Fairfax County, Chairman Bulova, responds quickly, and once more takes action to help dogs in Korea.

Fairfax County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Sharon Bulova

Fairfax County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Sharon Bulova

We have just received the response we have been hoping for, from Fairfax County, to our campaign/petition shown below! We are very grateful to Chairman Bulova and all members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for taking such prompt action to help the Korean dogs in the meat trade, and for being their voice! We are pleased to say that this is our 7th victory, even though we have yet to hear what response Seoul Songpa District will give to Chairman Bulova’s request.

Click HERE to see our campaign.

Everyone has a responsibility to make a difference – and everyone can.


Call for Action

Please send an email thanking the Chairman and the members of the Board of Supervisors for responding to our concern. You can use our suggested message below or your own words.

Email addresses:
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];

Suggested message to the Chairman Bulova and the members of the Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County

Dear Chairman Sharon Bulova and the members of the Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County:

I would like to thank you for responding to our concerns raised via the recent petition on about the mistreatment, torture and consumption of companion animals in Fairfax County’s Sister City of Seoul Songpa-gu District.

Both domestic and international pressure on this issue is required if we are going to incite some real change in South Korea, so I kindly urge you to continue reaching out to your sister city until affirmative action is taken by the Songpa-gu district to end the illegal and horrific practice of the dog meat trade for good.

Thank you again for your efforts here.

[Your Name & City/Country]

  1. Leslie Reed
    Leslie ReedOctober 10,16

    Thank you so much!

  2. Daniela Di Cecco
    Daniela Di CeccoOctober 10,16

    Thank you for supporting this important effort. The cruelty and torture inflicted on these innocent dogs must stop. Please help put pressure on the S. Korean government to end the dog-meat trade. They need to know the world is watching and that this is a stain on their country’s international reputation.

  3. sue mitchel
    sue mitchelOctober 10,16

    thank you

  4. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaOctober 10,16

    me too, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU ! it’s formidable !!! and we must do everything to continue this battle !!!

  5. D.G. Sifuentes
    D.G. SifuentesOctober 19,16

    We love you and your hard working efforts to stop such an inhumane, barbaric, unacceptable practice in Asian countries. NO animal should be treated so horribly and we WILL reach our goal!! Thank you and may God bless your endeavors.

  6. Delyth Warren
    Delyth WarrenOctober 19,16

    Thank you so much for helping to bring an end to the horrific dog meat trade.

  7. Sheri Verges
    Sheri VergesOctober 19,16

    Thank you for caring!!!! Your support means so much!!!

  8. Sharon-Shay Walsh
    Sharon-Shay WalshOctober 19,16

    Thank you so much for helping to fight for these innocent fur beings and for your awesome compassion.

  9. Pam
    PamOctober 19,16

    Thank you!

  10. Jacky Zalopski
    Jacky ZalopskiOctober 19,16

    Thank you SO much, Chairman Sharon Bulova!!! This is an extremely important issue that needs to be addressed once and for all instead of far too many people “turning a blind eye” and thinking that just because they don’t see it, it must not be happening. We’re part of a revolution that is long overdue! Thank you for being a part of it!!!

  11. L segal
    L segalOctober 19,16

    I appreciate your support to help end the torture of dogs and cats. I am gratified knowing that with people like you the torture might end.

  12. christina pafitis
    christina pafitisOctober 19,16

    We must stop this horrible and terrifying practise and their evils ways for a better change for more compassion love and respect to all creatures great and small, and a big thanks from the bottom of my heart

  13. ida
    idaOctober 19,16

    infinitamente grazie per quello che state facendo io farei lle stesse torture ai governanti coreani sopratutto a quel pazzo piccolo ignobile bambino viziato che crede di essere il padrone del mondo un grazie di cuore alla presidentessa Sharon BULOVA ED AL SUO STAFF

  14. Carol Forman
    Carol FormanOctober 19,16

    Thank Chairman Sharon Bulova for protecting man’s & woman’s best friend! XOXO. ? ?

  15. Kimberly Stiles
    Kimberly StilesOctober 19,16


  16. Patricia Frederick
    Patricia FrederickOctober 20,16

    Thank you so much Chairman Sharon Bulova and the members of The Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County. Thank you for responding to the torture and slaughter of these domestic animals. Both International and domestic pressure on this issue is required, if we are going to incite some real change in South Korea, so I kindly urge you to continue reaching out to your sister city until affirmative action is taken by the Songpa-gu district to end the horrific practice of the dog meat trade for good.
    Thank you for your efforts here.

