KARA: Rescued Slaughterhouse Dogs Needing Medical Attention Need Your Support

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Please join us in raising money for the treatment of rescue dogs from a slaughterhouse in Goyang, Seulmun-dong.
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Rescued dogs from the slaughterhouse in Seulmun-dong managed to escape the slaughterhouse, but they are fighting diseases right now which need immediate medical care.

KARA rescued 35 animals from the slaughterhouse last winter. The rescued dogs were in serious health at the time, but they could not be treated until the butcher surrendered ownership. Dogs were diagnosed with various diseases such as malnutrition, parvo, distemper, corona, hernia, heartworms, skin diseases, trauma, etc.

When the butcher eventually gave up ownership, KARA immediately started treatment. Unfortunately, some animals did not overcome distemper, and died soon after rescue. The treatment and care of the surviving rescue dogs continues until now. Thankfully, there are animals that have been overcoming life-threatening diseases, giving birth to healthy babies, and enduring the process of intense medical treatments. Sadly, there are still more animals that need intensive care.
Fundraising is underway for the rescue dogs from Seulmun-dong. Many people have joined the fundraising, but just medical treatments will cost more than 12 million won ($10,774 USD). Please support KARA and the animals that have escaped from the slaughterhouse so that they can be treated and live happily ever after.

KARA will do their best to help rescued animals recover their health, to prevent animal abuse like this from happening again, and to end the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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