Update on Friendship City Campaign – Seoul, South Korea – London, UK – Assemblymember Neil Garratt responds

In response to our campaign, Friendship City Campaign – Seoul, South Korea – London, UK, London Assembly member Neil Garratt kindly wrote to us. In his letter, Assemblymember Garratt expressed his support for our campaign and stated that “along with my Conservative colleagues will write to Seoul’s Mayor Oh Se-Hoon condemning the trade in dog meat and expressing our hope that he will use his power to curtail or eliminate it.”

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We appreciate Assemblymember Garratt for caring about this issue and taking action to speak out against the brutal treatment of countless dogs in Seoul’s dog meat industry. We hope that more members of the London Assembly will join Mr. Garratt and help send a clear message to Seoul and the South Korean government that the barbaric and cruel dog meat industry has no place in the modern world and that they must put an end to this industry if they want to benefit from partnerships with cities in other countries.

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Letter from Assemblymember Neil Garratt:


Thank you for your email regarding the dog meat industry in Korea; I share your revulsion at this barbaric trade.

There are important reasons for building close ties of friendship with South Korea: they are a liberal Asian democracy, and an economically-developed outward-looking trading nation. It is better they form alliances and friendships with other such forward-looking nations around Asia and in the West than be drawn into China’s sphere of influence. For these reasons, it is right that we form a friendship with South Korea and with Seoul.

However, a good friend will support us when necessary by pointing out where we are going wrong, and I agree with you that Korea’s dog meat industry is wrong.

So I am happy to take up your suggestion, and along with my Conservative colleagues will write to Seoul’s Mayor Oh Se-Hoon condemning the trade in dog meat and expressing our hope that he will use his power to curtail or eliminate it.



Neil Garratt AM
London Assembly Member for Croydon & Sutton

E: [email protected]
City Hall, Kamal Chunchie Way, London, E16 1ZE

We forwarded the Korean translation of Assemblymember Garratt’s email to the Seoul Metropolitan Council and South Korean government members as below:

서울시, 대한민국 정부에게,

런던 하원 의원 Neil Garratt원님이 저희 켐페인 (에 대해서 답변해주셨습니다.
아래는 그분의 답변과 답변의 한국어 번역입니다.
청원: 런던시는 우호결연도시 서울에 개와 고양이 고문, 식용에 대해 반대한다고 전해주시길 촉구합니다.


한국의 개고기 식용 산업에 관한 이메일을 보내주셔서 감사합니다. 이 야만적인 거래에 대한 당신의 혐오감을 공유합니다.

한국과 긴밀한 우호 관계를 맺는데는 중요한 이유가 있습니다. 한국은 아시아의 자유주의 민주주의 국가이자 경제적으로 발전된 외향 무역 국가입니다. 그들이 중국의 영향권에 끌리는 것보다 아시아와 서구의 다른 미래 지향적인 국가들과 동맹과 우정을 형성하는 것이 더 낫습니다. 이러한 이유로 한국과 서울과 우호관계를 맺는 것이 옳습니다.

그러나 필요할 때 좋은 친구는 우리가 어디에서 잘못하고 있는지 지적하여 우리를 지원합니다. 한국의 개고기 식용산업이 잘못되었다는 데 저는 동의합니다.

그래서 저는 귀하의 제안을 기꺼이 받아들이고, 제 보수당 동료들과 함께 오세훈 서울시장에게 개고기 식용산업를 규탄하고 그의 권한을 사용하여 이를 축소하거나 제거하기를 희망하는 서신을 보낼 것입니다.


Neil Garratt
Croydon과 Sutton의 런던 하원 의원

Video: There are about 2,000-3,000 illegal dog farms in South Korea. Even at this moment, dogs are being slaughtered. Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA). 대한민국에 존재하는 불법 개농장은 약 2-3천 개. 지금 이 순간에도 개들은 위험에 처해 있습니다.

  1. Tallia Fierro
    Tallia FierroMay 13,22

    Horrendous despicable inhumane subhuman monsters, all those innocent faces, how can any kind of person be so sick and demented? Those who mudering innocent animals do not deserve to live on this earth, your murdering gods creatures, damn you all to hell for what your doing.

  2. Kaari Jaason
    Kaari JaasonMay 14,22

    Stop cruelty!

  3. jll osment
    jll osmentMay 15,22

    thank you for speaking up for all the animals who go through hell in this hellhole country. its got to stop

  4. Moulin
    MoulinMay 16,22

    Je ne comprends pas comment la Corée peut accepter de renvoyer une telle image d’elle même!

  5. Lucy Kelly
    Lucy KellyMay 18,22

    Save anomals!

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