Chobok in S. Korea – Unsanitary Dog Slaughterhouses

Translation of Korean News:
“비위생적인 개 도축장”

Tomorrow is Chobok (first of 3 dog eating days of summer) and a lot of people will be looking for health foods. But you should be careful about eating dog meat soup. We found the condition of slaughterhouses to be seriously unsanitary.

This afternoon. Goyang-city, Ilsandonggu, Seongseokdong, Gyeonggido-province. A shabby temporary buildings on a deserted hill. Two men are busy slaughtering dogs. Dogs are struggling to set free but ends up being captured into wire cages.

Dogs unconscious by electric shock is tossed into the boiling water. Moments later, dogs are pulled out of the boiling water and into the fur removal machine. After that Dogs is laid, blow torched and cut into pieces.

The building you see down there is a slaughterhouse where the slaughtering is going on. The sanitary condition of the slaughterhouse was also terrible.

As I entered inside the slaughterhouse, nauseating smell is unbearable. Blood is all over the cutting board and floor. In one corner, dogs’ fur is piled up high. Swarms of flies are around the slaughtered dogs.

This slaughterhouse was uncovered by the police on July 9 for pocketing unfair profits by inflating dogs’ weight by pumping water into their blood vessels. However, it’s still operating as usual.

[Interview] slaughterhouse worker “We don’t do that anymore.”

The largest dog meat market in the country, Seongnam-city’s Moran market. The sanitation situation is not significantly different here.

As you have seen, the management is a mess, but there is no way to legally sanction it. That’s because dogs are not included in the “Livestock Management and Health Law”.

[Interview] Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries official, “We have nothing to say because it’s not within our authority. Dogs are not included in the livestock management that includes 13 different animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, etc.”

The reality of two million dogs being slaughtered for human consumption every year. However the authorities in charge is keep ignoring the problem.

Sign Petition: S. Korea’s Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Goyang-city: Close down the illegal dog slaughterhouses now!

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