A roadside dog slaughterhouse in Bansong, Busan raided and charged! Case turned over to the Prosecutor’s Office for possible indictment!

This is a translation of the May 12, 2014 posting on Busan KAPCA(Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)‘s Facebook: Dog slaughterhouse in Busan Haeundae Bansong raided – Cased turned over to the prosecutor’s office!

A few weeks ago our planning team received a tip about a dog slaughterhouse located in Bansong, Busan Haeundae.
While on site exploring, we found signs of strange activities so we called the police and raided the place.
The cutting up of dogs already slaughtered was in full swing inside.

It was truly a sight difficult to watch.
A dog with the head cutoff and the guts all spilled out…
It was nauseating.

What’s even more shocking was that this slaughterhouse was located on the roadside right next to a city bus stop.
While most of the dog slaughterhouses are deeply hidden away, far from the road, this one was right next to it.
Indeed, it seems to show how boldly they have been carrying on this operation for a long time.
This wasn’t a one person operation. There was the owner and the employees working under him, which implies the countless number of dogs that would have been slaughtered here up until now.

We reported them to the police for violating the Animal Protection Act and the man who was killing the dogs was charged.
The fact is killing a dog doesn’t make it a crime.
What makes it a crime is the way the dogs are slaughtered. Because of our extensive experience with cases like this, we pointed out to the police aspects of the case they may have missed. This ensures the butchers would be punished.

In this particular case, we strongly argued that several clauses of the Animal Protection Act had been violated.
Luckily, the Haeundae Police helped by actively investigating the case and we have been notified that the case has been turned over to the Prosecutor’s Office for a possible indictment for the violation of the Animal Protection Act.

The person who was killing a dog at the time of the raid was an employee but the owner was also turned over to the Prosecutor’s Office for possible indictment.
We cannot predict what the Prosecutor’s Office will do, but since the case was turned over to them for indictment, we think they will be punished.
We are thankful to our planning team for all their efforts working day and night, even on weekends.
Please continue to send us tips pertaining to animal cruelty.
In addition, we are looking for volunteers to support our planning team so if you are interested, please contact us.

Busan KAPCA will tirelessly continue our effort to eradicate the dog farms, slaughterhouses, breeding farms and dog meat consumption.
However, we do not have enough funds. We ask our members to please send us your membership dues.

Bank Name: Kookmin Bank
Swift code: CZNBKRSE
Account Number: 565001 01 267719
Account Name: Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (부산동물학대방지연합)

Below are photos. Warning: there are many graphic photos.
However, we hope that after viewing these, you will continue to help us fight for the rights of these helpless animals. You must know the reality.

In Korean:

<대로변 개도축장 급습 고발!! 검찰에 기소의견으로 송치!!(사진주의, 잔인합니다)>

몇 주전 저희 기획팀이 제보를 받고 간 반송의 한 개도축장.
탐색중 이상한 낌새에 경찰에 신고 후 급습!
안에서는 이미 죽인 후 한창 작업중이었고….
차마 보기 힘든 광경들이 펼쳐져있었습니다.
내장이 다 나와있고 목이 잘린 개의 사체….
구역질이 날 정도였는데요.

또하나 놀라운 건 이 도축장이 바로 시내버스 옆 대로변에 위치하고 있다는 것입니다.
대부분은 도로변에서 떨어져 깊숙히 숨어있는 반면 대로변 바로 옆에 있었다는 건
그야말로 대담하게 오래 해왔다는 반증이 아닐까 싶습니다.
특히나 혼자도 아니고 주인이 있고 종업원까지 있어 그동안 정말 많이 죽여온 게 아닌가 싶습니다.

경찰에 동물보호법 위반으로 고발했고, 개를 죽이던 자가 입건되었습니다.
사실 죽인다고 무조건 죄가 되는 게 아닙니다.
방법상의 문제이며, 저희 부산동학방의 경우 많은 사건을 다루다보니 경찰이 놓치고 있는 부분을 짚어내어 알려서 처벌을 받도록 하고 있습니다.

이 건의 경우도 저희가 몇몇 조항을 적극적으로 주장하였고.
다행히 해운대경찰서에서 적극적으로 수사의지를 가지고 도움을 주셔서
동물보호법 위반 기소의견으로 검찰에 송치되었다는 통보를 받았습니다.

특히나 개를 죽이던 자는 종업원이라고 하는데, 종업원 외에 주인이라는 사람도 모두 같이 기소의견으로 검찰로 넘어가게 됐습니다.

검찰에서 어떻게 할런지는 모르나 기소의견으로 넘어간만큼 처벌이 되리라 생각합니다.

주말도 없이 밤낮으로 고생하시는 기획팀에 감사드립니다.
앞으로도 부산동학방으로 관련한 많은 제보 부탁드립니다.
또한 기획팀에서 활동을 원하시는 분들의 지원도 받고 있으니 관심있으신 분들은 신청해주시기 바랍니다.

