Call for Action: Seoul National University, Stop animal research using “meat dog” farm dogs immediately!

[Update: January 9, 2019] Click HERE to see the Seoul National University’s response.

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) has uncovered animal abuse, mistreatment and exploitation of laboratory animals, and a gross breach of ethics in animal research at Seoul National University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dogs already living under inhumane and horrific conditions at dog meat farms were taken to the SNU College of Veterinary Medicine research laboratory where they were subjected to even further abuse. Under the guise of cloning dogs for special purpose use, 1,346 fertilized eggs were harvested and implanted in thousands of meat farm surrogate dogs under questionable conditions resulting in only 3 live births. Not only has the data based on this unscientific and unethical research has been distorted to reflect greater success, the dogs used in these callous experiments were sent back to the despicable dog farms to ultimately be slaughtered and eaten. The merciless treatment of these dogs simply cannot and should not be condoned or supported. Click HERE to learn more.

Please sign petition, call, write and email the Seoul National University TODAY!

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Photos: Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA)

  1. Miriam Moran
    Miriam MoranMay 25,18

    Como pueden los koreano llamarse seres humanos, que humanidad tan despreciable, lo único que tienen en sus corazones es MALDAD,INHUMANOS,DESPIADADOS

  2. Miriam Moran
    Miriam MoranMay 25,18

    Pensaba algún día visitar korea,ahora jamás lo haría de saber tanta maldad

  3. olimpia marina
    olimpia marinaMay 25,18

    I am OUTRAGED Shame on Korean Government shame on everyone Involved in such CRIMES We demand criminal sentence and will promote Universal boycott !!!!

  4. paula
    paulaMay 25,18


  5. Michelle Velhagen
    Michelle VelhagenMay 25,18

    Abject cruelty should not be hidden behind supposed science or cultural tradition

  6. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaMay 25,18

    What are these for people who do this against innocent animals, terrible, pray for the animals so it will stop anywhere where there is ..

  7. Vivecka Rodriguez
    Vivecka RodriguezMay 25,18

    No more cruelty, its terrible that humans can do this to a living creature and with the support of the government,this has to stop now, we need to evolve into a more compassionate race.

  8. Pesi Unwalla
    Pesi UnwallaMay 25,18

    Korea – the land of animal cruelty!

  9. Gwen Ferry
    Gwen FerryMay 26,18

    What sort of barbaric people are you??? How dare you torture animals like this, you are supposed to be a Veterinary Medicine University where you heal animals not torture them!!! You sick ugly people!!! You should be in the cages, not the dogs!

  10. Kristine Colarossi
    Kristine ColarossiMay 26,18


  11. aike Hilger
    aike HilgerMay 26,18

    ALLE Asiaten sind Teufel…..wenn sie Tiere nicht zu tode quälen können sind sie nicht glücklich…..sollen ihre Kinder fressen….. lebend kochen…u.s.w. von denen gibt es ja genug und dies ist meine Meinung und Meinungsfreiheit ist ein Menschenrecht!!!!!

  12. Linda
    LindaJune 5,18

    No decent human would ever be so evil to the best friend anybody could ever have !

  13. Elizabeth Hunt
    Elizabeth HuntJune 14,18

    If you want to be part of the civilized world and be respected by other technologically advanced nations, don’t commit these acts of barbaric cruelty against man’s best friend. Throughout most of the civilized, technologically advanced world, dogs are our companions and members of the family. Other nations look down on South Korea for allowing this to go on and think that South Koreans are sadistic, cruel, and unfeeling because of this, and we know that is not true. Most South Koreans are good people, and many of them are dog lovers and pet owners themselves. Many South Koreans have compassion for animals. The animal abusers need to stop this sadistic treatment of animals the rest of the civilized world reveres as beloved pets if they ever want their country to gain any respect on the World Stage. Thank you Poverty and ignorance are NO excuse for such evil, torturous practices.

  14. Libuše Frankovå
    Libuše FrankovåSeptember 22,18

    We do not want to be indifferent and close our eyes to, ever greater, cruelty and ruthlessness of the human nature … We want to live in a world where everybody invokes justice and dignity where stronger ones can protect the weaker ones or those who can not defend themselves.
    Animals are, alike human beings, living creatures capable of feeling pain, fear, sadness … They create bonds between themselves (mother-young) and feel their loss caused by man. They have the ability to learn and remember, even empathy, some seem to be dreams, others have learned to communicate with us with sign language … We are all equal and we are all in this world as mere guests, no one has the right to rise above others, not to devastate, destroy and participate in the extinction of other species! That’s why we all deserve respect, the right to our own lives, the right to preservation of dignity, protection and love!

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