Send ugly Jindo dogs to dog meat restaurants?

Meaningless Jindo dog promotion project, only profiting pet dog industry

This is a translation of Korean News:

Symbol of our nation, Jindo dogs. Although Jindo dogs have been maintaining its status as the national dog with government assistance, in reality driven by the trend of excessive national support and industrialization so many Jindo dogs are culled branded as “substandard” dogs. Dogs that are not purebreds are easily flowing into dog meat industry in our society where the dog meat consumption culture remains and the fact that some of the Jindo dogs are being used for meat is a well known fact in Jindo (Jeollanamdo-Province). To grasp the reality of Jindo dogs, KAWA (Korean Animal Welfare Association) went on location in Jindo couple of times (March and July 2009) to covered the story. [Editor’s words]

The story of Jindo dog Baekgu (meaning “white dog”), finding its way home after being sold in Daejeon by travelling 300km for 7 months in 1993, is a representative anecdote that explains the Jindo’s loyalty and homing ability.
Jindo, Jindo dog protection area and location of the last resistance of Sambyeolcho (a special capital defense unit), as well has been an image of bastion that maintained pure blood through many foreign invasions in our nation’s history.

Jindo firmly continued its status as national dog with its designation as a natural monument in 1961 and the enactment of Jindo dog Protection and Promotion Act in 1967. Recently Jindo County’s Jindo dog promotion project is leading into the pet dog industry revitalization. In 2008, Jindo Dog World Festival Dog Show was held in Jindo county with the goal of correct understanding about the world-known Jindo dogs and the propagation of pet dog culture.

Office of Jindo Dog Breeding’s budget has increased to 5,924,699,000 KRW ($5.6million USD) in 2009 compared to 2,148,818,000 KRW ($2million USD) in 2008 and a new budget item, that didn’t exist in previous year, was added in 2009. (Jindo Dog Theme Park Development Project, Jindo Dog Breeding and Management Center Construction, Jindo Dog Promotion Center Construction, etc) However, in any society, expansion of pet dog industry involves the creation of breed specific standards and the culling operation of dogs that deviates from this standards.

Since 1990s the spread of pet dog culture is creating problems of numerous dogs pouring into the streets and being neglected but in our country where the dog meat consumption remains we can’t overlook the fact that these dogs are being flowing into the dog meat industry.

Human consumption of pet dogs, an open secret

Until now the suspicion about pet dogs being handed over as dog meat was constantly being raised.
In 2007, a confession by a former director at a provincial homeless animal shelter that he has been supplying abandoned dogs as dog meat due to the demand by the government officials sent a ripple through the society. (Yonhap News Agency, 7/19/2007 article)

In addition one broadcast program captured the scene of so called “pet dogs” being sold for human consumption in traditional markets and auction house, etc. (KBS Lee Young-Don Consumer Reports, 7/11/2007 “You are eating pet dogs.”

In 2004, Australia exported surplus dogs from their dog racing industry to Asian countries and the fact that among these dogs, most of the dogs exported to Korea was used for dog meat soup is a public knowledge. (Yonhap News Agency, 11/3/2004 article)

In 2008 during the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries’ meeting to discuss the implantation microchip on pets, an official remarked, “Given the reality of our food culture that eats dog meat, we have to verify the safety of microchip in the cooking process.” (Electronic Newspaper, 4/16/2008 article)

This means that the suspicion about pet dogs being used for meat is not a suspicion but could be an ‘open fact”.

Paradox: Standard of standardless Jindo dogs

First of all, culling of so called “Substandard dogs” involves distinguishing purebred. This is differentiating mixed breeds by distinguishing purebreds, a strategy to raise the price of the purebreds for commercialization. As people’s opinion about Jindo dogs symbolizing our nation’s pure-bloodedness strengthens, there has been numerous purebred debate. Jindo-related organization around the country are each holding dog shows according to their own standards. Therefore, often these shows become chaotic with people who are dissatisfied with the evaluation results and protesting. (Jindo Newspaper 10/30/2008 “Violence, profanity, complaints Chaotic Jindo Dog Show”)

This means not only is setting a standard for Jindo dogs difficult but the setting of standard for Jindo dog itself is meaningless. The fact that the Jindo dogs are being screened based on a vague standard and subjective judgment can be verified from the Jindo county’s Jindo dog screening process.

