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We are now using a wonderful new online campaign tool called Thunderclap, which will help to make our campaigns even more powerful.

Some of you may have already heard of it: Thunderclap is a new platform that allows people to pledge a Tweet or Facebook message, so that they can all be ‘unleashed’ for maximum impact, at one concentrated time. Think of it as a massive flash mob on Twitter.

It’s completely safe and will automatically post exactly one message on your behalf at the designated time.

We now have two campaigns we are ready to try out through this platform:

1. To raise awareness of the new proposal that would amend the current Animal Protection Law in South Korea. This proposal is being introduced in Korea this month and we want to ask the Korean Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Kim Jae-Soo, to support and pass this amendment.

2. To urge people to boycott the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in South Korea.

We are inviting all of our supporters to add your Facebook and Twitter Support.

It couldn’t be easier to help us get the word out, so join us now by using Thunderclap to flood Twitter and Facebook with these important messages.
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  1. stella maris argento
    stella maris argentoSeptember 17,16


  2. Lim Mei Mei
    Lim Mei MeiSeptember 18,16

    Shame you korea…stop eating n killing dogs

  3. Robyne Zuendel
    Robyne ZuendelSeptember 18,16

    Stop the horrific slaughter of innocent dogs for human consumption, it is an atrocity and based on a myth how you torture these innocent dogs. Your country should be ashamed of themselvex for such intentional cruelty.

  4. liz spina
    liz spinaSeptember 18,16

    You are barbaric

  5. Francesca Philomena Pisciotto Harwood
    Francesca Philomena Pisciotto HarwoodSeptember 18,16

    May all you butchers and monsters raising dogs for this horrific activity die a slow painful agonizing death . I pray you suffer intense pain

  6. Wendy Cunningham
    Wendy CunninghamSeptember 18,16

    This must stop now. There is no benefit to your health because you eat dogs, in fact it can be harmful!!

  7. Paula Rock
    Paula RockSeptember 18,16

    Do you people realize how barbaric you look to the rest of the civilized world

  8. Linda McKeever
    Linda McKeeverSeptember 19,16

    What you are doing is barbaric and cruel. It’s 2016. Stop torturing and eating companion animals.

  9. Andrea Madruga
    Andrea MadrugaSeptember 19,16

    Please urge Senators and Paul Ryan to support H. Res.752, condemning this barbaric acts against dogs and cats.

  10. Heath St john
    Heath St johnSeptember 19,16

    A country’s age-old practice is for them to decide, though I, too, find it distasteful. However, I need to remind British people , bring myself English, of their wilful acceptance on our shores of Halal slaughter: we first need to set the example ourselves.

    • Toni Ann Leech
      Toni Ann LeechSeptember 19,16

      @ Mr. St. John. Horse hockey. Age old anything is no excuse for this extreme cruelty and abuse perpetuated upon any living creature. Yours is just a lame excuse to placate your own conscience. Be proactive, your comments are inappropriate on this forum. You either help or hurt. If you want to be a wise guy, go hang with the mob.

      • Linda Wilson
        Linda WilsonSeptember 21,16

        This is about Dogs and Cats and the extreme violent suffering these animals face each one an individual. Look up Marc Ching on Facebook to see exactly what happens to these animals I think distasteful is a pathetically ignorant word to use, cleaning a turd off your shoe is distasteful this is way beyond that. There are other sites about dreadful halal slaughter that we allow here go there and vent your anger and disapproval. Don’t negate one with another it does absolutely nothing to help.

  11. Anita Biets
    Anita BietsSeptember 19,16

    It’s beyond imagination! I can’t even imagine to hit an animal, let along to kill one ?. STOP this cruelty you barbarians. The most painful is to see the fear in the eyes of those innocent creatures. My heart breaks ???.

  12. Olga Nieves
    Olga NievesSeptember 19,16

    His country is a disgrace . It’s a new generation and era. Stop the massive killing of innocent cats and dogs. Dogs and cats are not livestock !!

  13. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaSeptember 19,16

    before when I heard the name of South Korea it was equal to Samsung, now when I hear S. Korea I think ” cruelty, torture “”

  14. Toni Ann Leech
    Toni Ann LeechSeptember 19,16

    Go Vegan and no animals will suffer. Livestock suffers too. They are all sentient beings.

  15. Betty Knight
    Betty KnightSeptember 19,16

    Stop this cruelty. Your country along with a few others are a disgrace with this treatment to animals. You make me sick

  16. Wendy Ward
    Wendy WardSeptember 19,16

    For goodness sake show compassion. You must know how cruel this is. Do you also eat each other?

  17. pierre chantelauze
    pierre chantelauzeSeptember 19,16

    These sweet souls must think demons live on Earth , soulless demons. We refuse to be part of this species .
    ENOUGH !

  18. Daniela Zucchetti
    Daniela ZucchettiSeptember 19,16

    I hope that this horror will end soon.

  19. Ana Yates
    Ana YatesSeptember 19,16

    Shameful korean society!

  20. kyong-hwa Minder-Yu
    kyong-hwa Minder-YuSeptember 19,16

    Please, please, stop it!!!!
    Not only kill and eating but also the way they
    Breed them.
    I close my eyes, so miserable und sad!
    They are the creation with feeling and soul, just like a humenbings.

  21. Blayne Knox
    Blayne KnoxSeptember 19,16

    I think we must make a list of Korean products we must not buy. Put that on thunderclap. Just that everyone knows and has a choice to support these type of people or not.

    • Toni Ann Leech
      Toni Ann LeechSeptember 20,16

      That is a great idea!

  22. Kantor
    KantorSeptember 21,16

    Manger le meilleur ami de l’homme, c’est indigne, les asiatiques sont odieux. Ils sont plein d’arrogance, un jour j’espère que l’infortune leur tombera dessus! D’ailleurs aucun animal ne devrait finir dans l’assiette de l’humain qui manque beaucoup de dignité.

  23. Kantor
    KantorSeptember 21,16

    J’ajoute que la Corée doit être bien pauvre pour dévorer le chien et le chat, rien d’autre à se mettre sous la dent, les pauvres! J’ironise, je les déteste car mon âme souffre à cause d’eux.

  24. monique
    moniqueSeptember 30,16

    c’est une abération, ces pauvres bêtes ne méritent pas cela, qu’elle honte de les faire souffrir ,je déteste ces gens ils n’ont aucune humanité, pire que des animaux sauvage !!!en plus le plus triste c’est qu’ils les fonts souffrir, je voudrais que tous ces ordures crèvent ,

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