Disappointing response from Tenri regarding Sister City Seosan

We received a response to our campaign and petition from the City of Tenri, in Japan, the English translation of which appears below.

You will be forgiven for thinking that the reply they gave makes little sense: it made no sense in the original Japanese text.

Yasue, our volunteer, translated it into English for us; but although their letter was unclear – what is clear is that the City of Tenri is unwilling to take any action to contact their South Korean Sister City, Seosan, regarding the illegal dog and cat meat industry that operates there.

Click HERE to urge Tenri to speak out against their sister city’s cruelty!




【秘書課 上田】

  TEL 0743-63-1001

(English translation of the letter)

Thank you for your opinion to Tenri city.
Our reply is as follows;
The recognition about the culture and the custom of other countries are varied.
We will value interchange with Seosan city in the global community with the variety while we think that we should deepen the friendship while respecting each other and make much of the balance with the consideration besides humanity.

【Secretary division, Ueda】

Address of Tenri city hall
Zip 632-8555
605 Kawaharajo-cho Tenri, Nara
TEL 0743-63-1001
Ext. 419 , 429

  1. Cornelia Dragon
    Cornelia DragonJune 1,16

    They talking about respect???? Where is the resepect for Animals!!!!!!????? They are all the same way, i didnt expect nothing else!!! No Heart unhumans what so ever!!!!

  2. marzia molineris
    marzia molinerisJune 1,16

    This response is shameful and totally void of any meaning! Talking about culture and custom justifying extreme torture and abuse is beyong my understanding. I am frozen. There are only 2 options: either Japanese are totally void of compassion, cruel and inhumane or they have not watched the videos and dispatched the issue as quickly as possible without any consideration.


    We must boycott everything from these countries that continue to practice such barbaric customs! It is the 21st Century! People used to burn ‘WITCHES” alive! Does anyone practice that custom now????!!! BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT,BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NANCY STONEJune 1,16

    How can anyone watch such a video and feel human? I cannot conceive of a world where we can’t convince people to stop supporting or turning a blind eye to the torture of perfect animals. I am sickened. But I do look. Others can’t keep looking the other way.

  5. Jade Paasimaa
    Jade PaasimaaJune 1,16

    Yes boycott these sadistic countries!
    They have no compasion for other living creatures.
    What comes around goes around.
    I hope that karma hits all of the cruel countries that have no heart and compasion for animals.

  6. Jerry Coccoli
    Jerry CoccoliJune 2,16

    BOYCOTT THESE SAVAGES. Let us shut these savages down & put them out of every damn business. THESE SAVAGES (If not stopped) can be brutalizing Dogs for the NEXT HUNDRED YEARS. Write letters and contact your Congress people. Some of these PC politicians may be reluctant to call SOUTH KOREANS WHO BRUTALIZE AND EAT DOGS “Savages.” However – WE WON’T STOP CALLING THEM SAVAGES just like we call African Poachers SAVAGES & end point Ivory Acquisitioners “THE CHINESE” SAVAGES.

  7. Lauren Mandy
    Lauren MandyJune 2,16

    These people are discussing! This is why I will never buy a Hyundai, LG, Kia, or any other company that has anything to do with Korea. I bought a Samsung, but that was before I found out what they do. I will NEVER buy another one again. These people are unconscionable, dispicable, demented sadistic people. I think everyone should boycott them!

  8. louise despointes
    louise despointesJune 2,16

    when do politicians in Asia will understand that dog & cats eating nations are a very bad image for them ? shame on Japon not giving support to associations fighting such barbaric culture, but what to expect from a nation killing dolphins & whales !

  9. stella maris argento
    stella maris argentoJune 2,16


  10. Annica Eriksson
    Annica ErikssonJune 2,16

    Respect what??? Torturing animals is that respect, Appalling , horrifying and disgusting. SHAME ON YOU, this is not RESPECT!!!

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