부산동물학대방지연합은 앞으로도 개농장, 개도축장, 번식장 등 개식용근절을 위해 계속 노력해나갈 것입니다.

그러나 재정이 항상 열악한 상황입니다.
회원님들은 회비 납부에 신경을 써주시기 바랍니다.
565001-01-267719 국민은행 부산동물학대방지연합

사진이 나갈텐데요.
잔인한 사진이 많습니다.
심약하신 분은 주의해주시기 바랍니다.
하지만 앞으로 동물보호운동을 위해 꼭 보셨으면 합니다.
현실을 알아야 하니까요.

  1. yvonne walter
    yvonne walterJune 9,14

    It is now time to stop this horrific cruelty that you inflict on innocent animals just because you think it is going to make your tiny penises larger. You are repulsive and I will boycott everything from your country and let as many people as I can know about how barbaric you are.

    • yvonne walter
      yvonne walterJune 9,14

      Why should I moderate my comment. These people make me sick and the government does nothing.

      • Rosa B
        Rosa BJune 9,14

        100% agree!

      • T Brown
        T BrownJuly 2,14

        “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” -Robert F. Kennedy

    • susan repp
      susan reppJuly 1,14

      I love your comments..viagra could make a bloody killing over there!

  2. damiria machado
    damiria machadoJune 9,14

    muito nojento isso, gente, isso é horrível!!!!!

  3. Rosa B
    Rosa BJune 9,14

    It absolutely disgusts me the fact that people not only are not carnivore but abusing, torturing, murder and eating man’s best friends when there is no need for it is PURE EVIL! People without compassion,respect,dignity,morals and respect for other living beings are monsters! This is nothing to be proud of but will turn anyone to coldhearted, psychopath, coldblooded, brutal and miserable being useless to others and themselves! “As long as we hurt other living souls we are still savages” – Thomas Edisson

  4. Ángela López
    Ángela LópezJuly 1,14

    This is terrible, se have to stop this now!

  5. Daniel Osorio
    Daniel OsorioJuly 1,14

    Pigs, this bastards should go to hell!

  6. EYG
    EYGJuly 1,14

    The rotten stench of Korea and other Asian sewer pits shows they are a society infested with sub-human bottom-dwellers with no class, no brains, no conscious, no shame. And before anyone spouts off “How is it any different from the pigs, cows, chickens, etc. that YOU eat?” Well I don’t eat them, because the brutality in those sectors is unacceptable, too. But dogs are domesticated pets (Man’s Best Friend) and most countries at least have humane handling standards. The hell Asians, Middle Easterners and Mexicans and other countries put animals through is so backwards and ignorant it is shameful. Animal torture is not acceptable for any specie, but it takes a special kind of twisted and evil mental deficiency to be able to skin or boil alive something wagging its tail at you. So take your Olympics, your animal torture and your effing souless countenance and shove it up your a-holes, Korea.

  7. Antje Göttert
    Antje GöttertJuly 1,14

    Those people don`t need a bigger penis, they need something in the brain!

  8. Wendy
    WendyJuly 2,14

    Caught them in the act. The proof of the pudding. All puppy mills, dog farms, butchers must be closed down and abusers brought out into the spotlight. Thank you for taking action.

  9. Barbara Chichester
    Barbara ChichesterJuly 3,14

    This place and places like them are really the face of evil. The horrific terror these poor animals know awaits them is unimaginable. And the torture
    they endure is beyond my comprehension. We must do everything in our power to stop this.

  10. Sandra Wysong
    Sandra WysongJuly 4,14

    A group of us were planning to visit your country, after seeing the horrible treatment your government allows we decided to not go but show these deplorable practices so other Americans would not visit your country.


    ….my prayers to stop all this cruelty against animals !!!!

  12. nathalie 't jaeckx
    nathalie 't jaeckxJuly 5,14

    this is so cruel!!! i hate it. eat normal food. the animals are always the victims of human acting. terrible!!!

  13. chanellebear
    chanellebearDecember 18,14

    This is Truly Disgusting N Disturbing! !! They Need 2 Put A Stop 2 This Immediately! !!!

  14. chanellebear
    chanellebearDecember 18,14

    This is Truly Disgusting N Disturbing !!!!!This Has 2 Be Stopped immediately

  15. marge scott
    marge scottJune 19,15

    only someone without a heart and love can not see that this treatment of dogs/cats is NOT NATURAL. how any person can torment and kill an animal that CIVILIZED people consider are domesticated in a civilized community and are used to comfort old and young .All anyone can hope is Karma will catch up with those that can do this

  16. Maria
    MariaDecember 15,17

    This is murdering with horrible cruelty and there must be an immediate end to this barbarism for our innocent friends. The murderers punish a heavy prison.

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