Jindo dog official screening and culling process

According to the Korean Jindo Dog Protection and Promotion Act and the Jindo County ordinance, Jindo dog owners within the Jindo protection area are supposed to receive two screenings per year. As a result of these screening, dogs that are determined as meeting the standard body type according to the provisions are registered and microchip is implanted. Those that doesn’t can be culled.

On March 11, we attended one of the two public screenings that are conducted each year. Screening is conducted around the village by the judges pre-selected by the county accompanied by a staff at the Office of Jindo Dog Breeding and a veterinarian. Screening is conducted by community hall calling residents through its broadcasting and the residents voluntarily bringing their dogs. Judges visually examine the body type, personality, appearance, teeth and if the dog is determined to be a good Jindo than a microchip is implanted on its neck on the spot.

Based on scoring criteria of general appearance 28 points, stature 25 points, cephalus 30 points, bloodline 7 points, miscellaneous 10 points, total points of 60 out of 100 points is the borderline for passing. However, Jindo dog’s standard body type according to the Jindo dog standard body type examination is actually very subjective. For example, the case of the head and face, “when viewed from the front the forehead has to be broad and between the ears has to maintain an adequate distance.” In case of ears it states, “it must be in the shape of triangle and blend well with face, movement is very vigorous and stand bowing forward.”

The judges on location is explaining that the criteria in judging good Jindo dogs is ” a standard that general public can understand” but that standard is merely based on how healthy and handsome it looks.

According to the legal principle, dogs that did not pass the screening is culled or released. However in reality culling order is not given out to rejected dogs. They were recommending the owners of the rejected dogs to try again and the rejected dogs were not being handled as a group. Screening is conducted by the county but the residents were solely responsible for what they do with these rejected dogs.

If so, how are the so called “substandard dogs” handled? Even if your dog is a substandard dog, you can consider him as your companion animal and live together for the rest of his life. However, when the dogs, symbol of Jindo county and started to be bred because of the government and the county’s propaganda that it can revive the local economy, gets troublesome, sick or rejected not able to be registered what would they do with them? Residents all had the same answer. “We sell them”.

Who is buying these dogs that do not meet the criteria, not attractive and lost commercial value? Residents we met in the screening process told us that there is a trader that pass through this village periodically. One resident told us that the trader would pass through the village more often at least every 3-4 days during the summer “Boknal” (Dog days of summer when the dog meat consumption is at peak). We decided to check it out.

We decided to wait for this dog trader from July 7 through 9 at a village. And on July 9, we were able to witness the trader that was driving around the village buying dogs. On his truck in a cage there was a dog wearing collar that we think was raised at someone’s house. The trader was buying off the dogs for 100,000KRW ($94 USD) to 200,000KRW ($187 USD) depending on the condition of the dogs.

Selling so called substandard dogs to the dog trader was an open secret in Jindo. Even though the residents did not openly talk about this, everyone was admitting it as a fact and they were not particular feeling guilty about it.
However, this is not because residents are immoral but because this has been a common practice for a long time.

Occasionally we witness dogs in the cages of traditional markets that are not that different than the Jindo dogs we saw at the Jindo county. Numerous dogs are left behind and being used for dog meat soup with justification of meaningless pureblood debate and boosting pride of national dog. Our dogs are being culled and discriminated solely for not being handsome. Most of all, taxpayer’s money is being spent in this process. With the meaningless justification by our government about building national pride, only certain people are profiting from the expansion of this industry.

PETITION: South Koreans Eat Their “Natural Monument No.53” Jindo Dogs-End the Meaningless Jindo Registration!

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  1. geia martin
    geia martinJanuary 21,13

    shame on these people- dogs are not food- what is wrong with these people??? I can’t begin to understand why anyone would eat a dog. It is my culture to eat meat but I haven’t for 22 years!! shame on them!!

