Royal Canin: Speak out against the dog meat trade operating outside your facility in Korea!

[Update: August 28, 2017] We received a response from Royal Canin USA on August 24, 2017 regarding our campaign.

We appreciate Royal Canin for responding to us so quickly and positively. We would like Royal Canin to put their commitment into action by urging the North Jeolla Province government to put an end to the horrific and illegal dog and cat meat industry. Click HERE to learn more.

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Royal CaninRoyal Canin, a world famous pet food provider, is currently building a large production facility in Gimje, North Jeolla Province, South Korea. According to the Koreabizwire, North Jeolla provincial government and Royal Canin “signed a memorandum of understanding for the French company’s investment (US$ 64million)and construction of its 13th pet food manufacturing facility in an industrial complex in Gimje by 2017.”

We want Royal Canin to speak out against the cruel, in-humane and torturous practices in the dog meat trade operating right outside their own pet food facility in South Korea!

Video: The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea. The Korea Observer.

Video: jtbc. Meat dogs in wire cages feed on waste sludge while they wait to be slaughtered.

Please sign petition, call and send postal letters to Royal Canin.


  • Click HERE to send an online message.
  • Send email: [email protected]
  • Send postal letter
    Royal Canin USA, A division of MARS, Inc.
    500 Fountain Lakes Blvd., Suite 100
    St. Charles, MO 63301 USA

Suggested letter:

Dear Royal Canin,

We had recently become aware of your production facility currently being built in Gimje, North Jeolla Province, South Korea.

You may be aware that in South Korea, a shocking estimated 2.5 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year, while the majority of Koreans, who do not participate in this offensive trade, show a profound indifference by doing nothing to end it.

As an international pet food company and major investor to the economy of North Jeolla Province, it’s time to speak out against the cruel, inhuman and torturous practices of the dog meat trade operating right outside your own pet food facility.

An online petition calling for your support in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty is in progress:
The favor of your reply is requested.
Thank you,

[Your Name/City/Country]

  1. Jeri O
    Jeri OAugust 24,17

    Seems a little ironic that a pet food company, which presumably cares about the well being of animals, especially dogs, would be indifferent to this horrific suffering.

  2. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaAugust 24,17

    I am very shocked and desappointed that Royal Canin built their facilities in S. Korea ! RC produces the food for our pets and they become blind on the situation of dogs and cats in this country ! how they can on one side nourrish with love our friends and on other side, make their business in the country which torture the same dogs and cats that they nourrish !!!I would like so much RC uses their strong position in this country to defend dogs and cats. I change my food immediately from RC to Husse !!!!

  3. Carol Reins
    Carol ReinsAugust 24,17


  4. mukesh
    mukeshAugust 24,17

    Royal canin shud take action for the same Animals that it makes millions from

  5. christina pafitis
    christina pafitisAugust 24,17

    these poor animals have suffered enough stop the barbaric evil ways of your evil thinking and go with the modern ways stop living in the dark ages its 2017 and we do not tolerate abusing animals in our society no more STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT ANIMALS NOW

  6. agnese laneve
    agnese laneveAugust 24,17

    Non mi stanco di lottare nel mio piccolo per loro,ho inviato mail proprio ora ,FORZA facciamolo tutti ,NON potranno ignorarci se siamo tanti GHRAZIE

    WAYNE SILVIAAugust 24,17

    I have just thown away a $85.00 special hdro. Protein dog food. I will now bea loyal hill’s customer. I also will be requesting pet co to stop carrying your products untill you inform South Korea stop this horrible practice or we will close the factory.

  8. Doris
    DorisAugust 24,17

    I will never buy that product again!!!! You very stupid people haven’t you researched the torture? Really I will spread the word!

  9. Gerhard Rupp
    Gerhard RuppAugust 24,17

    these poor animals have suffered enough stop the barbaric evil ways of your evil thinking and go with the modern ways stop living in the dark ages its 2017 and we do not tolerate abusing animals in our society no more STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT ANIMALS NOW

  10. Carol
    CarolAugust 24,17

    Stop this murrder now you hsve the power to let yoyr coutrty know this us not right sick act of vile murrder your turn your bank as well shame on you

  11. katya masini
    katya masiniAugust 24,17

    Basta con questo scempio……..;il vero essere umano si distingue da come tratta gli animali!!!
    Forza facciamo si che questo abusivismo sugli animali cessi il prima possibile.
    Firmiamo tutti!

  12. olimpia marina
    olimpia marinaAugust 24,17

    we are disappointed …Your total attitude is encouraging and supporting the cruelty against dogs and cats…this Stigma will do damage to your reputation,

  13. Susan Repp
    Susan ReppAugust 25,17

    I just started using their products last week on the recommendation of my vet but I will not be buying anymore…I sent a message to the company saying that I will not support any company with ties to countries that systematically torture animals for food!

  14. Shasha
    ShashaAugust 25,17

    Is this pet food grain and GMO free? Any help to stop dogs/cats being used for human food is good. Will they sell dog meat to this company to feed dogs? I pray only ethical things happen.

