on, fear, violence, aggression, suffering. This is what evil does it uses the weak minded individual to do their dirty work, to create as much suffering as possible on other living forms, to create an energy of fear. This energy is what keeps evil alive on this planet, why you see so much violence, killing, destruction war, mass slaughter of animals and so forth and it never seems to end. Until people realise and wake up to this and be aware of their thoughts and emotions they give out and send out, we will always see evil in all kinds of way. So when you see something like this (torture and killing of innocent dogs and puppies) we must be aware of your thoughts you project out, if we start generating from our emotions and minds more evil thoughts and hatred upon the perpetrators, then we all unwittingly feeding evil with what they want, and that is hatred, anger, fear, revenge, low energy thought forms, this the cycle evil wants. We don’t realise that thoughts are powerful energy, that can move mountains and create and manifest anything into fruition. If we all knew this, we would instead be concentrating on the most powerful energy of all…LOVE. Love will conquer the evil and vile. These perpetrators are mind controlled by the evilness they allowed into their space and thought forms, they are of course unware of this, because they are totally blocked from feeling from their hearts, they are engulfed in the dark forces to be their minions. Project out an energy wave of immense LOVE of white Light surrounding and infusing these people whenever you can, seeing them engulfed in love and light, seeing their hearts opening up and imagining them connecting to all life forms with love and respect. This is what will break the spell, and reform them, imagine if we all did this, instead of projecting hatred, revenge and anger only to feed the evil is the reaction they want from you, would do no good for the cause. Fighting fire with fire would only make it bigger and stronger. WE have to be the water to put out this fire by using LOVE energy projection of the mind to those people that actually need it more then you think.

  23. brandao jacqueline
    brandao jacquelineJune 6,15

    ces femmes sont des êtres puissants de compassion et d’intelligence. merci à vous.

  24. dominique haustant
    dominique haustantJune 14,15


  25. Tracey Murthwaite
    Tracey MurthwaiteJune 30,15

    Thank you for saving these little angels.

  26. Françoise DEBOLD
    Françoise DEBOLDJuly 29,15

    Thank you so much Ms Lee for saving these two adorable puppies ! You are an angel, God bless you !

  27. Jen
    JenAugust 1,15

    Thank You May God Keep You Safe And Watched After Thank You

  28. Nadi
    NadiNovember 18,15

    my greatest respect for his action of rescue dogs and cats. All cultures have horrors that fight .. customs, prejudices … No country is perfect and the road is unity and self-criticism to evolve. In Spain the majority of people we repulse the bullfighting .. but still there, we are fighting to eradicate. The hunting and treatment of dogs, we are fighting to eradicate. We all have to unite, help to overcome all horrors.

  29. Ana
    AnaJanuary 27,16

    Too many people are walking around ignorant and need to be made aware of what evil takes place in certain countries. Put up posters in your town showing the torture which is being inflicted upon innocent creatures. We continuously buy the products made in countries where such disgusting practises are allowed and are even considered to be cultural. Hit them where it hurts them the most, economically. Boycott products from countries where animal torture is legal. The world cannot allow such barbarie to go unchallenged. People who commit such atrocious acts should be severely punished. Enough is enough.

  30. marta
    martaJuly 11,16

    Love U

    JORDAN PINGOLNovember 23,16


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