    • Lisa N. Szucs
      Lisa N. SzucsFebruary 15,13

      The illegal dog-meat trade is among THE cruelest and most horrific abuses on earth, and it is fueled by greed and ignorance. If you live in a country in which your government is corrupt, and you determine that you must survive on dog flesh to live, at least give these unfortunate animals a humane life and quick death. Dogs and cats in Korea and other parts of Asia are routinely caged, dragged, crushed, and then SKINNED and BOILED or BAKED ALIVE, simply for some human’s self-serving desire for “tender” meat. THIS MUST BE STOPPED! What can we do to educate and stop the monsters who do this to these defenseless animals? These IGNORANT people actually believe that the more they torture an animal before its death, the resulting adrenaline will somehow give the eater some sort of beneficial power. How ignorant can you actually be to believe this?? Anyone with the slightest understanding of biology would know that this is ridiculous!!! There are NO magic powers that result from torturing an animal, you fools!!! The illegal dog-meat trade is bringing SHAME upon yourselves, your souls, and your countries. Please STOP this depravity.

  2. shane parmely
    shane parmelyJanuary 21,13

    If this is how you treat dogs that aren’t beautiful enough, how do you treat people?

      DINA COLELLIMay 17,15


  3. Suze Bujsaim
    Suze BujsaimJanuary 21,13

    Please stop the consumption of dogs and cats and the mistreatment of animal in general!!

  4. lesley minton
    lesley mintonJanuary 21,13

    Please stop this cruel and sick act please. These animals are caged and skinned alive and it has to stop please

  5. bos
    bosJanuary 21,13

    stop cruality

  6. Carmen Hess
    Carmen HessJanuary 21,13

    I hate to see this :o(( It makes me sad…

  7. Sheldon Jung
    Sheldon JungJanuary 21,13

    Dogs are NO FOOD !!!

  8. thone kirknes
    thone kirknesJanuary 21,13

    Stop using cats and dogs PETS as food!

  9. isabella marchetti
    isabella marchettiJanuary 21,13

    stop consumo di carne di cane e di gatto

  10. sina hörold
    sina höroldJanuary 21,13

    stop the cat and dog consumption in s.Korea

  11. Bonnie Thrasher
    Bonnie ThrasherJanuary 21,13

    Stupid people do stupid things and need help to quit. STOP this horrific way of thinking and doing.

  12. Jenny Bron
    Jenny BronJanuary 21,13

    Deze barbaarse gebeuren met de honden moeten stoppen ,men moet daar humaner met de honden omgaan ,er gebeuren de verschrikkelijkste dingen met de Jindo hond …laat er een wet komen die het verbied!!!ik hoop van harte dat vele mensen over de wereld deze petitie zullen tekenen ,zodat de barbaarse praktijken zullen stoppen .

  13. lore
    loreJanuary 21,13

    Please stop the cat and dog trade meat in China

  14. claire staincq
    claire staincqJanuary 21,13

    bastard the chine

  15. judit zacsko
    judit zacskoJanuary 21,13


  16. Heinz Kindler
    Heinz KindlerJanuary 21,13


  17. Katrin Praßel
    Katrin PraßelJanuary 21,13

    do not eat these dogs

  18. sue
    sueJanuary 21,13

    this is discuting you need to be ashamed of yourselfs

  19. Mary Lauer
    Mary LauerJanuary 22,13

    Dogs are dogs…no matter what’s their breed. It’s OUR responsible to TRAIN them, not ignore them just like you do with babies/children. It’s “abusive” towards dogs for being killed which I disagreed. Learn to love & they will love you back exactly like kids.

  20. Maryah
    MaryahJanuary 27,13

    contra crueldade de animais

  21. Maryah Lima
    Maryah LimaJanuary 27,13

    Essa raça da China e Coreia não são humanos,são verdadeiros demonios! Luta contra essa sub-raça,vamos la!!!!

  22. Marsha Andrews
    Marsha AndrewsFebruary 12,13

    It seems to me that there are more sub standard Koreans that should be sold to the meat trade. What hypocrisy!