  17. Margaret Scott
    Margaret ScottOctober 20,16

    Thanks for your wonderful work & Bless You.

  18. Jayne Fawcettr
    Jayne FawcettrOctober 20,16

    Thankyou for standing up against this horror in South Korea. Now if we can only get others to do the same, there will in time be change! Thankyou for not turning a blind eye, and sending a dismissive email like some Ive received. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart!!

  19. Jung Kim
    Jung KimOctober 20,16

    I am emailing them a “thank you” letter right now!

  20. Lynn Batastini
    Lynn BatastiniOctober 20,16

    Thank you for your help with animals!!

  21. Rudy Gallardo
    Rudy GallardoOctober 20,16

    Thanks a million for assisting with this horror in S. Korea

  22. Yvette van Rooyen
    Yvette van RooyenOctober 20,16

    A huge thank you for your help on behalf of the animals. From South Africa, I thank you with a big heart!

  23. Alex Wee
    Alex WeeOctober 20,16

    If only there were more people like you, the world would be a far better place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  24. Sylvia Cheung
    Sylvia CheungOctober 20,16

    Thank you very much for your support and help those poor dogs that cannot speak for themselves.

  25. antonio lucchetto
    antonio lucchettoOctober 20,16

    thank you so much for those poors animals

  26. agnese laneve
    agnese laneveOctober 20,16

    GRAZIE !!!!!!!!!! Con tutto il cuore

  27. Neville
    NevilleOctober 20,16

    Thank you again for not turning away. Email sent.

  28. jean ogorzaly
    jean ogorzalyOctober 20,16

    Thank you!

  29. claire o.
    claire o.October 20,16

    thanks a million

  30. Philo Robinson
    Philo RobinsonOctober 20,16

    So grateful. Thank you.

  31. Djamila Grouci
    Djamila GrouciOctober 20,16

    Cher Président Sharon Bulova et les membres du Conseil de Surveillance de Fairfax County:

    Je voudrais vous remercier d’avoir répondu à nos préoccupations soulevées par la récente pétition sur sur les mauvais traitements, la torture et la consommation des animaux de compagnie dans le comté de Fairfax Sœur Ville de Séoul Songpa-gu District.

    Les deux pressions nationales et internationales sur cette question controversée est nécessaire si nous voulons inciter un changement réel en Corée du Sud, alors je vous invite aimablement à continuer à atteindre à votre ville sœur jusqu’à ce que l’action positive est prise par le quartier Songpa-gu pour mettre fin à la pratique illégale et horrible du commerce de la viande de chien pour de bon.

    Merci encore pour vos efforts ici.

  32. Helen Roberts
    Helen RobertsOctober 20,16

    Thank you for your compassion and integrity. So grateful.

  33. Lynn J
    Lynn JOctober 20,16

    Thank you so much and God bless you!!! ❤️

  34. Annie Pascotto
    Annie PascottoOctober 20,16

    Je leur ai écrit un mail pour les remercier ! Pourvu que beaucoup d’autres encore s’engagent dans ce sens !

  35. Melody Huffman
    Melody HuffmanOctober 21,16

    Thank you so much for your efforts to save these poor dogs.

  36. Janine Amano
    Janine AmanoOctober 21,16

    Best decision!!! Thank you so much!!!

  37. vera de weyer
    vera de weyerOctober 21,16

    thanks for helping this creulty and save the dogs, i hope you can safe it all !

  38. Val Kerry
    Val KerryOctober 21,16

    THANKYOU So Much for your efforts in Helping to save these Poor Animals from the Horrorific Torture . Thankyou for your COMPASSION !!!!

  39. Elsa Cilio
    Elsa CilioOctober 25,16

    Thank you kindly!!

  40. Maija Johansson
    Maija JohanssonOctober 28,16

    Thank you

  41. Neville
    NevilleOctober 31,16

    Many thanks for your positive contribution!! : )

  42. G. Cramer
    G. CramerSeptember 22,17

    Thank you so much for your support!!! The more voices speak up, the more the voiceless, these poor tortured creatures will have hope of being respected one day from this barbaric practice!!!!

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