ARK119: 38 dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse need your help! 🙏 

Sharing for: Animal Rescue Korea 119 (ARK119).

The 2022 National campaign to shut down the dog meat industry, launched on July 16, officially ended on August 13. As a result of our efforts, a total of 6 dog slaughterhouses were identified, raided, and shut down.

👉 ARK119 shuts down a dog slaughterhouse in Yangju!
👉 ARK119 shuts down the dog slaughterhouses in Gimpo!
👉 ARK119 successfully shut down a dog slaughterhouse in Goyang.

All six dog butchers will most likely face criminal penalties. The names of the remaining slaughterhouses on our list will be handed over to the special police and the applicable local government officials.

Finding a slaughterhouse that hides in secrecy is hard, but it’s even harder to catch one while actively operating. We had to wade through the grass, climb fences, cling to tall trees, and stay up all night long to surveil the sites. Even when we managed to actively observe the illegal operations, it was not easy to get the government to relocate the surviving dogs due to the indifference of the administrative officials.

Thank you to the many activists who have been with us throughout this challenging journey. Your actions have helped motivate indifferent officials and dissuade butchers from continuing their activities.

Although the official 2022 National campaign to shut down the dog meat industry has ended, we will now take responsibility for the treatment and adoption of the 39 dogs saved during our campaign. (One dog sadly passed away after being rescued.) We would appreciate your help and support.

We will also create a “Dog Slaughterhouse Shut Down Team.” Pursuing dog butchers from the meat dog auction houses and locating and destroying the slaughterhouses will become part of our regular schedule. Please look for our proposal on this and consider joining this team to help us stop dog butchers and illegal slaughterhouses.
– Lim Yeong-ki, ARK119.

⏏️ Cost of medical treatment for the dogs rescued from 2022 National campaign to shut down the dog meat industry (Fundraising goal: $16,600 USD)
➡️Shinhan Bank, Account number: 100-035-575352 ⬅️ Animal Rescue Korea 119
Fundraising Code 7 (ex: John Smith 7)
PayPal: [email protected]
⏏️➡️Estimated medical treatment cost: $16,600 USD
– Spaying/Neutering: $5,700 USD (38 dogs x $150 USD)
– Examination fee: $2,850 USD (38 dogs x $75 USD)
– Vaccination fee: $2,850 USD (38 dogs x $75 USD)
– Heartworms and other treatments: $5,200 USD

🙏 Will you donate whatever you can to help the rescued dogs? 🐕

💗 You can donate by Paypal to the ARK119: 👉 [email protected]

A retriever was rescued from Gimpo Gochon-eup dog slaughterhouse by ARK119. This dog was in terrible shape and was taken to the vet immediately. He still has to endure a painful heartworm treatment. ARK119.

ARK119: We shut down the slaughterhouses, so let’s save as many dogs as possible.

Today, we are moving 10 dogs admitted to the Goyang City Shelter from the dog slaughterhouse we shut down to our adoption center. ARK119 is responsible for 39 dogs rescued from our 2022 National campaign to shut down the dog meat industry. We will do our best to take care of these dogs rescued from the slaughterhouses.

Dogs rescued from the 2022 National campaign to shut down the dog meat industry:
– Gimpo Gochon-eup slaughterhouse: 4 (at foster home) + 3 (hospitalized) + 1 (Retriever hospitalized)
– Taeri slaughterhouse: 2 (1 Passed away, 1 at ARK119 adoption center)
– Toechon slaughterhouse : 6 (at ARK119 adoption center) + 3 (planned for adoption)
– Goyang slaughterhouse: 5 (at foster home) + 10 (at ARK119 adoption center) + 4 (at private shelter) + 1 (foster home)
39 dogs in total

고양시보호소 10마리 입소합니다
도살장 박살냈으니 한 녀석이라도 더 살려보겠습니다.
오늘 고양시보호소에 입소된 녀석들 10마리 센터로 이동합니다.
개식용종식 국토대장정 중 총 39마리를 동물구조119에서 책임져야 합니다.
도살장에서 구조 된 녀석들 한 아이라도 더 살리기 위해 전력을 다 하겠습니다.
2022 국토대장정 구조 동물
– 고촌 : 악녀4 + 병원입원3 + 1(리트리버)
– 태리 : 2 (사망 + 센터)
– 퇴촌 : 6(센터) + 3(입양예정)
– 고양 : 위탁5 + 센터10 +쉼터4 + 임보1
총 39마리
▶2022 개식용종식 국토대장정 (목표액 : 22,000,000)
신한 100-035-575352 동물구조119
모금코드7 (ex:홍길동7)
PayPal : [email protected]
#개식용금지 #개식용종식_국토대장정 #개식용반대 #stopdogmeat
▶치료 예상 비용 : 2,220만원
– 중성화 : 760만원 (38마리 x 20만원)
– 검사비 : 380만원 (38마리 x 10만원)
– 접종비 : 380만원 (38마리 x 10만원)
– 사상충 및 기타 : 700만원

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    tara nethuSeptember 9,22


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  3. Christine Hartman
    Christine HartmanSeptember 9,22

    Thank you for helping these beautiful animals.

  4. Jennifer Bonomo
    Jennifer BonomoSeptember 9,22

    You all are heroic angels. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Mary Anderson
    Mary AndersonSeptember 9,22

    Thank you so much for all you do to help these beautiful dogs and cats. It breaks my heart everyday that the South Korean government continue to do nothing to stop this horrific illegal trade. Please keep fighting until no dog or cat is left behind…off to donate now. 🙏

    • team teamSeptember 10,22

      Thank you, Mary!!

  6. Barbara Apgar
    Barbara ApgarSeptember 13,22

    The torture and slaughter of dogs for meat in SK is tragic and sickening. It has put a bloody stain on SK that can never be erased. There is hope from ARK119 that horrific slaughter can be shut down. They have a dedication and resolve to stop the DMT which continues in SK because legislators turn a blind eye and illegal operations are not hunted down and shuttered. Their dedication is inspiring and I will continue to support them until not one more dog is slaughtered.

  7. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisSeptember 29,22

    Bravi grazie

  8. Mr.Derlin Gerard Clair.
    Mr.Derlin Gerard Clair.May 27,24

    God bless you for your very Compassionate efforts to Save both dogs & cats.

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