  23. Marie Horáková
    Marie HorákováFebruary 15,13

    do not eat dogs!!!!!!

  24. Schäffer Michaela
    Schäffer MichaelaFebruary 16,13

    Mein Magen dreht sich, es ist schrecklich. Katzen und Hunde sind nicht zum Verzehr geeignet – das muss aufhören

  25. uza
    uzaMarch 26,13

    개고기는 때려가며 도살해야 나중에 요리를 해도 육질이 쫄깃쫄깃하고 맛있습니다.. 그리고 개는 때리면서 도살을 하면 공포와 두려움 속에서 죽기 때문에 아드레날린과 도파민이 극도로 많이 분출되어 개고기 전체에 퍼집니다. 그래서 개고기를 먹으면 기분이 좋아지고 에너지를 얻게 됩니다. 한번 개고기 드셔보세요. !!

  26. Beate.Burmeister
    Beate.BurmeisterMay 30,13

    Bitte hören Sie auf, die Tiere auf so grausamer Art und Weise zu töten! Die Tiere erleiden auch Schmerzen und Angst! Wie können Sie nur als Mensch so etwas tun? Das müssten Menschen, die das tun, an eigenen Leibe widerfahren, evtl. würde man dann dieses Leid der Tiere verstehen???
    Tiere sich auch Lebewesen und haben das Recht, nicht aufgehängt oder geschlachtet zu werden. Bitte sorgen Sie dafür, das Hunde keinen Qualvollen Tod sterben müssen!

  27. Garth Mills
    Garth MillsAugust 20,13

    I am shocked and revolted to the very core of my being ,that such a vile and odious practice is carried out by the oriental people of the far east. I cannot believe that people that sub scribe to this inhumane practice think that it can be beneficial to their well being ,it shows the primitive and barbaric state of your nations. I am ashamed to think that I thought the Oriental people were a cultured and gentle people. HOW WRONG IWAS

  28. Diana
    DianaDecember 23,13

    I have just come across this site, whilst browsing for pictures of Jindo dogs.

    I live in the UK and have a white Korean Jindo purebred/pedigree male dog. He the is the sweetest, loyal, most loving, affectionate, sensitive and intelligent noble dog. To say I am repulsed by what I have read on this site, would be the biggest understatement to say the least. I thought the Korean goverment protected Jindo dogs? I thought they were one of the national treasures? How wrong I was! Only if the dog is a purebred and not ugly? This is barbaric and I despair of the human race, if people can do this to innocent animals. Never again will I buy from any country that allows such hideous treatment. I will encourage others to do the same and will send this information to others and encourage them to pass it on

    No animal, should ever be treated cruelly. If people are starving and have to eat dogs as a very last resort, then do it in the most humane way possible. There should be no skinning alive, or boiling alive and all the other barbaric and torturous treatments that they receive. Can you imagine the fear and the sheer horrific pain that these innocent animals go through at the hands of vile sadistic cruel excuses for human beings. I read that the adrenaline that is produced by animals, when scared, is what produces a better meat. I would rather die than eat an animal that had been put through such horrific treatment.

    I refuse to buy anything from South Korea and from any country, where the goverment allows such treatment of innocent creatures. I realise that a lot of the goverment’s are corrupt and nothing may be done, but I will put pressure in any way that I can to help stop this disgusting treatment of animals.

    May the people who allow such cruelty to happen, those who torture the animals, and those who buy them, eventually meet their maker, and face the same treatment themselves. These people are scum.

  29. Enrique
    EnriqueJuly 15,16

    Please “feo”

  30. David R
    David RAugust 6,16

    I don’t buy anything from Asia if I can help it. There is nothing that Asia manufacturers that I can’t live without.
    The phone I’m typing this on is an LG made in South Korea. I purchased this phone 4 years ago before I knew about
    the horrific, disgusting, and cruel things that are inflicted on animals and blatantly overlooked by the governments that
    should be protecting them. As long as this continues l vow to boycott all products from these Nations.

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