Seoul’s Shameless Lies

We received the following response from the city of Seoul to our petition, Seoul, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

Seoul continues to deceive and mislead people into believing that the dog-meat industry no longer exists in the capital city, falsely congratulating itself on being a “Dog Slaughter-Free City.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Seoul’s massive dog-meat industry is alive and well and continues to operate with impunity, without any restrictions or enforcement from the Seoul government.
We refuse to permit Seoul’s shameless lies to go unanswered….

We responded as below:

Dear Government of Seoul,

With all due respect, it is widely known that the city of Seoul is not dog-meat/cruelty free. This may be your goal –which the watching world so hopes that it is — but please do not state it as current fact.

When one does an internet search for “dog meat soup in Seoul,” hundreds of results appear. If one includes the so-called “Health Food Shops” or “Geongangwon,” which commonly sell dog and/or cat products, search results number in the hundreds.

Dog meat restaurants:

Is the world then to believe that the dog meat used in Seoul’s restaurants and shops are not from dogs slaughtered within the city of Seoul? If so, please provide evidence.

Closing down a few dog slaughterhouses while allowing dog and cat to continue to be served in hundreds of Seoul restaurants is wholly unsatisfactory and dismaying. While Mayor Park’s action to close down Gyeongdong dog meat market is praiseworthy, the city of Seoul must be honest and forthcoming about the magnitude of Seoul’s dog meat industry and begin cracking down on the restaurants and shops that sell dog and cat products.

In summary, to state that Seoul is currently a “dog-slaughter free city” is nothing short of propaganda.

I would kindly appreciate a follow-up reply.

Video: What’s Happening in a Dog Farm in South Korea. KBS animal TV : animal4u

  1. Catharina Pedersen
    Catharina PedersenFebruary 18,21

    Stop this cruelty against living creatures. It is not what buddhism stands for!!

  2. June Cooke
    June CookeFebruary 18,21

    No animal should be kept like this, please see that this practice needs to be reviewed and is not acceptable in 2021!

    [email protected]February 27,21

    These practices must be abolished ASAP..

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