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Seoul, South Korea, is the most heinous city in the world! Why? They boast the economic equality amongst first world countries with companies like Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Kia, Daewoo. South Koreans are one of the most educated people in the world and yet, they allow the barbaric torture to the man’s best friends – dogs and puppies – to continue. Shame on Seoul and their government!!!

Below is an official response we received from City of Seoul regarding our petition letter. The letter tries to deceive you to believe that they doing all they can in animal welfare, but the fact is nothing has change for the thousands of dogs being slaughtered in Seoul everyday. These poor animals are daily being bludgeoned, boiled and burned alive! Don’t let this letter fool you! The government in Seoul are doing nothing to stop the torture and slaughter. They want us to understand that people are changing, but how long do we have to be understanding? How many more dogs must be brutalised and slaughtered before they stop the consumption of dog meat altogether? 50 years? 100 years? We don’t have that much patience because our heart is breaking into pieces every day, every minute for these voiceless ones! Please keep the pressure on Seoul, by voicing your protest and boycotting this most shameful and indifferent city in the world!

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Dear [name withheld],

Thank you for your letter requesting that the abuse, violent slaughter and food consumption of dogs, cats and other domestic pets in Korea be stopped. We appreciate your interest in animals.

Article 7 of the Korean Animal Protection Law (Prohibition of the mistreatment of animals) prohibits the killing of animals in violent or cruel methods (strangulation, etc.) and the killing of an animal in front of other animals without due cause. Any violation of this law is penalized with up to one year of prison confinement or a fine of up to KRW 10 million.

However, the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act (the law in Korea that controls the sanitary management of processed livestock) neither defines dogs as livestock nor does it count dog meat as processed livestock. Therefore, unfortunately, there are no legal rules or regulations concerning the consumption of dog meat. We ask for your generous understanding of the fact that it is difficult for local government to take any measures against businesses like restaurants that slaughter dogs and sell dog meat, because they are considered as businesses that handle livestock.

For the purpose of maintaining citywide observance of the Animal Protection Law, Seoul Metropolitan Government works together with Seoul residents (Honorary Animal Protection Agents) to exercise intensive control over places within the city that slaughter dogs or are guilty of animal abuse or inhumane slaughter practices. We also make consistent efforts to enhance animal rights and welfare by sending proposals to the Korean government about the supplementation of animal-related laws.

With the revision of the Animal Protection Law (introduction of the pet registration system, strengthened punishment for animal abuse, etc.) and the activities of animal rights activists and organisations, the attitude of the general Korean public about animal protection is gradually changing for the better. For its part, Seoul Metropolitan Government provides Seoul residents with training classes on raising pets and utilizes the Honorary Animal Protection Agent program to promote the need for pet registration and the neutering of stray cats. We would like you to understand that the city of Seoul is doing its best to create a city in which animals and people can peacefully coexist, as evident in our recent presentation of the “Seoul Animal Welfare 2020” plan. The city is currently in the process of shifting paradigms from passive animal protection to active enhancement of animal welfare.

Thank you again for your sincere interest in the livelihood of animals. We wish you all the best for you and your family.

Sincerely yours,

City of Seoul Animal Protection Department Envelope

City of Seoul Animal Protection Department Envelope

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  1. Olga Nieves
    Olga NievesFebruary 3,16

    How long will
    You keep
    Allowing this?? I feel that enough is not being done. You need to stop this . Korean gov’t has the power to stop this !!
    Enough it enough . Time to stop this barbaric and inhumane act. What is wrong with you people!!

  2. Olivia de Bruyn
    Olivia de BruynFebruary 3,16

    So the government is powerless and you use “legislation” as an excuse to act like barbarians. This will be shared, posted and talked about on social media. A country that does this to animals is not worth visiting, mentioned or treated as human. Your pathetic attempt to calm those who petitioned by this letter is fruitless, as you still support this practice. Shut down these restaurants and lock them up and you will see how the practice stops but now, if high ranking government officials support this practice it will continue just like the killing of our Rhinos to support your beliefs. Shame on you.

  3. Sandra Amici
    Sandra AmiciFebruary 3,16

    This is a cruel practice that needs to stop now, not gradually! Animals, especially dogs and cats, are man’s best friend. Here in the United States, animals are recognized for their service as service animals, helping hospital patients recover, guide dogs for the blind, they are in assisted living facilities for senior citizens, and they comfort lonely single people and protect their owners. Dogs and cats understand people and can feel their feelings. Any country that callously abuses, tortures, and consumes these amazing animals deserves everyone’s condemnation! We will boycott those countries!

  4. Annemarie Beyer
    Annemarie BeyerFebruary 3,16

    So basically Seoul’s response is ‘We’re already dealing with it as much as we can, which isn’t much and we know it. Government doesn’t care.’
    Excuse me but could you get off from your office seat, roll up your sleeves and go to the government with an actual proposal to change and improve the existing laws about livestock and animal cruelty until these horrendous facilities are either closed or forced to change for the better? If you wait for the government to do something by themselves alone then you’ll grow cobwebs. Thinking of better laws when it’s so much easier not to care or forbide something all together is a big no-go for politicians. I’ve seen this already in another country a similar situation, where it was the effort of volunteering associations who worked out proposals themselves, that got the law changed (after ten years of useless waiting for the government, so go figure how it would work out for these dogs if you wait further).

  5. debbie mckenzie
    debbie mckenzieFebruary 3,16


  6. debbie mckenzie
    debbie mckenzieFebruary 3,16

    IT’S EVIL!!

  7. Lynne Cameron
    Lynne CameronFebruary 4,16

    Seems like the Government doesn’t give a damn for these poor animals. Their response was just a load of waffle. They really couldn’t care less for these innocent animals. It’s about time they got off their lazy backsides and put an end to this evil, cruel and barbaric practice. This needs to stop NOW.

  8. Sharon Heggie
    Sharon HeggieFebruary 5,16

    Basically they dint give a shit. Well they will when the western world stop buying the products they produce. I have Samsung phone and will be going back to iPhone. I have kia sportage and would rather change this in August to something that doesn’t come from a country who doesn’t give a shit about animals. Once it hits their industry they may take heed.

  9. Lynn Juozilaitis
    Lynn JuozilaitisFebruary 7,16

    This is so evil and cruel it makes me sick! What is wrong with some people to treat any living being like this?

  10. Leanne
    LeanneFebruary 7,16

    What can be said? They cannot be considered humans, they and all this “state” is a waste that should be cleaned up. I will never understand them – they would gobble their mothers too. They have no respect to anyone else than money and stomach. Actually I have never liked them, not only because of their treatment with animals. I admire those few people that fight against this travesty of human beings. Maybe if they really tried to change something, there would be some results.

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