  15. Sophia Nystrand
    Sophia NystrandAugust 25,17

    I used Royal Canin to my first dog, she got cancer… Now I buy Swedish grainfree dog food to my new dog. Anyway Royal Canin – show that you care – speak out against the korean markets! Maybe that can help you restore your reputation! Please stop these horrible dog meat trades.

  16. B. L. JONES
    B. L. JONESAugust 25,17

    This is so typical of today’s “greed is great” corporate “ethics”: Instead of keeping jobs at home, Royal Canin blithely builds a dog food factory to exploit cheap labor. Where? In a country that tortures dogs to death to indulge idiotic belief systems like “Eating dog meat in July keeps me from feeling the heat”. Or “Drinking a tonic made from drowned cats and dogs helps me get it up.”

    Idiocy for profit is proliferating because these greed-monkeys wouldn’t dream of questioning their own soulless but money-making choices.
    Royal Canin: Consider yourself boycotted for all eternity. There’s no forgiving this criminally stupid move.

  17. Someone
    SomeoneAugust 25,17

    Korea is a disgusting country.

  18. Frank Silva
    Frank SilvaAugust 26,17

    I am stunned by this news. I purchase Royal Canin pet food for my pets. No more. Not if they support the economy of a country that willingly tortures and slaughters dogs and cats alive just so they can eat them. How does a pet food company do this? How do we know what is in our food when it’s produced there. The pet food can have dog and cat meat in it. NO more royal Canin products.

  19. SJ Francis
    SJ FrancisAugust 26,17

    WTF! Royal Canin pet food company is building a production facility in South Korea, a dog and cat eating nation that tortures the live animals to death in the belief it makes the meat more tender. Alive, the animals are torched, sliced and slaughtered. I just threw away my Royal Canin cat food I bought yesterday. I’m writing an email to Royal canin, too. This can not be accepted. I hope Royal Canin loses a lot of customers from this news.

  20. Frank Silva
    Frank SilvaAugust 26,17

    Disgusting. I buy Royal Canin products for my pets, but no more. NOt after hearing about this? How can a dog food company want to support the economy of a country that goes out of their way to torture and slaughter animals alive for food? Where is the logic? IF they’re going to take a stand against dog meat, let’s see it. Otherwise, you can forget about getting my business anymore.

  21. Monika Mastrolonardo
    Monika MastrolonardoAugust 26,17

    Stoppt endlich diese grausame Misshandlungen und Schlachtungen dieser Tiere.Unglaublich was für ein Volk

    • Patricia Frederick
      Patricia FrederickSeptember 1,17

      I also purchase Royal Canin dry dogfood from my vet. It sickens me to find out that a Royal Canin is being built where dogs and cats sre brutally tortured for their meat and skins for stupid myths which make no sense what so ever. This is not culture, this Dog and Cat Meat Trade is for greed and money. I will never buy anymore food from your company. This is so totally wrong. You in your position must tell them that your Company will not allow sentient faithful dogs to be TORTURED and SLAUGHTERED in the same area where your factory is being built. You making good food for dogs and cats, while caged and starving dogs, eat the remains of other starving dogs and garbage with dead rats, maggots and roaches crawling in it. This is not right.It totally sickens me Royal Canon is styling so low, to build a company in So. Korea, where dogs and cats are boiled alive, feet cut off alive, stabbed in neck to bleed out, bung by neck and legs sliced open to bleed out, blowtorched alive, and beat on head with a pipe or wood club. I have sern plenty of videos and this is horrific cruelty to these animals. This is why I am so adamant about this.

  22. rose brooks
    rose brooksAugust 27,17

    As you are building a production facility for dogs close to some of the horrendous cruelty to dogs can we trust you to voice every decent person’s abhorrence and take a stand against this torture? Can we rely on you, Royal Canin? Can’t believe you are only there to line your pockets-

  23. sandra Lazaridis
    sandra LazaridisAugust 28,17

    I will boycott this company and make sure that everyone I know is informed about Royal Canin. They have no conscious or sympathy towards animals,and everything revolves around money. I hope they go out of business!!

  24. Ellen A.
    Ellen A.August 29,17

    I also echo the others about boycotting this company. If they don’t, they become part of the problem

  25. Catherine Baran
    Catherine BaranAugust 30,17

    I have a friend who has contact s with national news paper pet owner s need to know what Royal Canin are doing so they can decide if they want to boycott their products I will never ever buy anything from them again what a horrible insult to suffering dogs and cats

  26. JH McHugh
    JH McHughAugust 31,17

    I too will never purchase Royal Canin again and I will tell every pet owner I know what Royal Canin is doing in Korea. Where is the CEO of your company? Does he know how this factory in Korea will damage his company? No compassion at all!

  27. Margaret
    MargaretJuly 7,18

    People! Please don’t just throw out your supply of Royal Canin! Just return it back to the store & get your money back. Then just switch your pet to another brand. Not buying their products will send a strong message.

    Royal Canin, why not build your processing plant in US? Create jobs, produce under regulated conditions & maybe gain your customers back. Many millions of pet owners have lost faith in the products you produce. Your product is already much more costly but it seems that was not enough as you opt to move your production off shore. The American public that cares will not support your decision. We will not buy your products & Vets will stop recommending it. We will see to it that your poor decision for a pant in Korea is not rewarded by losing our business.

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