[Update-November 11, 2020] Lotte Gyeyang Mountain Dog Farm

Sharing for the Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm (롯데목장개살리기시민모임).

All of the dogs previously in raised wire cages, are now on the ground, and can now feel the earth beneath their paws. Despite being fenced in a very small space, their paws won’t hurt and they are now able to lie down comfortably.
Today was a warm day, and most of the dogs fell asleep in the sunlight. But we are expecting cold weather soon 🥶, and rain is forecasted for this week.🌨️
We must now build a vinyl tent to protect the dogs from the rain and snow ❄️, but this will require funds. The total number of dogs currently at this place is 191. We cannot do this on our own and must ask for your help and support.🙏🏼💗

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Message from a regular volunteer:
I volunteer at the dog farm in Gyeyang Mountain every Sunday.
It is very hard, wearing raincoats when it rains☔, and when it doesn’t rain, it smells like dog poop💩💩💩, and the dogs with biting habits ripped off my rubber gloves that I had purchased that day.
However, they are still cute and loveable🧡, and I cannot forget their bright eyes which is why it is not a one-time event and turned into a weekly volunteering.
The best future for these dogs is to be adopted, but it is realistically almost impossible.😔
The best I can do for them right now is to bring them down from the raised wire cages, for them to lie down comfortably and to feed them real dog feed instead of human food waste.
I do not want to write all this on Instagram as it is a heavy and sad topic, but I am writing this because help is needed.🥺
Please donate the price of one cup of coffee.☕ Even a dollar (KRW 1,000) is fine, or more if you can.
We need vinyl sheets and straw to help keep the dogs protected from the cold and rain so that they may be safe and comfortable with the approaching winter.

🙏 Will you donate whatever you can to help with the care of these dogs?

Donations may be made through Paypal: Thank you!

✈️🐶 CARE needs flight volunteers! 👉Click HERE to learn more.

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👉 For an adoption inquiry, please send an email to CARE: ([email protected]) or send a message to the Facebook page of the volunteer group,

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  1. Maria
    MariaNovember 16,20

    It would be great if they could afford this for bedding. It is very cheap and very warm and waterproof. Foamed polyethylene, usually used in construction as a thermoisolation. Here it costs from $12 for a big roll enough for tens of mats (depending on its thickness).

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