[Update] Incheon Kyesan Dog Farms

Sharing from Nami Kim and her team.

[Update: March 11, 2016]

I received an official written letter from the district office regarding the Incheon Kyesan dog farm and slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse within the dog farm has been taken down and one row of cages dismantled. The office is working hard to shut down the second dog farm. I am on daily communication with the office about what should be the next step to take. The sad news is the butchers won’t surrender the dogs to us calling me an “enemy.”

This is the written official letter from the district office.

Incheon Gyeyang-gu district notice regarding Danamdong dog farm

[March 7, 2016] Update – Kyesan Dog Farm 2

One row of the wire cages are empty. The numbers of heads are much less than a month ago. Just like Kyesan Dog Farm 1, they are also supposed to shut down by end of February but then one more month extension is given. There will be heavy fine issued, the ticket in the amount of $8,000.

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[March 7, 2016] Update – Kyesan Dog Farm 1

They were given a notice to “shut down” by the end of February from the district office. They are packing but wanted a one month extension saying, “no place to move.” The thing is, the number of head is reduced but they are not willing to surrender the dogs to us saying, “I am an enemy to them.”

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Incheon Kyesan Dog farm 1_030716_video screenshot by Nami Kim

If there was a “HELL” it would look just like these dog farms. Boycott Cruelty, Boycott Korea! Rise up and speak out to defend these helpless man’s best friends!

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[January 26, 2016]

Nami Kim and her team rescued 5 Jindo dogs from the dog meat farms/slaughterhouse in Kyesan Incheon. Please click below links to check out their Facebook posts for the videos and photo updates:

  1. Cynthia Mattera
    Cynthia MatteraMarch 10,16

    Just disgusting, evil people who live of the misery of living beings. Shame on the govt for not shutting down all dog/cat farms and slaughterhouses. God Bless you Nami for all you are doing for the dogs!!!

    • Lisa Harrison
      Lisa HarrisonMarch 11,16

      I agree w/you Cynthia! I hope when their end comes they’ll have to answer.

    • Patti Morris
      Patti MorrisMarch 13,16

      I AGREE WITH YOU 100%, this must end the cruel sick evil that continue to do such sick horrible acts to dogs and cats, mans best friend they say.

  2. MS
    MSMarch 16,16

    We MUST make S. Korea LISTEN and change their ways regarding dogs and cats — they’ll continue their horror UNLESS we find that which will FORCE them to change!

  3. Mike Martin
    Mike MartinMarch 17,16

    I live here in Korea and leave no small hint as to my disgust with people who support this putrid practice of consuming boshintang/dog soup. it is abhorrent and uncivilized, given the invaluable service dogs have rendered their masters in war, homeland and home protection efforts. To hell with the excuse that “It’s just a part of culture.” So was headhunting in pasts of Africa and S America, slavery in parts of antebellum America, caricatures of Blacks and Asians in early Hollywood. People who are not starving are consuming these dogs as a delicacy and that is barbaric.

  4. Robyne Zuendel
    Robyne ZuendelMarch 17,16

    This must end it is so cruel and barbaric

  5. Diane Smith
    Diane SmithFebruary 24,17

    Hope the World Veterinary Association will conduct tours here. Maybe they will experience the gut wrenching most of us go through when ever we view photos and videos of the country’s vile dog/cat tortures and slaughter. Too bad there isn’t a dog eating festival going on in August 2017 when their world session is held here. They have been told there is a BOYCOTT on of doing any business, buying any services, travel or goods from countries which practice dog torture, or have dog meat markets. Some thousands of dogs are tortured each day in cities such as Incheon, S. Korea! We hope the veterinarians enjoy these sights! And if they choose to visit a restaurant, they should go around to the rear and see the live victim which will be chopped , depending on the part of the dog which is ordered. Say hello to Fido, which was once someone’s beloved companion but….now is lunch!

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