Serious poor hygiene problems with dog meat: even the sick dogs are supplied to restaurants!

Translation of Korean TV News: Serious poor hygiene problems with dog meat: even the sick dogs are supplied to restaurants! 병든 개까지 식당으로…개고기 위생 불량 심각 -SBS News 7/12/2013

Serious poor hygiene problems with dog meat: even the sick dogs are supplied to restaurants!


The debate about the pros and cons of dog meat consumption is always controversial. Even if we were to put aside the debate about whether it’s ok or not ok to eat dog meat, regardless of who you speak to, the problems surrounding the breeding and slaughter process are very clear. Se-Hyeon Han reports.


A dog slaughterhouse in Seoul residential area. In one corner, a large drum is rotating with a white dog inside. This is a fur -removal rotating drum. They are not allowed to burn dogs because it’s in a residential area. In another corner, there are three or four dogs curled up in cages and there are dead dogs in the refrigerator.

Slaughterhouse owner: Don’t pick on us. Go to the markets. There are a lot of slaughterhouses there. Stop bothering us.

We showed the video footage to an expert.

He said the sanitary conditions are poor and some dogs are suspected of having diseases.

Nong-Hun Choi / Konkuk University Professor of Veterinary Public Health :
The dogs seem to be suffering from various skin diseases. There are open wounds that could be infected.

How about the breeding farms that supply dogs to slaughterhouses?

There are about 200 dogs cramped together in rusty wire cages.
The floor is covered with excrement and hair and the stench is unbearable.

Dog farm owner: After slaughtering and cleaning no one knows about these dirty conditions.
We looked at the dogs. Most of them were suffering from skin diseases, and some had torn skin, some even had broken legs!

Farm owner shrugs off about the condition.
Dog farm owner: I treat them myself. I give them antibiotics. These beasts recover well even when their skin is torn or injured.
All these dogs are supplied to the restaurants!

Dog farm owner: I cannot say that sick dogs and dogs that are treated with antibiotics, don’t end up in restaurants.
Restaurants, of course, don’t know about these problems.

Reporter: You don’t visit the farms or slaughterhouses yourself?

Restaurant owners : Of course not. We can’t do that. We don’t have the time. We just buy what they bring us.

Dogs are not classified as livestock under the current Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act. Therefore there are no regulations regarding the sanitary breeding, slaughter and distribution of dog meat. Because of this, it is only regulated by the Animal Protection Act.

So-Yeon Park /Director of CARE: Dogs are not regulated as livestock and only the Animal Protection Act can be used to regulate them but the penalties are very light and they are not properly managed or enforced.

It is estimated that 2 million dogs are consumed in our nation each year.
We cannot say that all dog meat is unsanitary.
However, if you know the process from breeding to slaughter, you might think twice about eating dog meat.

  1. Joanna
    JoannaNovember 27,13

    I wish all who do this to poor dogs and who eat dog meat die in awful and painful tortures!!! You all, go to hell!!! Curse you!!!

  2. susan repp
    susan reppNovember 28,13

    Maybe what is needed is an epidemic that either kills or makes people very sick to end this torture. I will never visit any countries that persist in this horrible practice, there is no compassion or humanity!!!

  3. Sylvia
    SylviaNovember 28,13

    Laws need to change about these poor dogs. Its really disgusting what people will do for money. Where is the compassion, love and caring for these poor dogs? As a pet they are both loyal and most loving of all pets. This is very degrading for the country of South Korea who is supposed to be so well educated and compassionate. Laws have to be drawn up for this, and implemented and carried through as its a very serious problem in Korea. People need to stop buying dog meat and need to be questioning what is in the food in restaurants and refusing to eat anything that is dog meat. When there are no market for dog meat, there is no money paid for dog meat, then it will stop. COME ON PEOPLE OF SOUTH KOREA..PROTEST.

  4. Lindsay Elkins
    Lindsay ElkinsDecember 8,13

    The people who farm dogs and the butchers are so very ignorant as one can tell by reading his comments and lack of logic. There is also a large part of the population that are very uneducated. They actually beleive the myths that dog and cat eating can cure illness’ and are aphrodiesiacs. There is nonetheless, no excuse for humans to have such apathy for other living creatures. It’s a flaw in thier culture that this has ever occurred. The fact that it has continued long after they have entered the modern world is unfathomable and does attest to barbarianism on a very grand scale in Korea. It’s the disgrace of the world…along with China.

    MARGO PILILIANNovember 10,16


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