Response from Omega – PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Sponsor

We received a response from Omega regarding our campaign, asking the sponsors of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics to help bring an end to the dog and cat meat trades in South Korea. We are disappointed with this response. Please send your letter, post on their Facebook page, tweet, and/or call,… We must not give up until the millions of dogs in South Korea are free from this nightmarish cruelty.

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Response from Omega - PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Sponsor
Response from Omega - PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Sponsor

Video: Dog slaughterhouse in Seongnam, South Korea. CARE (Coexistence of Anim

  1. Catherine Staffy
    Catherine StaffyMay 8,17

    Fortunately or unfortunately Omega makes a good point.

    • Paul Scott Premo
      Paul Scott PremoMay 8,17

      But as a sponsor it they spoke out to the IOC perhaps change may happen.

    • Thanasis Ibrahim
      Thanasis IbrahimMay 8,17

      I think it would be a great point to see you being treated like one of those poor animals. Then you would reconsider…

    • HB
      HBMay 8,17

      Not really. The IOC will only take notice when/if sponsors pull out of the Games, so they do actually have a lot of influence and control over what happens. It’s more about money than politics. Losing the Games would be a huge blow to Korea which is about the only thing that would make them change or reconsider their ways. Each of these sponsors are responsible for what happens (and in a way culpable as well) since they are enabling these practices to continue. If you aren’t against it then you must be for it. Omega’s response is cowardly, plain and simply.

  2. Thanasis Ibrahim
    Thanasis IbrahimMay 8,17

    I guess business is business for all of you heartless people.

  3. Paul Scott Premo
    Paul Scott PremoMay 8,17

    “Above all at service to the athletes, but not the life of innocent dometicated animals?” What if it were other humans? Would you get a spine and take issue then? This is not political, but is about right to life. Grow a pair and do the right!

  4. Cynthia Thomas
    Cynthia ThomasMay 8,17

    Shame on you for not even trying to these these animals ! Ill make sure never to buy your products again ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame !

  5. Brita Stein
    Brita SteinMay 9,17

    in short words… only money counts… it’s sick!

  6. Kirsten Quinlan
    Kirsten QuinlanMay 9,17

    So these sponsors are into torturing companion animals!! What’s wrong with these barbarians?? It’s not even about eating the smart, loving animals! It’s the torture from the way they grow up to the way they are packed to market, to throwing them off trucks, breaking bones severely wounding them, then shocking them, amputating their feet!! Grrr. And if they are rescued, they forgive and love you! Would a human do this? I will boycott all products from Korea and all Sponsers of the Olympics! I have never seen such unnecessary violence against such sweet creatures. I pray you humans?? Are subjected to the same awful practices! SHAMEFUL

  7. Annie Pascotto
    Annie PascottoMay 10,17

    Evidemment…le fric est Roi…! Quant aux pauvres chiens et chats…ils n’ont que “NOUS” et tous les activistes du monde pour continuer à être lanceurs d’alerte et œuvrer de toutes les façons possibles afin qu’une prise de conscience mondiale se fasse et que la Corée et les autres nations qui ont de telles pratiques barbares soient dénoncées et finissent par devoir légiférer contre ces pratiques !!!

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