Santa Clara responded by reaching out to Icheon for clarification.

We received an email from one of the council members of Santa Clara regarding our petition: Santa Clara Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor: Tell your Friendship City, Icheon, South Korea, that you are opposed to the torture and consumption of dogs and cats. She stated that “Icheon confirmed with Santa Clara that this practice stopped in Icheon over 5 years ago.” Icheon’s claim is simply not true and very disrespectful to Santa Clara, the city they are trying to maintain a beneficial partnership.

We are grateful to the Santa Clara government for reaching out to Icheon about our petition. We hope that they will continue their dialogue with Icheon and help to convince them to shut down their shameful industry.

Below is our response to the Santa Clara councilmember:

Dear Councilmember,

Thank you very much for responding to our petition, Santa Clara Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor, and the City Council members: Tell your Friendship City, Icheon, South Korea, that you are opposed to the torture and consumption of dogs and cats. (

My name is Giny Woo, and I am the founder and leader of our campaign: (

Icheon’s claim that they stopped the dog meat industry over 5 years ago is simply not true. Icheon is one of the largest dog meat suppliers and consumption cities in South Korea, Today. You can ask for evidence of their claim, and they would not be able to provide that for you because it’s not true.

Here is a list of dog farms and slaughterhouses in Icheon, South Korea (from Korea Animal Rights Advocates dog farm database,

We protested and filed an official Korean government petition, e-People petition, and received the below response telling us that we, the animal advocates in other countries, need to investigate their dog farms and dog slaughterhouses ourselves.

The Korean internet searches resulted in dozens of Health Centers which commonly sell dog/cat elixirs (also known as dog soju and cat soju) and dog meat restaurants in the vicinity of Icheon.
Health Food Centers:
Dog Meat Restaurant:

We hope you will relay this information back to Icheon Mayor Eam Tai-Joon and tell him that our campaign is led by a Korean American woman who is fluent in Korean. We have been campaigning against South Korea’s horrific dog and cat meat cruelty for over 10 years.

Icheon needs to be truthful, stop the lies, and address this issue by enforcing their laws and immediately shutting down the illegal dog and cat meat industry.

We would appreciate your help in saving the Korean dogs from lifelong torture and brutal slaughter and bringing this cruel industry to an end. Many mayors in California and other states have helped our campaign by speaking out, and we hope that the city of Santa Clara could do the same. (,

On behalf of all the animals suffering unimaginable cruelty in the dog and cat meat industry, we thank you and await your reply.

  1. Sheila Glover
    Sheila GloverMarch 27,22

    This is pure corruption and dishonesty. Don’t they realise how they shame themselves and their country by lying when it is so easily disproven? It indicates they are also not intelligent and must regard the rest of the world – and their twin city representatives with contempt. They are not worthy to twin with any city that had integrity. Shame on them for covering up this disgusting, filthy and unspeakably barbaric trade.

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