Seeking talented writers to speak for the Korean dogs.

We are constantly on the look-out for reliable volunteers who have writing and editing skills, to help with our campaign and social media messages.

Advocating and giving a voice for these dogs requires effective communication in English and, as a first generation immigrant from Korea, I am unable to do this as well as someone with English as a first language. Had I known, some while back, that I was going to be campaigning to save the dogs, I might have studied English or Communication instead of Accounting; however, we are lucky that Camilla has volunteered to help with this task and has been such an invaluable help.

But, there’s only so much one person can do, which is why I am now asking for the additional help of talented and dedicated writers who really want to help end the plight of the Korean dogs, through utilizing their writing skills.

Are you that person? Will you join our volunteers?

None of us gets any payment as we are a voluntary group, whose sole aim is to save these Korean dogs. And, with only a limited number of volunteers we are not able to accomplish as much as we could do, so we are asking for volunteers to offer their help, even if it is as little as one hour a week – hopefully an hour a day – and, of course, you can set your own schedule. What I only ask is that you are reliable, and that, if contacted, you will let me know if you are able to work on a particular piece, or to reply as soon as possible if you are unable to help on that occasion.

And, whilst we appreciate all offers of help, we would be grateful if you didn’t contact us if you really are not able to make any serious commitment, as, unfortunately, this would only waste my precious time which would be better spent helping the dogs.

So, please, contact me if you feel you can be a volunteer. Thank you!


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    HEBE MARTORELLAOctober 19,16

    I am an English-Spanish translator so I volunteer to translate to Spanish to help to spread the word about all these outrageous actions and trade with dogs and cats. I am in Buenos Aires.Pls see my profile in Linkedin and I have worked as an E/S translator for the Canadian Government during almost 20 yeards.

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